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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  November 29, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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right now on news 3 live at 3:30, isis takes responsibility for the attack at ohio state university. why this type of attack is more difficult for the fbi. a dare-devil teen putting his life on the line all for internet fame and law enforcement officials are not pleased about his latest stunt. i don't appreciate you screaming at me across the store. >> that woman, yelling and
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why this could have all been resolved and why many people are saying it reeks of race. new details about the man who attacked students at ohio state. >> isis is claiming responsibility. abdul razak ali artan was a student at the school. officials are looking at his social media posts. some of them listing out grieveances about attacks on they say terrorist propaganda from isis inspired that teen to carry out the attacks. for those attacked, they say it all happened so fast. >> i turned to go back in the building. all of a sudden, there's banging in the cars there. i get flipped in the air. it all happened so fast. literally -- at least it seemed to me, literally within 15, 30 seconds i heard the shots. and it was over.
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they are also offering an outreach for those who need somebody to talk to. terrorism experts are taking a closer look at that 18-year-old who carried out the difficult. >> as scott thuman explains, it's difficult to defend again. >> reporter: the attack was shocking but not unheard of. in fact, what 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan reminiscent of what a 20-year-old radical did when he went on a stabbing spree at a man ran into a crowd in france this summer. in this video reportedly released by the islamic state as well as in its online magazine, isis encourages knife attacks and gives tutorials. you will now see quick attack moves, says this man, attacks
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and knives more universally accessible than guns. the man was a somali refugee who was described as kind by acquaintances but facebook posts paint a picture of a frustrated man. i'm sick and tired of seeing my muslim brothers and sisters being kill and tortured. warning, if there isn't peace, there could be more attacks. >> abdul razak ali artan. >> reporter: and if he found his inspiration online, he's being used to influence as well. this post from an organization that analyzes terror groups shows his picture on twitter threads being heralded for these actions. most on that facebook post believed to be his. he says america needs to stop interfering with our country and it calls the famed now dead
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an investigation is underway into exactly what caused three people to die and five others to get sick after a thanksgiving dinner in california. many reported getting sick but only eight needed to be hospitalized. those eight people all live together. health officials are not treating this as a food-related outbreak. >> it was a nice dinner. turkey, stuffing, cranberries, coffee. about 1:00 in the woke up with these horrible cramps. terrible stomachache and i had to run to the bathroom because i started to throw up really bad. i was sick. >> the health department is investigating. a man stranded in a sinkhole for hours screamed for help and finally got out thanks to somebody who heard those calls for help.
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in the first place. officials say he actually couldn't stop shaking when they arrived. they say whoever heard him likely saved him. >> he was obviously cold for a very long period of time and was shaking uncomfortablably. comfortable -- uncontrollably. >> the man had to be taken to the hospital. the road crews taped off the area with bright fencing so the people would realize turns into a violent crime. officials in portland say a woman arranged to meet a man she met through social media. when they mat, man claimed to be a police officer. put her in handcuffs, tased her. the woman escaped.
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>> thank goodness she got away. police in portland have responded to at least three similar inin -- incidents in the last few weeks. >> reporter: in the crush of holiday shopping, tempers can flare. >> i don't appreciate her screaming at me across the store. >> reporter: it happened beside the cherful christmas craft at the lakeview michael's. >> i'm making a report against you. you discriminated against me twice. >> reporter: this conversation occurred when a customer was reportedly asked to buy a larger bag by a cashier and then her manager, both african-american. >> your job is to ring people up and tell them to have a nice day. >> the things that she screamed, nobody should be subject to that abuse. >> reporter: this shopper felt compelled to record the incident to defend the manager.
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she was so professional. never raised her voice. gave her multiple chances to complete her purchase and she kept screaming and calling her names. >> reporter: getting 100,000 hits on youtube was not her intent. >> i felt like i needed to go farther. >> reporter: she started a gofundme. >> it's gallup $100 every five minutes. >> reporter: at last check, the donations were $1,000. >> i don't feel like i do t that -- like i did that much. >> reporter: what do you think the message is here? >> be kind to people. >> the shopper says she was discriminated against for being white. and as she said, in that video over and over because she voted for donald trump. michael's says it doesn't tolerate discrimination and then are investigating. a woman quickly learns you can't open the emergency hatch
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shortly after landing in houston at bush airport. she was taken into custody and she's not expected to face any charges. a new jersey teen at it again, taking adrenaline rushes to new heights. look at that. 19 years of age and climbing tall buildings in new york city and no safety equipment. his videos are making him famous on social m before but that's not stopping him as he released a new video climbing up a high-rise building under construction in the big apple. neighbors say he does it anyway and does what he want. >> to do that without the proper gear -- he said i don't do it like that, i don't do it good. >> are you surprised to see him doing it. >> no.
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he could be charged with trespassing and reckless endangerment. >> that made my heart skip a beat. new technology is helping parents stay in close contact with their kids who don't have phones. it looks like a watch but it's a cell phone and gps locater. kids press a button and it reads off a small list of names parent have programmed in. once the child finds the person they are looking for, they press the button again and it calls the person. it also allows parents to know where their "hamilton" breaks a big record. it generated more than 3.3 million in eight shows last week, setting a thanksgiving weekend record. this is all after donald trump supporters recently called for a boycott of it after a cast member gave a monologue directed
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we brought you. gary kennedy came across these medals including a purple heart. he's been looking for the soldier who learned them. after receiving tips and research, he tracked him. his name is jim carter in texas. he died so the medals go to his uncle tommy. >> we finally finished the puzzle. we found the family member. >> no doubt it's going to the right home. >> he was shot in the that's a requirement for getting the purple heart. congratulations. so amazing. >> and a runner lets nothing get in his way as he completes a dream over finishing a marathon. and 3:40 right now and temperatures are in the upper 50s in las vegas.
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now for the good stuff where we shine a light on people doing a lot of good things in our world. >> a man fighting a deadly lung disease finishes a long dream of completing a marathon. our reporter followed him for all 26.2-miles. >> reporter: he's proving to the world he can make a difference. >> i feel pretty good right now. >> reporter: on sunday, wilson tackled seattle marathon by his side, oxygen tanks and his wife. >> now getting the last leg in. >> reporter: wilson has trouble breathing. pulmonary fibrosis and hypertension have scarred his lungs. he's beating the odds surviving the last five years when most people only make it to three. wilson used to be a competitive runner, running a mill lease
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entire marathon no matter how long it took. >> we'll beat the 13 hours. >> reporter: with each step, he's trying to get the word out about the disease and raise money for a cure. >> my father passed away from pulmonary fibrosis two years ago. >> reporter: it's been a physically grueling and exhausting endeavor but as he rounds every corner, he comes a little a whisper. >> i made it, honey. >> reporter: and a sob. [ cheers ] >> reporter: crews there welcome him with open arms. >> congratulations. that's so amazing. >> reporter: the race wilson started at 6:00 a.m. ended for him 11 hours later. >> it feels good. best part is being done. [laughter] >> reporter: wilson hopes he's made a difference by bringing in
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and drastically underfunded. >> a quick-thinking police detective save as man from a burning car. police in new jersey say the man had a medical issue and crashed his sedan into another car, both burst into flames. people nearby tried to remove the man without any luck. that's when the officer rushed in, went inside the car and pulled the man to safety. >> without him, i would never thanksgiving again. >> it's definitely heroic. he didn't have to. he put this man first. >> the detective is set to retire in a few weeks. the city plans to honor him. a woman told she would never walk again proves she's stronger than her accident. she suffered a fall in her home a year ago. that resulted in a spinal injury. she was paralyzed from the neck down. after a lengthy surgery, she
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started to move. after a week, she said it was a miracle and she started to walk again. >> i'm a living, walking, breathing miracle that god gave me a miracle. >> when you have a positive attitude, you have a team that works together to do the right things and miracles can happen. >> that woman says she can't feel her body from her neck down, describing it as the numbing person a person gets at the meet the newest millionaire. the group of 20 co-workers purchased the powerball ticket. they play twice a week and spend $60 each time. they are all employees of a stamping group. if they choose to split the money evenly each will get $21 big ones. >> good for them. i love to see when people win together. make sure to join the conversation on facebook. like hour page.
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>> i think we need to all start playing the lottery on a regular pay sis. we're not really winning in the weather department, i guess you can say, it's chilly. our weather authority chloe beardsley joins us now to tell us more about it. >> this kind of weather makes me want to watch "frozen." it's very fitting because our temperatures are going to be very cold tomorrow morning. outside, it's clear. it's beautiful. oo but depending upon who you ask, it may not feel nice. you can see a lot of sunshine as we started off this morning in pahrump but off to a cool start, it will be cold tomorrow morning. we have a freeze warning in effect. we'll show you that in a second. a few clouds at mount charleston earlier today. mostly sunny skies in henderson and neighborhoods around the area. in the upper 40s at charleston and the 215ant crestwood elementary school in the low 50s on the relatively warmer
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sandhill at george harris elementary school. a few of our weather stations we like to show you guys. you can see temperatures, it's pretty cool, really no matter where you go, cool physically because you go outside and you are like i need a jacket. winds are fairly light compared to this weekend and over the weekend. we're coming in at 5 3 for pahrump. 57 for lake mead and also the upper 50s for overton. winds are fairly light right now. it won't stay like that for the rest of the week. northwest flow will continue for our area over the next couple of days, keeping our temperatures very cool, well below normal. we talked about the freeze warning. it's in effect for central clark county and northeastern clark county. we'll see very chilly temperatures ranging from the upper 20s, mostly on the edges of town. we'll see those temperatures, two tomorrows near the freezing mark. temperatures in las vegas are
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temperatures in the 30s either way. check on your people, plants and pets because those chilly temperatures will continue for a couple of days. we're monitoring the next system that's expected to bring us breezier weather toward the end of the workweek into the weekend. most precipitation will remain to the north of us. you can see some showers. 35 degrees overnight tonight when we're supposed to be in the low 40s. it will be the coldest morning of the season so far. 17 for mount charleston, highs tomorrow will be cooler t waking up to very chilly conditions. by lunch we'll be in the low 50s and highs tomorrow only mid-50s for this time of year. winds will be calm. it won't feel too bad outside. gradually warming up into thursday. that second storm expected to shake things up literally friday and saturday and then just to be nice we'll give you 60 degrees on sunday. but in the meantime, bundle up. let it go.
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>> let it go. >> thank you. 117 years young and still going strong. >> incredible distinction this
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a very happy birthday to this pretty lady. >> this is emma marona. she's birthday. she's the last living person known to have been born in the 1800s. the secret to her longevity, she said eggs and repetition. her doctor said she eats two eggs a day and the main feature of her diet she always eats the same thing every day, every week every month of every year. >> wow. if i could do that, i would be skinny. [laughter] >> she's so cute. >> glad she's here.
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3 live at 3:00. the conversation is always online. see you later. there is a call to crack down on fake news. whatever that is. here's what's happening behind the headlines. it started with a claim that fake news got more attention on facebook than real news. facebook's reputation has already taken a set for censuring conservative leading users news? how about new york times moscow bureau chief walter durante? his reports covered up the genocide in the 1930s. the times jayson blair wrote one bogus story after another. there was the new republic, steven glass. a hollywood movie detailed his months of untrue stories. there was the story about an
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"60 minutes" was shut down after dan rather was caught with fabricated documents about george w. bush. the blog buzz feed has backed up its criticism of fake news with a stuby but that study, as pointed out by the washington examiner, is fake. to comment go to
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: thank you very much. appreciate you. thank you very much. i appreciate y'all. thank y'all now. well, welcome to "family feud."
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[cheering and applause] and we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from raleigh, north carolina, it's the thornton family. [cheering and applause] and from coral springs, florida, it's the brokowsky family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and possibly drive out of here in a [cheering and applause] let's play "feud." give me jessica, give me april. top 7 answers on the board, ladies. here we go. if roles were reversed, what might your dog ask the vet to do to you? april: clean his butt. steve: huh? april: clean his butt. steve: clean his butt. ok.


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