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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  November 25, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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and gathering details. north las vegas murder suspect who escaped from an interrogation room back in september and was recaptured days later is linked to two more killings. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm latoya silmon. north las vegas police believe alonso perez killed two people. perez first made headlines when he escaped from the north las vegas police station. video shows perez getting out of his handcuffs. 2 murder of muhammad robinson. robinson was killed at a north las vegas mcdonald's. this is what robinson's sister said initially after perez's arrest. >> you took him away from his kids. but you are going to pay for it. i promise you that. >> perez is due in court for a preliminary hearing on january 27th. meanwhile, that hiker who fell roughly 80 feet at red rock canyon recovering at a local hospital. rescue crews were able to reach that guy shortly after 5:00 this
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nearly a dozen people helped out in the rescue effort that went on throughout the night. that victim taken to umc trauma with non-life-threatening injuries. well, black friday is officially here and nearly 6 in 10 meshes will head out or maybe have to the stores on thanksgiving weekend. >> that's right. i'm guilty. our faith jessie jones us from galleria. >> reporter: yeah. shoppers are growing by the hour. now, people are trying to snag these black friday deals but a lot of speak i spoke with say black friday has not always been like this. they say that in the past things have not been as aggressive. crowds of people flooded the galleria in search of the best deals.
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hitting the stores in our state this year according to the retail association of nevada. that's a 3.9% increase from last year. >> a lot has changed. now it's like everybody eats their thanksgiving meal early, get the ads out, start reading all of the ads. >> reporter: monica carr came out to shop with her grandson but reflected on a time when the shopping wasn't so hectic. >> used to be you stayed at home, you know, did games, had thanksgiving >> reporter: those days appear to be over, as more than 15 galleria retailers opened at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. increased shopping hours could be a factor why more people are leaving home and their computers and coming out for the deals. but are the deals worth it? >> we start shopping at 3:00 a.m. >> reporter: this man and his son jared seem to think so. is it worth it? >> yeah. i got a ps-3. >> reporter: a deal they snagged
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a survey by the national retail federation shows americans plan to spend $938.58 during the holiday shopping season on both their kids and themselves. >> so far we're spending $1600. >> reporter: while many enjoy the in-shopping experience, the online shopping is still an attracter. the national retail federation shows cyber monday is expected to draw combining the shopping experiences could be a new-age black friday strategy, a trend that may be catching on. according to the national retail federation, retail sales in november and december are expected to increase by 3.6%, making the total over $650 billion this year.
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the biggest shopping day of the year does not come without controversy. >> yeah. edward lawrence explains. [ cheers ] >> reporter: to avoid fights as people rush to get the best deals, stores handle black friday differently this year. some opened yesterday. others handed out color-coded cards for specific products to people waiting in line. 137million people are expected to shop this weekend like these black friday boss. >> year after year doing stuff like 27 hours last year. so far 16, 17 hours this year and we're going to keep going. we haven't even eaten yet. >> reporter: she found amazing deals before sunrise. while some love marathon shopping, others know exactly what they want. >> 70% off. we asked about stuff for the kids. >> and then j krewe.
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election fatigue has kept buyers home. the retail federation says the average shopper will spend $900, up from last year. still, today was not without its drama. [ chanting ] >> reporter: protesters took to some smalls around the country, wanting an end to black friday because it adversely affects workers. >> a lot of these retailers, they make us feel like if we don't come in on thanksgiving night to open >> reporter: for most, it's about finding that holiday deal. experts say the holiday shopping season, which runs from thanksgiving, through christmas can be up to 40% up a store's annual sales. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. [ chanting ] black friday as well as president-elect donald trump, the focus of protests across
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demonstrators called it. they targeted banks with ties to trump and his business allies. this year's tour included the guitar center and several retailers for requiring tokers -- to work on thanksgiving day. donald trump picked donald mcgahn to for white house counsel. he previously served for trump's campaign and committee. he also picked kathleen troia mcfarland to serve as national security adviser. let's bring it back to southern nevada. news 3 is your weather authority. chloe beardsley is here to celebrate a beautiful today and a look at the forecast for the weekend. >> yes. calm before the storm outside. a lot of sunshine. winds are fairly light this afternoon. temperatures to match the nice weather. 50s and 60s across the
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as i talked about, winds are fairly light but it's not going to stay like that. they are going to start to pick up as early as tomorrow night from this storm right here already moving into the west coast. we're going to be waking up to chilly temperatures tomorrow morning, again, with overnight lows in the 40s. mid-50s by 9:00. if you are grabbing lunch, we'll be in the low 60s. highs reaching the mid-60s by tomorrow afternoon. more clouds are expected tomorrow night with win continues to push through, bringing us chance of showers on sunday. a u.s. service member has died in syria. the death marks the first time one of our own has been killed in syria since special forces were deployed in 2014 to fight isis. it happened 30 miles north of the self-declared capital of
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went off. pentagon officials have not released the name of the soldier. an estimated 300 service members from the united states are currently operating in libya. sirah. a 15-year-old is missing. cassy kauffman's family reported her missing three weeks ago from sun valley. that's near reno. she's sea 5'8", about 160 pounds with burgundy hair and blue eyes. her family misses her very much. if you see heral for missing children. we also have this information on our website. a dispute sofer -- over a parking spot at a walmart leads to a deadly shooting. the two vehicles stopped near the exit and both got out with guns. the victim shot dead at the scene. police have located everyone involved and questioning is underway. both vehicles and weapons were also recovered. let's bring some good news
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friend, now is the perfect time to do it. >> the animal foundation is waiving adoption fees for their pawlidayz event. they have hundreds of dogs and other animals. the foundation suggests you come early and bring water as the lines can be a little bit long. you have to be in line by 6:00 p.m. a wild police chase. >> a deadly officer shooting in chicago. what police are saying about the suspect that the family says
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welcome back, friends. to the latest in a deadly police shooting in chicago. police say a 19-year-old pointed a gun at the officer. >> but the teen's family say he doesn't own a gun. eric horn looks at newly-released surveillance video.
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part of the deadly encounter. 19-year-old kawan ray running from police. what happens next is not caught on fire -- on camera, police opening fire. it happened around 11:00 last night near 65th and marshfield. a sergeant responding to a battery in progress approached ray, believing he was an offender. they say the teen point gun twice. >> the sergeant fired his weapon twice. he did not sustain any injuries during the incident. >> he's got a gun! >> what's your location? what's your location? >> reporter: ray would later die at a hospital. a 12-hour search of the air, including on rooftops, turned up no weapon. >> the chicago police department they are being judge, jury and
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engaged. >> reporter: ray's relatives say his lives had ups and downs. his facebook page shows gang imagery. but family members deny he owns a gun and was at a bus stop with a friend when the police rolled up. >> there's no altercation, there's no mob of people. there's no fighting, no arguing anything like that. it's suspect. >> there's still many unanswered questions and we are working diligently to find those answers as >> that was eric horn reporting. chicago police could not confirm whether the officer who shot the teen was wearing a body camera. police in new jersey investigating an overnight shooting outside of a shopping mall that left one person dead and another injured. no record on what may have led up to the shooting but police know that the two that were shot were brothers. the mall was closed at the time of the shooting but reopened hours later for black friday shopping. to michigan, where police are charging a man with the
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they say that deangelo davis shot and killed collin rose while he was trying to take davis into custody. davis faces first-degree murder. we tell you he pleaded noth. the south carolina man accused in the deadly shooting of nine african-american church members will stand trial. the judge ruled that dylann roof is monday. caught on camera, a fight between a popeye's employee and an armed rob remember. to minnesota we go. the man entered the front door shortly after two employees left to take care of a trash dumpster. the suspect grabbed the employee from behind, held a gun to his dead and demanded the safe be opened. police say they found clothing from the man and the clothes are
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dna testing. green-party presidential candidate jill stein is filing for a recount of presidential election results in wisconsin. today was the deadline. stein raised more than $4 million in her push to recount and hopes to do the same in pennsylvania and michigan as well. even though stein doesn't stand to benefit from a recount, she's concerned of reports after possible hacking of voting results. her party lufthansa airlines canceled 100 strikes due to a pilot strike. this is a dispute over wages. they are seeking retroactive wages of 3.6% a year going back five and a half years, a demand that lufthansa says is impossible. a man who climbs tall buildings across the country without a harness scaled a building in barcelona.
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hour. well, he was arrested soon after and crowds were down on the ground to applaud him. he has climbed more than 100 buildings all offer the world. a driver leading police on a high-speed chase near melbourne, australia nearly hit a pedestrian. the teenaged driver narrowly missing other vehicles and driving on the wrong side of the road. the driver stopped for gas before taking off. police used spike strips before taking him into custody. no word on w let's come home right now. how was the weather waiting in line for the black friday sales? [laughter] already. [laughter] already. >> we were too busy looking at the deals. if you were waiting outside today, it was nice. it was cold this morning. it will be cold again tomorrow
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but it's sunny at least for now. that's going to change by sunday, though. check this out. this morning, though, we woke up to very nice conditions. clear skies, not only in pahrump but also beautiful conditions at mount charleston. no one out on the lake. they are probably shopping like latoya and i were. cat is out of the bag. mostly sunny skies in spring valley. calm weather outside. it will be a different picture by this weekend. 67 degrees near eastern and bonanza right now. in the upper 50s at desert inn and low 60s for centennial. as we look at the rest of our neighborhoods, mostly in the 60s. it's calm outside. but yes, stronger winds are in the forecast for this weekend. right now, we're sitting at 66 for pahrump, low 70s for overton. 60 degrees for indian springs and get ready for the big chill, especially next week. here is a look at our forecast for tonight. by the time you are commuting
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we'll bottom out in the low 50s by 9:00. so we're looking at pretty nice weather conditions at least for now. but we're tracking the system just off the coast. already starting to really shake things up for our friends across northern california all the way up into the pacific northwest right there. as we take you out the next few days, you can see the system continuing to move in, not only bringing us the gusty winds saturday night into sunday but also the chance of showers for sunday, even in portions of northern and central nevada. overnight tonight, we'll be in the mid-40s again. very similar compared to last night. 20s on the mountain. 30s for indian springs as well as pahrump. 40 for overton. low 40s for boulder city and sandy valley overnight tonight. highs tomorrow, it will be nice. kind of like today. 68 degrees for lake mead. low 60s for indian springs. 64 for sandy valley. if you are heading out to primm
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the day. as the area of low pressure starts to approach us, we'll start to see more clouds later on in the day for saturday. winds will start picking up more in the evening with gusts up to 30 miles an hour across the las vegas valley. most of your day will be pretty good. you can see winds for the most part under 15 miles an hour for most of the day. it's later on in the evening where we're looking to see those stronger winds saturday night into sunday. not only are we expecting the showers like we talked about and significantly cooler weather temperatures going from the mid-60s tomorrow to the mid-50s by sunday and the cooling trend continues next week. i don't know if you are a numbers person. but we made an emoji for you. >> i agree with sunday.
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>> we'll just keep a straight face. how is that? >> thank you, chloe. well, they are calling it the miracle of 93rd street. >> the daring rescue firefighters performed to save a guy's life. you haven't seen a grill
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and she gets what she wants! don't wait! call now! a massive apartment fire in new york city forced a lot of firefighters to try a risky maneuver. they used a rope to rescue the man from the fifth floor of a burning building. >> the daring rescue now called the miracle on 93rd street is one they will never >> this is the type of job you see once in a 20-year career. >> reporter: as a manhattan apartment building ignited in flames more than 200 members of the fire department raced toward it. these five among them. >> the roof was on fire. there was fire coming out of the shaft. >> reporter: the firefighters never met before, but that day
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>> frank called me and told me that we had a guy at the window. >> my thought was possibly a fire escape to get to him. as you saw in the photo, there was no rear fire escape. >> grabbed the rope, dumped the rope under the roof and that's when andy and steve came up and show and we just went to work. >> reporter: a rope rescue is a dangerous technique which hasn't been attempted by this department in five years because it's considered a last resort for they knew they had to do. within seconds, jim lee was being lowered down, scaling the burning building. >> go to your right, jimmy. go to your right. >> he was burning. at one point you could hear him yelling, i'm burning. i remember him seeing him looking at me with the hood up and i said to him, let's go. >> reporter: with the rope holding them, beginning to burn -- >> lower down. nice and easy. >> reporter: the team of firefighters successfully
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>> we're down. >> reporter: seconds before the rope snapped. >> looking back up and seeing the fire and the rope was on fire. the reality set in that we -- we saved a guy's life. i mean, legitimately a group of guys worked together and saved his life. what a feeling. >> reporter: that feeling came again. >> you look familiar. [laughter] >> reporter: when the firefighters met the man they >> thank god. it was a miracle. i called it a miracle on 93rd. >> that's a good catchphrase. [laughter] >> we deal with a lot of tragedy in this job. through the course of our career, more tragedy than you would like to ever see. this is definitely a win for everyone. >> talking about texas and we have a texas transplant here who
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say, everything is bigger in texas. >> it is true. today we have some proof in the form of a massive grill. it's named the indisputable, it rolled out in galveston to cook meals for a thousand people over the thanksgiving holiday. it's 76 feet long and can cook 4 tons of meet at a time. >> now you see why cows run from it. [laughter] big changes coming to the big mac. >> yeah. what you can expect to see on mcdonald's menu. anh an incredible rendition of the national anthem. she did it rocking a snow cap and a coat.
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first day in office. what the president-elect plans to do with several of president obama's ecexecutive orders ? >> gosh. can you believe it? remembering florence henderson. we all thought that she would be part of our lives forever. the american television icon, a household name and her death. we look back at her amazing life. they make sacrifices every day. for me to come out here and put a show on, it's >> a little friendly competition between police and firefighters with a much deeper meaning. how one event brings an entire community together. hi, everybody. in the first hours of donald trump's presidency he says he plans to scrap dozens of executive orders and actions under president obama's administration.


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