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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  November 23, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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>> all right. this story will make your head explode. two real-life grinches on the prowl after a las vegas family discovers their christmas display stolen from their front yard. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm little. latoya silmon. now that family wants their stuff back. kelsey thomas is live and this was all caught on camera, right? >> reporter: it was. this one will have you shaking your head. now empty. but here's the thing -- the thieves were caught on a camera inhidden inside of this nifty doorbell. >> you're a mean one, mr. grinch. you really are a he'll -- >> they are real-live grinches. >> reporter: southern highlands on a tuesday afternoon. >> i was infuriated.
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cheer. >> santa is right here and has a wide angle view. >> reporter: a hidden camera shows the burglary play out in realtime. >> two gentlemen. just kingly come -- quickly came into my yard and ripped out mickey and minnie. >> reporter: watch minnie being drug away. fame they want. ? >> reporter: okay. so ashley filed a police report. but she says she has no plans to replace her christmas display. she really is hoping that somebody will return her mickey and minnie. reporting live in southern highlands, kelsey thomas, news 3. >> i hope they return it as well. thank you. a $3,000 reward is being offered for information about the shootings of eight mule deer
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span in september in the spring mountains northwest of las vegas. officials say someone shot the deer and in some cases took the antlers and a small amount of meat but otherwise left them to waste. that's illegal here in nevada. the volunteer citizens board of the department's operation game state is offering the reward. if you have any information call 1-800-992-3030. a local man escapes a fire by climbing on his roof. the fire broke out near sandh firefighters used a rescue ladder to get that homeowner to safely. crews quickly extinguished the fire. the man's dog department make it out. no word what caused the fire. damage is estimated at about $50,000. a local woman accused of shooting and killing her boyfriend made her first court appearance today. the 35-year-old claimed she did it to protect herself from her boyfriend. the shooting happened while the two were in a car near lake mead
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didn't run from the car instead of shooting him, she said she was afraid that he would chase her down and kill her. the judge set her preliminary hearing for december 21st. police need your help identifying a teenaged girl who whose body was found along a road that connects las vegas to southern arizona. her body was found on september 28th off u.s. 93 near white hills, arizona. investigators think she she's is an african-american or biracial girl between 13, 17. about 5'7" with no tattoos or scars. if you have any information that might help, we have a phone number to call on well, taking a taxi in las vegas may soon cost you a little bit less. a taxicab authority is considering either reducing the credit card surcharge or eliminating it all together. now, the move comes as cab
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sharing companies like uber and lyft which tend to charge lower fares. let's take a look at our weather now. news 3 is your weather authority. >> chloe, so many on the road. maybe driving back and forth from costco and albertsons. are things going to stay clear for them? >> yes, they will. clear skies with a few clouds in the distance. you can see starting to build in across southern nevada. not much happening, though. you know, it's pretty nice out there and very seasonal right now. mid- to upper 60s at the moment. winds are actually much calmer today than we anticipated. the system passing through is actually moving slower. you can see winds, they have very light and our gusts are pretty pathetic this afternoon. but overall, we're looking at great weather conditions. air quality is into the good range for today and tomorrow. we're going to experience some cooler temperatures as this area of low pressure continues to move across the region so we'll
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tomorrow morning. the bulk of the moisture you can see is in the pacific northwest. as far as what we're handling, it won't be that bad. just slightly cooler temperatures as we make our way into the thanksgiving holiday. if you are going to be staying in town and curious to see what the temperatures will be like, 6:00, upper 50s for thanksgiving. we'll see clear skies. like i said, cooler conditions. very light winds. if you would like, we'd like t twitter and we'd be happy to share them throughout the newscast. thousands of people its -- hitting the road are taking to the sky. let's take at -- let's take a look at mccarran airport. the roads, a different story altogether. aaa says las vegas is the most popular destinations for
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patience if you are going to drive on four wheels or even two, right? >> exactly. now that we've seen the roads from the view. what is it like on the ground? >> faith jessie is live at primm. how is the rush? >> reporter: we've been out here since noon. i can tell ulamount of visitors in primm is increases by the hour. take a look at how many people are out here filling up. it will be will be a long line of people getting their gas. aaa says 320,000 people are expected to travel to las vegas for thanksgiving. 60% will be on the road. they also say this thanksgiving will be the busiest holiday travel in the last nine years, thanks to an improved economy. now, one man who makes the commute from las vegas to primm every day for work experienced the travel increase right here at this gas station where a
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$3.45. >> i feel it even at the gas station. it took us 20 minutes to get our air pumped because of the traffic here at the air pump. so that tells you right there that there are a lot of people commuting. >> reporter: and the national highway patrol says make sure you check your air pressure before you hit the road. bring some snacks and make sure your cell phone battery is if you get stuck, you can call dial star nhp for help. they can come out and assist you. be safe on the roads. have a happy thanksgiving. faith jessie reporting. >> lighting up our tv screens from primm. get us lottery tickets. [laughter] president-elect donald trump is in florida today but he's making cabinet appointments.
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set to lead different departments. president-elect don ald trump has chosen betty devos as his education secretary. her mission, carrying out his campaign promises to break the bureaucracy in american schools. the national teachers association was swift in firing in its opposition saying devos has pushed a corporate agenda to privatize and deprofessionalize public schools. nikki haley is facing a warm welcome. a few days ago, she seemed to be playing down her prospect. >> i was very happy to be invited. it was a good meeting. >> reporter: she has virtually no foreign policy experience. the president-elect sang the praises of jame mattis, a top contender for defense secretary.
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waterboarding to be useful. i've always found give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers. i do better than that than with torture. . >> reporter: he helped a local charity dish out food for people in need. though the president-elect is in florida, he's apparently never been much of a vacation taker. he has a lot of work day. a craigslist conartist derails a family's relocation. >> how the victim failed prey to the scam. president obama saved this bird's drumstick. a look at the latest pardon and the dad jokes that followed. >> we want to see your thanksgiving dishes and treats. this is some of what our viewers
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why are you checking your credit score? i wanna see if it changed. credit scores don't change that much, do they? really? i'll take it. sir, your credit... -is great right? when was the last time you checked?
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all right. no more surprises. credit karma. give yourself some credit. breaking news just in. the u.s. navy says a security
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social security numbers of more than 130,000 current and former sailors. hewlett-packard notified the navy of this breach last month after one of their laptops got hacked. the navy said there's no evidence that the information has been misused. they are in the process of notifying affected sailors. authorities found no trace of alcohol or drugs in the school bus driver's blood from tennessee. 24-year-old johnthony walker is charged with five counts of the crash on monday killed five children. six more are still in the hospital. officials with the ntsb are looking into all kinds of information to try to figure out exactly how this crash happened but say speed probably played a role. >> we have good information sources. buses rarely have black bosses but they have cameras and this one had three. we'll be looking at the record the driver had before he was
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occurred after he was hired. >> the driver is set to make his first court appearance next week. firefighters in louisiana rescue a woman and her baby from an upside down car. that car was in the water. it happened in shreveport. police say someone flipped the woman's surf and sent it careening into a ditch. the vehicle was upside down and under water when fire crews got there. neither are seriously hurt. gunfire forces the evacuation of shopping mall. shots rang out after 9:00 this morning. no one got hurt. but witnesses say a man pulled out a gun and opened fire. sheriff deputies weren't able to find the suspect and they have no motive for the shooting. a case of food tampering sent a boy to the hospital and a man to jail. to lake tahoe, where police say 43-year-old harry dolly put a chemical substance on food at a baja restaurant.
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incidents are related trace it back to dolly. no word on a motive. the boy has since been released to the hospital. to arizona where a family doesn't want you to fall for a scam that got them. >> it left them without a home and without a lot of money. >> reporter: moving in and getting settled, it's been a challenge. >> the worst thing, having to move twice. >> reporter: in 24 hou >> reporter: this was home number one, the timing couldn't have better better after going through foreclosure. >> we had to move out quickly. this was house was available. >> reporter: they say the rental on craigslist looked legit. >> it was a fresh start. >> reporter: but shortly after signing papers and wiring their money straight to the bank, they moved in only to get booted. >> within an hour, we had a knock on the door from the
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here. >> reporter: despite the receipts and the contract police told the family they had been scammed. imagine the scramble to reverse their move even without knowing where to go next. friends swooped in to save them, fining them a loan or apartment and chandler firefighters who heard about the dilemma showed up to help. >> this isn't our typical action to jump in and help a family move but sometimes it's the right thing to coming to terms, they are out 2 grand and they are exhausted and taking this moment to warn others. >> you want to think the best of people, but be very careful. >> now, the family says they did know physical one red flag. the person they were dealing with asked them to transfer money to an account with a different name than the
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children. 0 youngsters got forever homes with loving families. they also got toys courtesy of the judges. the judge made the toys as a form of stress release and decided to take them for all of the children who get adopted. >> it's just -- it's amazing. >> it pales in comparison to what these parents are them. >> that's an amazing time in that adoption room. i can tell you. i've done it three times. the judge said there's no greater gift than adoption. but he's happy to see his toys put smiles on kids' faces. a pilot strike threatens to delay amazon's shipments. the strike involves a regional carrier that operates 35 flights a day for amazon. now, all of those flights are
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number of carriers and is confident it can serve all of the customers in a timely manner. president obama starts his thanksgiving holiday with his last pardoning of the turkeys. >> the names are pretty cool. tater and tot will not be going to somebody's dinner table. >> i hereby pardon you from the thanksgiving table. and we hope that you have a wonderful to wave at them a little bit? >> they are going to gobbler's rest. the president was saying people get in a fowl mood when they don't get food and someone said, yes, with we cran when somebody says we can't have more. we're going to neck with our
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chloe beardsley. >> a good day to be working in the weather department. we have nice sunshine that will continue in las vegas. we'll take you outside. mostly clear skies. a few high, thin clouds. but that's not going to do anything for us. temperatures, in the 60s across the valley right now. winds are fairly light outside and overall, it feels like fall. getting ready for the holidays. low 60s near charleston and the 215 and at bruce and owens, in the upper 60s at the moment. outside the valley we're coming in in in the upper 60s for lake mead. 66 for boulder city and slightly cooler in pahrump right now. the rest of the night in las vegas will be mostly clear and pretty cool. temperatures dropping down to the low 50s by 9:00 tonight. we do have a system passing through that's going to leave us with slightly cooler temperatures into tomorrow.
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tracking additional movement of storms over in the pacific. here's how things are going to roll out over the next few days. we'll see the cooler weather. most of the activity will remain along the coastline and we're looking forward to a wonderful holiday forecast. overnight tonight will be kind of like last night dropping down in the mid-40s, maybe seeing a few thin clouds streaming in overnight. we'll be at 28 degrees at mount charleston in the low 40s for overton. 34 for sandy valley, naming a few locations. like i said, tomorrow will feel a little bit cooler across the region. maybe bring a jacket. maybe you are cooking outside. i copt nope. -- i don't know. let us know. if you are sleeping in, you will be getting into temperatures in the 50s. a lot of sunshine is expected. this turkey is very happy. well, for now. highs reaching around the low 60s and if you are going to be
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by going black friday shopping, we have a forecast for you. temperatures overnight and early in the morning will be in the 40s. we'll be off to a cold start. you will want to bring the jacket. highs only reaching the low 60s by the end of the day on friday and after that, we are going to see another dip in our temperatures by the end of the weekend as an area of low pressure passes through. other than that, hey, it feels like fall and hopefully you are shopping for sweaters because >> somebody has a new graphic package that just rocked our screen. you are an artist. >> i like it. it's cool. [laughter] a missouri family happily sets three more places at their
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i'm dana wagner. here's what's buzzing today. we're down to the final ten on that hit nbc show called "the voice." last night it was darby walker against aaron gibson fighting for.
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? >> america instantly saves aaron gibson! >> aaron gibson getting by by the skin of his teeth saved for a second week in a row. lk here on monday night on channel 3. and thanksgiving coming up tomorrow. that means the thanksgiving day parade in manhattan. we know that about 3 million people will line the parade route as they get ready to inflate those giant balloons. takes about 90 people to inflate those balloons. you can see the macy's thanksgiving day parade right here at 9:00 in the morning.
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minute after it fell into a ditch filled with water. it happened at a natural park there. one of the workers had to hold the trunk above the water so it wouldn't drown. they pulled him out with a tractor and the group says the elephant would have died within minutes if the members hadn't seen him -- him in that >> elephants never forget. that will be one thankful elephant. >> exactly. it's going to be a great thanksgiving, one missouri family has a lot to be thankful for. >> they will celebrate with their new triplets. jessica kennedy gave birth to them. they spent three weeks in neonatal intensive care. they went home yesterday.
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the babies natural. their doctors say he's only seen a sim lair scenario one other time in their career. a political candidate contesting the results of an election. he has a pretty good reason why. we'll explain ahead. and a turkey with an attitude. they make sure to give this animal plenty of room everywhere it goes when news 3 live at 3
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officials to get their take. and passed out with a passenger. employees at a fast-food restaurant find a driver slumped over at the drive-thru but it's the person in the back they are calling a hero. president-elect donald trump 's transition team out. >> this after he made two key selections today. he chose betty devos. she joins nikki haley. and we're still waiting on word about secretary of state. well, president-elect's decisions will take how the world sees this country for the next several years. >> what does intelligence community find encouraging an what are they concerned about.


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