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tv   Today  NBC  November 23, 2015 10:00am-11:00am CST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. hope you had a lovely, lovely weekend. that is kelly clarkson. >> love her. we have a great show for you today. we have some of the big moments at the american music awards last night.
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it was the reason blake tweeted gwen stefani. then an inspiring story of a young woman who turned her inspiring idea into a small business that's helping lift spirits of women along the way. susie welch has her story. i like having her with us. she's a class act, so smart. >> you hear about fathers and daughters, today we have a mother and son singing duo. madison ward and the mama bear. >> i can't wait to hear that. >> very first album, number one on amount tiff newlternative new artist chart. >> how was your weekend? >> my kids are at home, so it was filled with that. every year, past six years or so my friend pat wexler, a dermatologist. she's a great woman. she always has a table there.
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a burch of people. bernadette there. there's meredith -- meryl streep and her daughter mamie. it was so much fun, first of all, to be sitting at a table with them. our good friend bernadette peters. all of a sudden i brought my stuff with me. i brought rose, white, red blend. stuff. i won't say the name. we're in the middle of lunch. meryl streep, probably the world's greatest actress goes like this to me. pointing. i go, what? the rose? i said, what, the red? i said, listen you speak languages just talk to me in one of them and i'll get you what you want. chocolate. nobody thinks that's funny?
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she wanted the chocolate. i thought it was hysterical. but then again maybe i'm losing it. >> the world's greatest actress. chocolate. >> she already had the other stuff. it was lovely, lovely -- that is an amazing organization. the event raised $1.2 million. it provides like 187,000 nutritious meals for home bound elderly new yorkers. they used to get a meal -- the government. they got nothing on weekends. nothing on holidays. nothing. so gayle green, who was the food editor for "new york times" years ago started it with another great chef. i can't remember his name. forgive me, i'm trying to remember. >> it's been a busy weekend. >> it's national now. find a way to feed a home bound person. >> i want to wish happy birthday to my brother who turned 50 50rks years old. the guy is a crazy steelers fan.
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there was a big surprise party at his house. everyone was there. my mom is there, you can see the back of his head. everyone was thrilled. my brother is a huge steelers fan. that's his jersey. on the back it says old man but he says oldman. as a surprise i had franco harris, who is such a huge, huge football player for the steelers. >> a good guy. >> i set up a secret call. i said adam, you have a caller on the line. he said, hello. franco harris the pittsburgh steelers started singing happy birthday to you you knew it was his voice. he talked about his love of the steelers. then i conferenced in my brother's best friend malcolm. malcolm, who talks nonstop couldn't say one word. >> a fan, too? >> except should i call you mr. harris. that's all they do is dress in black and gold, so it was a
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>> and then i was off to miami. i did something for ymca in miami down there. >> she never rests. >> it was also nascar. it was the big -- jeff gordon's very last race. i hadn't been to a big nascar thing like that. >> very noisy. >> it's crazy. >> you can't even hear. if you're not prepared for it, it's shocking. >> it was also pouring rain, which i didn't know. but you know what they do at nascar when it rains. >> put ponchos on. >> and they dance. >> and they drink. >> they crank up music. they crank up music and they dance. i've got to tell you, it was so -- it ended up being such fun. you know me, i hate a wet day. >> you knew you were going to get on a plane and go home. >> then i got to do the -- what do they say, drivers -- >> used to be gentlemen, now danica.
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>> didn't make enough money on tv. >> drivers, start your engines. >> okay. so that was it. that was it. there was one other -- you got to ride around the track. i had no idea the track is like sideways when you're riding up. anyway, jeff came in sixth, but it was kind of nice for him to have his last race. i want to give a shout out to this other guy. tim mcgraw happened to be at this thing. we took a picture. look behind the picture. barker. i promised him we would say his name on tv. anyway, kyle busch did win his first sprint cup series so congrats to him. >> one of those kind of days. her beautiful daughters and friends of hers visiting. >> hi, kiddos. i wonder if they were staying up late watching amas.
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i actually watched an hour of it. >> jennifer lopez started the show. keep in mind she's 46. oh, my gosh. okay. first of all, that's an awesome song. i love that she went to all the medley of supersonics. >> she did? it's like a big extravaganza to me. we've got more of the ama coming up on our buzz. what else is going on? >> adele was on "snl." >> she disappears for four years and now we can't get enough adele. >> love her. she was on to promote her new album "25." so she did this -- she had the song "hello" everybody loves. is this the "snl" sketch? okay. there's an "snl" sketch where a family is having these kind of family arguments people have over thanksgiving dinner. >> certain things you should never discuss because it rarely goes well. >> politics. >> religion. >> this is how they cleared it up.
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>> and i am ready to vote for ben carson. >> you are such a -- on the outside at least i can see sunshine i'm sorry for breaking your heart but clearly sets you apart >> just watch the beginning. it's really funny. when everything gets tense and everyone starts singing "hello". >> but no one is talking about matthew. everyone is talking about adele. >> i know. anyway, it was good. >> so there's a special of hers on nbc. that's a concert from radio city. kate middleton every time she shows up. >> looks better. >> such a beautiful girl. >> anyway, she was spotted
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wearing a different kind of outfit, not the type she usually wears. look at her. >> oh, my gosh. don't you want to be her? look at that. >> i want to be her age. >> she's glamorously rock climbing. she always looks like she's having fun, doesn't she? >> they seem to have such an authentic, genuine relationship. >> are those leggings? >> yes, leggings and a red jacket. >> kelly clarkson released a new video of her song "piece by piece." we were just playing. features moms and daughters. she also has her own adorable river rose. >> she makes a special cameo. never break her heart restore my faith make them be kind
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a man is kind and a father >> oh. >> oh. >> oh, my god. just keep showing it. >> she's beautiful. >> a boy. >> great, great, great. >> we want to talk about our favorite things. you know our beautiful jill martin around here. every time jill tells me -- our beautiful jill martin showed me this product a while ago. she said, kathy, this is one of the best, best things i've ever tried. >> what is it? >> it's called pure argon milk by jose maran. >> i like jose. >> it's just. >> what do you do with it. >> didn't she give you some, too. >> no, i don't think so. >> it looks like milk and you put it on your bare skin. >> you put it on before your makeup? >> and at night. it's not greasy at all. it's really -- it makes a difference. it's velvety. >> what's yours?
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>> if you want a great book, it's mitch albom, he did tuesdays with maury. it's written from the perspective of music as a character. talks about how he infused different singers. it's a beautiful plot. the writing is outstanding. i can't put it down. mitch albom, the magic strings of frankie presto." >> an unusual book. >> from a star-studded wedding to a special birthday for a leading lady and brand-new baby on the way. >> lots to celebrate in
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>> another one that we were not invited to, hoda. >> it was really fun. sophia vergara and joe mang nello,nell nell -- mangiello and they got married on the breakers.l' and so many guest ss, but what is interesting is is that sophia instagramed the entire wedding weekend. 44 instagram ss. >> it is great for the fans. >> and it was sort of like the friend from work who you would look at a couple of pictures, but then they showed you too many pictures. >> and it was an indoor wedding, right? >> yes. and the night before they had a great rehearsal party where joe serenaded her with of mine" from guns and roses.
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and it is a quick instagram video that one of the guests put up, and i don't know if he is singing well, and i don't care, because it is a a great gesture. >> and the ama's 1 direction did very well. >> yes, they have won best musical group and it is the first time they have won it twice twice, and the fitrst time it has happened. happened. >> and nicki minaj, and some think she was giving the stink eye to j.lo while she was performing. performing. >> and jennifer aoco anna konaconda, and the question is if she was h tnhu eu and she said that she was watching herself in the monitor
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performance, and there was nothing to b take taken out of it. >> and now when i look at it, it is not the stink eye. >> and if nicki minaj has a problem with you, she is going to be telling you, a and it is not going to be a cranky resting face. >> and all of the performances were amazing. >> yes, and the whole battle of the booty, and it is not going to happen. >> and gwen stefani had on an interesting outfit. it is called pants less. there there was a lot of skin top red carpet. >> and you wonder about that, because it is so many cutouts that it is not interesting, and it used to be when somebody did something risque, but now nobody has anything on. >> right. >> back the classy. >> and gwen stefani sang her
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>> and he tweet eded out his u support for her because he could not be there. and it is awkward when the person you are dating is singing about your ex. >> and celine dion. >> she sang a beautiful song. >> yeah, beautiful images of paris there. >> and jay leto introduced her because his band had played at the bataclan there, and so he talk t d talked about that. >> a lot of the k bands play there, yes. >> and so, thank you, jay. >> picking up the ringing phone? it could be us, but maybe not.
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spread the happy. >> drum roll, please. we spin the globe and today it has landed in laurel, mississippi mississippi. that is where stniw on wfam and she is joining us by skype. >> wo is there with us? >> oh, my god, we are so excited that melan is here, too, and stephanie, we will the tell you why you were chosen. they arb e y 4ah kid's school day, and they have a great husband and a dog and they love vol ununteer work. >> in the days of volunteering
10:23 am
s kids around, and even if they have to dvr our show, she is like me and loves over to the graham. >> and they love us so much that they gave each other our book. that is crazy. >> and now, you have to answer this question correctly to win. are you ready? >> yes. >> after we "give it away" at the end of the show on tuesdays what does kathie lee like the to do to hoda? braid her hair, give her a massage or play spanky tuesday. >> oh, look! they are doing it, too. >> you do it, too. >> why am i killing myself. you do to a fabulous regular
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and it ha has to be melanie, and to costa rica, and you will be saying four nights at the report and not only a spa treatment for two, and also a canopy tour and round trip and airfare all included. >> gorgeous. this is all thanks to the grand resort. >> how much fun! >> are you excited? >> yea! >> i like that. we love it. thank you so much. >> happeny thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, kids. >> and impress your thanksgiving guests with the table. and hoda, you have to bring it the challenges facing the country never stop. so neither does the u.s. army. we train. adapt. and get smarter. every soldier. every unit. every day.
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but to drive it. nobody knows what problems tomorrow will bring. but we do know who will solve them. this is more than just a town. this is our home. and small business saturday... is more than just a day. it's our day... to shop small at the places we love... with the people we love. for stuff we can't get anywhere else. and food that tastes like home.
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can help keep our town growing. this saturday is small business saturday, let's all shop small. for the neighborhood, the town, the home we love. shop small this saturday. tell the people uptown i just need a place to go so i don't sleep on the log but last night i slept in a big yellow taxi hello and welcome to siouxland business spotlight. i'm dave washburn and joining us today is kristi davis. she's
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thank you. so you got a special event coming up in storm lake. tell us about that. yes! santa claus is coming to storm lake. we're getting ready for our 24th annual miracle on lake ave celebration. it's on thursday december third. it begins at 5 p.m. and will go until about 9 or 9:30. we have lots of different events including a lighted holiday parade which we are still taking registrations for so if anyone is interested in registering their business or organization you're welcome to do so. you can just contact our office directly for that. we also have various kids' activities. about 15 different businesses downtown will be hosting kids' activities. a soup supper that benefits ready, set, grow center in alta which is near storm lake. we also have different fun things happening in santa's castle in storm lake. it's going to be a good time. it's going to be a lot of fun. you definitely won't want to miss out. everything is pretty much free. yes. there's a freewill donation for the soup
10:28 am
supper. yes it is a freewill donation. ok what time does that start and where is it held? it starts at 5 p.m. and it's in the real life community church which is just a block off the parade, enjoy the parade and go get a nice bowl of soup to warm up. it sounds like a great time. you also mentioned jeff carver is going to be performing. yes, jeff carver who is a storm lake native. he now resides in minneapolis but he is coming back to storm lake to play at lake ave lounge beginning at 7 p.m. we're really excited to have him back. he's a great performer. ok well it's happening december third that's a thursday. it starts at 5 p.m. in storm lake, iowa. for more information you can give them a call at the number on your screen or you can also go online to visitstormlak kristi thanks for joining us. thank you. thank you for joining us.
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"shop small" on today is brought to you by american express. small. it is monday and this upcoming is small biz nsusiness saturday. expre to show some love to the mom and pop shop s ins in the area. >> so we spent career expert suzy welch to go out to meet an
10:30 am
>> that is right, i met a a woman who has cosmetics with a cause. >> reporter: in seattle this is where we caught up with chrissa bodyner who sis the founder of thrive cosmetics. they rare selling more than makeup. you woke up and wrote a business plan on the iphone and tell us why and how you started the company in the middle of the night? >> i started as a makeup artist when i was 1eaold, but i knew that i wanted to develop products. my friend caitlyn's dad worked for mac, and i saw all of the makeup in her bathroom and i said, oh, my gosh, i have to do this. >> reporter: in fact, she led to do it so much, she offered to do mine this morning, and she tells me it is in the early days of the en tre arepreneur when she got creative.
10:31 am
the base of the eyeliner and the mascara as well in our blender. but you have to start from scratch. >> reporter: and that she did from starting in the kitchen and wiping out the savings for capital. >> i don't come from a lot of money, and i used my savings and that is why i have a full-time job. >> how much was it? >> $50,000. >> and then she had her first sale, and thrive was more than seeing the return investment. it is a way of giving back. >> i was inspired to give back to the cancer communeity, and from the very beginning i knew that from every product purchased one would be given to a woman going through cancer. >> reporter: the inspiration came when her friend chrissy la mond was diagnosed with sarcoma,
10:32 am
and sadly she died a year after she was ill. >> the thing about her is that she thrived through the whole experience and that is part of why our name is thrive, because every person deserves to the thrive and wants to thrive. >> reporter: at age 19, gaylon was diagnosed with the same aggressive form of cancer a that took christyie's life. like most people battling the disease, chemotherapy took a toll on how she viewed herself. >> i didn't expect that losing my hair would have such a impact. i knew it would happen, but i never knew it would have such an impact on how i felt. so to get the lashes was a gift. >> reporter: it is lashes that are with a adhesive whether or
10:33 am
and now, with her kanscancer in are remission, she returns to help bring comefort to those who remain there. it is less than a year since she launched thrive and while a ma jor i of the sales are online, she has plans for the future. >> the next step for us is to expand the offering and then launching into the department stores, some of which i started. >> reporter: she will tell you that becoming an entrepreneur is not easy, but when asked about starting your own business. she said this. >> people are so eager to help, and it does not matter if they are the ceo of lorieal or a chemist, they will help. >> what would she say to you
10:34 am
>> she would say i am doing a good job. >> and now, there is a eyeliner named after you, hoda. woman. suzy. that is great. >> and don't forget to shop small businesses this saturday. and how the create a thanksgiving i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight.
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10:39 am
you don't have to buy thing s tos to necessarily get it so use a couple ntt din height. >> but you don't want to block your view of the people across >> right. and you can dismantle, and then you will have a variance. cake stands are great, and you can use them for stacking, and these are the simple ramkins are from crate and barrel and you probably have them in the cabinet already. so you have a ramkin and a teacup, and put it on top, and use a glue dot to prevent an accent, and then of course greenery which makes everything fabulous. >> and not the traditional flowers. >> no, you don't need another thing to prep. so this idea is that you have to
10:40 am
recipe, so double, triple, quadruple the herbs that you buy, and then use them on the table and then put them back in the fridge afterwards for left owners. owners. >> and i love the runner. >>hicltr otm in the same color, and so the where idea is renaissance opulence idea. so you take them out of the dryer to keep the crinkle going, and then this one, i twist eded and bunched to snake around. >> it is burlap. >n tu and you can use starch to give it body. and the moment is to tuck and light throughout and make it beautiful >> and i love the napkins. >> so, another thing, instead of buying the napkins that you use once a year, i am suggesting dish towels from world market
10:41 am
and not a couple of bucks each. >> and stemware? >> that is crate and barrel and so affordable and easy to get. really pretty. >> how do we fold these? >> and this sis the clutch napkin, and the final product. okay. so n each take one. >> good try, hoda. >> all right. oh, lord. >> and cut it in half like this, the long way, and then the en tre lope top, and one corner down, great, and the other corner down, and catch up, hoda. you will miss it. xl >> this is just so simple, i am actually bored. >> and then fold it up and over. okay. maybe it is -- simple. >> and the kids' table.
10:42 am
kids, and the goblets that are so easy and the markers that you can have a gel marker to set their thwn, then of course, the cute letters is that if they are older, theau >> very cute. >> thank you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> you, too. >> and from dinner to family to family music. >> and a performance by mother and
10:43 am
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it is not often that you find a mom who shares her son's taste in music. but ruth and madison ward are no ordinary mother and son. >> they blend folk and soul and they are known in the music world as madison ward and the mama bear. >> now they have their new album "skeleton crew" which debuts number one on the alternative artist chart. was it a thrill?
10:47 am
>> yes. >> and a surprise? >> yes, a surprise, too. >> and the touring together must be fun. and the tour bus coming a along? >> yes, coming along. we have a good time. >> a what are you going the play for us? >> a song called "yellow taxi. i" "" >> all right. take it away. here they are. i have a songplay on the corner at dawn wherever i am until the people are gone i just need a place to go so i don't sleep on the log but last night i slept in a
10:48 am
big yellow taxi my imagination told me i was manyin the back seat of gold that is the story i told even though my hands were cold i froze even though my jacket was on slip a couple of nickels my way my way and let my lips pay pan and everything is cheap and now i'm sleep manage -- sleep manage the taxi last night i slept in a big yellow taxi my imagination told me that i
10:49 am
that is the story i saw and even though my hands were closed i was cold even e though my jacket on was ooh ooh ah even though my hand ss were closed i froze even though my jacket was closed maybe i call it a night yes, i know i gave it but my money can't go because it is the city lights and i know that i can survive last night i slept in a big
10:50 am
my imagination told me i was in the back seat of gold that is the story i told even though my hands were closed i froze even though my jacket was closed last night i slept in a big yellow taxi my image nation told me i was sleeping in gold and even though my hands were closed i froze even though my jacket was closed >> yes!
10:51 am
madison ward and the mama bear. >> that was fun. >> thank wrote you so much. >> happy anniversary and your husband, 31. >> and tomorrow go to and ruth is going to share one of her thanksgiving recipes. >> i fwhaet is good. >> and now, to the make
10:52 am
we come back. it is known as the merriest time of the year, but there are many families and children who could use a lot of help to make their holidays bright. >> so we are kicking off the 22nd annual toy drive with one of the generous doenors to make it possible, american girl. >> everybody loves it. and this is wade oplen, vice president of retail. >> hi, wade. >> so pleased to be here.
10:53 am
>> and who do you? >> our girl of the year, and american girl is about joyful and sharing and being together, and here we are to talk about the toy drive with you and we are donating over $500,000 to you in dolls and books. >> there is something that everybody can relate to. we have a bunch of beautiful kids in front of us, and why is it important to give back? >> we want to have girls of strong character and creating the community. >> that is why i loved it when uearp>h is why it is so important important that we give up. >> thank you, ladies, and hap thanksgiving. that is awesome. >> if you'd like to donate stop by the plaza next week, and you can also go the look, ruth and phil are here.
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