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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  November 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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>> shocked and sickened, as somebody shot up their signs. >> and keeping officers safe from an ambush. >> news3 starts right now. >> huge multimillion dollar deem that was billed as a huge boost for north las vegas. but farraday future looks like a >> i'm reed cowan, in for marie mortera. our john treanor is live at the grant sawyer building with details. >> the state treasure used two words for the future of farraday future in las vegas. game over.
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richest people, the head of a company entering the world of electric cars. a world that starts in north las vegas. the state agreed to a deal almost a year ago that handed $337 million of incentives to farraday, at that point, farra a car, in nevada. >> i think it's over before it began. >> he refuses to sign a bond before farraday proves it has the money to back it up. the consumer electronics show in january, tweeted of what it might look like. too little too late says schwartz.
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my sources in beijing says the chinese government isn't financing him. so just a big big question mark as to where and how they're going to continue this project. >> he does not mince words, tells us regular once biweekly conversations between the state and the company have been put on hold indefinitely. >> i think the governor owes it to the people of this state to tell us the truth what's going on here. i what's going on in this state. >> but dan schwartz is the only one in nevada raising concerns. north las vegas would not go on record for farraday, the government is expected to respond to us on thursday. as for farraday did not respond to us but they tweeted this, we will unveil the future at ces a future to be built in north las
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>> so you see there january that is still on the ces unveiling. as we watch this faraday saga keeps unwinding. >> another chilly day across the valley. >> are we going to get relief for our weather wimps any time soon? j.j. has the forecast. >> relief will come 24 hours a one cold snap after another. that is by las vegas standards. 37 around the edges, about the same temperature we were last night at this time. baifnl the same neighborhood to get your thursday the mountain at 22, pioche at 22, mountain last dipped down to 21. in the mid teens. the sky which had some clouds earlier, those clouds have moved
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several cold blasts we're going to deal with and wind too. we'll have all of that and when you can expect it in the forecast just a couple of minutes away gentlemen. >> thank you. new at 11, a new organization for down syndrome, they wonder how they can repair the damage from gun shots without concerning the people they care fo be. >> renovating this building all. when they saw the damage they were shocked. when deanne kline pulled up after thanksgiving, she was shocked. >> these were big ones. they went through plexi glass.
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nevada. >> in the past the organization tried to protect the sign from taggers by using plexi glass but this time it didn't work. >> the plex bei glass in the sign is going to have to be repaired and replaced for sure. >> the small nonprofit said setting on an issue like this, david and tina. >> specialized. >> yes. i'm thinking. >> but the folks here already know that's not an opt upgrades. >> nothing we did here to improve this property came out of funds that directly before our children. >> reporter: tina's mom says, if it weren't for music therapy night their lives wouldn't be the same. >> once she joined this group there just became a connection that is unreal.
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deface the sign, their focus is on giving. the folks here says it will take several thousand dollars to replace the sign. they are hoping to do it by way of donation, once again. you can find this all on our website, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you christy. a police being shot several times in tacoma. when the officer was responding to a domestic violence call this afternoon, several children might have been inside, there suspect barricaded himself inside but they think the shooter may have escaped at this point. >> more issues from tennessee, firefighters try to put out the
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the flames at bay in that area. meanwhile doyle parton dolly pas dollywood organization said it would many donate a portion of the >> protest remain peaceful for the most part, officers made three arrests. prosecutors decided bradley vinson was justified in killing scott after he pulled out a gun and ignored officer's direction to put it down.
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joins us. >> 132, reed, that's the number of officers who have died in the line of duty this year but now a law enforcement officer in florida doesn't want to become the next one and he has found a way to not only help himself but others. a simple gadget could potentially save lives. >> lately, i would say my product will make a big possibly between somebody's going home at the end of the shift. >> the number of officers killed in the line of duty up 12% in 2016. and the amount increases each year. so that's, his experience in law enforcement to create a product he believes could lower these statistics. >> a set of eyes around your car at all times.
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the ceiling of a cop car. alerting the driver that someone is heading their way but also which direction they're coming from. >> you could have six people approaching you from six different directions and you will have six arrows showing that you. >> it eliminates the element of surprise and allows for appropriate action. the stop ambush device is five years in the making and while it's not in law enforcement vehicles yet that may toon change. computer which is flog but a bright white light that blinds you, especially at night taking your situational awareness. >> the ambush device is online, santa cost of $500. he is already preparing it for a police agency in his area. >> thank you la toya. >> a recovering economy. >> more new jobs. a big operation opening adding
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>> modern posse of cowboys to
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>> new at 11, boca park in summerlin is getting a brand-new attendant. >> gerard ramalho joins us from boca park >> reed certainly when you talk about furniture stores some of the stores in boca park were empty and now they are filling up. california based furniture dealer, living spaces is set to open up in boca park next week. >> everything filling up is going to be a help out here.
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>> that's leading to higher prices. >> commercial real estate broker brian sorentino says it is the opposite to what we experienced during the housing recession. more people are buying. >> master plan is back under development. you have end users buying houses versus investors as before and there is a big demand for furniture. been advertising and hiring in las vegas. the company will occupy the 140,000 square foot facility, left vacant by the great indoors in 2008. industry standards say they're one of the lucky ones. >> there are a number of hundreds coming into the market looking for same type of spaces. >> home and furniture for the
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is still taking applications. they do have a vip preview opening scheduled from one week from tonight. and then there is a scheduled opening for the general public unless something changes a week from friday. i'm gerard ramalho reporting live from boca park. reed and jim we'll send it back to you. >> thank you gerard. the push continues in oakland trying to convince the raiders a city group of investors led by ronnie lott has come up with a plan to build a raiders stadium in the bay area. steve siselac says he talked to davis recently and plans are still moving forward to bring the team here. >> he said steve don't believe it, we're coming to las vegas. i said mark you've got to be
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front and committed to me that they're moving to las vegas. >> after ail we've been through hope we're not getting played on this one. it would be bad business if the nfl ignored all the funding for this stadium here which is closer to $2 billion for the raiders to play here in las vegas. >> you got to take a look at there. sacramento police had to call in cowboys to help them corral where escapees. driver grabbed a nap. cows trampled areas and cowboys successfully corralled them. our weather authority kevin janison. >> you didn't realize i was bilingual.
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>> what do you call cowboys? >> cowboy busters. you saw a gorgeous sunset yet again. burning the sky once again. the clouds actually kept the temperature up for a couple of hour now the clouds are gone and we're going to watch the temperature dive during the evening hours. not as cold as last flight but within a degree or two. they lit up once the sun went down and.cleared out 8:30, 9:00. look at these snow capped spring mountains. look at another telltale sign that things have changed dramatically.
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wind, we don't have to deal with that. their peak gusts the entire day was 9 miles per hour. torrey pines in the southwest is still at 44, not as cold and pecos and warm springs, even 40? also, no wind. rest of the valley, summerlin, anthem, find their way down to 33 maybe even 32 which would be a degree colder than l when southern high lands and anthem bottomed out at 33. spring valley was 34. we had 33s all over the place, just didn't get that freeze, not that i'm complaining or anything. 21 in the mountain, 22 in pioche. we're talking about mid teens in those two communities. overton bottomed out at 33. at mckaren the official low temperature was 37. only had 55 for a high temperature today.
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tack on yet another $100 for the nevada partnership for homeless youth, we have been on a roll, just one whiff all of november. we are climbing the last couple of days of the month. one thing about our high of 55 today, our high was colder than new york city, cleveland and detroit. that's just wrong. that just -- i'm against that shouldn't happen. nice clean air, the weekend really did a number, valley, one end to the other we are sparkling. temperature 40? at 7:00, probably a peek at the upper 50s on the east side, mid 50s most neighborhoods tomorrow. there won't be much wind, it will stay above 10 tomorrow. the wind increases on friday and certainly becomes noticeable. we had clouds earlier three are gone now and the clear skylight
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anything significant wind wise as the next system sort of slides over the top of us, it's going to slap us with a front reinforce the cold anden although colders wind is due in next week. here is some of the lows, 18 in caliente, an 28 in pahrump. 37 for the high on the mountai for las vegas valley 38? under a clear sky tonight. that will be at mckaren. some neighborhoods will find 32, 33, right around the edges. the high tomorrow should top out at 56 . pretty much where we were today, we will get that widget to kick up on friday. the strongest winds will be in the afternoon. strong decrease during evening,
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through the weekend without any significant winds. going back early next week, lows in the mid 30s at least. kelly has got your told cold update, news3 today, onward and upward until seven where the temperature may rise a degree. bottom out around 5:30 to 6:00 and start climbing out of that
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>> new at 11, work is underway on a life size replica of the titanic. >> look at there. lot of work to be done on this project. worth $165 million. once the ship is finished it aims to give the observer a full titanic experience. >> a full simulation of iceberg collision and sinking.
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next, the hindenberg. the rebels play their first road game of the year, facing their former interim coach. randy's
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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>> tonight's rebel game had a couple of interesting story lines. first road game under the new coach marvin menzies, and former interim coach todd simon, passed over for the job, he resigned in the middle of the season so you can bet the be up to this. 35 points of, 35-24 rebels. they only led by six at the half. troy baxter junior is there for the put back dump e-dunk. he had 11 off the bench. three point game duane morgan hits the short shot. makes it another three point, five point lead and he had 19 points to lead the team.
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be rebels win 89-81. take on the rebels on saturday. nascar champions week, seven time sprint car champion jimmy johnson, cup ties him with racing legends richard petty and dale earnhart who was the toughest to win number 7? >> for and more difficult, the responsibility of a driver was so different. when i think back to richard, he had to work on his car. even dale sr. did. they won't even let me turn a wrench. they are both really difficult but the demands that existed are far different. we have around 300 coming out
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is their first championship their first trip to vegas to experience this. and the other part, we don't know if this will ever happen again. there won't be a lot of sleep taking place over these next three nights. >> reporter: kurt and kyle booush all the drivers will be taking their cars, then at the win on friday night they'll close it all out with the flas carr nascar awards. nine months of investigation, they finally got it done, the winter meetings of baseball were supposed to happen in washington, d.c, next week so it's a good thing they'll get it done. they will have their winter meetings. $10 million, what major league baseball has been making lately, they didn't want a stoppage, new
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>> that is funny to think about nascar drivers, back in the day right? >> changing the oil. >> thank you. >> well up next the annual
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>> three, two, one, go! >> finally tonight, the reason why we all look at our trees and think, [ ah, this is the 84th in new york city. >> 94 foot spruce, workers spent weeks string more than 50,000 led lights. [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- felicity jones.


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