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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  February 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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students' needs." accommodations include a single-occupancy bathroom or the "controlled use" of a staff-designated restroom, locker room or shower room. su "usd junior logan anderson is against the bill, which he says discriminates and is unwelcoming." "i saw like a testimony where this kid was saying he doesn't feel human, like he has to go to a different bathroom and it's just not including everyone," "and yeah, it's upsetting." advocates say the bill is meant to protect the privacy of students. one university of south dakota student says he agrees with the bill as long as it provides the additional accommodatio ns for transgender students. "if you start conflicting with other people's rights, like for example, if someone doesn't feel comfortable i guess, being in the same same locker room, or let's say shower as that person, i believe they have the right to have privacy be separated." some legislators are once again attempting to void a high school activities association policy allowing transgender student athletes to request
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their gender indentity. >> the senate education committee voted 4 to 2 on thursday to approve the measure and send it to the floor. democrats have criticized the measure as discriminatory. south dakota lawmakers have killed a bill that would have repealed south dakota's death penalty. the bill's main sponsor is republican senator arthur rusch of vermillion. on wednesday, the south dakota senate state affairs committee met to review the proposal. rush is a former judge who has prosecuted a death penalty case. rusch told the committee wednesday that he's seen first-hand how costly and hard it was on jurors and court personnel. "the thing that i find so interesting is the parallel that we're in a republican state that's predominantly pro-life," said chelsea gilbertson of vermillion, south dakota. "and so the second that you bring up the idea of the death penalty, people are no longer pro-life. they're willing to take away the sanctity of life because somebody committed a crime." "however, i think there are extreme situations such as maybe mass murder, like terrorism, where you know the person and without a reasonable doubt did it." the bill was voted down six to
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(matt) the weather will also make headlines over the weekend. (sheila) that starts with sub-zero temps, tonight... and wind chills well below zero. here to tell us more is chief meteorologis t ron demers. weather ad-lib wind chill advisory in effect for northeastern siouxland from 6 pm friday through 9 am saturday while the sun was a site to behold for many today, it did nothing to help temperatures as highs were 10 to 15 degrees below average for this time of year. that chill continues tonight when lows will dip below zero and with a little bit of wind northeastern siouxland could see wind chills colder than -20 which is why those areas will be in a wind chill advisory into saturday morning. clouds move back in for our saturday with a chance of a little bit of light snow with better
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one year ago today, a disgruntled sioux steel employee left work then returned with a gun. moments later, the community of lennox was changed forever. today, more than two hundred employees took time to mark the tragedy releasing balloons and taking eight minutes of silence, were ways employees of sioux steel were able to grieve and continue the process of recovering. employees remembered jon richter, the man who was killed the in the workplace shooting. a cowboy hat on the head stock of a guitar is engraved on a memorial plaque that is located in the entrance of the pro-tech division where the tragedy took place. the plaque depicts who jon richter was, from the cowboy hat to his guitar; which he played for his community. a judge sentenced a sioux city man to seven years in prison for impersonating a police officer and touching young girls. 31-year-old joey alberts pleaded
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away a minor, indecent contact with a child and three counts of impersonating a public official. according to court documents, police arrested alberts in march of 20-14 after authorities say he approached girls, telling them he was a police officer. investigators accused alberts of inappropriate ly touching two 13-year old girls on separate occasions. he must register as a sex offender upon release from prison. a piece of machinery is to blame for a fire inside a local business. the fire occured at 5- 22 floyd boulevard inside select parts. fire officials say the fire sparked from a piece of equipment used to clean parts. officials say metal shavings from inside the unit combined with dust particles and ignited the fire. officials say no one was injured and no damage was made to the building. a big safety event is taking place tomorrow in sioux city. sioux city fire rescue, along with the woodbury county safe kids coalition, mercy medical center and siouxland paramedics are hosting a free car seat
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information and education will be provided about proper use and installation of child safety seats, booster seats and seat belts. the event will be held this saturday at fire station 4 on dearborn blvd. even though snow is still covering some streets and sidewalks, one group wants to help boost fitness and healthy living in siouxland. the blue zones project wants to promote winter indoor walking. there will be four walking locations around the area and organizers say that they will surely lift some out of the "winter blues." "the four locations include the tunnels at trinity point st. luke's, the skywalk downtown, the mall, and western iowa tech community college," said tom schoening, blue zones committee. these walking events will take place over the next few weeks. for locations and times, you can check out this story on ktiv-dot-com. the food bank of siouxland received a generous donation from a local business today. at&t iowa donated a 2,500 dollar check to the
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across the area. senator bill anderson as well as other area officials were present to deliver the check. the money will assist in funding programs that the food bank is involved in. organizers say this contribution is appreciated. "we can acquire nearly 13 pounds of food for one dollar, so a donation of this size is going to go a really long way and make sure no one in siouxland goes hungry," said linda scheid, executive director of food bank of siouxland. this donation will make it possible to give out 32,000 pounds of food to help fight hunger across the region. in march of 20-15 the sioux city mayor's youth commission had a dilemma. the question, how will they make an impact on sioux city? the list of possibilities ranged from a quidditch tournament, to movie night. but, a project promoting literacy won over all. it's called little free libraries. the concept is simple... "take a book, return a book." each library location has a theme and the books inside go along with the theme. the libraries help encourage
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sioux city. "the libraries are going to be a good way for kids access all kinds of books from all over. also be more attracted to reading because when you see these little free libraries they're painted in all kinds of fun colors and stories," said hannah rens, 2015 mayor of mayor youth commission the libraries can be found all around sioux city. for a full list of the locations go to our website ktiv-dot-com. still to come... iowa secretary of agriculture bill northey made stops in siouxland today. wind chill advisory in effect
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saturday while the sun was a site to behold for many today, it did nothing to help temperatures as highs were 10 to 15 degrees below average for this time of year. that chill continues tonight when lows will dip below zero and with a little bit of wind northeastern siouxland could see wind chills colder than -20 which is why those areas will be in a wind chill advisory into saturday
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of a little bit of light snow. the snow chances get better by saturday night when northeastern siouxland could get in on 2 to 4 inches of snow. central siouxland, including sioux city, will see lighter snow only accumulating to an inch or two. be aware that the wind will come up for a while saturday night so
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stays cold in the teens, much warmer weather starts moving in by sunday as our system departs. highs sunday could hit the low 30s with some 40s still expected next week. iowa secretary of agriculture bill northey iowa secretary of agriculture
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visited parts of siouxland today. he dropped by the bennett farm near galva this afternoon in ida county. northey also stopped by shelby, harrison and crawford counties along with state senator jason schultz from schleswig. one of the issues under discussion was iowa's water quality and the effort by farmers to keep nutrients out of the water supply. our farms and in our crops," said northey. "so, nitrogen and phosphorus, the things that farmers are doing from cover crops to terraces and grass waterways to wetlands that are out there, continuing investment by the state and really engagement by farmers even in these tougher
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other issues northey and schultz discussed were the renewable fuel standard and ethanol and the recovery from last year's avian flu outbreak. still to come... there's still time to get something for that special someone for valentine's day. how one siouxland company is helping
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everything on thei we're all guilty of waiting till the last minute shopping for those big holidays and valentine's day is no different. especially for the men out
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stopped at palmer's old time candy shoppe to see how siouxland prepares for the big day. if you're still looking for the perfect t lentine's day gift..don't worry you're not alone. palmer's candy in sioux city is full of those last minute shoppers, looking for that perfect treat for their valentine. retail manager for palmer's says valentine's day is one of their busiest days...for last minute shoppers. "it's mostly men and it's the last two or three days. it's the last four hours they are all flying. but that makes it interesting for us too," said jon sadler, retail manager at palmer's candy. one last minute shopper says that by now, he should know not to wait until the last minute... but says men are just too o sy. "i should have but i never r arned. we don't learn likk girls do," said richard smith, sioux city. the hot items at palmer's this year are the truffles, caramel apples and chocolate covered strawberries. sadler says there's still plenty of time...and plenty of chocolatatleft for your special someone. "you can still get plenty of truffles, twin bings, we made
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yesterday. we still have plenty of gift bags and chocolate you can still make a gift and we can make something happen," said jon sadler, retail manager at palmer's cacay. in sioux city, michelle schoening ktiv news four. >> if something sweet is what you're looking for for your valentine, palmer's candy shoppe will be open tomorrow from 9 am to 5. senior night was extra sweet for one newell-fonda basketball player on tuesday. number 14 - graham brown started the varsity game that night. brown plays through down syndrome. late in the game he took the court t ain. browthen nailed a three-point shot. fans from both sides erupted from their seats as he made it. but seeing him score is nothing new to mustang fans. according to quikstatsiowa , he's played in 8 games and has scored 10 points this season. the video posted to facebook had more than a 110,000 thousand views. brad's here -- the season is
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school basketball teams. the south sioux girls only has 2 games left before they make a run at the state tourney. mark freund is live with more. the south sioux city girls have had another great season on the hardwood. i'll have a live report from the mini-dome next. and, the souou dakota coyotes are closing the season on a highote -- as they try to clinch a postseason berth.
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won more state championships than south sioux city -- who has 11 titles. the lady cardinals are third state tournament trips, with 13 2-thousand-6. south's sioux's last title was eight years ago, but they're back among the elite. sports fource is "on the road" in south sioux city, nebraska. ktiv's mark freund is live with more. the south sioux city girls only have one loss this year - that was at a holiday tournament in florida in december. the lady cardinals are ranked 2nd in nebraska's class a by the omaha world herald. south sioux will look to stay unbeaten in river cities conference play tonight. against conference opponents, the cards are winning by an average margin of almost 34 points per game. south sioux looks well on their way to a fourth- straight state tournament appearance - and a high seed once they get to lincoln.
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is heavy on upperclassmen, and they're confident they'll avoid overlooking anyone until state - including gross catholic tonight. "we always talk about one game at a time," said head coach molly hornbeck. "we never overlook anyone because we've got a lot of good, solid teams in the area and in our conference. it's very easy to play sloppy if you're not ready for a game. one game at a time and hopefully that pays off for us down the road." "we've been playing together for a long time so i think our confidence comes from our practices and what we've put in, in the summer," said senior haley fritza. "you all get better indjvidually and then you all come together to form a really good team and i think that's the most important thing." omaha gross catholic, just 7-and-12 on the season - and south sioux already has a lead in the second quarter... we've already got the highlights - we'll have them tonight on sportsfource
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the south dakota men's basketball team has a losing record, but they are closisi in on a apot in the summit leleue tournament. the coyotes won their second straight game by double digits last night. usd beat north dakota state, 72-58 -- in their best defensive effort of the season. 6-7 junior tyler flack is averaging over 15 points and 7 rebounds since getting back from an injury three games ago. flack had 18 points and ten rebounds against the bison. now, usd gets ready to face their arch-rivals from south dakota state on saturday. the jacks have the nation's fifth longest home-court winning streak. "they have a tremendous home court," said usd coach craig smith. "they haven't lost up there in over two years, 27 or 28 in a row, something like that. we haven't won there, ihink i
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time we won there so itit been awhile." "i feel like we can play a lot better than the last time we ayed them," said flack. "we just got to finish the game and play together like we have the last two games and i know that we can beat them." usd and sdsu play at 430 saturday. the jackrabbits are 19-6 overall. usd has lost 8 straight in
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loves winter. her name is kunga. she is a 5-year-old akita who loves playing. kunga is looking for her forever home, preferably with no other pets. if you want to a apt kunga, or any other animal, visit the siouxland humane society or call
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tonight: increasing clouds. low: -6 wind: n/ne 5-10 mph tomorrow: chance of light snow. high: 15 wind: se 10-15 mph thanks for joining us tonight... et is up next... don't fo tonight, kanye versus taylor, the new face-off over this song. i ke me and taylor
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>> we're inside the grammy bad blood battleground. >> taylor smut smith is opening the g writes. she mention him like he mentioned her? >> the he said/she said feud. plus hear what the kardashian clan is saying about the controversy. >> our kris jenner exclusive, opening up about the oj miniseries. >> the last family vacation photo. >> do you still keep in touch with nicole and oj's kids? barry manilow's hospital scare. complications after emergency surgery. we have the latest on his health tonight. plus bradley cooper's supermodel girlfriend, s with stingrays and sharks. >> sharks would literally bite my booty. >> i'm single. >> shirtless maxim and val. >> okay, i'm ready.


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