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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  November 30, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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shiver and deal with the wind. okay. let's start with that breaking news. once again, we're getting word that another strip property will charge for have valet services. i'm reed cowan. >> i'm latoya silmon. news 3 learning within the last two hours that wynn and encore will charge for valet services. the move follows last night's announcement by ceasers entertainment to phase in paid parking at their locations on the the first hours and $18 for stays between four and 24 hours. wynn says their self-parking garagessed a wynn, las vegas and encore will remain free of charge. the changes start in mid-december. >> we've reached out to the venetian and polazza.
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we've not yet heard back from the other properties on the strip that we called. a former junior high school teacher will spend at least two and a half years in prison after pleading guilty with having sex with a 14-year-old. >> the judge sentenced nicole wilfinger this morning. we're live with more. tenning about how this has impacted her and her son saying nicole wilfinger violated the trust of not only her family, nicole wilfinger getting in front of the judge and asking for leniency and probation in this case saying she wants to take responsibility for what she has done and would like to apologize not only to the victim but also the families and the
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teachers and the whole community as a whole. but still, that victim's mother telling us today that she feels that what nicole wilfinger did really violated their family's trust. >> one of my son's concerns, he doesn't want us to think he's disgusting. will he be rejected or hated? no he's not disgusting. this is not his fault. >> reporter: nicole wilfinger will serve ain maximum of six years. once she's released, she will be required to register as a sex offender. sergio avila, news 3. >> thank you. the preliminary hearing for a teen accused of trying to run down a metro officer is pushed back. police say dad was speeding and had an expired registration when officers stopped him. the officer shot at pritchard's
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toward the officer. the judge set a new preliminary hearing for january 17th. a bick -- big talker, the weather. and chloe beardsley is here to talk about the temperatures. how long are the cool temperatures going to stay? >> we haven't seen anything. much colder numbers are in the forecast. we'll show you that in the full weather segment. taking a look outside, we have a few clouds out there waking up temperatures in the low to mid-30s in most neighborhoods, dropping down he chilly. 15 is where we bottomed out at mount charleston. 27 for pahrump and 28 degrees for indian springs. we'll see similar weather tonight, not quite as cold but here are some of the coldest parts of town. like i said, temperatures dropping down to 15 degrees at mount charleston. we dropped un-- dropped
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mid-20 mids. winds will continue out of the north for now. we'll shake things up a little bit. we're talking colder temperatures in the forecast. we'll spell it out in a few minutes. historic wildfires continue to wage through eastern tennessee. right now, we can tell you in the area you, the death toll is up to 7. thousandses have been forced out -- thousands have been forced out of their homes. the smoky mountains, home to popular defendant initials, a historic fire is finally letting up. >> it was literally like driving through hell. the. >> reporter: the largest fire in the state. >> watch as we drive through. >> reporter: this man rushing to get to safety through ash and
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we're going to die. >> reporter: now safe in a shelter, they are anxious to know the status of their home. sadly, jerry and jeff morgan learned theirs. >> that was our stone wall. >> reporter: parts are burned beyond recognition. >> my mom and grandmother's wedding dress. our pictures. my mom's hope chest. >> reporter: with the prospect of starting over, others are still in harm's way. more than taking the brunt of the blaze but with eight new fires overnight and storms toppling trees and power lines, their jobs are becoming increasingly difficult. >> we spent a lot of our time today clearing roadways as i discussed this morning. clearing mudslides, getting power lines and trees and other debris moved out of the way to get us into the areas. >> reporter: meantime, the community is coming together, preparing for another night of
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soon. and this wildfire has a huge impact on the local economy which is primarily driven by tourism. more than 11 million people visit this region per year. local officials are trying to figure out what started this fire. they are not ruling out arson. reporting in pigeon forge, nbc news. >> thank you. our thoughts are with the victims. and new details about what happened moments before this plane went down in people including most members of a bra stale-- brazilian soccer team. the pilot said the plane is without fuel. a crime alert for you tonight back here in the valley, police want you to be on the lookout for robbing a bank. he handed a threatening note to a teller. it happened at a bank on
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crimestoppers. metro police say they know who the two crooks are caught on camera breaking into a parked suv in summerlin. officers are still looking for them. they are out there. we showed you this video. the two men took a gun out of the suv, they've not been arrested as of yet. the owner said he only left it unlocked for five minutes. that was more than enough time to get in and out. if you recognize these two guys, call crimestoppersed 702-385-5555. we are getting our first look at the man metro says shot and killed his son. this is michael gardenhire. he approached officers and told them there was a shooting in an apartment on rainbow. when police went inside, they saw his son laying on the ground with a gunshot wound. he died at the scene. michael gardenhire is charged with murder. breaking news. investigators are talking about
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jennifer and her 3-year-old son adam and 5-year-old son ethan were found dead inside of their minivan. all three from gunshot wounds. she was last seen picking up her sons from an elementary school on tuesday afternoon. >> the father of these two children and this husband is cooperating fully with us. he was the one that notified us as a law enforcement agency and asked us locating his two children and his wife. >> police found that minivan parked next to a loading dock of a closed sports authority store near denver. the sheriff's office continues their investigation. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. another breaking news update now. a major train station in london is back to normal after being evacuated. we first told you about this at noon. these are pictures on social media showing the large crowds at kings cross station.
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overcrowding and that caused some major commuter headaches. back here in the valley, news 3 is your weather -- traffic authority and a warning for commuters today. n-dot will be shutting down a lane in each direction along north and southbound u.s. highway 95 between rancho drive and the spaghetti bowl from 7:00 p.m. tonight until 5:00 a.m. saturday morning. crews are demolishing the center median as part of the project knee up. drivers are advised to be patient, slow down and take alternate routes. together. well, our state is one of 18 getting a grant to develop early learning programs for children in low income families. nevada will be getting $13 million. our state is in a program that sends out progress reports to the government and it's all focused on early learning. we're among 12 states in the program that are not meeting expectations in the eyes of the u.s. government. we'll keep you posted. no criminal charges for a north carolina police officer. >> yeah. what the family of the man he
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then racing in reverse. we step back in time to revisit
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welcome back. president-elect trump is taking a victory of lap. he's going to indiana to celebrate a company's decision to keep jobs in the united states and to ohio to thank voters. >> surprise. he revealed that news on twitter and a lot more. brine moore has the latest. >> reporter: in his latest twitter blast, president-elect trump announced a press conference with his family in two w of his business and focus on running the country. the question, will he -- >> can he do it? does he have it in him to do it? this is a guy tweeting at 3:00 a.m. >> reporter: he has not held a news conference since late july and his cabinet announcements have been announced on line. among the latest, steven mnuchin
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>> making sure we repay trillions of dollars back to the united states and the personal income taxes. where we've have the most significant tax cuts. >> reporter: also joining the team, wilbur ross. and sarah palin as secretary of veterans affairs. trump tweeted plans to visit indiana. the trip tomorrow includes a rally in cincinnati. first stop on a thank you tour of the battleground state that put him in the white house. brine moore, nbc news, washington. nancy pelosi will remain the top democrat in the house of representatives. she defeated tim ryan to
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about a third of house democrats supported his bid for leadership. >> i think having a vote of 63 other members agreeing with the message, i would say that leadership understands that there is a good many people in the caucus who want the message to move in that direction. >> nancy pelosi began her leader in the democratic caucus in the house i house from 2007 to 2011. no criminal charges for a charlotte police officer who shot and killed a man in december. >> that doesn't mean his family won't file a civil lawsuit. today, the district attorney announced officer brent benson acted lawfully when he opened fire. the video shows officer telling
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>> at the end of the day, whether he had a firearm in his hand or not, that's not the key question in terms of determining whether or not keith scott should have lost his life. it's whether or not that avenue avenue -- that officer should have pulled the trigger based on everything as a whole that occurred during those moments. >> the scott family asked the protesters for the pipeline are told to get off the federal land they've occupied for the past five months. they have until next month to get off. members of the standing rock sioux tribe say they are not going anywhere. >> water is sacred but it's also good business to protect your water resource.
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assure the sioux that their sacred lands are safe. opec agrees to cut production for first time in eight years. the prices almost immediately gained as much as 10%. energy experts say opec's cuts could slightly raise prices at the pump but not more than 20 cents a gallon. they say increase in heating oil and electricity. two bold thieves make off with an entire atm by ripping it right out of the ground. watch the screen. right near scrapton, pennsylvania. -- scranton, pennsylvania. they tied a cable around a cash machine and then they used a stolen dump truck tear it out of the ground. police found pieces of it on a
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severe storms tear across the south leaving at least five people dead. this is in alabama. a tornado destroyed a daycare center. three children and three adults were critically injured. the twitter damaged 25 nearby homes and businesses. you will need to layer up again as you head out the door tomorrow. >> yeah. we are your weather authority. chloe joins us with how cold the temperatures will be when we wake up. >> 30s again in the forecast. not quite as cold as last night but still enough to put a of socks and bundle up the kids as well. it will be chilly. we haven't seen the coldest yet. we will get to that in a second. outside, partly cloudy but we weren't like that all day. actually started off pretty clear. as we take a look at a time lapse from henderson, very nice conditions. clear and cold this morning. with those clouds sweeping in over the valley, think of that
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currently in the mid-50s at lake mead and nellis. 52 at batterman elementary school and the rest of us,well, it's still a chilly day. look at that. 49 degrees for the blue diamond area. 53 degrees at the lakes as well as spring valley. 54 downtown and mid-50s on the east side. winds are going to remain light for the rest of the evening and most of tomorrow as well. currently in the mid-30s for mount charleston. 55 degrees for pahrump and j bearable, however you prefer to say, 57 degrees for lake mead as well as the overton area. also experiencing light winds. they are going to pick up by friday. i will show you why. you can see a look back at the afternoon. basically the weather story of today was the cold temperatures we woke up to in the increasing clouds. we're monitoring the next storm that's expected to drop out of utah. it's going to bring us not only gusty winds towards the end of
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the weekend. after that, a bit of a break. 38 degrees overnight tonight. temperatures will continue to be below normal for this time of year. still seeing mostly clear skies. not quite as cold as last night but there's no way you can call these numbers warm. low 20s for mount charleston. highs tomorrow, we'll be a degree or two warmer compared to our numbers today. 57 for overton. mid-50s boulder city. low 50s for sandy valley and primm. las vegas will see a lot of sunshine tomorrow. temperatures, again, below normal for this time of year. we'll see the winds again out of the north. it will be a chilly afternoon again, and like i said, we haven't seen anything yet. we'll see the first storm that's going to bring us the windy weather on friday. temperatures will dip overnight into the 30s. a little bit of relief thursday into friday with lows in the
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wednesday. another storm headed our way is going to bring us highs in the 40s. i don't know if you are ready for that. i don't think i am. yes. we haven't seen anything yet. highs in the 40s. >> i have a question for my viewers, especially the parents, do are you -- are you having world war iii with your kids not wear -- not wanting to let me know. let me show what you do. give meme some advice. a marathon that's not faint of heart. i'm dana wagner. why would a goat dress up as a duck? find out next in "the buzz." and we continue to follow that story about the wynn and encore saying they are going to
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feel about that. right now, it looks like 67% of you really are feeling strongly that valet should be tip only. go to our twitter page and let us know how you feel about
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good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. here's what's buzzing today. we take you to the voice last night right here on nbc with miley cyrus performing with her godmother, dolly parton. ? jolene ? >> then after that performance, erin gibson and others went head to head in the instant save and for the third week in a row, america has saved gibson. we're down to the final eight on the voice. now to south miami where people have been celebrating the
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ice cream maker celebrating with a new flavor called burn in hell fidel. the new flavor, chocolate with loads of cayenne pepper. this is probably more of a souvenir. they've sold out of it already. the los angeles clippers hosting the nets last they gave this guy cpr. the clippers lost. now to new jersey, a woman owns a goat. dresses her got up like a duck. it sounds and looks funny but it serves an important purpose because the goat suffers from anxiety. her owner says the only thing that calmed her down is being dressed up as a duck and now the goat is happy as a clam.
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that. oh, she likes being dressed up as a duck? >> they have a closet full of costumes and they try them on them. this race is not for a walk in the park. it's not for the weak people. >> it's a run around the bottom. world. welcome to the ice marathon. 50 very brave runners from 17 countries in the snow, ice and minus 4-degree temperatures. it's a.2 the most stunning scenery. ireland's gary thornton winning with the time of 3 hours and 37 minutes. poland took longer to get her gold medal. she finished the race in six hours and one minute. >> wow. too cold for me. a shoplifting surprise for a man caught on camera stealing groceries. >> why the store's owner said,
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revolutionary. a new system giving autistic or
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right now on news 3 live at 3:30 -- recruiting attract potential terrorists. how donald trump's new stration plans to combat it. pot of gold. see a brazen thief commit a 24-karat crime in broad daylight on a busy new york street. and why this little girl plans to give away all of her birthday gifts. well, no direct link between


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