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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  November 25, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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beal out there at opportunity village. santa is out there. >> whether you are heading to the stores or you went online, black friday shoppers have already spent billions of dollars tda season is just beginning. dianne gallagher breaks down the numbers. [ cheers ] >> reporter: from new york to california and every state in between, millions of americans are skiping out on that extra slice of pie by scooping up those major black friday sales. >> i'm going to four different stores. i'm kind of rushing between each one. >> not as crazy as i thought it would be.
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see the people come in. >> reporter: holiday sales are expected to top $655 billion, that's up by 3.5% last year. >> we go every year. we almost didn't go today. i kind of dragged her out. >> welcome! >> reporter: black friday isn't just on friday anymore and it definitely doesn't require standing in line. shoppers spent 1.15 billion online from midnight to 5:00 a.m. alone on thanksgiving day. target reported that more than 60% of from mobile users. but the american tradition of going a little crazy over black friday deals is alive and well internationally. they may not celebrate thanksgiving but in panama and brazil, shoppers are fully embracing the black friday experience. back in the u.s. not everyone is spending their days searching for dean discounts. for the second year in a row, protesters in chicago tried to stop the protesters by mar
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dianne gallagher, news 3. amazon says sales are booming. sales of electronics and other items surpassed the 2015 thanksgiving and cyber monday sales. the company is forecasting record sales over this holiday weekend. according to the black friday report, amazon customers have ordered more than 100,000 toys in just the last two days. >> we want to know how you are spending the day after thig. what are you up to? we want to know. take our online poll. >> are you looking for black friday deals? still digesting dinner? putting up decorations or like us, working? >> working? >> we want to know. >> we're having fun. a want man -- a man wanted for a murder is arrested in pahrump. jeremy white was visiting family and detectives spotted him and pulled him over.
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center and will be extradited back to idaho. the 22-year-old accused of killing nine parishioners is competent to stand trial according to a judge. this is dylann roof. he's facing the death penalty. in august, his attorneys looked to avoid that by pleading guilty. that attempt was rejected by prosecutors. jury selection and to begin on monday. the michigan man arrested in connection with the police officer is charged. deangelo davis appeared video before a judge. police say officer collin rose went to stop davis on a bike and when rose tried to take him into custody, they say davis shot the officer in the head. now, that happened tuesday. officer rose died wednesday. today, davis entered a not guilty plea. well, wells fargo is playing
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class-action lawsuit over the fake bank account scandal. they are asking the u.s. district court in utah to force dozens of those customers to resolve their claims in closed-door arbitration instead of open court. the bank argues that customers sign an agreement requiring them to enter arbitration. wells fargo is being sued for opening millions of accounts without customers' permission. president-elect donald trump split on the secretary of state position. bu t news analyst kathleen troia mcfarland will serve as deputy national security adviser. he's served under presidents nixon, ford and reagan. well, the general counsel for trump's campaign will serve as the president-elect's legal counsel. donald mcgahn was -- will provide legal advice to the trump administration. he's a campaign finance lawyer
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he also served as general counsel for the republican national congressional committee. it's beginning to look like christmas at the capital. >> michelle obama welcomed the christmas tree. 19 feet tall.. it will make its home in the blue room. this year the tree comes from wisconsin. in keeping with tradition, it arrived in a horse-drawn carriage. instead of there, their nephews were there. another live look here in our city at the magical forest. a holiday tradition for a lot of locals. and tonight, they are kicking the season off with their tree lighting. >> those lights are so beautiful. opportunity village is a nonprofit helping those with intersection ual opportunities. there's a range of attractions for the kids, including the all-new avalanche slide. you can walk through the forest
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america is mourning the loss of a television icon. >> we'll take a look back at the life and career of florence henderson when we come back. plus -- the runnin' rebels return to action at the thomas & mack as they look for their fourth straight win. ran dip -- randy has
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with prism tv from centurylink, you can get over 320 channels, whole home dvr, plus you can watch on your devices. and the best part is, you don't have to deal with cable. we love not having cable. but, paul, babe, when -- when was this headshot taken? oh, uh, i don't know. recently, i guess? uh... okay. yeah. feel like a hollywood insider
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there's so many things that i respected about her. i loved the way she treated people. she treated people very respectfully. she was very respectful of her fans. i learned a lot about how to be >> that's barry williams, the former co-star of florence henderson. tonight, america remembers a tv icon. >> she came from a humble background. she always reached for the stars. here's more on her life and legacy. ? here's the story a lovely lady ? >> reporter: that lovely lady is florence henderson who mayed
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com"the brady bunch." born in 1934, in indiana, she grew up poor with an alcoholic father and a mother who left when she was just 12 years old. henderson used her singing talent to entertain the family and help ends meet. >> i don't remember ever not singing. i would sing and pass the hat. i would sing for groceries. ? >> reporter: her big break came in 196 is when she landed starring role in "oklahoma." she then took her talents in tv. in 1959 she was "the today girl" she became the first woman to guest host the "tonight show." and then she became carol brady. >> i created the kind of mother that i wish i had. i think everyone longed for that. i get so much fan mail from all over the world.
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>> reporter: yeah. >> and i hug everybody. i get so much affection. >> reporter: henderson continued to act and sing on tv for decades after "the brady bunch." she was even on "dancing with the stars." henderson had four children with her first husband. she met her second husband while undergoing treatment for stage fright and a fear of flying. >> people used to kid john and >> reporter: the treatment worked so well, henderson became a certified hip know therapist her self. she started to lose her hearing at the height of her career. >> you can't imagine when you don't hear those instruments, it was the must terrifying feeling in the world.
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restored. henderson seemed to always look on the bright side. >> if you are not having fun, you shouldn't be there. >> say good night, florence. >> good night, everyone. >> henderson passed away at a hospital in los angeles surrounded by family and friends. >> she was 82 years old. now time to take a look at what's coming up at 7:00. a viral. >> what started as an accidental text message ended up with turkey time between two strangers. plus -- "star wars" fans, rejoice, rogue one will be available soon. when you can get your hands on them -- coming up at 7:00. news 3 is your weather authority. chloe beardsley is here to take a look outside and a look at your weekend.
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jackets accordingly. rain jacket on sunday and you are going to want to bundle up in the week ahead. tomorrow will be nice, though. if you liked today, you will like tomorrow. happy belated turkey day to you guys. this is what ray ate. lept us know what you had for the big holiday and if you are decorating. we'll be sharing pictures on the newscast throughout the evening. it's been nice. going back to the weather, nice weather, it's very calm outside right now. clear skies. temperatures are in t mid-50s on the strip and gowen and revere. anthem coming in, temperatures in the upper 40s. here's where we maxed out this afternoon. temperatures ranging from the upper 50s in blue diamond, low 60s for summerlin and centennial. mid-60s for the downtown area and upper 60s on the far east side of town. very similar weather is expected for tomorrow. here's where we're sitting right now. mostly in the 50s.
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right now. that's all going to change by this weekend. we're tracking the movement of this area of low pressure right here. you can already see starting to move into the coastline right now bringing some precipitation across california and also the pacific northwest. it's also going to impact our area quite a bit bringing us very strong winds, chance for showers and potentially some mountain snow. here we go. this is what it's going to look like. as we roll forward, abundant snowfall is expected in t babies up to 2 feet of snow is possible. as it passes through, we're expecting the best chance of showers to be on sunday. but winds will start picking up significantly saturday night into sunday morning. so it's gonna be tough sleeping saturday night into sunday. also snowfall is expected across portions of northern and central nevada. like i said, we'll see that chance of showers most likely on sunday. also multiple weather alerts
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advisory for winds that will start picking up tomorrow night. this goes into effect at 7:00 p.m. on saturday. winds are expected to be sustained between 25 and 35 miles an hour with wind gusts reaching up to 50 miles an hour. so prepare accordingly. be careful on the roads. overnight, maybe grabbing onto a few more clouds. temperatures falling in the 40s tonight. we'll be in the 20s for mount charleston. we'll give 31 to you, pahrump. highs tomorrow a lot like today. mid-60s on tap for sandy valley as well as border city and primm. if you are heading out to mount charleston, still going to be sunny. winds will pick up to 25 miles an hour later on in the day. a little bit more sunshine by lake mead. but it will be breezy. upper 60s are anticipated. if you are going to hang around town in las vegas, it will be as nice day. sounds like a broken record. winds will pick up later on
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into sunday. best chances of showers will be on sunday and the cooler temperatures are pretty much a guarantee, not just for sunday but also the week ahead. if the numbers didn't show it to you enough, we also have some expressions from the emoji forecast to show you how some of us feel about the upcoming changes. >> i love sunday. >> yeah. >> thank you. it's a big weekend for rebel fans. rival. >> it will be a lot of fun tomorrow for sure. but tonight, the runnin' ex-return to the floor looking for their fourth straight win as they play one of the first games in the global sports classic. they opennen with tcu tonight. that game tips off at 7:30 right after the western kentucky washington games. huskies are leading it right now in the second half. foreign frogs come in with a perfect 4-0 record. their only big win of the year
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illinois state. they had 12 wins last year. they have a roster full of juniors and seniors this year. that might be the difference tonight or the reason why they are a 6-point favorite but marvin men zips has a long history with jamie dixon and knows his style of play. >> jamie is a good friend of mine. we used to coach together in junior college. we were -- he was at l.a. valley. i was at he's always had that kind of stoic, you know, grind it out toughness to his teams. did an excellent job at passenger. -- did an excellent job at pittsburgh. we are going to have that match that. >> the rebel team has one game remaining in their season.
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they play nevada and the rebels are coming off a 42-25 loss at boise. they can make the fans feel better about the season if they defend the -- defend the cannon. last year they took it. tony sanchez was very excited about the win, to say the least. and he says the program should be because the cannon is a very big deal. >> you know what? i mean, it's huge. it's big for the program. big for the they had that think i think 10, 12 years. they kind of got used to having that as part of the furniture. it's great to have it here. the crazy thing about the rivalry, postseason, no postseason. if you truly understand the rivalry and -- i think it's something that we talked about all year. we talked every single meeting.
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>> meanwhile the state football semifinals take place tomorrow. liberty travels tomorrow and bishop gorman will travel to the northwest to face the arbor view aggies. it's a game that will be tough for arbor view to win. not because the gaels haven't lost since 2008. don't think coach kenny sanchez doesn't feel the pressure of losing the sea every year, every game. i feel pressure. if you stop feeling pressure, you are probably not alive. i like it. that's why we do it. we just go out there and prepare. you feel pressure for sure. >> we got our blinders on. >> kickoffs tomorrow at 1:00. >> he needs to show up when i'm having a hard time waking up in the morning. [laughter] >> thank you.
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live expect. >> check it out. dynamic dinosaurs when we come
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just before 7:00, temperatures are in the low 60s.
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but the winds of change are expected tomorrow as the storm rolls in. dana wagner will have all of the updates. >> thank you. it's a hot chocolate weekend apparently. jurassic world comes to life at a new exhibit at a philadelphia museum. >> it opened today at the franklin institute. some of its dinosaurs stand more than 24 feet high. it also features a number of educational philly is the first stop for the traveling shows. it made its debut in melbourne, australia. well, that does it for this edition of news 3 live at 6:00. thank you so much for joining us. >> news 3 live at 7:00 is next. in that broadcast, shoppers scrambling to get their hands on black friday bargains including towels. coming up at 7:00, why people are fighting over hand towels.
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a local murder suspect now limbed to more murders tonight across the valley. ready, set, shop. black friday madness kicking off in the valley. what you can expect in the next
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your way. news 3 is your weather authority. chloe is busy tracking the latest developments for your holiday weekend. new details regarding a north las vegas las vegas murder suspect. back in september, we showed you how he got away from police custody. tonight police have linked him to new murde it's our top story. as antonio castelan explains, newly released ballistic tests have linked alonso perez not homicide. >> reporter: it was from one of these buildings that alonso perez escaped. according to details, it shows that he was high on meth when he committed those last two murders. police say these two men died because of 25-year-old alonso perez. reports show the same bullets


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