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tv   Today  NBC  November 22, 2015 7:00am-7:45am CST

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effective intelligence and in addition to missile strikes, in addition to cutting off financing and all the other things we're doing, the most powerful tool we have to fight isil is to say that we're not afraid. >> president obama is now traveling back to d.c. when he returns, national security and the threat of isis will undoubtedly be at the top of the agenda here at the white
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morning. rosie tweeted about her, dear god, she is beautiful. a fan named anne-laure tweeted about the skit. you should watch it. it was funny. the thanksgiving miracle is an instant classic. the skit, again, really fun nu.ny. don't forget, adele will perform live on the "today" show this wednesday, right here in our studio. are you here wednesday? >> you know, i just so happen to have a story airing wednesday morning on the "today" show. >> perfect. >> just saying. >> everyone will be here on wednesday. >> i know. they may not let us in the studio. sheinelle, thanks. still to come, the all-out man hunt underway for the gunman who shot a hero medical student, a man who stopped to come to the aid of a woman he saw being attacked. we'll have that s sry ahead.
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it is open enrollment time for medicare part d. joining us today for siouxland center for active generations we have linda santi and tom hildebrand. thank you for joining us today. it's great to be here. this is an important time for people to really get active when it comes to this. the open enrollment period is until december 7th so people can call and set up an appointment with skilled volunteers like tom who are going to be able to help them save a great deal of
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best plan fofothemselves. you're a volunteer? yes, ma'am. how much have you saved people? it's approaching $100,000 now just since the middle of october when we started this. there's around 10 of us in siouxland, this is a divisisn of the e surance division of f wa. there's 350 of us around the state. last year in iowa we saved people $50 million dollars. if you're 65 or older you need to volunteer like you, to sit down and go through everything. my mom did this and she was amazed by how much she was able to save. there's a lot of things you don't know about. it's fairly complicated. it is complicated. 10,000 people a day turn 65 as the baby boom generation goes through the pipeline. it's important that they get somomguidance, that's what ship is all
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since 1990 for iowans. thanks to linda and the siouxland active generations for hosting us too. we love having them there sheila. where do people go to get the help? they can call us at 712-255- 1729 or stop in. fill out a short form, basically we want to know what the prescriptions are. we're already out of time, but people can contact the siouxland center for active generations for more. thank you so much for joining g
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jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. who's going to take care of the christians that are bng eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. nice and easy. oh! >> you all right over there? >> you're an idiot. i'm going to kill you.
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jeff gordon in his pepsi max commercials. taking unsuspected passengers for an unforgettable ride. day, he climbs into the number 24 car for the last time, hoping to end his decades-long career with one final championship. we are back on this sunday morning, november 22nd, 2015. some hearty thanksgiving crowds out here this morning. we can do that better. little louder. there we go. now they're awake. let's get a look at the stories making headlines for you at this hour. the fbi looking into a possible isis threat against the u.s. targeting a pro wrestling event in atlanta tonight. up. winter weather is gripping the country's midsection ahead of one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. hundreds of flights grounded at chicago's o'hare. a fire breaks out on the 50th floor at the john hancock sen thor in chicago. this morning, five people
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recovering from injuries after flames were seen shooting from the window halfway up the building. we start with a man hunt in new orleans for a gunman who shot and wounded a medical student. the student was risking his life to help a woman being dragged down the street. the whole thing was caught on surveillance video. quick warning. this video, pretty tough t/ watch. nbc's mark potter has the latest. >> reporter: new orleans police say this is the man they are searching for this morning. described as armed and dangerous. he'sccused of shooting 25-year-old peter gold, a fourth year medical student at tulane university, in the stomach, and trying to shoot him again. the incident was caught on security video early friday morning. officers say it began with a man dragging a woman to a nearby suv. >> you said the female got hit in the eye? or she got punched in the eye? >> 10-4. possibly punched in the eye. >> reporter: police say medical student peter gold stopped his car and got out to help the woman, but was confronted by the armed attacker. >> at which point, the
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individual that wass attacking thisisther woman pulled a gun on him and began to demand property from him. >> reporter: gold insisted he didn't have any cash. >> witnesses staid they heard a man yelling out, don't -- i already told you, i don't have any money. then they heard a p. gentleman shot one time in the stomach stomach. >> reporter: with gold wounded and on the ground, the attacker can be seen on tape apparently trying to fire again. but the gun didn't work. >> fortunately for everybody, his gun did jam several times. >> reporter: golddas rushed to the hospital and police released this second video of the shooter's get away car, asking the public for help. tulane is offering a $10,000 reward. the university president describes gold as an outstanding student who represents the best of tulane in every possible way. a fellow student says he's not at all surprised by his bravery. gold's family says, while we deeply appreciate everyone's
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they now request privacy, as gold begins his recovery. for "today," mark potter, nbnb news, miami. >> terrible. you think he stopped to help someone. >> he did the right thing. >> prayers with him indeed. back to boston. dylan dreyer has a final check of the forecast. hey, dylan. >> good morning, guys. from boston, where we're feeling the chill up here, but not as much as the midwdwt. what can we expect for the holiday travel? it looks a little bit messy, especially through the middle of the country. we've got, on wednesday, some snow working through the northern rockies and the northern plains. the rain will fall from minneapolis all the way down into dallas. en on thursday, for thanksgiving itself it kind of gets its act together, to the point where we could see pockets of heavier snow through nebraska, through south dakota, and even into parts of central minnesota. severe storms are possible in oklahoma and texas. on the front side, the warmer side o othe front. on friday, i starts to move east ward a little more but
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loses the snow and turns into a rain and stormy event, especially down south. on the east coast for the macy's thanksgiving day parade, looks like it's going to be pretty warm. on thursday, upper 50s, low to mid 60s on friday for you going out shopping. if you're shopping through the plains, temperatures only in the 20s and 30. today, lake-effect snow. elsewhere, it's a little below average. little chilly for this per hour. good morning i'm meteorologist ben dorenbach sunday: we'll warm up slightly up to 34 degrees with sunshine and southwesterly winds at 10-15 miles per hour. your forecast brought to you by knova's s rpets, sisixlands largest shaw ooring center. >> and that's your latest forecast.
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chilly on the plaza? >> little chilly, but not bad. >> not terrible. we have a nice crowd. we miss you, dylan dreyer. >> see you in a bit. >> you're missing ice cream, by the way. just saying. >> i heard. i'm not happy about it. >> we'll save you some, we promise. >> this is a big deal. even if you're not a nascar car,r, this is a big deal. >> yeah. later today, the checkered flag will wave on the racing career of jeff gordon. he'll start his engine for the last time this afternoon in miami, chasing a fifth championship as he prepares to ride off into the sunset. kristen dahlgren has more. >> wouldn't that be a storybook ending? even if you're not a nascar fan, you've probably heard of jeff gordon. many credit him with takingg nascar mainream. hopefully today brings one last victory lap. >> reporter: for more than 20 years, jeff gordon has been a
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fixture, from the track to our tv screens. >> pepsi max called test drive. >> y y're an idiot.t. i'm going to kill you. >> reporter:293 wins, including three day toenaytona 500s, turned gordon into a pitch man. he was the first driver to host "saturday night live."." >> i'm so excited to be here. >> reporter: a cross-over star, about to hang up his keys with a rare chance to do it in style. two decades after gordon won his first championship, he has a chance to do it again today. one of four drivers in contention. >> i don't think i could have scripted it quite the way it's going. you know, i never dreamed that we could have anpportunity to be battling for the championship in my final race. >> reporter: gordon started racing young. the other drivers often teasing him for his learner's permit mustache. dale earnhnhdt jr. called him wonder boy.
7:20 am
earned him enemies, who thought gordon was a pretty boy. >> he was different. looked different, walked different, talked different. he wasn't a typical southern nascar driver. >> reporter: today, the 44-year-old has won hisrival's respect. >> we all want it really badly, and we all know it's not going to come easily. >> here comes gordon. >> reporter: this will be gordon's 797th race. he's earned more than $150 million in winnings. more in endorsements. win or lose today, his place in history is rock solid. but that doesn't mean fans aren't looking for one last ectacular finish from jeff gordon. >> either way, there will be quite the party in downtown miami tonight. gordon invited 100 of his closest family and friends t t celebrate a l lg career and maybe one more win, guys. >> that would be quite the party. thanks. live coverage of today's race begins at 1:30 eastern right here on nbc.
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none other than hoda kobt. >> jeff gordon did so much to popularize the spot. up next, our sunday stories. this first one, just amazing. glasses that can help the color blind see a whole new world. also, dylan dreyer can juggle a lot of things. we know that. she proves it by attending clown school. a diamond is one man's best friend. the 81-year-old still playing
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when you can give him so much more? last thursday, a game between the buffalo bills and the new york jets, both teams wore solid colored uniforms. color blind fans couldn't tell the difference between the teams. >> what if thehe was a solutionon there's a pair of magic glasses passing with flying colors when put to the test. ethan scot lovet loves the color purple. >> i'm obsessed with purple. >> reporter: until two months ago, he didn't even know what it s. >> some say, willlou pass me the purple thing?
7:24 am
>> reporter: like 13 million americans, ethan is color behind. where we see this, ethan sees this. >> now for the final test. >> reporter: now, a solution. >> what? whoa! >> reporter: hundreds of videos have popped up online. >> i can see the difference in the two cars now. >> reporter: showing people seeing color for the very first time. >> this is red. >> reporter: wearing what appear to be magic glasses. >> look at your kids' eyes, pete. they're so pretty. >> reporter: ethan's boyfriend spent $350 on a pair and lit up ethan's world. >> is this purple? >> yes. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> once i saw , it was like blue and red is happenini at the same time. my brain can't comprehend it. i've never experienced that before. >> reporter: he has don to thank for that. >> this is where the magic
7:25 am
this is where i do the science. >> reporter: he is the co-founder off one o o several companans that uses cutting-edge technogy to help color blind people see the world a bit more brightly. but does it work for everyone? we invited six color blind people to see for themselves. rang stranger, what colol is this? red and green or red and brown next to each other, i can't kel which is which. >> maybe he'll dress better after this. >> want to try the glasses? >> mm-hmm. >> let's do it. >> reporter: we took them to the grocery store. all the colors. the moment of truth. >> three, two, one! >> wow. it's beautiful. >> what are you seeing differently? >> i see every melon individually, with the different colors.
7:26 am
scenes i've never seen before. >> holy mackerel, look at the pumpkins. >> reporter: pete is 86 years old. his grandson is also color blind. >> take off your glasses and put on yours and look at your grandfather's eyes. can you see the color in your grandfather's eyes? >> yeah. without it, it's like semi-bland. when you put them on, it pops out. >> you guys have the same color eyes. >> really? >> it's like seeing for the first time. >> everything looks so much more appetizing. >> almost like i've waited my whole life for this. i don't want to take them off. >> reporter: a feeling ethan scott knows too well. >> it sounds dramatic but it completely changed my life. >> reporter: a life of purple possibilities. >> so pretty. >> reporter: for "today," morgan ratford,d,nbc newsws los angeles. >> amazing. >> can you imagine? >> the woman crying because she could see color for the first time. >> amazing.
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a school full of class clowns every year. hundreds of volunteers attend clown college so they can participate in the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> this year, dylan dreyer couldn't resist getting in on the action. >> guys, youou know, full disclosure, i'm terrified of clowns. my dentist office growing up was full of clowns. it was a whole thing. when i was asked to be one in a room full of them, i quickly learned that it's the clown that really brings the macy's thanksgiving day parade to life. >> reporter:r:he macy's thanksgiving day parade, an american favorite. sure, the giant balloons are the stars of the show, but what's a parade without a clown? >> it's the piece of the parade that touches the audience specifically. everything else in the parade goes steady down the street. the balloons in the air, the floats are where they need to be. e clowns get to go and move around and really keep things vibrant. >> reporter: there's no better place to learn that than at
7:31 am
macy's clown u. >> what is going on here today? >> right here today is our pre-rehearsal. we are learning our clown routines for parade day. >> reporter: every year, hundreds of macy's employees volunteer to dress up as clowns and parade passed thousands of spectators in manhattan, with millions more watching on tv. it requires training. these volunteers learn how to t the partt at thiss college for clowns. >> one, two, three, four. >> one, two, three, four. >> one, one, one, one, one. >> i felt like a kid at christmas. i couldn't sleep. i couldn't wait to come to clown u. i can't imagine what i'm going to be like on thanksgiving morning. >> reporter: a aradition so memorable, many return year after year. >> this is my ninth time. >> this will be my 14th. >> there it is. >> reporter: it was my first me to clown around. so pretty. i didn't expect to be a pretty clown. thank you. >> give it a try. >> i have no idea what i look like right now.
7:32 am
final touches. then it was time to act the part. not much of a stretch for me. >> there's something about being in this outfit that turns you into a clown. >> you look so great. i'm watson. welcome to macy's clown u and big apple circus. to warm up, come out and give a thanks happy thanksgiving to the whole parade. >> i'll walk up and come up, happy thanksgiving. >> look at everyone, up there, over that way. >> at the sky. >> looking close, looking far. >> the point -- >> all in the face and all in the heart. enjoy yourself and have a great time. >> red >> reporter: ready or not, i was off to the mock parade. >> a special performance of dylan dreyer. >> i don't know what to do. >> yay! [ applause ] >> let's give her a big round of applause, everybody.
7:33 am
>> reporter: what really makes these clowns smile is spreading joy as they walk in the parade on thanksgsging day. >t always makes your -- when we see signs, people from north dakota, south dakota, wyoming, all make a special effort. thank you for coming to new york. >> happy thanksgiving! >> i love it. >> dyla narksn, you're a natural. >> craig didn't know what to say. >> i used to be afraid of clowns but i wouldn't have been afraid of you. you seem like a warm clown. >> a warm clown. >> i was really happy when they handed me the hot pink, bright purple, and not like the scary one with the face paint. >> those were your colors. are you going to be clowning around on thanksgiving in the parade, just to clarify? >> i don't believe i was invited to the actual parade. >> there's always next year, d.d. >> not yet. >> so fun. >> coverage of the 89th macy's
7:34 am
thanksgiving day parade begins thursday morning at 9:00 a.m.l right here on nbc. just ahead, sundays with harry. a son helps turn his father's i said i really can't stay baby it's cold outside i have to go away baby it's cold outside i really can't stay baby it's cold outside! you never know who you'll meet at barnes & noble. just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda ... calorie sweetener. splenda lets you experience... ....he joy of sugar... ...without all the calories. think sugar, sayplenda
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back now with sundays with harry. this week, as nbc continues its seasons of kindness,arry introduces us to a son who w wt to bat for his father when he didn't wanto give up his love of softll. >> this is such a good story. i love it. it varies for each of us, what puts a sparkle in our eyes, a pep in our step. a story now about softball and
7:37 am
>> whyhy don't you bat after sarah? >> reporter: matt and mo englander go over the lineups for tonight's softball double-header. cool because mo is matt's dad. they're teammates and mo is 81. >> who doesn't want to play ball withthheir dad? it's a drdrm. >> reporter: the game has always been a family passion. baseball, softball, a diamond and a bat were all tt mattered. when mo's old team folded ten years ago, it was matt who came to the rescue. >> like a man without a country. he came to me and said, i don't have a team. i don't have anywhere to play. can i play with you? >> reporter: matt knew for his father, the competition and camaraderie of softball are like a drug, for which there is no substitute. >> come on, guys. i'm going to keep playing until they have to cart me away. it's too important to me. >> what did it mean to you when your own kid comes along and says, hey, dad, i got a team.
7:38 am
>> when i walked out the first time, i was just right here. right here. it was great. >> reporter: since this is a tete baseded on nepotism, guess who is the s srting pitcher? >> the mo man. >> for safety's sake, matt insist mo wear a mask on the mound. a small concession, says mo, for winning is all he cares about. >> it's important to , to win. but i'll maybe stata to mature in a few years. perhaps. >> what do you say, mo? >> reporter: the rest of the team is all? >> mo's pitching, we play as hard as we can. we know how competitive he is. >> this is the coolest thing ever. there's nothing better. >> matt` started this team for his dad, and it's always been about that. we're always out here to have fun. >> reporter: the team struggled through the regular season but rallied to win the league championship.
7:39 am
honest, how elsls would this story end? >> that's great. >> i love it. i love the storybook ending. >> i got a hat. >> nice. >> we tried to take it. >> yeah. >> thank you for that, harry. >> that was great, harry. >> you're lucky because you're here were ice cream today. i know you like it but this is not your grater's ice cream from cincinnati. if youe wondering what to bring for thanksgiving, maybe this is the best bet. ice cream that tastes like thanksgiving day careers. >> our friends from portland sese us this five-course meal of their ice creamsms we have a taste test. number one. taste it. >> this is -- >> sheinelle, you have a guess? >> turkey. >> there's turkey. also careamel. >> harry, you don't seem impressed by number one. >> nope. >> what do youou think i iis? >> this is salted caramel thanks thanksgiving turkey. you can't taste the turkey. it's not overpowering. >> i taste it.
7:40 am
>> number two. >> taste the turkey on the back end. >> number two? >> gravy? >> what is that ask? >> mashed potoes and gravy. >> i knew they make dessert-inspired-ish flavors. is this one of them? >> what is number three? harry? >> cranberries. >> you're not talking. you're supposed to be the -- >> this is stuffing. >> apple cranberry stuffing.
7:41 am
>> that's the one i would this sunday, fighting isis. how do we defeat them what should the u.s. strategy be and how safe are we at home? we'll talk to the experts including homeland security chief jeh johnson and former defense secretary and head of the cia leon panetta on what
7:42 am
needs to be done. plus, a bad week for american leadership. president obama sounds defensive. >> i don't know w wt more you want me to add. while the republicans go over the top on refugees. >> i would encourage you mr. president, come back and insult me to my face. >> i want to surveil. i want surveillance of these people that are coming in. >> how will the isis threat and the politics of fear impact the 2016 campaign? also, syrian refugees and america. are there legitimate reasons to slow the process or is this just islamophobia? joining me for insight and analysis are tom brokaw of nbc news, kathleen parker of the "washington post," c cleen cooper of the "new york times" and ronornier of the "national journal." welcome to sunday and a special edition of "meet the press." good sunday morning. the belgian capital, brussels,
7:43 am
soldiers on the streets amid fears of an imminent isis attack. police in that city are also searching door to door for one of the paris attackers who is believed to be hiding somewhere in the brussels area. meanwhile, overnight in malaysia president obama struck a different tone than he did earlier this week and he addressed americans' fears about terror specifically. >> the most powerful tool we have to fight isil is to say that we're not afraid. to not elevate them. that somehow buy into their fantasy that they're doing something important. they're a bunchf kikiers. >this morning we'll look at the isis threat from all the angles. how do we build an international coalition against isis? does the u.s. strategy in the region have to change?
7:44 am
and if so, how?


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