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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  November 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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to the west of eastern avenue and the north of freemont street this happened around after 1:00 when one person was shot inside the apartment. and managed to stumble out or helped out by a woman and collapsed in the yard and that's where the person was pronounced dead. there was a man who has been held in custody who may or may not be involved in the shooting. it sill a person of interest. there are 2 people talked to by police. sunrise avenue is completely shut down the investigation promises to go on for a couple of hours we know a man dead of a gunshot wound. christie has been gathering information on the ground and have a report on news 3 live at 6:00. >> news 3 learning that a north las vegas murder suspect has been linked to more murders.
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>> i'm reed new ballistic test s. >> one of the buildings that a dentist escaped according to details from a police department he was high on meth when he committed his last two murders. >> north las vegas police are saying they died because of alondzo paris. bullets used in the murders of durrant. mohammed and jeff johnson. >> i love my daughter and i never got to say goodbye to him. >> you are hearing from the daughter who is fearful of paris and does not want to show her face. she is concerned paris will hurt her family. they believed she was paris 'murder victim then killed
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robinson family members say paris murdered him after he did not hold the door open for his girlfriend at this mc donalds. >> we took him away from his kid. you will pay for it i promise you. >> in september there is video showing escape from the interrogation room. four day later recaptured. police department explains jeff hn was the last very much johnson happened to be riding hisz motorcycle and saw paris in a friend's backyard. johnson was concerned and chased paris. triking the helmet johnson was wearing. a witness at the time told police he said he felt like they were out to get him. everyone was out to get him.
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reporting live antonio, news 3. >> thank you. the height plunged 80 feet emerges without injuries after spending 12 hours trapped. man in his 20's fell from the trail at 5:00 yesterday. metro used the gps on his foam to find him and launch aid rescue that took the night. members had repelled down to him and freed that man at 5. . 30 this morning. trauma center. he was not seriously hurt. >> reporter: enjoy the stormy weather our weather authority team keeping track of changes on the way. >> the latest on the holiday weekend forecast. >> kelly: 59 in las vegas nothing compared to northern nevada. already in the 30s. low 50s for reno and sandwiched in between, sort of. 45 for tonpaw.
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week. calm tonight and furthermore will be nice. we are tracking the next storm already starting to move to the west coast. the out line of low pressure already bringing rainfall across northern california and the pacific northwest that is coming for us shortly. as you look ahead to the next few days the system continuing to move to the west. we are expecting early chances for showers to be on sunday. saturday is where we'll seat beginning of the showers the best chance can be on sunday. we'll let upon how long tell last in a few minutes. >> at 5 video of a brawl breaking out in a modesto, california mall. black friday shopper ran for cover. fight after mid night and men attacked each other in the middle level of the mall. fight
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despite how bad this looks police did not get reports of anybody getting hurt. >> reporter: investigating the shooting death of a man kill in the a wal-mart park lot. mreers look to the possibility the man was shot over a parking spot. the shooting was last night and police say it is a case of road rage. reiny police say two drivers stopped in the parking lot >> reporter: shoot nothing the parks lot of a new jersey mall around 1:00 this morning. victim's broth took a bullet in the leg. mall had closed when the shooting happened. black friday shoppers were lining up outside when the bullets flew. police are looking for the gunman. nan accused of shooting 9 people in a south carolina church will stand trial. roof found comp tent to stand
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connection with the tragedy that took place last year in a church. face the death penalty and tried to avoid the possibility of a plea deal. that plea was rejected. roof's trial will start on monday. >> reporter: police charged a man for the death of a police officer wayne state university. davis facing a first degree murder charge for death of rose. he was investigating a car shot in the head on tuesday night. he died. davis face life if convicted. we have our president elect trump money pour in the to force a recount >> jill stein is trying to force a recount in michigan issue pennsylvania and wisconsin upon raising compains to do that now raised more than 4 million dollars wednesday michigan election officials announced
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10,000 votes. stein pointing reports of irregularities to recheck the votes. >> it is important we look at the vote unless we look we would not see evidence of hacking. hacking is you have to examine the vote. the paper copies of the vote and compare that result with your electronic result. >> reporter: trump won clinton beat 2 million votes. >> reporter: flood of fake news during the u.s. election got help by a sfit indicated russian propaganda campaign post reports the spread of misleading articles punishing clinton and helping trump. the posts cites independent researchers who say propaganda used social media accounts to spread fake stories.
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his team. kathleen mc farland a fox news on anchor. the president elect picking campaign finance attorney to be his white house council. trump says he has a brilliant legal mind and calls trump a bold leader. >> reporter: rrming television's most endeering moms flore the voice of reason for six kids. captured the hearts during a turb lan time in our history. a look at her life. >> florence was a lovely lady. she was already a star of broadway and television when she landed the role that would make her an i con.
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the brady bunch aired for five science henderson entertained in reruns and spin offs. the big tv break in 19 pine on nbc's today show when she was hired as the first today girl. doing weather and feature stories and the first woman ever to guest host the tonight show before johnny took over inform a tv interview she credit hard work for her % talent. if you have the desire, you have the talent you have to be willing to work and pay your dues. >> barry williams who played greg honored his costar and friends >> i loved the way she treated people. she treated people very
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from the brady's television home to her star on the walk of fame fans are honoring her life and impact on their's. florence henderson was 82. nbc news, new york. >> reporter: a sad loss. >> such a part of american culture. >> reporter: dpand near a tiny trump. how much you have to pay to make your christmas great again. cashing in on games make monoyour favorite player. >> valley rain in the forecast. we will show you when, next. >> reporter: on nightly news a coast to coast wrap up of glak black friday and why so much is banking on. how close france come to another terror attack we have details of a plot stop in the the nick of time f. you are allergic to pencil an there may be news more
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>> reporter: one thing that makes our town unique.
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>> reporter: gap lers bet on a california video game tournament. live at the game works east port lounge with a look at the next step for gamblers. >> expected to be in there a live shot. cell phone settle nal in the building. we are out here and it is the first time that betters can bet on professional video game players, ts vegas. >> simons relacks at game works. plenty of experience behind the controls. >> i have been playing for 20 years. >> video gaming progressed in nevada you can now wager on who you think might winning win a major tournament. >> in nevada you can bet on
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are knownace fatality betting was the natural evolution. >> game with a plan and -- you know -- why can it be treated like a sport. >> pay out major tournaments reach 6 figures. why not try your luck on who you think will wivenl first bet this is weekend with the downtown grand casino and william burrow. >> invve and bet wageers makes it exciting for a lot. >> children growing up playing the garms he would be a dad who gets behind the idea of his kid picking up a control are professionally. >> my kid may want to be professional video game players and i will encourage them every step of the way. >> they would like to take betos all major video game
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example. largest happened at the manderlay bay event center and they sell it out. news three, back to you. >> thanks. >> now another sign the holiday season is upon southern nevada. the ice skating rifrpg is ready for to you enjoy. transforms the pool over over the strip. now you will only be able to skate on skates you can experience man-made they happen between sick:00 and 10:00 at night. if our weather authority is right. always, she is. >> that is fake snow. that is the fake snow we are looking forward to real snow this weekend. not in las vegas but the mountains. we are seeing strong storm moving in and yea, i'm sure the skiers will be stoked about this. outside, we are calm now.
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that trend all day today. look at that. not a cloud for the afternoon. saw a few thin clouds parts of southern nevada. things are feeling outside 61. hollywood and washington the mid 50s for mountain edge and slightly cooler in anthem now. the rest of your neighborhood here is where the 40s are. blue on to 60 in southeast wind are calm. they will pick up by tomorrow afternoon. we are in the low 30s. upper 50s for pahrump and low 50s for indian springs naming a few locations off now over night in las vegas like last night. we will see temperatures dropping into the 40s. light wind continue. clear skies 20's for mount
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drop more especially by next week. the culprit is not hard to point out. very large area of low pressure moving in the coast. it will bring strong winds over the weekend but also a chance to see valley rain and mountain snow. here is how it will play out. expecting a few inches of the white stuff as we make our way to the weekend. best chance is for us seeing shower system late saturday to sunday morning. you see most of that precipitation will be across northern and central nevada. we will see the rain in the valley cross southern nevada and weather alerts have been issued before the rain we are expecting strong wind and an advisory saturday night at 7:00. we'll remain through sunday at noon for gusts up to 50 miles per hour. sustained wind reach 30 and 40 miles per hour.
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well saturday night into sunday. attaches as we wake up the 40s. a cool start. lots of sun. grab on a few clouds later on in the day. mostly sunny in las vegas. like i said issue winds will pick up later on in the day. be prepared. highs tomorrow will be like today. 46 in mount charleston. mid 60s for pahrump. warmer in overton and cool never indian wind pick up 25 miles per hour. same story expected for lake mead but more sun out on the water. as we look ahead to the weekend. like i said. tell be unsettled. wind again picking up saturday night to sunday. certainly going to feel the cool down from the mid 60s on saturday and sunday. best chances of showers will be early sunday.
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the next week and the low 50s and lows in the 30s. if you have not bout a blanket. do it. >> electric blanket. it is december. i can't complain too much. >> thank you. >> it is beginning to look like christmas at the white house. first lady obama welcome the the white house tree. the national christmas tree association donated the tree to the white house. that is a t goes in the blue room and the two kid with the first lady are her nest use. >> options for mc donald's signature burger.
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>> reporter: new at 6:00 why a woman convicted of killing a homeless man after cutting his penis in 2001 is getting a new hearing of course a lot is happening and how that decision came about. >> reporter: lee canyon usually opens today with no snow that is when the resort planos opening. holiday gift alert. >> reporter: if electronic gadgets are on your list. watch for the button bat reese. consumer watchdog groups say 28,000 children visit the emergency room after swallowing the lithium batteries. they found in watchings to jewelry and decorations. we have done stories where children died.
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away from them. in our house we put nel tht highest cabinet. >> reporter: ready to launch two newburgers next year and both are designed after the big mac. first is the grand mac made with a third pound of beef. second the mac junior a shrunken version. both will carry trade mark big mac recipe with the special sauce they will be >> fans you c3po fan tickets for the next saga go on sale monday. disney making the announcement tonight. a lot are excited. rogue one is a spin off of star wars and the prequell. it centers on a group of rebel in space trying to steel the plans for the famous floating death star. the new film is set to roll out
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it come with a smart phone and also playing the pokemon go game. trump santa where residence denies ash doerned with santa to depict news from the past year. follow be on display through christmas. >> reporter: a sellout on am zon over this. look you see that red hat. we saw that during the campaign season. says make america a holiday ownerment. $39 roernment is finished in 14 circumstance gold. they don't know when tell be back in stock it got 2,000 reviews getting a rating of a star and a half out of frey. >> wonder why. third party sellers are hawking owner ams for 200 dollars.
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a screen shot to me. and let us know if you got that on his website. >> and also what you think. we heard reports that black friday is a huge success. 3 billion in sales could go up to 5 billion. i don't know but but i did my part. >> you and your mom contributed
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>> tonight, black friday frenzy. tens of millions hit the store in person and online, but not everything goes as planned. why must-sell may mean life and death for some retailers. found alive, a woman emerges in northern california nearly three weeks after her apparent abduction. the des mystery. daring escape. they cut through bars, lowered themselves with sheets and clothing. tonight two inmates remain on the run. not allergic? the surprise finding about penicillin that could affect millions of americans. new research shows many diagnosed as allergic might not be. america's mom, remembering the life of florence henderson for her years on "the brady bunch" and so much more.


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