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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  October 14, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CDT

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good evening, i'm sheila brummer.
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breen on the uss sioux city later in ththshow. first, presidential l litics heating up in siouxland. republican presidential candidate rand paul visited morningside college today. this week alone, the u.s. senator from kentucky is visiting 11 colleges in iowa. it's all part of his "iowa 10,000 college tour!" rand wants at least that many students to caucus for him on february firststsaying his candidacy appeals to millenials. "i think they don't want the government collecting all their phone records, they do believe in the right to privacy. they don't want the government putting them or their friends in jail for minor marijuana abuse and they don't want the government sending them off to a new war in the middle east. i'm the one candidate who represents all three of those issues," said presidential candidate rand paul. after finishing in sio city, rand paul went on to speak at buena vista in storm lake. the latest fox news poll shows paul in 8th place with 3 percent support. tomomoow morning, republican carly fiorina will be talking with students at spirit lake
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high school. then she'll take part in a town hall meeting at the clay county fair groundsdin spencer starting at 10:30 a.m. former secretary of state madeleine albright campaigned for hillary clinton this morning in sioux city. she spoke at a "women for hillary" event at the peirce mansion. albright says clintotois committed to fighting for women and families. about 75 people shed up for the event. after a beautiful day...a cooler night on the way! chief meterologist ron demers joins us from the storm team 4 weather center. freeze watch for western siouxland friday from 3 am until 9 am it's easy to get used to this mild weather that we once again gotot to enjoyytoday. but changes are still coming. the wind will kick up on thursday and this will be a colder wind that may keep us in the upper 60s for highs but cause temp_ to start falling quickly by the evening. by friday morning there could be areas of frost showing up in siouxland and for that reason, parts of northeast nebraska are under a freeze watch on friday from 3 am until 9 am. authorities investigating a fire at a business in ida grove, iowa. it broke out this morning at midwest industries in
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at a business in ida grove, iowa. it broke out this morning at midwest industries in the paint department's powder coating line. firefighters from ida grove, arthur, battle creek and hostein responded to the scene. they quickly got the fire under control. a company officials says there was damage, but
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the extent is not fully known. they were already working on making repairs today. here's a clolor view of a fire that left a family homeless in terril, iowa. this video was sent through a viewer usingwitter. ve members of the family of six and their dog made it out safety. the cause of the fire that started in the garage is still under investigation. an iowa teen now charged with his grandmother' s murder went on a rampage at a convenience store shortly after the killing saturday night. surveillance video released today in des monies shows 17-year old noah laprei fighting his way into the store. employees tried to calm the teen who was carrying a bible. he ran through the store knocking things over and pushing a shelf overer customers ended up tackling him outside the store, holding him until police arrived on the scene. family members believe drug use is to blame for the crimes. police plan to charge lapray as an adult for the murder of his 79-year-old grandmother.
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former n-b-a player and reality t-v star lamar odom is fighting for his life at a hospital in las vegas. day, authorities are releasing some new details surrounding the case. the nye county sheriff now says dispatchers were told during a 9-1-1 call that odom had been using cocaine over the weekend plus a herbal form of viagra. he had been staying at the love ranch -- a legal brothel in nevada about 70 miles northwest of las vegas. odom married khloe kardashian back in 2009. they broke up in 2013. several businesses in the united center in dotown sioux city joined fofoes to raise money for the united way of siouxland. and, they had fun doing it. they got a little egg on their face with a "tonight show with jimmy fallon" style game of egg roulette. the event also featuring a chili feed and mini-olympics raised more than $1,000. sioux city kids had a chance to make some music with some ununual instruments today. this is a percussion indonesian ensemble called the
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it's made up of gongs, drums, bonang, and xylaphone-like instruments. the gamelan is about the group playing together, not individual musicians. the instruments can be found at the national music museum in rmillion, south dakoko. and, this is the first time e ey have been played outside of the museum. the students say it was to learn about other cultures through music. "there are lots and lots different percussion instruments other than just the ones that we use here in the united states, there's tons around the world and they're all very different," says noah youngberg, a west high sophomore. "the sioux city students are having this opportunity to experience for themselves a hands on, real-life experience," says deborah check-reeves from the national music museum. you can hear some of those instruments for yourself during the symphony's upcoming concert. specialized musicans from minneapolis will play the gamelan before and during intermission of the concert. that performance is on saturday
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night at sioux city's orpheum theater. it's called "a night at the museum". it will feature the orchestra and special guest musicians who will be playing other historical, one-of-a-kind instruments that are housed atat the museum. tonight an update on a northwest iowa chiropractor recovering from a horrible motorcycle accident. ktiv's sam curtiss talked with his daughter.. he's in the newsroom tonight with more.. sam. things initially didn't look good for dr. arden keune. but his daughter says he's getting stronger by the day. she says it's going to be a longng process.s. and the sisix rapids community is showing her they're in it for the long haul too. judging by his face, dr. arden keune looks to be in some pain but this picture is actually a good sign. he continues to show progress at a rehabilitation center in lincoln, nebraska. "he is starting to talk more," said kenzie keunene"he is startinn to stst awake longer throughout the day." on august 3rd, a suv eluding police barralled into keune's motorcycle in sturgis, south dakota. news that quickly ripped through the sioux rapids, iowa, chiropractor' s community. "devastating," said slider
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gilmore. "there's been a lot of tears in our community." but those tears have now turned to a as. arms willing to help the man slider gilmore calls a dear friend. gilmore was in sturgis when the accident happened. "he did not regain concious while we were there," said gilmore. but as you can see, keune is up. not quite able to walk yet, something g 'll have to relearn. meanwhile,e,is daughter kenzie churns along in her senior year at sioux central cmunity school. a place that's become her second home. "i have been overwhlemed with love, joy and support within my community," said keune. her volleyball coach says kenzie's shared tears with the team. one of the many activities she's involvlv in that her dad asks about. but she says that's not all he asks about. "he misses seeing his patients and how much his patients really mean to him," said keune. but dr. keune meant a lot to others too. his accident brought a fellow chiropractor out of retirement to work with dr. keune's patients until he comes back home. "him doing this for our family just means so much," said keune. "it's going to be a long road to recovery but with all of the support, and optimistic guy that he is, , think that he will
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the community is coming together for a fundraiser for dr. keune. it takes place sunday from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the sioux rapids fire station. if you would to donate an item for the auctioioyou can just drop it off at theheire department. and, some good news from dr. keune's wife tonight. she says he was able to move from his wheelchair to bed with little help. another great sign of improvement. sheila. thanks for the update tonight sam. giving spirit: a couple from the boston area dodotes half of their salary to charity. find out the three things they do to in order to save money in order to make their big donation. freeze watch for western siouxland friday from 3 am until 9 am
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weather that we once again got to enjoy today. but changes are still coming. the wind will kick up on thursday and dhis will be a colder wind that may keep us in the upper 60s for highs but cause
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falling quickly by the evening. by frfray morning there couou be areas of frost showing up in siouxland and for that reason, parts of nororeast nebraska are ununr a free watch on friday from 3 am until 9 am. friday's highs will likely only get into the upper 50s and then areas of frost will be a possibility again by saturday morning. we'll warm things up some into early
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generosity is a way of life for one couple in massachusetts. they say they give away halalof their salary to charity...ery year. jeff kaufman and his wife julia wise donate more than 100 thousand dollars to charity. he's a 29-year-old software engineer....and she's a 30 year old mom working two part-time jobs. last year they earned about 250k and they gave away more than 128- thousand of it. (jeff kaufman, donates half of income to charity): "we have more than what we need and there are a lot of people who don't so we like to share what we can." they have one daughter and one on the way. most of their giving
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is to ththd world countries. giving awawahalf of their income comes with sacrifices. for example, they don't don't go out to fancy restaurants, they don't a big flat screen tv, and they've never owned a car. they save what they can and give the rest away. and they hope their story will inspire others to g ge as well including their daughter. still to come.... ktiv's matt breen gives us a look at the ship building process of the uss. sioux city. > r the past year-and-a- half
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busy at a shipyard in wisconsin working onon the uss six city.
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on monday, ktiv's matt breen was allowed rare access to the shipbuilding process... and to see the u.s.s. sioux city, up close.
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they can cut out of a piece of steel, and cut out a pattern." this is where human hands take over. "everything else is nothing but backbreaking labor from our skilled labor worrforce, said millsap. "once the steel is brought in, cut,nd welded together, it can be brought here to the building behind me to become what are called 'modules'," said breen. like slices of bread in a loaf, these modules are lined up aboard the ship. living quarters, weapons systems and a hangar big enough for a helicopter. . "this is what the lcs looks likeke when it's doneneand in the watee." said breen. "this is the lcs-5, it is the milawukee. the commander of the u.s.s. sioux city, which is still under construction, says he can't wait to step on to his own ship." "this is gonna be a special platform," said cmdr kevin ralston. "we're going to be able to do a lot with it. we're going to find special things that this ship is capable of doing." before leaving port, the sioux city, and the others in the lcs line, will already have an advannage... theyycan sail in shallower waters than most navy ships, nd are among the fastest. "here on the bridge, they can control the command of the ship, the engeneering, but most importanly is the navigation," said breen. the u.s.s. sioux city's navigator, lt. ida quigley, says think of an lcs like a jet ski. "there are no propellers, no ruddders in that sense," said lt. ida quigley, u.s. navy.
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"it's all water jet propulsion." at lt. quigley's station on the bridge are two "combinators". they control the direction, and speed, of the water pushing the ship forward. "here you're using this to laterally move the ship, " lt. quigley said. "so, it can literally walk off the pier by using the differenenthrusters." for now, quigley, and ralston, train oard the milwaukee, which is virtually identical to the sioux city. but, both anticipate the day their crew can serve the navy on the high seas aboard the u.s.s. sioux city... with an entire city supporting them. "the uss sioux city is set to be christened in either december ofof this year,r,r january of 2016, before it bebens its sea trials. i i marinetttt wisconsin, with photographer jake rains, matt breen, ktiv news 4. >> the ships actually launch when they're only about 80-percent complete.. the rest of the work is done on the water. the e -member "core" crew of the u.s.s. sioux city hails from all over the country.
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their duties are as diverse as their backgrounds. but, they all want to represent the city of sioux city well. next month, ktiv's matt breen will continue his reporting from wisconsin... with stories about the u.s.s. sioux city, its crew, their special ties to siououcity, and the meaning of their misison. "building the u.s.s. sioux city"... in november, on ktiv, siouxland's news channel. still to come.... scientists say they may have found an important weapon against cancer. that story
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danish scientists say they may found an important weapon against cancer. and they found it by accident while producing a malaria vaccine. researchers say the possible breakthrough could be used to treat 95 percent of all types of cancer. while trying to cure malaria in prprnant womemeusing a vaccine, thehe researarers found the malaria protein is attached to a certain carbohydrate in the placenta. the same carbohydrate exists in cancer cells. so they attached a toxic substance to the malaria protein and they're able to destroy cancer cells. trials on mice have cured cancers in them. the researchers say they'll be able to treat humans in four years. but it's yet unknown if this will work on them. a new study reveals even more health advantages of breastfeeding. researchers in boston have discovered breast milk contains bio-molecules that appear to help reduce inflammmmion and fight
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these protective molecules were not found in cow's milk or infant formula. the american academy of pediatrics recommends babies be exclusively breastfed for six months. the number of people addicted to drugs has skyrocketed over t t past decade. but, the percentage of people in treatment has remained the same. a johns hopkins study finds 80-percent of people with addiction to heroin and simular drugs are not getting help. researchers say that's because there aren't enough resources to keep up with growing demand for addiction treatment. brad's here -- with cocoege volleyball. briar cliff has been hot and cold this season, but the chargers were home, trying for their third straigtht win. and, it s a wild night in the baseball playoffs, as the royals try to join the blue jays in the next round.
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tomorrow morning on news 4 today... don't get left in the dark. new research sheds light on the importance of light in preventing alzheimers disease. and... an endangnged bird makes
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a stop in eastern iowa. the whooping crane was the squawk of town. tune in at 5:00! the briar cliff volleyball team has been stuck in a "win one -- lose one" stretch. the chargers are 4 and over the last three weeks, and are 4-5 in gpac play. bc trying to even their conference mark against dakota wesleyan. briar cliff coming in at 12 and 7 overall -- wesleyan 11 and 11. the chargers lost the first set -- but were solid after that. the block is late and brianna nogelmeier gets the kill. bc evens the match with a 25-21 win in set two. bc goes to the other side and tonini beck comes flying in for the kill. chargers take set three easily, 25-13. nicolette lavulo had a nice night -- she drills it off the block attempt and down -- bc in control. and the chargers close it out -- lavulo attack is blocked out of bounds. briar cliff wins their
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third straight, 3-1 over dakota wesleyan. the start of the college basketball season is just over two weeks away for morningside. the mustangs were 28-5 last season, and tied for the gpac title. morningside loses their leading scorer, leadinin rebounder and steals leader -- allllo graduation. the only returning starter is junior guard ryan tegtmeier, who averaged 11 points per game. gpac coach of the year jim sykes will have to reload -- but he's done it before. "we had a great year last year but nobody cares about that right now," said morningside head coach jim kes. "nothing we can do. we've got to find guys. we've got to find the depth that we had last year through the guys that weren't playing and hopefully they're ready to take a step forward." "every year's a new ryan tegtmeier. "obviously a lot of people will have a target on their backs. a lot of new think we kind of need to make our own mark and start from there." morningside's first game is october 29th at grand view in des momoes. iowa's j jrod uthoff is one of all-big ten team. the 6-9 senior ranked second on the team in scoring, rebounding, steals and blocked shots and
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first in 3-pointers made as a junior. uthoff was the only division i player to have more than 55 blocks, 50 3's and 3535steals last season. . it was win or go home for the royals and astros in game five of the a-l divisional series. kc was at home, trying to get a step closer to their second straight world series trip. fans fired up at kauffmann stadium. but houston had the first big hit. in the second luis valbuena jumps on a fastball from johnny cueue. a two-o-n homer -- but thatat all cueto would give up. kc comes all the way back in the fifth -- alex rios pulls one wn the line -- two runs score -- the royals win 7-2 and win the series 3 games to 2 -- advancing to the alcs. a bizarre game five between the rangers and blue jays. tied 2-2 in the 7th -- jays catcher russell martin throws the ball off the bat of shin-soo choo -- allowing the go-ahead run to score. umpires confirm it was a live ball. beers cans and ttles are thrown on the field -- hitting some of their own fans.
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jose bautista with a 3 run home n -- that's the gamemeinner. toronn wins 6-3 and win the series 3 games to 2, advancing to the american league championship series. at the nebraska girls state softball tournament in hastings, wayne tops guardian angels central catholic, 14-4 in round one. wayne will play cozad on thursday at 11-30. guardian angels stays alive in the loser's bracket totoght, beating twin river 7 to 6. game 1 in a-l isriday -- royals host blue jays. game 1 in n-l is saturday -- cubs visit mets or dodgers. tonight: partly cloudy. low: 42 wind: s 5-10 mph tomorrow: becoming windy. high: 68 wind: nw 15-30 mph
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