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tv   News 4 at Noon  NBC  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CST

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this is bethenny, everybody!the sioux city teenager charged with attempted murder in the shooting of a police officer will make his first court appearance this afternoon. 18-year-old isaiah mothershed is charged with two counts of attempted murder and five counts of first-degree robbery. he was scheduled to be in court this morning, but the appearance was delayed until one p-m. mothershed was released yesterday from the hospital where he was treated for a gunshot wound. police say mothershed shot officer ryan moritz in the leg as officers investigated a robbery early sunday morning. it happened as@mothershed was sitting on a couch in handcuffs. police say he pulled out a gun that was hidden in the couch and shot officer moritz. the teen then shot himself in the leg while struggling with the officer for the gun. mothershed is one of eight teens under investigation in a series of recent robberies and burglaries across sioux city. a fargo, north dakota police officer shot in the line of duty last night is not expected to survive. fargo's police chief says
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"non-survivable." the officer was responding to an active shooter situation following a domestic violence report. the shooter is dead. the fargo police chief says a swat team entered the home bebere dawn and found the suspect's body. police don't know if he'd bebe hit in an earlier exchange of gunfire with a swat officer or if he shox himself. the governor of maryland has ordered flags be flown at half-staff today to honor two deputies shot and killed by a gunman inside a restaurant wednesday afternoon. 68-year-old gunman david evans, who had outstanding warrants in maryland and florida, was also killed in an exchange of fire. evans shot one of the deputies when he sat down to speakith him. the second deputy was fatally wounded during a shootout before evans was killed. nobody else in the restaurant was harmed. officials in mexico say 52 inmates have been killed in a fight between two rival factions today at a prison in monterrey.
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five of them are in critical condition. a mexican governor says the fight i iolved a faction led by a membebeof the infamous "zezes" drug cartel. he says the fight did not involve guns and no escapes have been reported. it's mexico's deadliest prison riot in many years and it comes six days before pope francis is scheduled to visit another mexican prison. more than 40 prison guards and officers in georgia have been indicted on charges of accepting bribes and drug trafficking. the arrests are the latest in a federal effort to crack down on contraband and criminal activity in georgia prisons. about 130 people -- including prison employees, inmates, former inmates and others accused of helping them -- have been indicted since september. a majority of those charged are accused of agreeing to protect a person they believed was a high-level drug trafficker. after 41 days, the occupation of the malhuer national wildlife refuge near burns, oregon may be coming to a close.
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>> after a wide variety of weather conditions spread across the viewing areayesterday ranging from sunny in the 40s out west to snowy and barely making it tt 20 toothe east, we'll basically see reversal of yesterday's weathererin terms of theetiming of light snow. unlike yesterday, pretty much everyone will spend a fair amount of time under the clouds with occasional peeks of sun this morning before light snow starts to move into our western counties early this afternoon. it'll gradually spread eastward throughout the afternoon and evening and exit the viewing area by midnight leaving many with, much like yesterday, a dusting up to an inch or two of the white stuff. high pressure will then make its way south into the viewing area friday, which will translate to a day of deceiving sunshine with highs only making it into the teens. after dropping below zero friday night, we'll see another cold day saturday with the possibility of lighthtsnow from saturday nto sunday as temperatures finally get a decent nudge back into the 30s and 40s late this weekend/early see graphics. >> officials said six teenagers have been killed in a collision involving a school bus in western france. french media reported that part of a truck detached and bus. local authorities said two other hospital. according to local media, the students on board were aged 16 school. the accident comes one day after
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snowy conditions in eastern france killed two children. the more than two dozen nato countries contributing to the war against the islamic state in syria and iraq are expected today to endorse a u.s. plan to accelerate the campaign this year defense secretary ash carter says he'll ask countries to contribute more to the cause, either financially or militarily. he outlined the plan today at a gathering of nato defense ministers in brussels. ash carter/ secretary of defense "the campaign plan calls, first and foremost, for the defeat of isil (isis) in syria and iraq because that's the place from which this cancer arose and it needs to be defeated there and significantly the cities of mosul and raqqa need to be recaptured and our operational plan focuses on that." carter also commended germany, turkey and greeceor coming together o oa proposal to expand nato's maritime initiative in the mediterranean
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in their next debate tonight... and all the candidates have turned their focus toward the next primaries in south carolina. tracie potts is in washington with a look at where they stand.
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with chris christie and carly fiorina out - it's a smaller field now in south carolina. this next primary could make or break jeb bush and marco rubio. (sot: gov. jeb bush, (r) presidential candidate :11 - :16) "the question for people in south carolina is: what kind of person do you want behind the big desk?" john kasich says he'll try not to go negative: (sot: gov. john kasich, (r) presidential candidate :20 - :23) "well i'm not going to let somebody pound me. i have a right to be able to defend myself." ted cruz is counting on the state's evangelical voters. (sot: sen. ted cruz, (r) presidential candidate :28 - 31) "the men and women of south carolina i believe want a consistent conservative." but donald trump has led every poll here in the last six months. in clemson, he hammered
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stunning loss in new hampshire. (sot: donald trump, (r) presesential candidate :4141 :4:4 "honestly - womedon't like her. men don't like her - take a look at what's happening to her." black lawmakers are coming to clinton's rescue. the congressiona l black caucus will endorse her today and send members to states like south carolina with large african-american populations. (sot: charlie james, radio host :58 - 1:01) "the people in south carolina are angry right now and they want a candidate that reflects that." could that be bernie sanders? (sot: sen. bernie sanders, (d) presidential candidate 1:04 - 1:09)-- courtesy burned in "go your own way. the revolution is possible! you are the revolution!" fresh off stephen colbert last ght... he'll face off with hillary clinton at a debate tonight. sanders' n is paying off. his campaign says he raised five million dollars in small donations overnight after winning new hampshire. i'm tracie potts in washington - back to you. >> meterologist ben dorenbach says a little more snow could fall in siouxland today. he'll be back with the forecast.. after this. here's the live view from our skycam in
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it's cold out there!
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albert einstein was right! scientists say they have finally detected the ripples in the fabric of space-time that einstein predicted a century ago. an international team of astrophysicis ts using an extremely sensitive, billion dollar instrument detected one of these gravitational waves from the distant crash of two black holes. dr. toby wiseman/i/ierial college istorically, it's bebe 100 years since they were predicted, and now perhaps we can confirm it, that's amazing in its own right and what's been involved in getting to that point. secondly, theoretically we are actually seeing n fact space and time dynamic, they are not fixed, they move and ripple and have that dynamics and that what really underlines einstein's theory and in a sense, it's most important confirmation of his theory." they call the discovery the holy grail of psics, one that opens a new way of observing the cosmos. one scientist compares it to knowing that beethoven's fifth symphony exists, to
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stocks are having another terrible day. and the blue bunny gets a whole new look. news four at noon continues in a moment.
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u.s. stocks opened sharply lower following steep market declines all around the world as concerns about global economic weakness intensified. blue bunny ice cream is getting a whole new look. the folks at wells dairy in lemars shohod off the new logo and packagagg wednesday in lemars. they say they're bringing fun back to the ice cream aisle. "blue bunny has always been about fun since its beginning and so how can we bring it to life and that fun to life? we landed on our new ambassador blu, we landed on the new logo, and you'll see fun in our advertising coming up, but you'll also see it when you pick up that container in the ice cream aisle," said blue bunny brand communications manager,
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blue bunny will also launch a national media campaign featuring a new blue bunny ambassor named "blu." still ahead, he's not even old enough to drive yet, but he's well on his way to becoming a pilot... and ey've got some catching up to do... a world war two veteran from virginia travels half a world away to re-connect with his wartime
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okoboji skycam... sioux city police are asking for more money to hire two additional officers for the department's traffic enforcement team. chief doug young made the request for an additional 260-thousand dollars to the city council on wednesday. the council is working on the budgdg for the next fiscal year. e fire chief is alslsasking for more mon. he's proposing a budget of just over 16-million dollars, up half-a-million from the current year. "they update the contracts and they cost a little more money," said everett. "so, we had just a couple stations where equipment may be getting a little older. the contract costs a little more." chief everett says his department also increased training and provided wellness programs lala year and, they plan totoo more next fiscal year. a 14-year old siouxland boy who hopes to fly planes some day is getting help to make
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kevin farias received a "matching funds award" from the local chapter of the experimental aircraft association last night in south sioux city. kevin hopes to be a pilot, just like his father, who was a u.s. navy pilot for 11 years. the matching funds award is given to the student who shows the most desire to pursue a career in aviation. "i fl encouraged so that maybe in the future i can get my pilots license and then maybe one day i can apply for naval academy in annapolis," said kevin farias. kevin credits his father for sparking his interest in flying. the e-a-a local chapter president believes kevin has a bright future in the sky. "kevin showed interest in making aviation his career, probably in the military," said eaa chapter 291 president, rick alter. "he was just a good fit for us to help him through that career path and maybe become an officer in the
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the award will pay for about half the cost for kevin to attend ground school and for aircraft rental and instructor expenses. that's a value of about 4- thousand dollars. an american veteran of world war two and his wartime girlfriend are spending valentine's day together, following a reunion after more than 70 years. nbc's mark barger has that story.
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but finally reconnected via skype last year. after their story went public, a fundraising campaign helped raise money for thomas to travel to australia to see morris. norwood thomas/ world war ii veteran "it was a nice feeling to see this women thth i hadn't seen in 70 years. of course, there was a great difference in appearance but there's a big difference in my appearance too so..." she said she wished their paths had crossed earlier... she would have had a different life but probably a happier one. mark barger, nbc news. >> it's cookie time. that's next on "around siouxland."
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if you can't find a girl or a girl does not come to your door you can always call our toll free number and we will be more than happy to send a girl to you. if you have a girl scout in another state or another area, there's something special for that as well? our online platform, it's a digital cookie and the girls can send e-cards using an appppnd they can send emails, then peoplelean order cookies and have them delivered to their door. girl scout cookie sales are going high tech. high tech, major high tech. this is 99 years of cookie sales. can you believe that? it's the 99th anniversary of the cookie program. it's pretty special because a lot of money stays local and it goes directly to the local troops and girl scouts. exactly. the girls are setting goals and they're getting incentiv. almost 75% of the money stays local. give me your best cookie sales pitch,
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cookies? what a cookie can do for a girl is amazing. you can send her to camp, you can set her up for a life skills, and help her out by reaching her goal. sounds good. buy your cookies today, christina thanks for being here. thank you. thanks for joining us around siouxland. >> some students at sioux city north high school are using their free time to help others. they've formed a group called "caring closet." they collect clothing, shoes and other necessities and give them away to people who need them. the items are donated by students and staff at north highghalong with communityty members. "we do have clothes for little kids, toddlers, babies, infants, um teenagers, and then we have for college students and adults, we have prom dresses, we have work clothes, such as scrubs for nurses, we have other kinds of work clothes. and we also have professional clothing. we have blazers, dress pants, dress irts, and even a variety of shoes for all sizes and all styles." said araceli lopez, a senior at sioux city north high school the caring closet is on social media. if you need something, they'll be open saturday morning from 9:30 to 11110.
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look at the weather forecast.
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