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tv   Today  NBC  October 19, 2015 10:00am-11:00am CDT

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>> he is going to be on our show to sing "cheerleader "" and a big hit of the summer. >> and the ladies of hollywood were having tinseltown buzzing e over the weekend and we wii get you caught up with what you might have missed. >> and collin quinn is here. he te up with jerry "seinfeld" and he is getting rave reviews and you will hear all about it. >> and we will catch up with molly ringwald and she is starring if in "gem and the hollow grams."
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media >> that was not funny, rope. rope is laughing over there. >> that was for the cree. >> a a thereas a wwan sitting here and shehe reclinededer seat into man behind her and it upset him so much that apparently according to the sources that he reached around and grabbed her neck in that region so to stop her and they were having an altercation. so it was so bad that they turn d turned the plane around. >> she screamed for help and the crew came. >> it was escalating. >> a ad chokings usually do. that is how they described it allegedly, and can you imagine?
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>> no. i want to know what happened before. look i think that there were some pre-game arguing, i think. i don't think that the first thing out of the gate that somebody does, and it is horrible, but to grab somebody's throat. >> you are allowed to recline your chair and i hate to get on the plane and you can't recline it at all. >> ok, if someone has a child and longer legs and stuff. >> who has longerj legs than you, hodi? >> well, i hate that because you feel like you r gogare goging to be kneecap and the fbi is now involved and whole situation, and he was remove and detained. >> and nono arrested. they will figure out what happens.s. from and when you fly, thehe is a loloof edginess involved. >> and who know ss that there was alcohol involved. >> maybe you are right. >> or pills or all kinds of ways to get looppy. >> all righty.
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>> are you a germ phobe? >> no. >> hoda and i are not, but we have several famous germ phobes around here. >> matt lauer, tammy filler. >> and to remain nameless. >> and buzzfeed motion pictures took a lookokat the daily struggles of a jer mow phobe. take a look. >> i did. >> gosh, it seems like a very different -- >> i'm justin, nice to meet you. >> can i have a sip of that? >> umm, sure. thank you, i will grab another one. >> what is that? soap. >> come on, try it. try it. come on try it.
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>> no! oh, my god, i'm so sorry. gl some people are like that. >> i get the one about the coughing and the handshaking, and that is the one i get, but the other ones. >> donald trump has been famously a germophobe long before howie was, and i will often see video of him out on the field, and you have to shake hands and you are to kiss the babies and lots of times there is stuff drooling, and he is handling it, and i never see hhm grimace or anythinn >> and maybe the immune system is kicking innnd that is what happens that you stop having to fight so mu. >> have you had the flu shot? >> not yet. you? >> not me. we shall though. and some do not believe in nameless. and now, we have to stop doing doing our whole lives.
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shower, they are saying that you don't need to lather up your soap. but you should put it in specified areas. >> where, hoda woman? >> in the armpits and >> and behind. >> and not your arms, chest or leg, and that is because they say that the soap is drying out the skip. >> and it is is killing the bacteriri off of the skin that is harming your immunity. >> and i think if you are only doing one shower a day -- >> well, it depends what you are doing for a living. hookers should do it more often. >> okay. bradley cooper was on ellen yesterday or today, and he has the movie out that looks great called "burnt" and he is a chef. >> heooks great in it. >> d he and ellee were
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deciding to have fun, and so ellen had her hands behind the back and bradley was doing the work for her. look athow it got personal. >> okay. now i want to look at the carrots, hmm, it is important to taste it. they are delicious. mm-mmm. so, knead the dough. oh, i like to put my whole body into it. mm-mmm. oh, i have to wipe my -- me likey. >> you know what we did a thing on who's line is it anyway just like that with the guys, and it is so insane it was so much fun. >> and bradley cooper, wow.
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>> and so chrissy teigen and john legend announced they were expecting. and she has the bump to prove it. >> looked like two there. >> and there we go. >> and the fans sttted to ask her if she was expecting more than one child because of the ivf, and this is what chrissy teigen responded in only the way that chrissy can. it is not twin, and i can see the damn thing, and get out of my uterus. and you noeknow what is great, she does not care. funny way. >> yes. and if you follow her tweets apparently a lot of people do, and you say that is who she is. it is really her. and you do want to share your happppnesses, but you don't want to be grilled about the private details, and so. >> stay out of her uterus is what she issaying. does it feel like christmas yet to you guys? because there is something that always marks the beginning of
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the hollywood scoop. that rhymes nice lily with the today's buzz. >> here are the stories that you may are missed over the weekend and the editor and chief of hollywood magazine. lamar odom with good news? >> yes, prayers are answered and he has made progress. he is off of the ventilator and got out of bed and sitting in a chair and is so he is breathing on his own, and he is talking and said some words to khloe like "good morning" and -- >> that makes sense. gr and he passed the swallow test which mean s thats that he can swallow on his own and not damaged by the ventilator or the strokes themselves. >> and i read that it sounded like khloe was going to be with him throughout and nurse him through it.
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side and has a cot, and she is planning to stay through the long haul or whatever he needs. he needs a lot of physical rehab because of the having strokes and everything that he has been through. >> and i wonder what is going to happen, because they are not officially divorced but they signed the papers a couple of years ago. so it takes a long time and it is going to be interesting to see what happens in the relationship. >> it is two to four months before the divorce is official, but the whole family has been there, and they came there and kim was there and kris and kendall, and kim instagramed this beautiful photo of lamar and she said she believes in the power of prayer, and that they were so is happy to see him smile. that is good that he was able to smile. >> and gwen stefani debuts some music and always fun when she does that. >> she did. and it is -- [ laughter ] it was a surprise. she was at the hammerstein ballroom here in new york and she sang a new song "used to love you" and you can imagine
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well, we are imagining gavin rossdale of 13 year, and they separated two months ago. gh and she got very emotional about it. >> yes, that is her on stage and a video behind herself singing, and she got teary-eyed in the video and the lyrics are emotional and i thought that i was the best thing in the world that ever happened to you. i am crying because i loved you before i hated you. and very intense. >> do we know the reason for this, and it is nobody's business, but everybody asks, because they seemed in the rock 'n' roll world they seem eded so suited to one another. >> yes, ol lid. >> and solid parents, too. >> absolutely. and we don't know the reason, but they have three kids and one of them is just a year-old. so the problems were fairly recent. >> and the other new mew is sick
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that was released and at least we think it is new by adele, and will is a new song that people are -- is that for sure? >> well, it is a little bit of a mystery. and what happened is that uk "x-factor" yesterday they went to commercial and then this song started playing. i think that there was a black backdrop and it sounded like adele and the rumor has been that she is coming out with a new album in november. >> let's listen. and we will decide. >> hoda is an expert. >>. hello it's me and i was wondering if after all of these years you'd like to to see >> yes, yes, it is her. >> you think it is her? >> i hope it is. i hope it is her. >> and real quick, bridget moynihan, and she got married. >> yes.
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it off like that. who is the man she married? >> andrew frap-- frankle who has a small wedding in the hamptons and she insta gramed this picture did. >> i am so happy and proud of these people who can do it their way and not have it. frank and i were married in the hamptons and it was our 29th wedding anniversary yesterday and so i wish them a lifetime of happeniness, and may they have th more "stay" per roll. more "sit" per roll. more "who's training who" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty
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mmm deliciousness. cookies or almonds. yumminess. hershey's is mine, yours, our chocolate. [ horn honks melody ] well, well. if it isn't the belle of the ball. gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store. [ gustav squawks ] he's gonna meet us there. the name your price tool. still only at it is breast cancer awareness month. a way to help fight the disease is go shopping. >> jill martin here with her shopping bag full of goods to help the cause.
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good morning, sweetheart. >> your clothes this morning led into this, fighting cancer, this is how we can help. 100% heat advisory this, from $25, 100% goes to gilda's club. an amazing way to give back. all these charities about having fun, getting things you love, so really embracing this. jason woo designed this for, stand up to cancer. 100% goes. >> what's the design? >> it's a design he made to represent in his way. 100%. >> this is all pretty stuff. >> this is st. vintage, which i use a lot for ambush makeover. everything pink goes to stand up for cancer. 100%. >> that's amazing. >> i really love that h 100% is 100%.
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>> susan g. komen, twine and twigs, really not all pink, just sort of to represent. again, 100%. >> god bless. >> and -- >> people coming up, give 100%. i'm going to move on. this is a beautiful way to give to bcrf. this is from ann taylor, limited edition. each symbol on the bracelet means something else. >> that's beautiful. >> go on the website to find that loving this. actually a beautiful gift as well. love that each represents courage and faith. >> yeah. >> modify, $50. 50% goes to the breast cancer research fund. great designs, fun colors to go with fall, popping in the outfit. >> i'm loving this. this is land's end, embroidery, monogram, each monogram goes to
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breast cancer research fund, 75% of that, which is another big number from $24. this is from lowe's. let's see if this work. lights off. >> that one went on. >> there we go. this is -- it's a mood light. it goes to hot pink. >> a very pretty glow to it. >> isn't that great? 25 cents of each bulb goes to breast cancer awareness. i love this. the hot pink. >> this freebies. bethany, a three-year breast cancer survivor. she said cancer is expensive. she created freebies, you go to the site, tremendous treats, exercise classes, scholarships. breast cancer i love this, because it's free. >> fantastic. three minutes, what a woman.
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>> sings his number one song cheerleader. i'm excited to hear it for the first time. >> former "snl" star colin quinn with a story you've got to hear. >> what is he doing? >> i'm playing with a truck. >> of course you are. >> i'm going to get that truck from you. >> don't dismantle it. >> troublemaker. right back after your local news.s signs of fatigue and wrinkles while you sleep. a sleeping cream... that's a first! like a lightweight mask of continuous hydration, it works while you sleep, when skin is most receptive. and here's the real wake-up call... in just one week, wake up to more refreshed, younger-looking skin. stop waking up to fatigued skin! sleep with this. miracle sleeping cream.
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hello. thanks for joining us. today we're speaking with linda mayrose from property pros. welcome linda. thanks. so first of all
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tell us a little bit about property pros and tell us a little bit about yourself. ok, well property pros is a regional - we like to say regional real estate group moving anyone anywhere. we have offices in sioux city, sergeant bluff and le mars. le mars is where i'm based. i'm a 16 year real estate veteran, been around the business a long time. recently about three years ago merged my company with property pros and am loving what i do. ok and there are a few changes that are going on in the real estate business and the market. tell us a little bit about those. absolutely there is changes coming. in october the consumer protection agency was the start of it, but there's been a lot of regulations. many of them to protect the consumer obviously and we've worked really hard to learn those. the days of the 30 day closing are over. you need to have when writing an offer a couple of things. an agent who understands what is
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going on that writes the offers out far enough because if there's one thing wrong at the closing there are three more days and you can't close. you know how that is. you're packed and ready to go. so we pride ourselves over there that we have learned, we have studied. we know what to do help the customer - the consumer and then the client. taking care of all of those details that are a part of process. exactly. well for more information you can give linda a call (712) 548-6889 or you can also go online to propertypros linda thanks for joining us today. thanks for having me. thank you for
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we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? all right. it is fupdaynday monday and we are back with the giuy that is called rude and lippy and opin yated, and we are talking about collin quinn. >> "saturday night live" alum, and starring as amy schumer's irritable dad in the blockbuster "train wreck." >> and now collin is back on the
10:29 am
stage hit "runway story." >> and who asked for more? was it your agent? we will ask for more when you get more. >> the first of all i would like to say they called amy schumer's irritable dad, because he has ms in the movie, and of course, he is irritable, and you said he is cantankerous, but he is irritable. >> and you had an interesting back story. >> did you think that the movie would do as well as it did? >> i think that every time it is always going to be giant. nothing ever surprises me except when i failed it. i was like, what is the people's problem? are they crazy? they need to get it together. >> ands as a new yorker, collin, how do you think the mets are do g doing doing? >> i think it is disgraceful. >> and what going to happen? >> what am i going to the say, they are going to the lose? the whole country would chop my head up. it is nice for the mets to get a comeuppance, because the yankees
10:30 am
too long and it is bothering all of us. anybody from brooklyn, queen ss and long island is a mets' fan. >> and why? >> because the jets and the mets are brooklyn, queens and long island. >> where is that written? >> because it is borders and geographically written. >> it is is written he says. >> is that in the new show? >> it is in the bible. >> and what are the people going to see -- what am i going to see, give us a little bit of it ? >> they are going to see a >> a legend. >> well, it is about new york, and how new york's personality is kind of changing and gotten very hoemogenized and polite and it is very annoy inging here. >> and you don't like time's >> no. >> i don't like that people are soft spoken and positive all of
10:31 am
the time. it is a little much. it is fine for other place, and it is supposed to be like that. >> but new york is different. >> and what about the pedestrian streets now. >> well, they are going the go soon now, because of the nude -- >> because of the ta-tas. >> and so you and amy shum ver been having fun on instagram. hope things are good. need to talk about money when you get a chance. investment opportunities. and then you texted your next movie should be like the martian martians for chicks, and she replied, no. and you said what about the book deal. and heard about the book deal. trust me. put me far out of your phone. >> and you are big pals. >> and i gave her big money to put the money in the bank, and she won't lose it. >> and we are going to play a
10:32 am
new york. >> i am go thing to win this game. >> well, nobody else is playing it. here is a freeze frame of a movie. and that is it. all you get. >> that movie "sybil." >> no, "ghost busters." >> that one? >> "taxi driver." >> and that one? >> cowboys." >> and that one? >> "saturday night fever." >> and that one? >> it is -- >> "train wreck" your own movie. that is embarrassing even for you. and this is the prize because you won. i heart new york. >> and these shorts. >> and this one.
10:33 am
>> and you have to put it on it? and all right. >> i will put it where it belongs. >> you can see him at the jerry layne theater tomorrow, and by pop yu popular demand apparently. >> and everything about the '80s is back. >> and including molly ringwald. >> and her mmmm mmmmm mmmm (laughter) mmmm, mmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmm, mmm! mmmm, mmmm woo! mmm! milk, fruit, cultures
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may increase your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney failure. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. >> come on, sing it. that is the song "youngblood" from the universal film "gem and
10:38 am
the -- "jem." >> everybody needs one of those. you are no rock star. >> yeah, that is what i am saying. saying. >> i think that you have is a potential to become something so much greater. >> really, just, will you just listen? >> no, you listen. there are some ideas, some voices that are too special to keep hidden. >> ooh, nice molly. >> u never had an aunt like that. gl did you have an aunt like that some. >> no, nobody does. >> did you cut your hair for the role, because your haircut is great. >> no, my hair is already blond and red, and so we did some coloring, but yeah. >> and this is -- are you aware? >> i was too young. >> and in between us somewhere this is a cartoon that people
10:39 am
new about and this is the story genesis? >> well, it is where the fashion and "jem and the holograms "" and that is the genesis and the origin of it, but it has been completely updated. >> we focus odd tb rise to fame and who the girls were before they transform and we brought in the new social media aspect. >> and a message, too. >> yes. >> and what would you say that you want girls to come away from? >> yes, not just for girls, because it is led by females which is awesome, but similarly for everyone, self-expression and being who you are and family values and owf that good stuff. >> and you are hanging out with your friends at your house, and one of your friends, because you have a a great voice, and she uploads a video and it goes to the stratosphere and goes viral. >> yes. that is what happens now. >> and you sort of flick your friends away a little bit, and what are you doing? well, there is a big decision that she has to make, and part
10:40 am
fame route she could support the family, and family values at the end of the day. >> and it is also confusing, which i love about the movie, because i have two girls and they don't realize that you can become famous overnight and this decision that you make can affect your whole life, for the rest of your life, and we deal with those issues sfwrchlt and you are really singing, because you are really singing on "nashville "nashville" which is one of my >> thank you. is singing your first love? >> well, it is simultaneous and i grew up doing the singing theater and i have been classically train and grew up playing the giuitar and so ke yes. and molly is sing inging. >> yes, in the seek well.-- sequel. >> and what about it? jeff.
10:41 am
>> and a little tramp i hear. >> but i get to sing a lot more this season. >> and "jem and the holograms." >> and it is from universal our sister company, and when it is on, hoedyhody? >> and omi is come we take away your stuffy nose. you keep the peace. we calm your congestion and pain. you rally the team. we give you relief from your cough. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol cold helps relieve even your worst cold & flu symptoms. so you can give them everything you've got.
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jamaican-born omar better known as the pop singer omi is
10:46 am
here to sing "cheerleader." >> and he released a song in jamaica in 2012, but it took that long for it to hit the states and become billboard's number one song of the summer. >> and he is about to sing it off of his debut alum "me 4 u." >> i like how everybody is posed. that is so cute. >> he is not posing. waiting. >> and a did you know that it with because hit in 2012? >> we had faith in it. and my manager mr. dylan, he told me, and he is a prophet. >> did it explode or take a moment to catch on in the states? >> it took a minute to catch on in the states, and it came from the european end which is unusual, because it is usually from the u.s. sgr and we love you and we love the song. >> we are excited to have you sing it for us.
10:47 am
when i need motivation my one solution is my queen cause she stays strong yeah, yeah she is always in my corner right there when i want her all these other girls are tempting but i'm empty when you're gone and they say do you need me do you think i'm pretty do i make you feel like cheating i'm like no, not really cause oh i have think that i've found myself a cheerleader she is right there when i need her oh i think that i've found myself a cheerleader she is always right there when i need her she walks like a model she grants my wishes like a genie in the bottle yeah, yeah and cause i'm the wizard of
10:48 am
love and i got the magic wand all these other girls are tempting but i'm empty when you're gone and they say do you need me do you think i'm pretty do i make you feel like cheating i'm like no not really cause oh i think that i've found myself a cheerleader she is always right there when
10:49 am
she gives me love and affection baby did i mention you're the only girl for me no i don't need the next one mama loves you too she thinks i made the right selection now that's all left to do it just for me to pop the question oh i think that i've found myself a cheerleader she is always right there when i need her oh i think that i've found myself a cheerleader she is always right there when i need her oh, yeah oh yeah ooh ooh >> yes, omi! >> oh, my, that is omi! that is terrific. >> that is great. >> congratulations. >> how awesome to hear it live. how terrific. >> nice going, ladies. >> you were great.
10:50 am
>> and the favorite things are next, but first this is "today"
10:51 am
>> say it. >> well, our sunny was right and she call ded in to say it is not carol burnett, but it is cloris leachman who told you about the part. >> and you go quick. luminescent lightener. foundation or you just wear it alone and it is $26. josie maran i love it. >> p you want to travel with the curling iron and look at this mini. you will die. the thing that is making it so cool, that this pouch, when you travel and you want to pack up the stuff, you don't are have to
10:52 am
slip it in here and you put the plug ut on outside. >> and it is a flat iron. >> that is what i thought that i said. >> and it is on sale at sally
10:53 am
marlo thomas who is today on "access hollywood" live, the justin bieber interview is finally here. >> finally! >> i am the who speaks to the man about his leaked naked photos. >> i don't know anything about that. >> approximate are your screen safer. >> he is running the company on empire. for how long? >> it's his first comedy since saved by the bell. they are with us to talk about
10:54 am
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