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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  November 23, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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officials to get their take. and passed out with a passenger. employees at a fast-food restaurant find a driver slumped over at the drive-thru but it's the person in the back they are calling a hero. president-elect donald trump 's transition team out. >> this after he made two key selections today. he chose betty devos. she joins nikki haley. and we're still waiting on word about secretary of state. well, president-elect's decisions will take how the world sees this country for the next several years. >> what does intelligence community find encouraging an what are they concerned about.
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former head of the cia and nsa to find out. >> reporter: michael haden has won the highest levels of the intelligence ranks. he's also been a harsh critic of donald trump, one of 50 top veterans to do so during the campaign. has anything he's done since being elected caused you to change your position? >> he's moderated some poti if he govern earns any way dew point with the language he used as a candidate, i would be concerned. >> reporter: he sounds like he may be moderating his take on torture. >> yes, and that's comfort. >> reporter: for that moment when you've become the commander-in-chief, how big is the learning curve? >> it's steep. it's steep for all of them.
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he's a businessman. >> reporter: that's why haden says he and his colleagues would claw to get time with him and he chimed in about trump's still-forming team while critical of michael flynn as nsa chief. >> mitt romney. he would do a very good job with the world view. particularly with regard to russia. >> reporter: an was that a sense of relief that mike pompae had been selected, nikki haley. i was surprised and pleased. >> we want to know what you think with our question of the day. how would you evalley wait donald trump's actions against
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in. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm michelle marsh. police in new york city are beefing up security ahead of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. last week an isis magazine said the parade would make for a good target. the nypd said they don't have any specific threats. they are taking new steps. one of them includes par along the route. this is supposed to protect the parade from attacks. forces have now fully surrounded mosul a little more than a month after the offensive was launch. this marks the tight eldchokehold they've had on mosul, cutting off crucial supply routes and containing isis fighters.
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kind after controversial posts on social media. this is regarding illegal immigrants crossing the border. the person who saw the post alerted the fire department and is concerned because they work with the public. >> he's in a position of power where he controls how people live or die in dangerous situations. >> that california fire department said they don't condone posts like this and they ar if disciplinary action needs to be taken. a couple of fast-food employees save a nine-month old baby from a dangerous city. police in salt lake city say the employees and another person checked on a car that stopped in the drive-thru lane. inside, they found the driver who appeared to be drunk and passed out and the baby crying in the back seat. they got the child out of the car and the driver woke up and drove off without the baby. >> quite a story.
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condition. dash. >> police are still looking for the suspected drunk driver who ditched his car. an indiana political candidate is protesting the results of his election. >> some say he might have a good reason. the person he lost to is dead. the lawsuit says his opponent died prior to the election and is, therefore, ineligible to be the candidate. as a that he says should be his even if he lost. >> we think the law is clear and the law should be followed and following that law, the top three valid candidates should be named and certified as elected and one of those would be this individual. >> supporters for his opponent say the results should stand and the republican party should be allowed to pick that replacement. president obama's plan to
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certain salaried employees is on hold. currently, employers can skip overtime for salary, or professional workers making between 23,000 and 47,500 a year. the decision means the rule which was scheduled to take effect on december 1st will not likely be in play by the time donald trump takes over. researchers new jersey alone. between 19195, the rate of strokes doubled in people 35 to 44. young. there were smaller increases for those in their late 40s and early 50s. the stroke rate declined among those over age 55. drug costs are on the rise and not just things like he -- like epipens.
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others are much larger like a cancer-fighting drug. that costs patients as much as $600 out of pocket for a 90-day supply. >> the reason for that is because the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is not regulated. they can charge any amount of money. >> people like myself are unable to get the medication that they actually need to stay well. >> well, drug companies are also reportedly known to allowing them to extend their patent and keep their prices higher. authorities received multiple reports of a bright flash in the western sky on monday night. residents in nearby cities reported seeing the meteor strike across the sky. there have been no reports of damage from the fireball. macy's annual parade is
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oils will be -- eyes will be on the skies. >> reporter: crews are creating magic in manhattan tonight. the inflakes -- inflation party on the eve of the parade. the holiday tradition that will bring more than 3 million people out along the streets of new york tomorrow morning with more than 50 million around the world watching on tv. and what they will see are 16 giant balloons, including the return of charlie brown and the the celebration will feature 27 smaller balloons, 1,000 clowns, floats and marching bands from across the country. >> it's a dream come true for me to be here at the parade. but to watch my daughter dance in it, that's extra special. >> reporter: this year will be there stepped of hup security. after an article from isis suggesting the parade would be an excellent target.
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>> the nypd are second to none when it comes to addressing threats like this. >> reporter: and new york, say -- new yorkers say it won't change the way they spend their holiday. >> we have threats. we have protection. we're okay. ? >> reporter: and ready to celebrate this thanksgiving tradition. the parade kicks off at 9:00 a.m. but crowds along the three-mile parade route overnight hoping to get the best spot. in new york, jay gray, nbc news. as the country prepares for turkey tomorrow, one turkey in wyoming is making sure everyone knows it's his city. no one dares to try to do anything to him. he has his own facebook page. he often hangs out at the
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displeasure. >> to those of us who have been accosted by him or chased by him, it's not necessarily a friendly thing. >> everyone knows not to mess with him or they get like attacked. >> no word on just how old thomas is or when he started walking the town but officials at the college made him a mascot. >> i think he's pretty cool. >> yeah. caught on camera, a family in florida gets an unwelcomed guest days before thanksgivg. relative. it was a bear. a black bear. right there with the sweet tooth raiding the fridge looking for a holiday feast of its own. the bear didn't go after the turkey or the stuffing. he was more interested in the cake and ice cream. >> very trained to open the freezer. knew exactly what it was doing. this is what the ice cream comes in. he put it to the ground and
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like that. >> the couple who live in the home say they accidentally left their garage open. they will make sure it's closed in the future. >> good idea. veterans get a small gesture of appreciation. >> how tiny homes will make a huge difference in their lives. it's a las vegas history lesson mob style. we'll step inside the video vault. slightly cooler temperatures are in the forecast for
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if you have ever seen the movie "casino," you are treated to an accurate representation. today we're looking at what went on with the mid-level mobsters. let's go back 30 years to november of 1986 and a report from news 3. >> on friday, these former stardust hotel executives were
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returns by not reporting the millions of dollars they pocketed from the casino. >> casino managers fredrick pandolfo and louis salerno had been filling out false slips and sending the difference to their midwest bosses. >> investigators link these figures with the stardust skimming population but two men refused to testify in this case. >> ponto >> they elected to go to prison rather than testify. they did go to prison. >> federal prosecutor stan parry went into private practice and retired in las vegas last year. >> reporter: prosecutors spent 12 hours a day working on what has become an historic case. >> well, you have a ten-year record or so involved in prosecuting skimming cases.
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last year, which happened at the aladdin. the argent corporation. >> two men who recently ran for nevada governor are the former owners of the stardust hotel. they had to sell the hotel when it's now owned by the boyd group, the same oners -- owners of sam's town town. >> the stardust was torn down in 2008 to make way for what is planned to be resorts world south of circus circus. >> thank you, tom. now for the good stuff where we shine a light on people doing amazing things. >> 20 children received new 3-d printed prosthetic hands and
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they are the brainchild of an argentinian inventor who says that he can print a custom hand in a fraction of the time that a normal prosthetic one would take. now the hands are made out of a special type of plastic. once attached, the fingers and thumb can move at the flick of a wrist. are you feeling lucky? that confidence could lead to hundreds of millions of dollars. the powerball drawing is tonight with just under $360 million up floor grabs. getting a ticket you have to go to arizona or california. the winner has the choice of a cash option. that's estimated at $$220. a curious cat missing for a year comes home. sampson left her north carolina home a year ago and just disappeared without a trace. the owner did all she could to find him. no luck. the cat went to another home where the owner took him until he got sick.
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believe it when she heard her cat was still alive. >> i dropped the phone and i started to cry. i said i can't believe it. i can't believe it. sampson is alive after ten months. >> sampson is now home with his original owner but the new owner said she's allowed to visit sampson when she wants. volunteers donate their time helping homeless veterans giving them a roof under their head. the veterans outreach program in wisconsin is raising money to build 15 tiny in the homes and rely on those resources until they can find permanent work and save up enough money to love into long-term housing. volunteers say it's about helping our vets. >> for me to give back to those men and women who secured my freedoms, that is the whole reason that everybody that's involved with this project does it. >> volunteers say the project will cost them roughly $175,000. so far, they've raised about half of that. it's a wall but not the kind
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at a subway station in new york city. the messages include frustrations, and inspirations and hope. even new york's governor wrote a message, a little note, as an insight to everybody who passes by. well, has somebody lit you up this week and made you feel good about the world? make sure to share that on our conversation on our facebook page. click on the button. time for a check of our forecast. news 3, of course, is your weather authority. chloe beardsley is standing by with the forecast that's going to get a little chillier than it is now. >> yeah, yeah. we'll feel the chill, especially if people are going to be out and about cooking, starting out tomorrow morning or if you are going to shop on friday. outside it's not too bad. we have a few thin clouds, the circus clouds. overall, pretty nice conditions.
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lack at this great weather just in time for thanksgiving. like i said very thin clouds, very high up in the sky throughout the region. that's pretty much the weather story of the day, nice conditions do continue. didn't get that windy today. it will -- it will be pretty nice. may see a few isolated gusts later on this evening up to 20 miles an hour. but overall, things are looking really good. we're pat 65 degrees for the downtown area. mid-60s at the lake. 60s for centennial. a little bit warmer on the east side of town. you can see with temperatures flirting with the 70s outside right now. calm companies. it will look very nice over the next few hours. isolated gusts still possible. a few neighborhoods to check in. 68 at cunningham elementary school. in the low 60s at charleston and 67 degrees at this elementary school, just to name a few of the many locations we
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we're in the 40s at mount charleston. upper 50s for indian springs and at least we're doing better than our friends across northern nevada. 29 degrees. that's your current temperature right now. we really have nothing to complain about. if you are traveling, a quick look at the conditions across the map. we have storms moving through the midwest and also portions of the south. other than that, we're looking pretty good as we get closer to home. it will be southern nevada. certainly post your pictures and tell your friends, hey, we have the awesome weather happening right now. cooler temperatures will settle in as low pressure continues to move through the region. bulk of the activity will remain along the coastline. overnight tonight, mostly clear skies, temperatures again, dropping down in the 40s. still a cold night ahead. 28 at mount charleston. 30 for pahrump. highs temperature will be cooler
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depending upon what time you start cooking, 40s at 7:00, 9:00 in the 50s. a lot of sunshine is expected. we have a very happy turkey right here. 63 degrees for your projected high. winds will be out of the north up to 10 miles an hour. like we talked about in the earlier weather segment, it will be chilly if you plan to do some of that late-night or early-morning black friday shopping with temperatures in the 40s, reaches the low 60s and as we look ahead to the weekend, chance of showers headed our way into sunday. as another storm passes through, bringing our ways down to the 50s. so much colder weather is on the way. tomorrow, we should get to that. no problem. >> thank you. well, holiday travel is in full force. >> even this is extreme, though. where the massive backup took
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if you ever think traffic is bad here in las vegas, think about los angeles. >> drivers stuck for miles on both sides of the 405 freeway west of l.a. that's the freeway that keeps on giving. traffic due in part because of the holiday traffic. this is how traffic is rush hour in southern
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