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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  October 29, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm CDT

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lower 50s. see graphics. >> military officials are working to recover the surveillance blimp that broke free of its moorings in maryland and drifted more than 120 miles to pennsylvania on wednesday. the runaway blimp, almost the length of a football field, was dragging a mile long cable that tore utility poles from the ground and knocked
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out power to more than 30,000 customers. a military team has gone to the scene to begin recovering the blimp. the main body and the tail section are a few hundred yards apart. captain matthew villa, army air & missile defense command "we would like to apologize to the local community for the loss of power and any other inconveniences that this could have caused but we do appreciate that fact that there was no loss of life or any major property damage." villa says the blimp is in an area that's hard to get to. the recovery is expected to take up to a week. the remains of the blimp have been tied down with ropes and pennsylvania state police troopers are using shotguns to deflate it. the number of people seeking unemployment aid barely rose last week and the average level of applications in the past month fell to a 42-year low. the labor department says weekly applications rose just 1,000 to a seasonally adjusted 260,000. over the past month, the average number of applications has dropped to the lowest level since 1973. while growth slowed over the summer, the figures on
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jobless claims indicate that businesses remain confident enough to hold onto their workers. with iowa's low unemployment rate, employers statewide are looking to fill openings with skilled workers. a panel of education and business leaders, as well as students talked about how to bridge that gap. it was part of the future ready iowa initiative... and iowa governor terry branstad said it's an issue that needs to be addressed. "in the past, there's not been, we've worked in silos. education does one thing. workforce development does its thing. economic development does another. now we want to see coordination and working together as a team, exciting new careers here in iowa for the future." the future ready iowa initiative comes after iowa received a national governors association policy academy grant in 2014 for up to 170- thousand dollars. 180 new jobs are coming to
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northeast nebraska. texas-based "o-c-t pipe" says it will build a manufacturing plant in norfolk to make pipe for the oil and gas industry. the one-million square foot, 111-million dollar factory will go at the corner of victory road and eisenhower avenue. it intends to buy steel from the nearby nucor plant. the company's c-e-o says with nucor in town and ample rail availability, norfolk is a perfect location to sell o-c-t products nationwide. they hope to break ground next month and have the plant in operation by july 2017. the iowa caucuses are just three months away, and the 2016 republican field is as unsettled as ever after last night's debate. nbc's tracie potts is in washington where the buzz is breaking in favor of the underdogs.
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(sot: john kasich/ (r) presidential candidate) "we can't elect somebody who can't do the job." (sot: donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate) "he said 'oh i'm never going to attack' but then his poll numbers tank. he's got very - that's why he's on the end." jeb bush and marco rubio got into it over rubio's missed senate votes: (sot: jeb bush/ (r) presidential candidate) "you should be showing up to work. i mean literally, the senate, what is it like a french work week?" (sot: marco rubio/ (r) presidential candidate) "somebody convinced you that attacking me is going to help you." the most consistent attack... and strongest audience reaction... questioned the moderators: (sot: john harwood/ cnbc moderator) "let's be honest: is this the comic book version of a campaign?" (sot: donald trump/ (r) presidential candidate) "that's not a very nice question." (sot: ted cruz/ (r) presidential candidate) "why not talk about issues people care about?" (sot: chris christie/ (r) presidential candidate) "we have isis and al qaeda attack us and we're talking fantasy football?" dr. ben carson told us afterward he thought this debate was light on the issues. the audience didn't like some of his questions either: (sot: dr. ben carson/ (r)
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presidential candidate) "(booo!) see, they know." cnbc's economy debate covered tax reform.. medicare.. social security and the current fight in washington over spending and raising the debt limit: (sot: rand paul/ (r) presidential candidate) "this is the unholy alliance people need to know about." (sot: mike huckabee/ (r) presidential candidate) "somebody is taking it in the teeth - and it's not wall street." carly fiorina defended her business decisions: (sot: carly fiorina/ (r) presidential candidate) "i will run on my record all day long." besides the media, the republicans most consistent target: hillary clinton. there was a pretty fierce back and forth over some of the candidates' flat tax plans... crunching the numbers on whether they'll work. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. >> after a cool and breezy start to the day... ben says the winds should be calming down a bit. he's back with the forecast after this. spencer, iowa....
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ben, it was cold and breezy out there this
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we'll pick up right where we left off
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this morning with strong winds, some lingering clouds and 30-degree temperatures. conditions will steadily improve this afternoon in that more sun and calmer winds will prevail, but temperatures will still have a hard time getting much higher than the lower 50s. the cold hangs on for one more day and night as clouds move back into the area tomorrow bringing with them a few showers late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. those should be out by halloween leaving things dry for trick-or-treaters as highs return to the 60s to near 70 early next week! see graphics.
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>> farm markets are coming up next... and meet the indiana state employee who still reports every day to the job he's held for 55 years... even as he approaches the century mark!
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south dakota egg production continues to lag behind average as the state's largest producer works to recover from last spring's deadly bird flu outbreak. the u.s. department of
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million eggs in september. that's down from 65 million from the same month a year earlier. there were about 1.6 million egg-laying birds in south dakota last month, compared to 2.6 million at the same time last year. "dakota layers", based in flandreau, killed off its entire flock of 1.3 million hens after the virus hit last may. company officials say they're restocking but it'll take time. a hartington farmer is one of two from nebraska being recognized by the white house for efforts to support the government's sustainable and climate- smart agriculture program. martin kleinschmit is an organic grain and cattle farmer. he mentored others through a four-year program that enrolled 60- thousand nebraska acres in a usda organic transition program.
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stocks were slightly lower after the government said economic growth slowed more than expected in the summer. the oldest state worker in indiana is still on the
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job as he approaches the age of 99. as kevin rader show us, this surveyor is not ready to sit back in a rocking chair just yet.
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out a few reminders to keep his mind sharp like the "dummy, get the battery" note on the dashboard. "it's pretty disgusting to drive 40 or 50 miles and no battery." the job requires staying up to date with the latest technology, which is no small feat. "you just turned 98. is that right?" "i'm getting close to 99." that makes him the oldest state employee in indiana and most likely the oldest state employee in america which has not gone entirely unnoticed. "one of my great grandsons asked his mother the other day if i knew adam and eve. i couldn't believe it. i know i am old, but i didn't know adam and eve." but he does know morse code and tells me fdr was the first president he ever voted for. "you remember fdr?" "you betcha i do. you've got to remember the depression. you don't want a depression. anything but that, 'cause you got to feed your kids. if you don't have money to buy it, you are going to steal it. it is just that simple." "how long are you going to keep working? at 98 you should have retired 40 years ago." "i know. i really don't know [if i'll retire.] maybe you don't want to quit working.
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nobody should quit. just do something." "is that the secret, if there is one?" "when you quit working, you start what they call rocking. i don't like the term, but that is what you do." so the man who was born when woodrow wilson was president, graduated from purdue and started working at the dnr when jfk was inaugurated still has his draft card from world war ii. "october 16th, 1940. it says, 'carry it with you at all times' and i still got it. i stopped carrying it because it is about worn out but i don't think they are
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that's because he is still needed here. "now see that instrument is still pointing at me. it will follow me no matter where i go." he's not ready to rock... "you have to want to do something, you have to learn to like it." he's still on a roll. "in this life today you never know how far you can go before you can hit an obstacle." >> that was kevin rader reporting from corydon, indiana. still ahead... 14 years ago, a little girl in iowa lost her cat. but thanks to an i-d chip and the kindness of strangers, the two have been reunited. the amazing tale... when we
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here's a live look at west lake okoboji from okoboji skycam... what's it worth to have front-row seats at the world series? for a couple of new york mets fans, the answer is 17- thousand dollars -- each. two seats behind home plate at game three sold on stub-hub for 17-thousand, 533 dollars apiece. the original ticket price was about 700 bucks. compare that to the most expensive super bowl ticket in february -- a little less than 13- thousand. with those prices, you wouldn't know the mets are down two games to none in the series. game three, tomorrow night in new york. you know those i-d chips you can
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have implanted in your pet? well, they come in handy. recently, one of them helped reunite an iowa girl with the cat she lost 14 years ago. needless to say...they have a lot of catching up to do. emmy victor reports.
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mother) "i'm going 'i don't have a cat,' and they said, 'yeah, you do.'" so she sent her daughter to the compound in disbelief. (jill petticord/ral ph's owner) "he looked at me. and kind of turned his head sideways. and his eyes perked up. and i said - oh my gosh, that's my kitty." ralph is now home and jill is working to get him healthy again. he has lost weight and fur because he was stray for so many years. (jill petticord/ral ph's owner) "i am just glad that he gets to finish out his life with me and not somewhere out on the streets. and i can make sure that he has a good ending to his life." >> that was emmy victor reporting from des moines. ralph wasn't a kitten when he disappeared, either. it's estimated he is now 17 years old.
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just finished performing at carnegie hall. he'll be bringing the music he performed there to town. yes, plus a little bit more. besides doing a fusion project which is a combination of going out and finding young composers and sensing how they're bringing in all the elements of world music: jazz, blues, samba, bosanova, and all those kinds of forms that make world music for us. he commissioned some pieces by gweneth walker who is an american composer, taught for a long time at oberlin university, now out in connecticut where she lives. she's going to be joining us this weekend when she comes. helped by the ingle foundation which is a great supporter of richard too. miss walker will be here not only to talk about her music but to experience the music that richard will premiere that he commissioned from her. he took a sabbatical to central america for a year to see around. he did take a sabbatical but then we arranged for him to take online classes so he got to extend it for a year because his teaching was online. and he sort of cultivated this new music? that's right. called fusion, he'll perform selections from that coming up november 1st at 3 at first presbyterian church in town. if you want more information 712-574-0938. mary, thanks for joining us. you're welcome, thank you. thanks for joining us around siouxland. >>
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chad dimera. >> chad: [whimpering] >> daniel: easy, easy, easy, easy, easy. there you go, relax, relax. all right, right here, focus. look at me, look at me, look at me. there you go. [phone ringing] >> hope: oh. >> daniel: chad, calm down. look at me, look at me, look. >> chad: [whimpering] >> daniel: right here, right here, look right here. there you go. there you go. you have been here for a while. i know, i know, easy, easy. the cops insisted on the cuffs. easy, easy. >> rafe: you're still here? at this hour? >> justin: i'm not ready to go home. >> rafe: well, there's nothing new to report. >> justin: let's go over it again. you have the chain of custody affidavits on the trace evidence found in paige's dorm room?
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evidence to the lab tech myself. >> justin: what about after that? chad dimera will hire a big-time legal shark who will pick at every detail, rafe, every technicality. [phone ringing] we have to be ready for that. >> rafe: hang on. [phone ringing] coming? huh? >> justin: hell, yeah. >> daniel: slow it down. you gotta just stay calm. slow down. all right, give me 10 mgs of diazepam iv, stat. >> chad: [grunts] >> daniel: hey, slow down, slow down, easy, eas-- look at me, look at me, look at me, everything is gonna be okay. everything is gonna be just-- just fine. that's it, breathe. just breathe. look at me, look me right in the eye. that's it, breathe. stay calm, that's it, just calm. stay calm. >> male announcer: like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives."
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