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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  November 29, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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we begin with a freeze warning as the sun prepares to go down. it might not look like it outside but you can feel the cold temperatures. >> news 3 is your weather authority. chloe beardsley, how cold is it going to get? >> we'll see the coldest temperatures of the season tomorrow morning. outside right now, clear skies and crisp. here is a look at our morning lows that we started off with today. mostly in the 40s for our neighborhoods. it will be colder overnight tonight. 23 on the mountain. 41 for pahrump. still very chilly. those numbers are going to drop like a rock later on this evening into the early-morning hours. we do have that freeze warning in effect from 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. wednesday you can see for a good portion of central clark county and northeastern clark county. but as we get in closer to the heart of las vegas, it's actually not going to hit the freezing temperatures in this area. here is a better look of what
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temperatures around the region, between the upper 20s to the low 30s. like i said, it won't be quite as cold near the strip. we're predicting those temperatures to be in the mid-30s. very cold. check on your people, your pets and make sure your plants are inside. we'll talk about how long this cool weather is going to last. that's coming up. three people are dead as wildfires damage and destroy more than 250 buildings in and near eastern tennessee's resort towns forge. good afternoon. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm latoya silmon. dolly parton's dollhywood theme park. >> reporter: out of control wildfires forced thousands to flee. some have to drive through the flames to get to safety. more than a dozen fires threaten the great smoky mountains of
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people feel hot flames and stinging smoke being pushed by strong winds. >> the power went out. it was very dark. the smoke was so thick, we couldn't breathe. our eyes were stinging. we just grabbed a blanket and took off running. >> we just watched the building go down in flames to the right of us. the fireman came and got us. i thank him so much. >> reporter: the fires damaging and doy businesses. >> personally i think i've lost my house. things can be rebuilt. >> it's difficult to go out into a community and try to protect and serve others when your own property and everything that you have worked for is burning down. that's what these men and women have done for the last 24 hours. >> reporter: as the firefighters fight the flames, shows in shelters wonder what the fires will spare. >> the things i've known
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i can just close my eyes and have that memory in my heart. >> pray for us. that's the one thing i know that will work. god will take care of the res. >> well, social media cataloguing images that drive it home. many people showing smoke and flames coming into the area that's one of the natural treasures as you drive through the blue ridges. so beautiful. it's not known how long it wi in the beautiful state of tennessee. well, developing right now, officials in colombia recover the black boxes from the plane that crashed killing 71 people. >> many of those were members of a brazilian soccer team. they posted on facebook shortly before boarding that flight. the team was set to play in their first league final after a
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and lost radar compact before 10:00 p.m. on monday because of an electrical failure. several soccer teams around the world held moments of sign lens in their games in honor of those killed in the nfl crash. darren sharper will spend a lot more teams behind bars. today a damage judge sentenced a -- today a judge in los angeles sentenced him years. today's ruling marks the end of the court proceedings. willie worthhams made a court appearance. he was racing at 100 miles an hour. before the hearing he apologized to the mother of the victims who
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courtroom. >> i'm looking at him and i'm looking at his family. i don't think he's a bad person. and that's so sad. it's three lives that's gone because of this. but for my boys, i'm going to have to put sympathy to the side and stand up. i want justice. so sorry doesn't cut it for me. a local man is police are asking for your help to find him. christian harned suffers from asperger's. it's a type of autism. he may be fearful of police. he was seen yesterday afternoon in the valley. he was wearing a dark jacket, jeans, black and white tennis shoes and carrying a gray and white backpack. call police if you see him. local fast-food workers
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demanding higher pay. they are demanding $15 an hour and union rights. about 75 people in total were out. many of them say they are trying to make a better life for their families. >> i have a 2-year-old daughter and i want to provide a better future for her than i had growing the annual night out event benefiting the rape crisis center. >> this time the event takes place at the cosmopolitan hotel on the strip and news 3's gerard ramalho is emceeing the event and joins us with more on what it's about. >> this is one of the rape crisis center's biggest events of the year. it's a fundraiser but it's also a celebration. the center does a lot of great work throughout the
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preconceived motions about a sex offenders. that's that creepy guy driving down the street. >> the subject matter is not always easy but what the workers are learning is this may save somebody from being a victim. >> there's many different ways when a sexual assault can occurred. >> the rape crisis center holds party smart training of crimes. the las vegas industry draws all types of visitors from around the world and that can include predators. according to the rape crisis center, the number of sexual assaults reported has gone up dramatically in the past couple of years. >> on the one hand, we know that means people know where they can go to reach out to go for the exam. we feel like more people are feeling comfortable reporting sexual assaults. that's the good news.
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happening. >> the rcc assists in numerous ways, through crisis response at umc, counseling and in today's case, education and prevention. >> we would like to educate a lot of the employees working in the clubs for things they can look for. simple cues they can do to protect their patrons. >> to how to intervene, be a bystander and spot predatory behavior. >> our bartenders, obviously, when you see a drink part and make sure that nothing happens to that cocktail or the person who ordered. >> bottom line, everyone can pay a part. >> this is something we can do something about. there's a lot that the can be done. >> so last year alone, the rape crisis center assisted more than 690 victims and took in more than 4,000 calls. if you are interested in attending tonight's event
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nightclub at the cosmo poly on poly -- cosmo -- at the cosmo poly on. i wonder if employees at chipotle get a discount. they are hiring. they are looking for 150 people to join their team. people can apply at their january 26th. they will open restaurants on stephanie and warm springs and sahara and rancho next year. >> waffle fries. they are good. good news, casinos gets a big jump in revenue. it's up more than $100 million from last october. now, that puts revenue on the las vegas strip up over 14% from
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reporting a jump of nearly 30%. qutar airways is adding las vegas to its route. the airline plans to fly to mccarran airport starting next year. that new route is part of an eight-city expansion announced yesterday. they say a direct flight to las vegas was requested by many of its passengers. the exact start date is not known. two well-known names are trump. >> price is an outspoken opponent of obamacare. president-elect donald trump taps elaine chao as transportation secretary. her husband is senate majority leader mitch mick connell. filling holiday stockings, a thousand. that's the goal of these local blue star mothers and city leaders from henderson. they gathered to send items to send local military members serving abroad.
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throughout henderson hall. it's all to thank those who risked their lives defending our freedom. >> great way to start off our holiday and the great support that we have in the city of henderson for our service men and women and all veterans. this is another way that henderson is showing that we support our troops. >> all right. be on the look out for those bins. people living in henderson are encouraged to submit namesf deployed service member sose they can get their own stockings. we have a link at all of the buzz about a new nhl team in las vegas. but unlv hockey is having an incredible season of their own. the big award they received for their hard work in a live report. and fit getting a check in
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good news today for the hockey team jumped up to division one. >> we don't want to jinx it but
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championship is not out of the question. denise rosch is live at the t-mobile arena where that other local hockey team will begin playing next year. hi, denise. >> reporter: yeah, reed. this town is definitely becoming a hockey town. next season our new nhl team will take up residency here. but unlv, they've been building a solid program since 2005. today, we caught up with the team as they practiced at the las vegas ice center the team is 15-3 so far this year. in fact, earlier this month, they were ranked number one in their region. that is a school first. of course, right now, hockey is still a club sport at unlv but plans are in motion to one day mav to the ncaa. and with profixal hockey expanding into las vegas, the future is looking bright for the school program. >> only better things at unlv. i think that will bring
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grow the sport. >> college hockey contributes 30%, 35% of all players playing in the nhl. there's definitely a necessarily for college hockey to grow. >> reporter: if you would like to catch them in action, the rebels will be playing friday and saturday night over at the las vegas ice center. they will take on nau both nights. i will have more coming up at back to you. >> all right. thank you. stay warm out there, denise. some people have received a check from facebook in the past month. >> yeah. a lot of people are saying is this for real? it turns out it's not a mistake. the money actually comes from a lawsuit filed against facebook back in 2011. the lawsuit claimed that facebook used members' names, pictures, identities and sponsored stories without
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notified and received a check. days of protests called for this official to leave office. she's accused of colluding with the confidents that extorted companies for massive amounts of money. a memorial park honoring 19 firefighters whoie massive in arizona is set to open tomorrow. the granite memorial was dedicated. inside the park, plaques and each of the 19 hot shots who were killed. visitors will be able to view the sites where the men lost their lives. the driver in last week's tennessee school bus crash made his first court appearance
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ofvehicular homicide. nothing happened today. his attorney asked today's hearing be scheduled. the judge set a new court for december 14th. all right. time for a check of the forecast. news 3, of course, is your weather. chloe beardsley joins us now. we're talking about getting really cold out here. >> people, plants, pets. >> yes. those are the things you need to pay attention to. check on your elderly. make sure people are okay, especially want to think about helping the homeless this time of year because it is going to be the coldest morning of the season. bring the pets inside. if you haven't eaten your plants or tomatoes, bring those in as well. mostly clear in las vegas. we can all agree, it's getting a lot cooler outside. bun good -- one good
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category. right now, we're 50 degrees at palo verde high school, low 50s in anthem and sitting on the warmer side of things. 50 on cunningham elementary school k you can see the rest of your neighborhoods, a variation of temperatures. close to the 60s on the east side. 55 degrees for henderson. also mid-50s for the downtown area and paradise, winds are mostly out of the north right w. next few days. you can see them much lighter compared to this morning and over the weekend. it was pretty gusty as well. temperatures in the 20s in mount charleston. 53 degrees for pahrump and currently sitting in the upper 50s for overton as well as the lake mead area. winds also calm outside of the valley as well. a look over the next few hours for las vegas. we'll see clear skies by the time you are commuting home. temperatures will be chilly, in the low 50s. if you are going to be out and
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up. we'll see northwesterly flow continue across the area. temperatures will remain low for the next couple of days before warming right back up. we talked about the freeze warning. that goes into effect tomorrow morning. you can see it across portions of central and northeastern clark county. now, in the heart of the city, we're not going to see those temperatures dropping below the freezing mark. they will be around the mid-30s range in the heart of las vegas. but the edges of town outskirts will see close to the low 30s and even some areas reaching the upper 20s. here is a closer look at what we're expecting. temperatures between 28 to 32 in some areas. we talked about taking care of your people, pet and your plants. the three ps to talk about. clearly i'm not good at explaining this. want to keep the three ps in mind. we're monitoring the next system set to move through. it will bring us another round
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workweek. 35 degrees overnight in las vegas is what we're projecting. we're normally supposed to be in the low 40s and that's essentially where we bottomed out this morning of temperatures colder. you will feel it in the morning and we're looking at 20s for pahrump and indian springs. right around the freezing mark for overton and 17 degrees overnight for mount charleston. highs tomorrow will be cool as well waking up to chilly temperatures, in the 30s. mid-40s by sure. winds will be fairly light and high temperatures maxing out at 54 degrees, below normal for this time of year but those temperatures will eventually perk right back up. may take a little while after the next storm is set to bring us breezy weather friday and saturday. but we've got 60s on the map for you as we roll into sunday and then another storm. we just keep getting back to back to back to back.
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we'll make it easy for you. layer up tomorrow. you will probably be in a t-shirt by sunday. >> i love you said help out the homeless organizations. i drive by down here and we see the problem. it's nice to help out this time of year, especially. thanks. we'll talk about something. the ice budget challenge, it started a worldwide phenomenon.
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i'm dana wagner. here's what's buzzing today. sometimes you just have to learn when to shut up. this guy in kentucky during a bail hearing arguing with the contempt. and so -- [bleep] >> all right. if you can take him back. 100 days. >> 100? >> yep. >> he's done. >> yeah, he's done. that's michael ray facing ten criminal charges. his bail bumped up from $25,000 to $75,000 by that judge in
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the plane was still on the tarmac when this guy goes berserk. now delta airlines says this guy has been banned for life. he was going off about hillary clinton, a big donald trump supporter. the ceo for delta airlines apologizing to the passengers offering refunds to everybody on board. now to russia, the dancing duo on ice skates dancing to a holocaust routine during a reality show. some saying this is in bad taste. this is based on the award-winning 1997 film "life is beautiful," the movie telling the story of a man trying to hide his son from the hall low waist. now to kansas, where a police officer was going through the drive-thru when he found mustard in his dr. pepper.
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that employee for doing so. investigators are investigating that as a crime. and that's what's buzzing today, las vegas. we'll send it back to you guys. it started a viral challenge that raised millions for als. >> talking about the ice bucket challenge. it really got famous, and now that actual bucket is on display at the smithsonian national museum of american history. they opened the minute to the public today. it was started by a couple 2014, all to raise awareness for als. social media caught on and it turned into a worldwide phenomenon. in the end, the ice bucket challenge raised more than $50 million for als research. >> did you do the challenge? >> i didn't. >> i did it. >> you did? did you scream? >> i did it on live television, too. [laughter] >> you are brave. a former runner proves that nothing will stop him from completing his goals.
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and perseverance -- coming up. then an emergency exit --
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right now on news 3 live at 3:30, isis takes responsibility for the attack at ohio state university. why this type of attack is more difficult for the fbi. a dare-devil teen putting his life on the line all for internet fame and law enforcement officials are not pleased about his latest stunt. i don't appreciate you screaming at me across the store. >> that woman, yelling and


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