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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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refused to come out. >> reporter: live on the scene where people are evacuated. christie? >> reporter: here is what we know about the barricade situation at freemont and bruce we spoke to metro about the story here and that is at the sterling garden hotel. here is how it began. this morning near 11th and charleston. a man shot at another. there were no injuries. but after they received several suspect was at the sterling hotel. police are trying to confirm if the suspect was staying there. the suspect barricaded himself in the hotel room and police evacuated the hotel and area. we talked to a man who says he was staying across the hall from the suspect when police asked him to leave. >> well is something going on that was serious because our
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everything drawn. they were ready to something major was going of i was going to be right away through fire safety. >> police tell us the victim involved in the shooting is cooperating with police and now they don't believe anyone is at risk. reporting live news three. back to you in the studio. >> all right we are staying close, thank you for that. now at 5:00 an emotional day in court for a family died on the moped. >> jim: i'm jim snyder. >> reporter: christian potter apologized as he learned his sentence. >> reporter: dui victim was in court today hoping for a stiff sentence. the man who pleaded guilty apologized. the judge explains it was a difficult decision to make on the sentencing.
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>> inside a clark county courtroom. matthew spoke of the loss of his uncle. cud dudley die the in april after his moped was hit by a car. christian potter behind the wheel of the car driving drunk. >> average person's life is 80 years old. my uncle was 45. on behalf of my family, that time that my that's the time you believe he should get. >> d assays this is the second time potter charmed with dui. >> he had a second chance at life. he decided to do it again. >> potter apologized to the family. >> everybody know him i take responsibility for my actions. i want to apologize to the
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i sentence you to a term of 60-240 months. >> again. potter is facing a maximum of 20 years in prison and could be paroled in five years. news three. >> reporter: thank you for that. suspend drunk driver under arrest confident injuring a motorcycle rider. metro says this man issue 27 year old roger pulled out of an apartment complex hitting the motorcyclist who was street racing with a driver of another car. he faces a judge tomorrow. >> new information about the deadly school bus crash we told you about took the lives of five children in chattanooga, tennessee. 12 children are in the hospital. six in intensive care. bus driver's fault.
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as a factor in the tragedy. mother of the kid heard her daughter told her the driver asked the students if they were ready to die. other parents are saying they complained about walker in the past for driving too fast. this community is still in disbelief. >> it hurts my heart it could have been my kid. these are some babies that were trying to get home, and couldn't imagine to drive my kid up on a bus stop and not see them again. >> we don't know the speed court papers suggest walker was driving overnight post the limit when he crashed into a tree. >> details with this man suspected. shooting a police detective to death. mc cain walking out of the police says a custody fight over his son lead to the deadly
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custody battles. the situation i was in i lashed out on somebody that didn't deserve it. >> you have anything to say to his family? >> i'm sorry. >> detective was shot and killed writing a traffic ticket in his patrol car outside headquarters on sunday the suspect got there before his arrest the next day. >> jim: new developments trump's transi guess to the white house. a big item over a white nationalist movement using nazi era terms and salutes to cheer his election. take a look. >> hail trump. hail our people. hail victory. >> gotta make it clear this is not a trump event this is how it went when the right movement held a conference over the weekend. the president elect is denouncing the member saying he
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and not one he wants to energize. trump said today he wants to move past investigations into clinton's e mails saying he does not want to hurt the clintons. news three is here with the new developments in the transition tonight. >> a head line a minute. 90 minutes ago trump announced he offers secretary of department of housing and urban development to ben carson. cnn reporting their sources say mitt romney could be named one of his media arch nemesis he barbed during his cap pain. >> he was there to throw an olive branch. trump visited hilarious arch nemesis the new york times. >> paper was a favorite tart will criticism. >> the new york times, which i call the failing new york times it is losing a fortune.
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began with complaints and respects the paper and wants peace. heed clinton suffered enough and declared he doesn't favor another e mail investigation however contends that will not disappointment the supporters who cried, lock her up. >> look. there is tradition in american politics after you win an election you put things behind you. >> president elect distanced himself from extrest and defended bright barton news and says his dc hotel is worth morand brand is hotter but played down concerns of flecks of interest. the president told the paper he is leading to general james mad madis as defense secretary and says he believes he can broker a deal to end the fleck with
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new cnn orc pole shows 53% of americans believe trump will ultimately do a good job. 44% say he will do poorly. >> jim: suspense in town not over the election but history will be made in las vegas. we are about to learn when the name of our professional hockey team about be >> reporter: owner will announce within the hour. >> jim: john is live areinasm look at the crowd behind you, they want to be among the first to know what the team is called. >> reporter: got the atmosphere. nhl is coming we'll know what is las vegas 'team name. take a look at this crowd. it is packed. a thousand people plus. they are wall to wall. some already season ticket holders.
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we will get a logo and colors and guys we can't say anything officially. balloons here that are gold, black, silver and red. >> this is not the gold balloon that is what we can tell you. nothing official we are moments away from knowing what the first sport's team name in las vegas is going to be. this is the third moment for our city of all the sport's history happg this is the bigef the city given identity an identity las vegas will have a name in the nhl before the moments they are excited we are excited we will have the latest on the channel. back to you. >> all right. that is something to see. everyone gathered you can spot it from the sky as well. >> news 3 tom hawley is flying overnight t mobile arena as we speak.
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there is skating going of it is a big crowd out here. they are -- people are pouring in, look at the ramp to one of the parking garages off frank sill nat radrive, a lot of people want to be there in person. it is a pleasant evening weather wise and looks festive below. we will get the announcement in an hour. meanwhile, looks like fun down here in the park mind t mobile arena. reporting from sky 3. >> thank you for that, tom. >> no shortage of phone apps to manage our life. tonight there is a new one. app release friday the catholic church to help the faithful. >> black friday deals a few days away. we have the top five you will find on friday. we will tell you before the big sales come out. >> reporter: in time for get away day and thanksgiving a cold
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coming right up. >> reporter: ahead tonight, details about the tennessee school bus crash and the driver charged. donald trump says don't lock her up why he is backing away from campaign refrains and the star
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>> reporter: a drone phantom for $369. sears is offering a kitchen aidmiccer for $199 that includes
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the deals. news 3 jets selive in summerland where a camp out is under way? >> that's right. it is just 52 hours until the official start of black friday. i'm now the third person in line at best buy. check out the tent. these 2 have been camping out since saturday to get these good deals and trust me it is not their first rodeo. >> my blankets and foam pad. >> nicholas and his dad set up camp last saturday in hopes of good black friday deals. >> unique father and son bonding experience that is crazy to some but normal. >> what is crazy is we other only once out here >> black friday is not for
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stores leak wal-mart are offering cyber monday dealos line. a popular trend an expert is breaking the rules of the tradition. >> online shop suggest increasing. especially during the holidays. mobile shopping are expecting that to double this year. >> the holiday tradition popular with many in person shopper look to get deals. for nicholas and nico a stint to one means more than a deal >> when a father and son can have beautiful time together that is what it is all about. >> reporter: nearly 320,000 towerists will come to vegas for the holiday. and some of the people might come in this line that guess back behind the building. the deals start on thanksgiving day at 5:00 p.m. may be you will come out?
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and go shopping for us. >> ask him if he will do that. >> i love that father. cool he is spends the time with his kid. we are not the crazy once everyone else is crazy for missing out on the deals. right? >> jim: if you want to go on a big spending spree head to the nevada state line with california or arizona. >> the jackpot tomorrow is a cool if you take the lump sum option you could take more than 219 million dollars. >> and not bad weather if you are waiting in line to get the tickets a fantastic week. >> latoya has a new show opportunity. >> latoya's lotto advise. gi would not mind that especially if i kept some money.
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the four day weekend. what a great day today. i will put this in motion, for the most part it was clear. if you looked up this afternoon a couple of thin clouds slide through. a few moreover night. we will be mostly clear and thin clouds. the lake they are getting service. water is calm. that may change tomorrow as the wind picks up. washing them out a cool 62. humaid midity next stop steaks us across the valand he northwest and venture to jones and lake mead they are 54 and 38%. and one more stop takes us to downtown henderson. block off water street it is 58 and 39%. the rest of the temperatures and neighborhoods they are cooling down slowly. about as slowly at the computer is clicking. they are in the upper 50s. head out to mc carron and check
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which maxed at 66. three above normal. 19 above normal in february. two below normal and one exactly normal. air quality in the good category. clean. pollen hardly anywhere to be found. we have been on a role. tomorrow we will get started in the 40s. find our way to the 60s by lunch when the breeze picks up we may have once we get to tell be close to 3:00 that's what time the front may about through. may be gusts at 30 miles per hour. unusual a late november hook. this is otto with 75 miles per hour wind expecting to move across the costa rica border and come out at pacific if that happens it getings a name
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the upper mississippi valley. flake in eastern colorado that system is showing weakening. most of that should push through the up and canada. if your travel day is not until tomorrow you will be okay. a few thin clouds the head line is the front. advance as it moves through the winds pick up out of the southwest. they'll be strong a couple of gusts around 30. clouds and colder air to the north. behind at this time north morning before that dice down and moves out. fast moving simples 27 in the mountains. pahrump 40 and highs tomorrow afternoon boulder city at 67. 62 in indian springs. 72 in laughlin and 66 in mosquite. 48 with high, thin clouds. mostly sunny tomorrow. the big travel day. make it to 68 the backside.
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thanksgiving will be cooler. a high of 63 with a light north breeze. should go away in the afternoon. compared to the country that qualifies for living large. the seven day forecast. shopping day sun and he 62. higher expectations of the next front might deliver water on sunday and breezy sunday to monday. somebodying we will monitor because highs in the 50s. i like >> a good consultant. >> looking for another cool down as part of the holiday weekend. >> reporter: a lot will be trying to get their shopping on. they don't have to worry about the lane. >> there is couch digesting as well. >> i'm counting on it. thank you very much for that. a mystery surrounds the moon tonight. we were treat to the super moon you told us about last week.
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every astronaut since 69 spotted strange flashing lights approaching the moon. experts believe the flashes are caused by cosmic rays that hit the ice causing them to see clutters of light. >> reporter: star bucks livists drink prices are going up. the >> list of the guilty pleasures
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>> jim: clark county school district to trial second degree of not doing enough to prevenn bullying. we will hear from the mother who filed the lawsuit. >> reporter: understands the minds of camels here in the
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camel whisperer. an letter about a dang or the road. >> jim: kia recalling sportage vehicles made between 2008 and 9. they are on the recall lists now. water can get in a brake and control computer cause wires to rust and the circuit board to short that can start a fire. make sure you park it outside null get it fixed. head to news 3lv and it. >> reporter: consumer alert planning fry your turkey. keep the fry are far from the home. product's safety commission say well is 1300 kitchen fires on thanksgiving day alone. experts say keep the fire 10 feet away from your home. >> jim: if you felt stick are shock at star bucks.
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30 cents more. twit are users say they don't like the higher price. >> reporter: they are a decked they will go anyway. just a few taps from your cell phone you can find the nearest catholic church. vatican unveiling an 'that does na. the catholic app. uses gps to guide tout nearest
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tonight, school bus tragedy. the disturbing record of the driver of a school bus that crashed, killing five children. as our investigation reveals, an alarming number of school bus drivers who may be unfit for the job. the storms that could make things miserable for miions of americans traveling this thanksgiving week. about-face. the president-elect backs off his promises to investigate hillary clinton and says the law is on his side, when it comes to conflicts of interest. cancer message. the passionate plea from a hollywood star for men to get the test that may have saved his life. and high honors for an extraordinary group of high achievers. altogether, a remarkable afternoon at the white house.


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