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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  February 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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enough... take enough pictures... take enough time... before they're taken away forever. but, sometimes, out of tragedy, some good may come.
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a dream the family couldn't wake up from... forced to celebrate life, and grieve death, at the same time. "we would have to ask a nurse to go and get our daughter's body from the morgue, or wherever they were keeping her cooled," jeremy cotter said. precious time for a grieving family. but, that grief led to an act of generosity. last month, the cotters started fundraising for what's called a "cuddle cot." made in the uk, the device allows a child's body to be cooled, at a mother's bedside, preserving the body so it won't decompose. her back to the morgue... every time we were visiting with her," lisa cotter said. the cotters hope they can help other families, dealing with a loss, by donating
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luke's, in sioux city. "we would have been able to have her with us whenever we wanted to see her," jeremy cotter said. mercy medical center already has one. and, the cotters hope, one day, they'll be available to every grieving family in their time of need. >> the cotters will donate the "cuddle cot" to st. luke's, in elizabeth's name, on the anniversary of elizabeth's death, february 23rd. they had enough money for the "cuddle cot" after just one month of fundraising. the cotters will donate any extra money to the neonatal intensive care unit, at evelynne spent the first month of her life. if you'd like to make a donation, there's still time. we've built the link to their "gofundme" page in this story at ktiv- dot-com. (matt) the steadily falling snow is also making headlines, tonight. the snow may be light, but the streets are suffering. (sheila) we're already hearing about a handful of accidents in
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chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us now to tell us how much snow has fallen. light snow has been working its way across siouxland today and will continue into the evening and early overnight hours before coming to an end. the heavier amounts are going to end up being in eastern siouxland with maybe an inch or two of total accumulation. the snow ends tonight and then we'll see clearing skies during the day on friday. (sheila) police and paramedics were on the scene of an
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omaha in sioux city this afternoon police responded to a call about an accident shortly after 5:30. police are investgating the incident. these photos were sent to us from someone who witnessed the aftermath of the crash. last week's blizzard dumped up to a foot of snow on parts of siouxland. briar cliff university's domed practice field was one of the casualties. the snow, and wind, caused a 60-foot tear in the charger dome, in south sioux city. to fix it, crews had to deflate the dome. a company was flown in from canada to fix the dome. today, they reinflated it. "we all had to make special accomodations to get practices done with upcoming seasons and in- season. but, it was nice knowing we had places to go and getting back in here and getting back in routine it will be a nice feeling," said briar cliff university head track coach, nate treinen. repair work can now begin inside the charger dome. briar cliff's athletic director hopes to re- open the dome next week. state senators in south dakota are debating a bill that may change which
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rushmore state students use. it would require students to use lockers and restrooms that match the biological sex of the person at birth. the state house of representatives has already approved the plan. democrats in pierre call the bill "government overreach." supporters of the plan believe this measure would protect the privacy of south dakota students. "it seems like a pretty common sense idea and i'm quite convinced that the vast majority of people in nebraska support the bill," said south dakota representative, jim bolin. schools must provide "reasonable accommodatio ns" for transgender students under the bill, including a one-person bathroom. we asked you earlier that you thought about the transgender bathroom bill. 90% of you said yes, you think students should be required to use the bathroom and locker rooms that match their biological sex at birth. and 10% of you said no, they shouldn't be required to do so. you can keep casting your vote on ktiv dot com. about $500 million dollars a year leaves the state of nebraska when people go to neighboring state, like iowa,
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the ceo of ho-chunk, inc. that's the economic development arm of the winnebago tribe of nebraska. hoping to keep that money in state, ho- chunk is hoping to get enough signatures to put expanded gambling on the ballot in november. but, a coalition is fighting that effort. today, "gambling with the good life" launched its campaign against the ballot measure. circulators are gathering signatures for a petition proposing three measures: to allow casinos, create a commission to oversee them, and require casinos to pay a one-time state licensing fee. "if we can get it onto the ballot, which we think we're going to get enough signatures, we are very positive, the polling show around 65 percent of the people support it," said ho-chunk ceo lance morgan. "i think it's an idea who's time has come. morgan says more than 100,000 signatures are needed, by july, to get the measure on the ballot. concerns over water quality have risen, nationwide, as the water crisis in michigan, escalates.
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in flint. but, the water and sewer director for the city of norfolk, nebraska, says that's not an issue for his community. "water in norfolk meets or exceeds all epa requirements. we do test for lead and copper. those are the same test, we test for those at the same time, and those are completed every 3 years. we will be doing those tests between june 1st and september 1st of this year." unlike flint, which had used surface water from a nearby river, norfolk uses groundwater. watts says the epa requires action if lead levels are above 15 parts per billion. but, norfolk has consistently stayed below those levels. (matt) for the first time since isaiah motheeshed allegedly shot a cop, the sioux city teen had his day in court. (sheila) that court appearance revealed new details of the crime that led to the shooting, and mothershed's arrest. here's ktiv's tiffany lane.
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a robbery. what ensued in their search was something that came unexpectedly. they handcuffed isaiah mothershed and sat him on a couch inside the apartment as they arrested seven other people in that apartment. police chief doug young says that's when mothershed pulled out a handgun hidden inside the couch and shot officer ryan moritz in the leg. during the struggle, police said mothershed shot himself in his own thigh. su "18-year-old isaiah mothershed was released from the hospital wednesday and booked into the woodbury county jail. he's been charged with two counts of attempted murder and five counts of first degree robbery." thursday, mothershed made his initial appearance in court at the woodbury county law enforcement center. while answering judge todd hensley's questions, mothershed can be seen keeping his head down the entire time. the two charges of attempted murder include the night mothershed shot moritz as well as an incident two days before. on february 5th, police say mothershed and three others used
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4538 polk street in sioux city where he fired a shot at one of the homeowners as she chased after him. mothershed's preliminary hearing will be on february 19th. in sioux city, tiffany lane, ktiv news 4.>> mothershed's bond has been set at 300-thousand dollars. police say mothershed didn't live in the apartment where officer moritz was shot. two of the other suspects arrested that night, justin ferguson and jordyn delfs, were living there at the time. (matt) still to come... have you been keeping up with your new year's resolution? don't feel bad if you've steered away from those have a lot of other people. we'll talk to a local expert who shares ways to stay motivated. light snow has been working its
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across siouxland today and will continue into the evening and early overnight hours before coming to an end. the heavier amounts are going to end up being in eastern siouxland with maybe an inch or two of total accumulation. the snow ends tonight and then we'll see clearing skies during the day on friday. after dropping below zero friday night, we'll see another cold day saturday with the possibility of light snow from later saturday into the first half of sunday which could again give us some light accumulations. warmer weather starts to move in on sunday as we could get into
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continues next week as some 40s should be
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(sheila) a new gym and performing arts center...that's what wayne community schools is proposing at the junior and senior high. (matt) a new building for kindergarten and preschool students is included in those plans. tonight, they wanted feedback on community members were able to hear out the vision and give input. that's because if the school board moves
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bond-issue. it's projected to be an $18- million dollar project. wayne schools added a preschool program this year. that program, currently, is in a leased building. the superintenden t says getting a building for them and kindergarten would be the natural next step. "our elementary enrollment is really near capacity at that building so a preschool/kinderga rten facility will certainly help alleviate some of the pressure as far as the amount of students that go to school there," said mark lenihan, wayne community schools superintendent. a bulk of the cost of the project would be the junior/senior high school additions. lenihan says they're estimating property taxes would increase about $120 annually per $100,000 valuation of your home to fund it. a decent percentage of those paying are farmers which some aren't certain about it. "now we're wlooking at a $7 to $8 increase per acre, which is quite a hit, at a time when corn is $3.50 a bushel and beans are $8.25," said steve lutt, a farmer in
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to get this on a may ballot, the school board would need to approve it in the next two weeks. still to come.... the two democratic presidential candidates faced off in milwaukee for the first time since the new hampshire primaries. february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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primary, the two remaining democratic presidential candidates squared off in another debate... (matt) this time, the debate was in the swing state of wisconsin. this is hillary clinton and bernie sanders' first face-to-face meeting since sanders turned the tables on
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tonight's debate, clinton turned to discrimination... making a pitch to some key constituencies: latinos, african americans, and female voters. (hillary clinton/ (d) presidential candidate): "i am running for president to take down all the barriers that are holding americans back." as both candidates look toward the democratic caucus, in nevada, on february 20th, sanders tried to keep his young base with his debate performance while also courting the senior vote. (bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate): (sanders) "if elected president i will do everything i can to expand social security benefits not just for seniors but for disabled veterans as well." after the nevada democratic caucus, the south carolina democratic primary is february 27th. a u.s. magistrate from sioux city has been approved to serve as a judge on one of iowa's federal courts. senator chuck grassley announced that the u.s. senate unanimously approved the nomination of leonard strand, of sioux city. he will serve as a u.s. district judge for the northern district of iowa. president barrack obama nominated
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district judge mark bennett. the nomination will go back to the president for final approval. strand graduated from the university of iowa law school in 1990 and had a private practice before becoming a magistrate in 2012. still to come.... it's that time of year when people start forgetting about their new year's resolution. on tonight's healthbeat 4, we'll share ways to stay motivated to help you
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(matt) if you're just not feeling motivated to hit the gym this week you're not alone. gold's gym says this is the prime time for people to fall off the "fitness cliff". (sheila) we talked to a local expert to see how to keep us motivated through the rest of the year in tonight's healthbeat 4.
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sometimes it's just having someone to come with you to the gym with other suggestions, take a class, hire a personal trainer. make your workout something you can't miss, like a scheduled work appointment. ok to good) 5:51 "somebody who will keep you accountable for keeping that gym appointment. maybe, it's to help you prep meals for the week. something healthy you can do and make up quick." and, if you fall off the work-out wagon, don't give up. good 6:15 "it's kind of human nature to beat yourself up after not reaching your goal. you just have to keep on working on it." >> those in charge at the norm waitt, sr. ymca in south sioux city say their crowds usually don't start falling off until after march. brad's here -- the hawkeyes had a tough road trip. iowa was trying to stay in first
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that hasn't lost at home. we'll have the highlights. and, south sioux city and sgt. bluff-luton square off in a battle of ranked teams. sports fource is next. it's been 37 years since iowa
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popular. friday morning at 5..... we'll show how you the drone-racing craze is blowing up around the world. and a teacher in alabama enlisted the help of his students to propose to his girlfiend. we'll show you how they pulled off the breath-taking proposal. season championship. with seven games to go, the hawks lead the conference at 10 and 1. iowa visiting indiana, who's a game back. the hoosiers are 13 and 0 at home. iowa's only conference road loss came at maryland. 1st half -- anthony clemmons gets it to mike gesell for the layup -- that
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he had 17 in this one. hawks down 15 in the first -- but peter jok htis a 3 pointer -- the lead is single digits. just before the half -- clemmons knocks down 3 more -- hawks only down 8 at the break. iowa gets the lead in the 2nd half -- jarrod uthoff -- looks like he's shooting int the driveway - 3 of his 24. under 2 minutes left -- iowa down 7 - adam woodbury with the layin -- woody had 13 pts and 15 rebounds. the hoosiers hold off iowa's charge to win 85-78 -- it's indiana's sixth win over a ranked team this season. sgt. bluff-luton is 11th in the final class 3a girls rankings. the warriors start regionals on saturday -- and for a tuneup, they hosted south sioux city -- the second ranked team in nebraska's class a. the lady cardinals -- 5-0 against iowa teams this season. and south sioux got off to a great start. augusta thramer drives for the bucket and bonus. cards up 7- zip in a hurry. but sbl counters with 8
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misses once but puts back her own rebounds. warriors up by a point. sbl starts to solve south sioux's press -- but the warriors trailed by 22 at the half. the lady cardinals pull away. thramer with the steal -- to kori fischer for the 3-point play. south sioux stops sbl, 71- 59. another inter-state battle between ranked teams from lawton-bronson & elk point-jefferson. early on, the eagles do a nice job breaking the press, and brooke hunwardsen is the beneficiary as she gets the basket, lawton-bronson is up two. elk point-jefferson gets it going -- alexis flynn picks up the loose ball and makes the shot, but the huskies are still down five. the huskies continue to hang in there, a nice pass leads to payton donnelly hitting the jumper, but the deficit is still five. the eagles take control -- lexi binder gets the pass and
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shot -- she had 17, lawton-bronson gets a big victory, 49 to 46. iowa state is still ranked 14th in the country and are 17-7 overall -- but there's sense that something's not right. the cyclones lost at un- ranked texas tech last night to fall to 6-5 in the big 12. isu blew a nine-point lead in the second half. one of the bright spots was deonte burton. the marquette transfer was making his second start in place of suspended center jameel mckay. burton had a career-high 20 points, making 9 of 15 shots. texas tech sent the game to good on this banked in 3-pointer. it was a bad ending to a long trip. "i got two quick fouls and i felt that hurt the team because i wasn't able to help them on the court," said burton. "i had to the side. that's the biggest disappointment. i would trade in every point just for the win." jameel mckay is expected back saturday nigth when iowa state
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the sioux city explorers have re-signed pitcher ryan zimmerman, who went 14-2 last season. the 28-year-old led the american association with a 1-point-80 earned run average. zimmerman gave up just 81 hits all season in 120 inning and held batters to a .190 batting average, which also led the league. manager steve montgomery says bringing zimmerman back was a top priority. opening day is may 19th. tonight: mostly cloudy. low: 14 wind: se/nw 5-10 mph tomorrow: decreasing clouds. high: 19 wind: n 10-20 mph
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kristen wiig, musical guest, elle king, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 416 t.o. >> steve: and now, here he is,


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