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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  November 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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we are talking catastrophic proportions here. three people are dead. hundreds of buildings are destroyed in resort towns in eastern tennessee. wildfires are raging through gatlinburg and pigeon fork. >> 14,000 people had to get out, evac, appalachians. the mountain sides are being torn up. here's more. >> reporter: out of control wildfires force thousands to flee. some evacuees have to drive through the flames to get to safety. more than a dozen fires threaten the great smoky mountains of eastern tennessee. but instead of seeing the serene mountainside, people feel hot flames and stinging smoke being pushed by strong winds. >> the power went out. it was very dark.
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couldn't breathe. our eyes were stinging. we just grabbed a blanket and took off running. we just watched the building go down in flames to the right of us. and we pulled in front of another building that wasn't on fire yet. but the fireman came and got us. i thank him so much. >> reporter: the fires are damaging and destroying homes and businesses. >> personally, i think i lost my house. things can be rebuilt. >> it's difficult to go out to a community and try to protect and serve others when your own property and everything that you have worked for is burning down. but that's what these men and women have done for the last 24 hours. >> reporter: as the firefighters fight the flames, those in shelters wonder what the fires will spare. >> the things i've known probably don't exist anymore. i can just close my eyes and have the memory in our hearts. pray for us.
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got will take care of the rest. >> that's dolly parton's hometown. the singer is appearing in an episode of "the voice." it was recorded earlier, before the fires. she said, i've been watching the terrible fires and i'm heartbroken. she says i'm praying for all of the families affected by the fire and the firefighters who are working so hard to keep everybody safe. it's a blessing dream park and so many other businesses have been spared. 76 people with connection to a top soccer team were killed in this plane crash near medellin, colombia. the plane was carried players and coaches of a brazilian soccer team and dozens of journalists who covered the team. the wreckage is scattered all over a hillside. originally six people survived. but one has since died. the soccer team was on their way to play medellin-based soccer
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a hospital spokesperson points out that all of the people who survived did suffer traumatic injuries. no word yet what caused the crash but we do know heavy rain and thunderstorms were reported in the area at the time. now to this developing story -- a gas line explosion. we brought it to you as breaking news in our 5:00 broadcast. look at the flames here. crews tried to cap the pipeline explosion not far from kansas city international airport. a gas company crew shuff valve so the fire will just burn itself out. but you can see plenty of fuel there. the pipeline carries ethane and propane. isis propaganda, that's what investigators are saying about the attack yesterday at ohio state university. the lone suspect, abdul razak ali artan, was shot and killed by police. sources say the style of his attack was encouraged by the terror organization recently in an online magazine article. federal law enforcement officers
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recent facebook postings where he listed a lot of grievances about attacks on muslims. abdul razak ali artan rammed his car into a group of people walking on campus and then authorities say he got out and started to stab the victims. one of them a professor at the university. >> it happened so fast. i -- i turned to go back in the building. all of a sudden, there's banging and i get flipped in the air. and it all happened so fast. literally within 15, 30 seconds i heard the shots. and it was over. >> students and faculty put on a brave face today. classes are back in session. of the 11 people injured three are still in the hospital. an investigation is underway tonight into why three people died after eating a charity thanksgiving dinner in antioch, california. five other people got sick. county health officials are not
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800 people were served at the dinner and the eight people who suffered symptoms all lived together. no one outside of that family had to be hospitalized. a local church rented the building from the american legion to host the dinner. tens of thousands of cubans are mourning the death of fidel castro, one mourner was raul castro. dressed he stood with fidel castro's favorite portrait of himself. elaine chao picked to serve as transportation secretary by president-elect donald trump. she headed the labor department under president george w. bush and with the deputy secretary of transportation under george h.w. bush. she was of the first
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she's married to mitch mcconnell. president obama and joe biden are entering their final weeks in office. the vice president will be honored next month by senators from both sides of the political aisle. as vice president, one of mr. biden's job was to preside over the senate. much mick connell and harry reid from nevada are among the lawmakers who will participate. the runnin' rebels face a former coach tomorrow. >> yeah. marvin menzies simons who now leads southern utah. next in sports, what menzies expects out of this reunion. >> reporter: no need to wait for the nhl. did you know that las vegas already has top talent here? i'm denise rosch. i will tell you how unlv is hoping for a national title.
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tell the truth. cyber monday was the biggest online sales day in the history. you know you contributed. that's according to adobe mitchell, a marketing firm. sales were up 12%. >> something else that surged, gun background checks.
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185,000 applications for those just on black friday. that's about 400 more than last year. it's a new record in the u.s. anyone who purchases a gun from a federally licensed firearm dealer is required to first fill out a 16-question form about their background, drug use and criminal history. now to the event a lot of locals have been waiting for. this time next year fans will be able to catch an nhl game. >>ut why wait? as denise rosch explains, unlv hockey is coming on strong and could be on the hunt for a national championship. >> reporter: it's a delicate balance every student athlete understands. >> i'm going into mechanical engineering. >> reporter: making time for both school and the sport you love. but here at the las vegas ice center, members of the unlv rebel hockey team practice hard to stay on top.
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months. it's a dedicated sport. they are fortunate to play it. they know it. >> reporter: and the head coach knows those early-morning practice sessions are playing off. earlier this month, the rebels were ranked number one in the west region for the american collegiate hockey association, division 2 and for the first time in program's history, a solid shot at a national championship. >> they are like, wait? we have a >> they want to take the whole thing home and i think we can. >> there you go! the vegas golden knights! >> reporter: no question, hockey has found a home in the desert. the nhl's expansion team, the vegas golden knights has sold more than 14,000 tickets and unlv hoping to create a pipeline to the pros. >> it explodes when you see an
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kids want to play hockey now. >> reporter: so far a club sport on campus. but the goal is to obtain varsity status and with the nhl coming to town, it could happen. >> it's money. right now we're in the process of -- we built a board to help assist us. we're >> reporter: either way, the hard work remains the same. a sport to watch as unlv takes over hockey. denise rosch, news 3. >> all right. it was announced the rebels play division 1 with the american collegiate hockey association. that happens next year. still a club sport but they are moving up. >> if you would like to catch them in action, they play this
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8:05 p.m. now let's take a look at what's coming up at 7:00. >> a crap shot customer screams at an employee. it's all all caught on video. she said she was being discriminated against how she voted in the election cycle. and thrill seekers can tape a dip in the desert. a -- can take a dip in desert. a water slide. >> why don't we have one of those? i think we should do it and label it. >> we would have a trouble with that in the overnight hours tonight? >> i don't think we'll have much of a freeze at all tonight. more on that in a second. if you were with us at the top of the newscast we brought you the trip over las vegas live at the international space station moved itself pretty quickly.
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that thing is now halfway around the world. it takes 90 minutes to do one revolution around the world. it's 40 minutes past us. that thing is flying. literally. let's check out the las vegas valley as it sparkles on a chilly tuesday evening. although while it will be a chill, it may not be the big chill. clear sky. we had plenty of sunshine. a couple oflo darkness takes over and the temperature starts to cool, albeit slowly. pecos and bonanza, 51 degrees. 29% humidity. pecos, green valley, they are down to 45 and 6:45 and bermuda and warm springs, they are coming at 49. no wind. 30% humidity. so we start seeing southern highlands down to 42. that's one of the neighborhoods that could find itself down to
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summerlin still at 46. take a little longer effort to get that cold and north las vegas is at 47 right now. mountain is already in the teens. that depends upon your elevation. that temperature could change from lodge level to ski resort level very quickly. the lake coming in at 51. the overnight temperatures at mccarran will be in the mid-30s. we do think some neighborhoods could find their way below 32, maybe even 31 or 30 and that really wouldn't last too long. weather-wise. the only adventure might be how cold it gets in the morning. we're clear. plenty of action upstream. as the action moves over the land and gets closer to us, that's when we'll see a couple of more windy events. current numbers, reno 37. salt lake is already at 32. 7 inches of snow yesterday. tomorrow's highs, phoenix at 62. mid-60s in southern california
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for southern nevada tonight, mountain going down to -- chilly night, 17 in mount charleston. 27 in indian springs. 28 in pahrump. then highs tomorrow, mesquite at 53. pahrump a degree not as cold and laughlin looking at 60. for the las vegas valley, 34 for the official low and it will struggle for mccarran to get that cold. some neighborhoods could find their way barely below the freezing work. tomorrow, 54 with plenty of snipe andr here come those winds again. they will pick up late thursday night and friday and maybe last into saturday and by the time we get to the latter part of the weekend back to 60, another wind bag on december 6th, which is this coming tuesday and that's also going to knock the temperatures down. usually, you get down to 31 or 32 you don't have to worry about your pipes. >> right. it's those hard freezes that get down to the mid-20s for several hours. we're not expecting that anywhere in town tonight.
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amber has more on a local major leaguer who lost his job today. >> yeah, the milwaukee brewers have removed chris carter from their 40-man mast roster. they appear to have replaced him with not someone younger. but with someone the gm described as a good fit for rebuilding the club. 30-year-old eric who we have video of playing for tacoma against the 51s spent their last seasons where he hit .348 with 124 home runs. last season he struck out 103 times. carter led the league with 206. but he will probably find a new team just like todd simon did
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he wentant -- went and good another one. on wednesday, unlv plays at soring tail. southern -- at southern utah. both programs share the struggle of rebuilding. simon has led southern utah to a 2-4 record. the thunderbirds are undefeated at he. is marvin menzies concerned about that? >> that's the business. you will play former coaches. you will runnen into assistant coaches that recruited you at one place. >> i know he would love to win the game like we would. we may see something we haven't
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previous film doesn't mean they are going to do that exact same thing. >> coming up at 11:00, what some of the players think about facing their former how much and how menzies is making sure the reunion won't be a distractions. coaches and players losing jobs is common. but what's not so common is losing teammates, that's colombia. the team they were going to play is offering the title to that team who was on the plane in honor of that team. as we have reported, 71 people were killed. three team members were among the six that survived. one of them had to have his leg amputated. a goalkeeper.
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be so competitive and bitter, a nice gesture. >> yes. we all remember the ice bucket challenge that raised so much money for als research. >> next, a special tribute to the effort that people still
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well, with you may want a
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the pajamas with the feet already sewn in them. temperatures will find their way in the mid-50s tomorrow. kelly will keep you updated with those cold morning temperatures. that begins at 4:30 a.m. on "news 3 today." here's jim in the pajamas. >> i don't get the joke. did those go out of style? well, the ice bucket challenge that garnered so much attention will live o opened a new exhibit on the history of philanthropy and since the ice bucket challenge became a fund-raising phenomenon, that bucket is a showcase item. a couple tied this challenge to als. it became a viral social media campaign. around the world, it raised more than $50 million for als research.
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that will wrap it up for us tonight at 6:30. thanks for having us. in. >> coming up, police looking for a dangerous abe -- animal in a park.
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now at:00 -- at 7:00, two guys steal a gun from a car outside of summerlin. a plane crashes carrying a brazilian soccer team. i don't appreciate you
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store. >> a lot of screaming going on there inside a craft store. the woman saying, she was discriminated against because she voted for donald trump. two men break into a parked car in summerlin. they stole a gun that was kept on the inside. thank you for staying with us. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm latoya silmon. one of the victims here is concerned top story tonight. >> reporter: it was thanksgiving night just past 9:30. robert covel had just returned to a friend's house and his unlocked suv was parked out front. >> we went out to dinner and came home and within five minutes-us walk -- minutes of us walking in the door, the truck was broke into.


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