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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  October 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CDT

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"good morning america" that she "has a cast on her arm and has neck and back injuries." a storm lake, iowa man has pleaded guilty to having explosive devices in a home that's across the street from a preschool. 28-year-old dion caldwell pleaded to possession of an explosive or incendiary device with intent to use it to commit a public offense. as part of a plea agreement, he'll be sentenced to ten years in prison. caldwell initially pleaded not guilty in april. storm lake police responded on march 11th to reports of a fight and arrested three people in relation to the altercation. caldwell was arrested after police found several homemade explosive devices, plus the materials to make more inside the home. the devices were described as metallic cylinders with gun powder inside and a detonator cord. the police chief said had one exploded, it could have caused damage up to 100 feet away. a 29-year-old norfolk, nebraska man has died in the crash of a truck on highway 32
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near newman grove. the madison county sheriff's department says benjamin sunderman was killed after his truck left the roadway and went into the ditch. sunderman lost control of the truck when he tried to get it back on the roadway. the truck went back in the ditch and rolled several times, ejecting sunderman. he was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, which happened about 7:20 yesterday morning. > weather ad-lib winds will be strong and temperatures will be low today despite a few peeks of sunshine! wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour are not out of the question along with a few places not making it much past 50 degrees for an afternoon high. see graphics.
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the republican candidates for president square off in their third debate tonight in boulder, colorado. while frontrunners ben carson and donald trump hope to keep a hold on poll numbers... jeb bush and the rest of the field of gop candidates are hoping to shift the focus from the washington outsiders in tonight's debate. the two hour debate, hosted by cnbc, begins at seven 'o clock central time. donald trump brought his
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time since officially entering the race in june. it was also his first trip to iowa since dropping in the polls to second place behind ben carson. ktiv's matt breen recaps the billionaire businessman's speech to a capacity crowd at west high school.
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along the u.s.-mexico border, but trump was short on specifics immigration is the key to his get jobs for the people who are here," trump said. by working to "zero out" a trade imbalance that, he says, costs the u.s. $400-billion in china, and $70-billion in japan. "they're leaders are beating us," said trump, they're smarter, sharper, billionare businessman says, if elected, he'd negotiate better deals to cut tariffs, and sell more american-made products overseas. "nobody can do it like i can do it," trump said. trump says those steps could prompt u.s. companies to create more jobs. and, he made a promise. "if i don't get rid of $100-billion in four years, get rid of me," trump said. few in this room would agree to do it as trump tries to shore up support with less than 100 days until the iowa caucus. in sioux city, with chief photographer jordan ogren, matt breen, ktiv news 4. >> but it wasn't all hugs and
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handshakes for donald trump. his visit also drew an estimated 650 protesters who don't like what he's said about illegal immigrants. ktiv's robert lowe has that.
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a major reason why students joined dream iowa organizers.. who say this rally isn't about politics but student safety. "we've seen in other events where the supporters take it upon themselves, verbally or physically and we don'twant this to happen at a school, where you're there to learn and not be bullied," said ismael valadez, a organizer of the anti-trump rally. this group, hoping their silence is deafening. >> britain's prince harry is back in the u.s. he's teaming up today with first lady michelle obama at a virginia military base to shine a spotlight on programs that help injured service members. he'll also stop by the oval office to see president barack obama. harry's first stop, though, is fort belvoir in suburban virginia, where his visit will include stopping by art therapy and music rooms for the troops, and observing wheelchair basketball. strong winds from the north are making it feel much cooler than it actually is today.
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forecast.. after this. degrees in spencer right now, with winds gusting to
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ben, the winds are strong and cold today.
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temperatures will be low today despite a few peeks of sunshine! wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour are not out of the question along with a few places not making it much past 50 degrees for an afternoon high. overnight lows, to no surprise, will be cold as well in the low to middle 30s with brisk winds yielding wind chills in the 20s. thursday will still be cold, but it will be calmer and sunnier before our next chance of showers late friday and friday night. halloween and the rest of the weekend look dry and a bit warmer with highs returning to the 60s. see graphics. >> > back with farm markets after this... and---honors from the governor
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back with farm markets after this... and---honors from the governor for several siouxland counties that are helping military veterans find new careers after their active duty is done.
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celebrating her 101st birthday tody. if you or someone you know is having a birthday of 80 years or more or an anniversary of 50 years or more, please send in their name (and correct pron), address and telephone number along with their pictures to ktiv. please make sure to have all the information printed and send it in at least two weeks in advance. if you would like your picture returned please include a self addressed stamped envelope. happy birthday from all of us at
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iowa governor terry branstad is signing the praises of siouxland communities and counties that have made a commitment to help veterans after they retire from the military. today, he's designating sioux county as a "home base iowa" county. last night, it was lyon county receiving accolades from the governor, and earlier, o'brien county. ktiv's tommie clark has more from sheldon.
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the years and provide an outlet for them to return home to our state, it's a win-win for us, a win for the state, and again a huge win for our veterans," said community development director for the city of sheldon, curt strouth. to receive the designation, the city created a competitive incentive package to bring value to the community for veterans. one air force veteran of 20 years who served in operation iraqi freedom and operation enduring freedom, says it's not only rewarding, but exciting for veterans. "to attract those semi-skilled to skilled labor and veterans a really perfect fit for jobs here in iowa," said home base iowa program manager and air force veteran, jason kemp. while iowa governor terry branstad says that although the program is lot of enthusiasm and support "we know there's a major reduction in the military so there's a lot of people coming out of the military, will be in the next five years, and we want them to feel welcome to come to iowa and we want to line them up with good jobs and careers here," said iowa governor, terry branstad. branstad says he wants veterans
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to come to iowa to find good jobs and become part of a community to call home. "i signed the home base iowa bill in my military uniform on memorial day at camp dodge so i'm proud to be a vietnam era veteran and i'm really proud to support this great program," said iowa governor, terry branstad. >> still ahead on news four at noon... he found mostly nails, bottle caps and the occasional coin. but then a military dog tag lost decades ago changed everything... and forged a new friendship and an incredible
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here's a live look at west lake okoboji from okoboji skycam... it was lost for decades, but now the dog tag of a world war two veteran is back where it belongs. and it's led to a new bond between strangers. ashley davis has that story from neponset, illinois.
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been there for decades." ashley davis / reporting :28- :32 "van staden found it right under this tree here and he says he knew exactly what he had to do next." internet search after internet search, figuring out larry wilt's last known address was just up the road in hennepin and that his sister had actually lived in van staden's house before him. sound / no super "everything we found about him was really great so i was like we obviously gotta try to find somebody that's worthy of returning this thing to." eventually, through a co-worker who knew the wilts, van staden was finally able to find larry's wife, ila wilt. sound / no super "but he never said anything about them being missing, larry never had said anything about them being missing." exactly 75 years after wilt enlisted in the military on september 30th, 1940, van staden surprised his wife with a visit... sound / ila wilt / husband's dog tags returned1:11-1:22 "well it was strange i'll tell you, very strange because all those years that that is what that's what i couldn't understand, how
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all that long." larry wilt died of a heart attack, 26 years ago but now, wife ila is able to hold her husband's dog tag in her hand. sound / no super "it's just like him coming back again, it's a memory, i can't explain it." >>
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using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for?
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benefit for the florence crittenton center. vicki, before we jump into what the event is all about let's first talk about the crittenton center and all the good work that it does. the crittenton center has been in sioux city for a long time. they benefit young moms, struggling families, and children like no other organization in sioux city. if not for the crittenton center, you mentioned this. yes, i brought a drawer. why? this is what babies can go home to instead of a crib if it weren't for the crittenton center services. one of the things we provide are young moms and families that don't have anything at home a pop up crib, or something so that their baby is safe and warm. the crittenton center does design and dine, this is the fourth
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there's a location change, it's at the stony creek conference center november 5th and 6th. table-scapes. that's a word i don't hear often enough, you do table- scapes. what's the theme this year? design and dine goes broadway. so they're all musical broadways. eleven tables with designers that each picked a different musical and they're designing their table and around the table according to those musicals. over the two nights, november 5th and 6th, you will actually get to eat at these tables. right. on the 5th we invite the public to come down for a happy hour from 5 to 8. all the tables are set up, they can vote for their favorite table, have some hors d'oeuvres, a silent auction because all of the funds go to the crittenton center programs. they all stay in sioux city. that has been a question. all of the money that we raise is strictly for sioux city, basically all the services that crittenton center provides. on the 6th is the live auction and sit down dinner. that's correct. that's a 6 o'clock. it's over two nights, november 5th and 6th. if you want more information 712-255-4321 or go to vicki and susie, thanks for joining us.
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[monitor beeping] [dramatic music] >> eve: wake up, you bastard, so i can send you to hell where you belong. [door clicks open] >> ben: hey. >> abigail: hey. >> ben: how was the party? >> abigail: oh, it was-- it was fine. hope mostly had a good time. >> ben: mostly? >> abigail: yeah, the male entertainment that we hired ended up to be a thief and got arrested, so-- >> ben: whoa. [chuckles] >> abigail: i know. hope was pretty upset by the end of it. >> ben: you don't think
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about the wedding, do you? >> abigail: why would you say that? >> ben: happens sometimes, doesn't it? >> hope: come on. sit down. >> aiden: i, uh-- >> hope: what? >> aiden: i-- >> hope: hey, over here. >> aiden: no, no, listen. i, um-- i'm good. i just--i got-- i had a little too much fun at the bachelor party, and i'm just-- >> hope: yeah, well, you're not acting like a guy who's been having fun, aiden. what you just said-- what did you mean, you can't do this to me? >> aiden: i just-- >> hope: [sighs] are you saying you can't marry me? >> bo: hey, what the hell is the holdup? doesn't pete understand we got to get going? >> steve: he says there's
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a major storm rolling in.
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