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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  November 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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weekend, and why did someone drive into the wall of a burlington coat factory? >> this storm pushing there tonight. with -- through tonight. i'll let you know how dangerous it will be coming up next. >> celebrations, in miami and across the globe, reacts to the tet of cuban dictator fidel castro. he was 90 years old. legacy leaving big impression on local cuban americans, including those in las vegas. fay than o'neil joins us with one family's reaction.
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the de castro-verde law firm. their story starts in cuba. >> they surrounded him. >> for decades fidel castro ruled cuba with a firm fist. the dictator's recent death, an emotional mile state of the union for those across the country. >> he was a brutal dictator who destroyed his country for >> de castro verde's family is a staple in las vegas. his father born in cuba, began fighting castro's regime at only 19 years old. >> my dad came to the united states and somewhere joined the
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castro. my dad was in prison for two years. >> marking a birth sweet moment bittersweet moment.waldo died j. gle wanted nothing else but to see fidel castro dead. today at least i know he's looking down, that we are closer to a f castro is dead. >> what is next for that country, ours is hopeful that he will see freedom in cuba at least in his lifetime. reporting live, nathan o'neil, news3. >> a lot of people are hoping for the same thing, nathan thank you for the report.
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ingsilented and jailtd dissidents. >> all that he caused, his terrorism and narco--trafficking that's the legacy of be fidel castro. >> donald trump tweeted, denial want to shift things up and check in with our weather authority, chloe are beardsley in for jerry. >> strong winds and blob blowing debris. blowing debris. the talker has been the winds
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evening. 30 and 40 miles an hour across the area, your current wind speeds off and on, very strong wind gusts continue throughout the valley. bringing showers throughout region. you can see this snowfall throughout the sierra. several inches is possible, couple inches could be possible as well in higher elevations. chances of showers are in the forecast tomorrow, chilly afternoon. we'll show you the odds and how long that stormy is weather is going to continue. gerard. >> thank you chloe. a story we first brought you at 6:00. police are investigating an accident at a shopping center after a car plows so into a
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the cash register. three people were transported to the hospital. a storm creates electrical problems at the airport and leaves people stranded in various. column of smoke produced when a big rig slammed into a large power box on harmon just after noon. the semi burst into flames and the fire shorted out power terminal 3 at mckaren international airport. the outage also trached six people at elevators, surprisingly the truck driver was not hurt. nvenergy was able to restore all power by 3:00 p.m. a limousine runs a red light, crashes into a pickup and
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five to a party at the time of the crash. california highway patrol says at least two passengers were not wearing seat belts. we're learning more about the shooting that we first reported on friday. it left a man dead on the steps of an apartment building near downtown las vegas. police have arrested poshe banks as an accessory of the murder. metro detectives say his killer shot him inside an apartment then banks dragged him outside. the coroner has still not identified the victim. and we have a crime alert, identity of pahrump.
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the victim survived with a gunshot wound to the foot. allen may be driving a red chevy pip. you are urged to call nye county sheriffs department. still to come a new take on the war on terror. how online giant google is joining in for the fight against i.s.i.s. with a new plus police call off the search for a missing autistic boy, the tragic reason when we come back.
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?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? >> new tonight, a tragic end to the search for autistic nephew of former nba star marcus kahn bi. authorities found marcus mcgee in a pond yesterday afternoon.
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police say the boy's family is thankful for their help despite the tragic results. recent terror attacks have raised concerns about americans being radicalized not in war zones but online. new tech giant google is responding now but researchers of companies say the talent is reaching a new generation of bedroom radicals, people who a drawn into violent extremism online. searching google for various topics like i.s.i.s. vinyls and steering them into i.s.i.s. sites. >> searching for a pair of sneakers and then finding and ad for those sneakers pop up later. we have used that same principle instead to find potential consumers of i.s.i.s. >> at 8:00, redirect reached
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of it aimed at undermining i.s.i.s. a double header in rebel sports. first the battle for the fremont cup on the gridiron then they hit the hardwood against western kentucky.
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>> you can tell it's windy because the camera is shaking out there. the black friday shopping blitz sets a new record. more than a full percentage point over last year and more than $1 billion of those sales as phones and tablets. deep discounts spurred the frenzy. american express started small business saturday back in 2010. to encourage people to shop locally and keep money in their communities. the business analysts say 68 cents out of every dollar spent locally returns right back to the community. someone in tennessee's going
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tonight's powerball jackpot. by the time the numbers were drawn that jackpot had reached over $421 million. 17, 19, 21, 37, 44, powerball number was 16. the odds of taking home that jackpot was 1 in 291 million but someone did it! powerball officials say the winning ticket was sold in tennessee, so far no one has stepped forward to claim the >> hmm! >> the winds continue to pick up in the valley tonight. there is a chance you could see some rain. we want to get right to chloe beardsley in the weather center. >> bad news, we're already starting to see some showers in northern clark county. we'll take you outside, we can't show you this picture enough. crazy flags blowing quite a bit this evening, winds will pick up more overnight tonight. be careful if you are going to
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soon. a quick recap of this afternoon, calm, peaceful, awesome, it's going to be wonderful tomorrow. temperatures ten degrees cooler than that tomorrow. sorry. wind gusts up to 30 and even 40 miles an hour in the southwest portion of the valley. look at that, 40 mile-an-hour winds for spring valley, 40, windier at blue diamond. these winds have picke u outside, out of the southwest, that's where we're seeing those breezes with the strongest windsnear st..rose. 50 minor e-mile-an-hour winds there, 40 mile-an-hour winds at cadence. gusty winds certainly do continue.
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mountain's edge. already in the 20s for mt. charleston. mid 40s for pahrump. let's get to the satellite. you can see ripping through the webcast bringing some abundant shower activity to the speerp to the sierra,we're talking abof inches. we're sn that's probably the biggest hazard right now. and also already starting to see some showers. you could see some of that just to the north of us also seeing that across mojave and l lincoln county. the best chance for measurable precipitation is expected tomorrow afternoon. in the north las vegas area maybe getting some sprinkles right now.
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best chance of showers will be sunday afternoon. don't wash your car just yet. you can see another round of showers mostly for northern nevada and portions of northern california. 47? for your overnight low, we're going to see cloudy skies continue, temperatures dropping down into the mid 20s for m charleston, in the 30s for prings. high temperatures, like i said not as warm as today. we'll be in the 50s in las vegas, more clouds showers in the afternoon but winds will start calming down later in the day. and here is what it's going to look like. a gradual decrease for your afternoon. certainly cooler temperatures as we range into sunday, only increasing for about a degree on
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continuing to move through. but hopefully you'll have a jacket for black friday or friends went shopping for you. gifting a little early, you're going to need it, temperatures in the mid 30s. >> that's what black friday is for. you get something for others and then something for yourself. honesty, appreciate that chloe. >> five children will be recognized for their bravery, combat for cure is a partner of st. badlyrick's. baldrick's.we l event in the studio for eight-year-old james kish battling brain cancer.
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but we spoke to the founder for be combat for the cure. linda na. >> if you want to help the core of the issue and donate money to clinical research and right now it's neuroblastoma, you >> four seasons hotel right on the las vegas strip, their website is combat for a we'll have all the information on our website, great cause. when the rebels take on kentucky, a kentucky opponent that is to western kentucky now here's randy with a look at today's sports. >> all right, big 12 in the first game of the global sports
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up with western kentucky. may start off with a 3 from tyro green, green was feeling it acknowledge knocks down another three. jaylen poser knocking done 3 as well. outscored 22-10 from there. how about rejection? the hilltoppers running the floor, huge the tip-in, 30 to unlv, knock down a 3, put the rebels up by 1 and it is poser again. like sit behind the strike. knocks down another 3. he had 22 points for the rebels to lead the team. more from unlv. from the corner he knocks it down an eight point lead. rentals go on to win.
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year for part of the seen. season. won it up in rn so bragging rights on the line. that piece of hardware looks pretty when it's red. devils hoping to keep it that way but rn came out on a mission. ty dange came out with a vengeance. made the lead quarter, james barker, 17-nothing lead. finally the rebels get on the board, kurt palendeck will get the mvp. breaks some more tackles on his way to a 30-yard touchdown.
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>> extreme, extremely disappointing performance by us today. there's a lot of things we struggled with. one of the most grinding ones was third downs, inbe ability to convert on third downs. we struggled to stop, i mean, tackling was poor. the reality of the situation, you know, there's a lot of positives drawn from it. today is not the day to talk about the positives. sit down as a staff and organization. >> beat aggies, last year? that game will be shown on my news3 lv. as the gales are back in the championship game, they route
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latest food craze, seems to scurry from the river banks to the plate. nutria, the river rat, the burger is simple, tasty, the u.s. agriculture department describes the animal as an eight inch long rodent.
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>> good evening from longwood university, and welcome to the first and only vice presidential


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