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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  November 5, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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on the city's southwest side. (sheila) ktiv's sam curtiss is with live link four, in cherokee, with the latest. matt, i'm on oak knoll drive. standing at the bottom of the hill. this is as close as law enforcement will let us be. the standoff started at around five o'clock, tonight, inside a home on oak knoll drive. a cherokee police dispatcher couldn't say what led to the standoff, but told us that several homes surrounding the site of the standoff had to be evacuated for safety reasons. the dispatcher added that the public, at large, isn't in d dger. authorities from the cherokee police department, cherokee county sheriff's department, and iowa state patrol are on scene, and have promised us an update after the situation is resolved. what we still don't know is what caused the standoff... who's inside that home... and whether that person is armed. i spoke with a neighbor who was evacuated. they didn't want to be identified. but told us what they know. "i've been sitting here for about an hour. i've not been
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able to go home since early afternoon," a neighbor said. "you said you did try to go home, what happened?" asked a reporter. "we were stoppped at the bottom of the hill. we were not even able to get halfway up the hill," a neighbor said. "when police stopped you, what did they say to you?" asked a reporter. "they said that they have the situation, they're working on it and making progress and we would be notified when we're able to return home," a neighbor said. "did they tell you what type of situation," asked a reporter. "they weren't able to give us any details of what was happening," said the neighbor. "have they given any updates or indication n f when you can go home," asked a reporter. "we've been given hourly, to two- hourly updates, and they continue to say they're making progress," said the neighbor. "last update i got was around 7:20 and it was the saem response about
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matt, sheila, we'll update when we know anything more about the standoff hererin cherokee, iowa. back to you. (sheila) thanks sam. a woman was arrested today after authorities found a man with a stab wound. 21-year-old katherine leann burdett, from alabama, was arrested for aggravated domestic assault. authorities were called to the street in rural woodbury county this morning and found 28- year-old with a stab wound on his upper left chest. he was treated at the scene and transported to mercy medical center with non-life threatening injuries. the case is still under investigation. funeral services taking place tomorrow for a young sioux city boy killed in a fire last friday night. tragagy struck the torres family. but, their 3-year-old son nico died from smoke inhalation.
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the investigation into the cause of the fire at the house on central street is on going. tomorrow afternoon friends and family will gather at st. michael's church in south sioux city, nebraska. family membersrsay the service arts at 1:00 p.m. several fundraisers have been set up for the family. we have a list on our website at a child missing from alabama for more than a dozen years has been found in ohio. julian hernandez was five when his mother reported him missing. the now 18 year old was found monday -- unharmed in cleveland. police say the child was suspected to have been taken by bobby hernandez, his non-custodial father . according to authorities, the father and son were living under different names in cleveland. when julian began applying to colleges, he learned his social security number did not match his name. with help from a school counselor, julian found himself on the national center for missing and exploited children database. bobby hernandez is being held in ohio on charges of tampering with records. he faces charges in alabamamfor the abduction. there's a chill in the air but
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for how long? chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us now with the first look at our forecast. it was a day of cooling as some this morning only to see them fall into the upper 40s by late this afternoon. a showers) were in the region but we should clear out some tonight and see a chilly night with lows in the 30s. the next couple of days will stay cooler with highs in the low to mid 50s. (sheila) last night, we gave you a rare, behind the scenes look at the construction of the u.s.s. sioux city. the littoral combat ship is under construction at a shipyard in wisconsin. (matt) when it's deployed, the u.s.s. sioux city will l
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crew of 95 on board. tonight, we continue my special series of reports, from northern wisconsin, by talking with some of those crew members as they train for the day they'll sail aboard the sioux city.
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to do on the two visits i've made has been awesome," said ralston. among the men and women of the u.s.s. sioux city is one nebraska-native. "i work with radar," said os2 cole lesiak, u.s.s. sioux city. operations specialist cole lesiak was born and raised in columbus, nebraska. the navy is in his blood. "my grandpa, my dad... hhwas in the navy," said lesiak. "his brother was in the navy, so it's like a family tradition. a nine-year navy man, lesiak is proud to serve his country, and serve aboard the u.s.s. sioux city. "best thing i ever did," lesiak said. fofochief engineer kevin rhyne, the u.s.s. sioux city is the fourth ship he's served on in his 18-year naval career. "whenever you commission a ship, or you go to a ship, you learn a little bit about the namesake," said lt kevin rhyne, u.s.s. sioux city. "you sort of carry that with you. and, you don't forget it." rhyne says ship's mission is just as important as the name on her stern. "as we bring her to life, it's going to mean a lot," rhyne said. it means a lot to the crew, and to the community with its name all over the
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navy's newest ship. to represent them," ralston said. "and, we want to do so in the > the future u.s.s. sioux city may be launched as soon as december... or in january, weather permitting. throughout the past few weeks, we've introduced you to todd landen, an iraq war veteran, who was injured in 2008. at sioux city's orpheum theatre, tonight, folks had a chance to help landen, and the organization that's helping renovate his home to deal with his disabilities. "projects for patriots" held a reception for landen, and a screening of the movie "the hornet's nest." it centers on landen's batallion, the 101st airborne division, and their mission in afghanistan. landen consulted on the film. sioux city schools announced there was in increase in enrollment for the fourth year in
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a row. school officials say the increase this year was over 250 students. over the past four years that number increases to over 680 students. the superintenden t says factors of the increase include growing support of the community as well as partnerships with parents, students and community agencies. students from one sioux city school served up a fast food art lesson today. art students from bishop heelan high school donated their time to decorate the chililen's play area at burger king on hamilton boulevard. the high schoolers painted animal images on the walls. "it came out really nice. it really fits the plain background. and, the color is pretty good, too, like, they blend together. so, i was pretty satisfied," said student tuyen n . to thank thehefor their work, burger king is donating a new pottery wheel to the school's art department. still to come.... a close shave to help a local
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educator take on cancer. see his transformati on in just 14 minutes on "news 4 at ten." it was a day of cooling as some of us saw temps in the 60s early
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election andndraise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- huhuand, father, grandfather,
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to give us a future to believe in.
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fall into the upper 40s by late this afternoon. a lot of clouds (but only a few showers) were in
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the region but we should clear out some tonight and see a chilly night with lows in the 30s. the next couple of days will stay cooler with highs in the low to mid 50s. then highs could get closer to 60 again by sunday and into the first part of next week before some rain may move in by the middle of the week.
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an odor that makes an impression. city leaders get a close look at the way your waste is handled.
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dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a third-grader. but now it's time to go out into the world.d. and from what i hear, it's not all toys and games out there. will you look out for me, future?
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it's often the first impression the city of sioux city makes. (matt) for years, city leaders have tried to control the odor. in fact, it was debated during a city council meeting a few months ago. that meeting led leaders to the city's wastewater treatment plant, today. the goal of today's tour was to see how the plant operates, anan identify any upgrades that arere needed. "coming down to the plant and visualizing the plant, seeing the biomedia filter field that helps reduce odors was really important i think for me and to understand overall." the morning began with workers describing the plant's de-watering trial. it's replacing old equipment with
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better equipment to separate liquids from solids. plant officials say having city leaders visit helps them get a better idea of what they do at the plant. >> people who want to comment about an oil pipeline project across iowa will get their chance. the dakota access pipeline, backed by energy transfer partners, would transfer crude oil through 18 iowa counties and parts of north dakota, south dakota and illinois. the iowa utilities board says people should contact their offices tomorrow between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to alert officials of an intention to speak at a november 12th public hearing, in boone. there will be enough time for about 200 people to speak. each person will get a maximum of two minutes each. another republican has dropped out of the race for president. former irs commissioner mark everson posted a message to his website, this afternoon, saying "while encouraged by my interactions with voters over the past eight months, particularly in recent weeks throughout new hampshire, i simply have not generated enough media exposure or funding to
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a professor with a beard older than most of his students gets their help shaving it off. see how the close shave is helping his fight against
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(matt) a special gathering took place at morningside college today for a professor facing a serious medical diagnosis. (sheila) and, it's a situation he's taking head-on as we show you in tonight's healthbeat 4.
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for morningside college professor dr. mark heistad (high-sted) it's all about the facial hair. 8:08 "it became a trademark for me. people who even didn't take a class with me say i'm the guy with the beard." also, known as doc on campus. students and colleagues come together to witness a transformation. :20: "many people notice that middle age men when they cut off their beard they look younger. i fifired when i started to feel old i would cut it off. this just pushed it ahead a little bit." the shove to shave came after doctors diagnosed doc with esophageal cancer in august. :33 "my surgeon said straight out the beard has to go. my oncologist said it's going to start falling out by bits and pieces." "sheila brummer says before doc started on the staff of morningside college in 2002, he spent 15 years working at public radio station in iowa and minnesota." 5:01 but, i'm dearly in love with radio, i have been in love with it since high school." and, it was the day after high school doc stopped shaving. 7:16 "i've had the beard since june of 1975." 40 years gone in 20 minutes. snips and trims with razor precision. "who is that guy?" decades of identity chopped away. :52 "when i first looked at it i
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was taken a back. really, that's what i look like?" a look that should grow on doc over time as he learns a new lesson about life. 1:30 "the support from my family my colleagues and students here has been overwhelming.. they all got my back." >> when doc's students heard about his cancer they decided to make an event out of it. morningside college streamed the shaving on- line and on cable tv.
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mass communicatio n students even took the first cuts out of doc's beard. jayden lux: :52 it's just a staple to who he is as a person. i'm sure it's hard for him to lose something like that." katie copple/former student: :35 "it's an early stage of cancer and we're all praying for him and come visit him when we can he's a big influence on campus." doc's prognosis looks good. the cancer was caught in stage one. doc started chemo and radiation last week. doctors will remove his esophagus and replace it with part of his stomach. doc hopes to be back in class full time next semester. doc first noticed something was wrong en he had trouble swallowing. other symptoms can include chest pain, weight loss and chronic cough. men are 3 to 4 times more likely to get
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brad's here -- with more volleyball teams trying to get to state. we have nebraska and south dakota teams in action. dakota valley took their first step towards another state trip. and, the top-ranked morningside women try to continue their high-scoring ways. sports fource
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a recent study shows that pre-term birth rates have improved recently. bubuthere's still more that we should be doing. and a group of preschoolers got to test out their christmas toys a little earlier. we'll tell you which toys came
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dakota's volleyball rankings most of the season. the panthers hit the regional trail against lennox. dv starting the post- season with a 24-4 record. dakota valley swept lennox just three weeks ago. first set, panthers struggling early, but elizabeth lammers spikes the ball off a oriole defender to cut the deficit to one. later, dv gets another break as katie soukup delivers a serve that the defense mishandles, and the panthers take the lead. panthers continue to gain momentum -- meredith lammers's attack is deflected by a couple defenders and drops in for the point to keep dakota valley ahead. later on, meredith landers gets another set up and spike -- it almost hits the camera man, panthers sweep lennox in 3 sets. district finals in nebraska -- winners to state. in c1, pierce is swept by ord. in c2, guardian angels sweeps hartington cc. also in c2, crofton's going to state, after a 3-2 win over gin public/pope john. stanton falls to shelby, rising city, also 3-2. in d1, emerson-hubbard gets a state trip, 3-zip.
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wynot. starts next thursday in lincoln. the morningside women's basketball team has started the season as the top-ranked naia division ii team in the country. the defending national champs are 2-0 this season, averging 99 points per game. the mustangs were home against washington, state. morningside head coach jamie sale -- a 389 and 107 career record -- pretty good. the mustangs always play good defense. allison bachman with the steal and layin. morningside out to a 17 to 1 lead. second quarter -- yes, it's quarters this season. morningside feeds the post. freshman audra corbit -- from laurel, nebraska, lays it in. mustangs shot 54 percent from the field. now on the run, lexi ackerman to taylor bahensky for the quick 2. mustangs up 41-16 at the half. it was all home team. ackerman drops in the 3-pointer. morningside goes to 3 and 0 with a 90 to 48 win. this summer, we asked for football gear from
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siouxland schools for our set on sportsfource extra. the basketball edition is coming up and we need your help again. if you have any basketball gear, we would love to have it. when the season is over -- you'll get the equipment back. you can send it to us at ktiv, at our new address, 2929 signal hill drive -- or you can just bring it to the station. sports fource extra tips off december 4th. last season, newell-fonda won the iowa 8-man state championship as an unranked team. the mustangs haven't been able to surprise anyone this season, being ranked first or second. still, newell-fonda goes into friday's quarterfinals a a11 and 0. the mustangs shutout harris-lake park, 35- nothing in round one and then knocked off number-9 gt/ra 28-14 on monday. up next for newell-fonda is unranked colo-nesco, who hasn't played a ranked team in the postseason yet. the mustangs have met every challenge this season, and their next step is clear, get back to the uni-dome to defend their title. "i tell our kids all the time, successful football teams have three characteristics," said newell-fonda head coach brian wilken. "one, they're unselfish. two. they play together and three, they play kids do that awfully, awfully well."
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newell-fonda and colo- nesco play at 7 o'clock on friday. see highlights from the iowa quarterfinals on sports fource extra a morrow night at 10. also round 2 in nebraska for
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