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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  November 28, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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and robbed by a mob. vandals destroy a convenience store and it's all caught on camera. it's not something that you think is going to happen until it does. not knowing where they are, what they are doing. >> calm turns into chaos at ohio state university as a man hits people with his car and then stabs them. investigators say it may have nine hurt. the suspect, be a 18-year-old somali man, dead. thanks for staying with us. i'm latoya silmon. >> i'm reed cowan. fortunately, none of the injuries are life-threatening. this attack is our top story at 7:00. here's the latest. >> reporter: midmorning, calm and then chaos at ohio state university. >> i was going to class and saw people running and was nervous. >> reporter: it was originally
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fire alarm caused a crowd to gather outside an engineering building. that's when a man in a car jumped the sidewalk and plowed into them. >> someone came through, hitting them with his car. >> reporter: police say the man got out of the car and attacked bystanders with a butcher knife. >> we heard the chaos, shouts, screams, that kind of thing. >> reporter: an officer confronted the attacker and shot and killed him. >> he engaged the suspect and eliminated the thrat 18-year-old somali living in the u.s. legally, a student at ohio, named abdul razak ali artan. police were seen searching a home not far from campus. they believe the attack was intentional now they are trying to figure out why. >> reporter: one clue might be this facebook rant he posted before the attack saying attacks on muslims around the world led to a boiling point. i can't take it anymore. >> done on purpose, go over the
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with a knife. that's -- that was on purpose. >> reporter: all are expected to survive. the emotional wounds may take longer to heal. >> not reel. you go numb. not supposed to happen. >> reporter: federal officials warn they are a long way from determining what set abdul razak ali artan off. classes at ohio state resume on tuesday. a somber good-bye in texas as thousands gather to pay their respects to a slain officer benjamin marconi was shot and killed last sunday. he was writing a ticket inside his squad car in front of headquarters. the man who shot him was upset about a custody issued and picked the detective randomly. propers are laying out their case in the case of the mother charged in the death of her son. denise rosch brings us today's
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a 7-year-old boy tied up and beaten so severely, his intestines were ruptured. we learned that that boy's mother, roshaun malone, is no longer facing a murder charge. that doesn't mean she's in the clear. >> i think there's this haste to want to blame someone. >> reporter: this attorney says his client, roshaun malone, is a slim, terrified of the man accused of beating her son to did nothing to stop. >> i wish i could say i was more than an attorney. i need to be a social worker or psychologist. it's terribly traumatic for her. >> reporter: the case goes back to october 30th. that's when findley's battered body was discovered at the budget suites at boulder highway and flamingo, almost immediately malone's roommate, kenneth robinson, was taken into custody. but it wasn't until after an autopsy was complete that police
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who tied up her son. this medical examiner describing some of his injuries. >> he had a hemorrhage in his scalp along his skull. a large bruise on his abdomen. >> reporter: the doctor also found hem ridges under -- hemorrhages under his fingernails, consistent with him trying to remove his constraints. his father faces child the defense maintains another side to the story. >> that can be overridden by fear. you can be abused. >> reporter: and this hearing is expected to continue on thursday. after that, the judge will decide if there's enough evidence to send malone to trial. as for the other defendant, kenneth robinson can, he will be in court next week. denise rosch, news 3. an update to a bizarre road rage incident. the woman accused of flashing a
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guilty plea today. you may remember this cell phone video showing 32-year-old gina demarco exposing herself and screaming profanities after a crash on the 95 in the middle of rush hour. now, gina demarco pled guilty to attempting to use someone else's identity to buy a car. charges for indecent exposure and leaving the scene of an accident were dropped. her lawyer said that's because the family who captured the cell phone video that you just saw never showed up on happened on the highway outside of court. >> no. they didn't show up because they know they are wrong. >> what did they do? >> they -- >> did they crash into you? >> yes. >> they didn't have kids in the car. it's all crap. i don't want to talk to anybody about it. a local father asking for help finding the man he said sexually assaulted his daughter on thanksgiving day. antonio castelan has the
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>> reporter: the sexual assault happened at this gated community. the father tells us he never imagined this happening at a place he thought was safe. >> i just, you know -- we need to find him. i -- you know, god forbid it happens again. >> reporter: through his pain, this father, named travis speaks to the importance of the capture of a sexual predator. on thanksgiving around 1:30 in the afternoon, police say this man sexually assaulted travis's 8-year-old girl. >> we had the window open. youou outside. he snuck in and was able to lure one away. >> reporter: investigators say the sexual assault happened at the condominiums off west lake mead and buffalo. the mother of the 8-year-old said she was cooking thanksgiving dinner as her daughter and 5-year-old son played outside. detectives say the suspect told the boy to go inside his home. the predator then took the girl to a secluded area in the complex and sexually assaulted her. >> he needs to turn himself in. that's the best thing that can
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he's ruined -- he hasn't -- he's ruined a lot of lives. >> reporter: this woman lives right where the attack happened. >> your kids should be safe. i was here for three years. this neighborhood has pretty much been safe. >> reporter: police describe the suspect as a white man, 20, 50 years old with a thin build. he may have had gray-pepper hair. >> it's gut wrenching. anyone that would victimize a offenders we have. >> reporter: trash sis says his daughter is in counseling. >> she's had nightmares. she's not doing very well at tall. >> reporter: metro police need your help finding this predator. again, the predator is described as a white, thin man, aged anywhere from 20 to 50 years old. if anyone has information on the whereabouts of the suspect, you are asked to call crimestoppers
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reporting from west lake mead and buffalo, antonio castelan, news 3. >> thank you. a health alert for the zika virus. texas is now the second state in the continental u.s. to confirm a locally transmitted case of the zika virus not attributed to a traveler coming into the state. health officials say lab results confirm the virus in a non-pregnant woman living in south texas. the woman has not traveled to an area where the virus is circat pick up in the valley tonight as another storm pushes through. >> news 3 is your weather authority. chloe beardsley has the latest on the changes. >> that's right. we have it on the radar, a weak front moving through is helping kick up those wind speeds shifting out of the north right now. we'll show you that in a second. also allowing some showers to develop across portions of southern nevada. you can see light snowshowers and in the higher elevations.
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us. actually just passing us. but gusty winds will certainly continue. here is look at the strongest winds in the valley, again, shifting out of the north as the front moves through. we're calming down right now but they will pick up much more later on tonight as the system passes. that's just the first wind storm we're tracking. the next one is going to be much worse. more details on that ahead in a few minutes. guys? >> thank you. in more than 50 years landed in cuba. cuban saluted the packed flight by spraying water from the firetrucks above the plane as it taxied across the runway. the u.s. and cuba signed a deal to restore commercial traffic. a live look from mccarran airport which saw 4.2 million passengers in october. that brings the year's total to nearly 40 million.
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flily domestically and with southwest airlines. a traffic alert from your traffic authority right now. starting in about two hours, the eastbound 215 at the airport connector will be shut down overnight. this is to finish the work n-dot started adding girders to a flyover bridge. two lanes along the u.s. 95 south will close as well. this is a live look at the freeway between rancho and the bagg. the -- and the this is project neon. your traffic authorities will track these for you and you can tune into news 3 today starting at 4:30 a.m. today is without fail the busiest day of the year at the dmv. we hate to be the ones to break it to you. but tomorrow isn't looking better. this was a line of people out the door today at the dmv office at sahara near eastern.
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stride by eating snacks and taking naps. your best bet, make an appointment online. >> the first two days after thanksgiving are the busiest days of the year because we're closed for four days before. the typical wait time is around an hour. if you make an pintment -- an appointment you won't wait. >> a bigger location opens next door in three weeks. chance >> and chances are really good that you never left your house or desk. >> we'll take you inside a big las vegas business looking for a big payout on cyber monday. free hugs. guess what. this guy got in trouble. it cost him a little bit of money. why police say these hugs broke
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caught on camera. a large group of rowdy teens vandalized and looted a convenience store in connecticut
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between 30, 40 youngsters rushed the front doors saturday night. as you can see in the video, he this grabbed candy and snacks and proceeded to do about $4,000 worth of damage to the store. one man was caught and arrested. new at 7:00, the man in a free hugs t-shirt was handed a $101 fine after stopped for offering the friendly gesture to people at a montreal substation. he's been hugging people at substations around the city for the past yearhi green shirt that says free hugs in english and french. he was asked to show a permit from an officer. he didn't have one. so his officer flipped through his bylaw book until he figured out a way to fine him. the fine was withdrawn and he was issued a warning instead. it's cyber monday. the national retail federation says more than 122 million customers plan to shop online. that's 1 million more than last year.
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weekend. the nrs says that consumers spent an average of $289 this thanksgiving. more people shopped though, and many did so from the comforts of their home. millions of americans cozy up to their keyboards this cyber monday. a warehouse in florida struggles to keep up. here orders come in and treasures rush right out the door. that's how it works. always wondered what that 54million items moved since last cyber monday. amazon expects the same if not higher than 2016. millions of nevadans taking part in cyber monday. >> yes. jeff gillan spent the day at one las vegas-based company where cyber monday means everything. >> reporter: hi, everybody. welcome to zappos. this is one of the online call centers at las vegas's very own
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moth. maybe some of your calls came here. meet lauren at zappos. she's the front line on the day that's the super bowl of online sales. what's hot? >> probably ugg boots, nike products. >> reporter: lauren has been here since 8:00. others gat here at 4:00. when we were here, the business was hopping. >> we and 59 waiting for calls. in chat we have 59 onantish chat -- on active chat as well. >> it's our biggest day of the year. >> reporter: and kelly teemer isn't alone. nationwide, cyber monday will be a $3.4 million bonanza up 10% from last year. the retail association of nevada says 80% of nevada will be
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many who should be working and shopping quietly -- >> we have a lot of chatters that are actually at work right now on monday and they are just chatting for the deals. >> reporter: if you are a business like this, what a deal it is. back here at zappos, how many calls will they get? like i said, it could reach the tens of thousands and this, folks, by the way, is the future. for example on black friday, target and big box retailers, said on that day 60% of the sales were done devices. i'm jeff gillan. back to you. >> amazing. i'm already finished with christmas shopping. >> you are done? >> from black friday. >> you know who else is done. chloe beardsley. here's here to talk to us about the winds but she is the most organized hol holiday shopper that ever took a breath. >> try to be. try to be. try to get it done before
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if you need tips, tweet me. i will help you out. it will be a little annoying outside. winds are increasing slowly. we're taking a little bit of a break but the front has passed. outside, clear skies and hey, good news. our air quality is also in the clear. that's why it's all green. but wind gusts, you can see have increased since we last checked with you. mostly over the 20-mile-an-hour threshold. we're expecting gusts to increase up to 30 miles an hour looks like right now. shifting out of the north as that front passes. your current winds taking a quick break before they pick up again later on tonight, may be difficult for you to sleep. strongest winds are outside of the valley, 38-mile-an-hour winds at the lodge. 37-mile-an-hour gusts in centennial taking a look at north las vegas. also very strong winds over 30 miles an hour. in henderson, barely anything this afternoon.
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fast from the 40s and 50s. 20s in mount charleston. taking a look back at this afternoon, we made it to 57 degrees today. slightly cooler temperatures are anticipated by tomorrow. again, winds out of the north will continue tomorrow afternoon, picking up throughout the morning and then decreasing later on in the day. now, earlier we had showers pop up to the north and to develop across mountains there. we'll be fairly dry for the rest of the night as this system continues to pass. we're tracking the next storm right here. you can see that upper level of low pressure moving into the coast. that's actually going to bring us stronger winds towards the end of the workweek. overnight tonight, though, we're just going to deal with the breezes. mostly clear skies will continue. but winds will pick up, 15, 20 miles an hour. still a cold night ahead. kind of like last night.
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19 at mount charleston. 20s for indian springs and temperatures in the freezing mark by pahrump. highs tomorrow, in the 50s for overton lake mead. mid-50s for pahrump and slightly cooler for sandy valley and primm. we'll see a lot of sunshine. winds will start off, be the most persistent in the morning. after that, winds are going to slowly calm down throughout the day. here is a look at the conditions. these are the sustained wind gusts which we could still see in the early-morning hours up to 25, 30 miles an. those are the sustained winds. they will calm in the afternoon. cooler weather will settle in as we make our way into wednesday. the second storm is set to impact us thursday into into friday bringing us a cooldown. we'll see it happen over the next few days. a repeat thursday and friday and then just because we feel bad for putting you through that, we'll give you 60s for sunday
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>> it's not all bad. >> no. >> there is a bright side. a special contest for football fans ripped from the pages of a children's book. >> how you can win a lifetime supply of super bowl tickets. and a happily married couple proves it's never too late to
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oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico.
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well, people in northern japan may get warm pizza delivered by rudolph the red-nosed reindeer this capacity. it's true. domino's testing to see if reindeer are suitable for deliveries. footage from the company showed reindeer trainers and staff exploring difficult delivery options such as mounting a case on his back or dragging it on the sled. the company has not whether it would be used for delivery. hundreds of uber drivers are joining a national protest for higher minimum wages. the group's fight for 15 said uber drivers will idle their cars and march with other industry workers. uber has said in the past, the drivers in the top 20 markets average $19. but drivers complain of aggressive fare cuts and no accounts for gas, repairs and insurance.
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day, it's like willy wonka except with football and beer. bud light is offering one lucky fan super bowl tickets for life. you find one of the 37,000 golden bud light cans hidden across the united states. then up take a picture with the can and post it on social media. you find the hashtag sbticks for life. six will be chosen per week to get a pair of their favorite team. the big winner will be picked january 16th. time for a look at what's coming up at 11:00. >> a local giraffe needs your help this holiday season. how you can help it find a new home. also -- it's the news you've been waiting for. a date has been set for one of our valley's first chick-fil-a restaurants to open its doors. and breaking news as it
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that makes me. i love chick-fil-a. here is a happy story -- you know, they are in their 90s's 90s and they find they can have wild
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tonight, tears for florence henderson. >> she's mine with all of my heart. >> new details about the death of a hollywood legend, as the brady kids mourn their second mother. >> i could have spent more time
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interviews with her tv children. >> she'll be loved for a long time. >> thanksgiving with her backup dancer? and what we just learned about the break-up negotiations, getting even nastier? >> honey, we deserve so much more than that. much "e.t." with victoria secret of models. >> the greatest plane ride of my life. >> but maybe it's not as good as it sounds. >> now, november 28th, 2016, this is entertainment tonight tonight. "e.t." spent nearly four decades with florence henderson. tonight, almost unforgettable mom, remembering mrs. brady. >> we are the only show with three of her brady kids, of starting with marsha, maureen mccormick. >> here's the story of a tv icon who is part of all of our family. >> what was your immediate reaction when you heard the news?


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