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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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leu recently released an excerpt of that recorded telephone conversation to the media. in the call, threats are exchanged between the two men, who are both running for sheriff in the november general election.
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and said what's going on? i need to know information it's an officer safety thing. i don't care who wants to do a search in fonda but it's dangerous not to let the locals know," said leu. in an interview with the pilot tribune, lampe says leu's part-time officer was notified of the investigation. in that same interview lampe says the entire conflict stems from a question of leu stepping outside of his jurisdiction back in 2014. "his issue with my practice was--i would hear a call it may be domestic but i would start driving toward the call...that's it," said alex leu. leu says he has two voicemails from lampe that he has no intention in listening to. leu adds he will work with lampe as a professional but says he will not accept an apology. >> in the newspaper interview lampe admits to "blowing up" at leu on the phone. we reached out to lampe for
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couldn't comment because of possible litigation. fonda mayor don wolf said in a statement that the county needs to work together with all of its agencies. the mayor says public safety comes first. matt and shelia. (matt) thanks michelle. (sheila) vermillion police are investigating a report of vandalism at the university of south dakota after a fraternity house was tagged over the weekend. (matt) ktiv's tiffany lane was in vermillion today and has the details. tiffany? matt and sheila, the words "we date rape" were spray painted in yellow on the phi delta theta fraternity house on sunday morning, according to vermillion police. fraternity members of the house on the intersection of dakota and clark streets contacted the school and police when they found it. police believe it happened between three and five a-m. the fraternity did not have cameras to catch the act and there were no witnesses. usd officials are reacting to the controversial words spray painted on the side of the fraternity house. "it is a very big statement against the fraternity," said laura rood, director of
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usd. "but the university has no reports on file of any sexual assaults and so there's no reason for us to believe that we need to investigate the fraternity. we're really more concerned for their well-being at this time." fraternity members cleaned up the spray paint after police were on scene to investigate. according to vermillion police, there have been no other cases of vandalism in the usd greek system recently. police say there are currently no suspects in the vandalism investigation. they say they believe there was only one person involved. school representativ es say the fraternity also doesn't have cameras that would have caught the act. coming up at news 4 at ten, a student at the university reacts to how safe she feels after hearing about the vandalism. matt and sheila? the lawyer for a sioux city man, who's accused of shooting a police officer, and taking part in a string of recent robberies, wants his client's trial moved. in court documents, isaiah mothershed's attorney, matthew metzgar, calls comments made by sioux city police chief doug young, and
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jennings, "prejudicial". metzgar says the comments were published in the sioux city journal, last week. metzgar says the "adverse publicity" that those comments generated would make it hard for his client to get a fair trial. the 18-year-old mothershed is charged with two counts of attempted murder after, police say, he shot officer ryan moritz during valley park apartments on mothershed is also charged with first-degree robbery in incidents dating back to december 7th, 2015. it felt a little warm today but a mix may move in tonight. chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us now with the first look at our forecast. weather ad-lib much of siouxland was able to break into some sunshine leading to a warmer day as sioux city got into the 40s for the first time in the past eight days. northeastern siouxland was stuck in pretty thick fog and as you may guess it stayed cooler up that way. a system now moves in tonight with a mix of light rain and snow expected with an inch or two of
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possible from central into eastern siouxland. we also can't rule out just a little ice on the roads especially in the northern parts of the ktiv viewing area where it will be just a bit cooler with lows up there in the upper 20s. promoting entrepreneur ship throughout siouxland. that's the goal behind "entrepalooza" which kicks off tonight. ktiv's robert lowe is with live link 4 at briar cliff university. robert, a familiar face to the area is set to the take the stage, is that right? matt and sheila, that's right. former co-founder and ceo of gateway, ted waitt is slated to speak here at 6:30 kicking off the sixth annual event celebrating entrepreneurial spirit
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question and answer session with local students in attendance. a little history on tonight's speaker. waitt and co-founder mike hammond started their computer company, just "two guys in a barn," after receiving a $10,000 loan. they turned that loan into a fortune 500 company. the company was sold for more than $700 million back in 2007 to a taiwanese software company. so, undoubtedly waitt knows a thing or two about being an entrepreneur and growing a company into a complete success. we'll hear from him tonight at 10, plus from local siouxlanders who are looking to start or grow their business. matt and sheila? u.s. senator deb fischer was in south sioux city, nebraska today. the senator tweeted this photo saying she was at dakota perk hearing from local residents. lieutenant governor kim reynolds will be in sioux city tomorrow. she will start the day by speaking at the iowa women's
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launchpad children's museum followed by a stem tour at a couple sioux city schools. a new plan to privatize medicaid in iowa has left thousands of iowans with unanswered questions. former iowa governor, chet culver, visited the siouxland center for active generations in sioux city, this afternoon, to address those questions. several dozen siouxlanders were in attendance to better understand the new plan for the state to privatize medicaid. governor culver is leading the charge for advocates for iowa medicaid, or aim. the group aims to provide a clear voice for iowans. "we're really building a statewide coallition of advocates, providers, beneficiaries, people that are directly impacted by iowa's medicaid system everyday." said culver. "it's a broad cross- section of iowans that are representing more than a half million people on medicaid and we just want to make sure their voices are heard." approximately 560 thousand
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rely on medicaid for their healthcare needs. all three siouxland governors have ordered flags be flown at half staff today to honor u-s supreme court justice antonin scalia. scalia was found dead in his room at a west texas resort ranch saturday morning. he was 79 years old. governor dauggard and governor ricketts ask flags be flown at half staff until scalia's internment. iowa governor terry branstad ordered flags to be at half staff until sunset. augustana university in sioux falls, south dakota has canceled a forum at which justice scalia was to speak. scalia was to be the featured speaker at augustana's "boe forum on public affairs" on march 9th with an address titled "whether the u.s. constitution is a living document." more than 3-thousand people had reserved free tickets for the forum. the school's president says it's unfortunate that people in the community won't get the chance to hear scalia speak. democrats in south dakota say they won't let u.s. senator john thune run unopposed for the second consecutive election. the south dakota democratic
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candidate for u.s. senate by the end of the week. south dakota democratic party spokesman michael ewald said the party is excited to field a competitive candidate. ewald says the candidate is a man with experience in both private and public sectors. thune didn't face an opponent in the 2010 campaign for his second term. still to come... a disease that's putting pregnant cattle in danger. what veterinarians are doing and
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much of siouxland was able to break into some sunshine leading to a warmer day as sioux city got into the 40s for the first time in the past eight days. northeastern siouxland was stuck in pretty thick fog and as you may guess it stayed cooler up that way. a system now moves in tonight with a mix of light rain and snow expected with an inch or two of accumulation possible from central into eastern siouxland. we also can't rule out just a little ice on the parts of the ktiv viewing area where it will be just a bit cooler with lows up there in the upper 20s. that system moves out tuesday but it will be windy from later monday night into the first half of tuesday before the wind will settle down some again. we'll top out in the 30s both tuesday and wednesday but then the warmer weather takes over as we could
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then keep it in the 50s for
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veterinarians across western south dakota are continuing to test herds for a reproductive disease that causes though no new cases have been reported over the past month.
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trichomoniasis cases were discovered in january in a pair of dewey county herds. late last year, vets found trich in two oglala lakota county herds and one in corson and ziebach counties. an assistant state veterinarian says he doesn't expect an outbreak like one that hit western south dakota in 2005. the disease poses no risk for humans, but its occurrence can cut into a rancher's bottom line. still to come... an iowa city hall is getting a facelift. a look at how denison is taking a different
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denison, iowa's city hall is getting a facelift. but, this project has more to do with the building's rich history.' ktiv's tiffany lane shares how the city is taking a look
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usually when you think renovations, you think "new" and "modern." city leaders in denison, iowa, are taking a different approach when it comes to fixing their city hall. "the idea was to remove the more recent covering on the outside and reveal what was underneath, which was the original building constructed in 1895," said denison city manager terry crawford. it's a project that's been in the works for about a year, and is a few months from completion. city manager terry crawford has pushed for the renovations. su "one of the appeals of the project is that it keeps the historical preservation of the original building, crawford says." "i could show you the cupolas that have been installed already on the exterior, the south one here next to what we hope to have a bell tower in the future," said crawford. "it's not a part of this contract." but, the exterior of city hall isn't the only part that will look different. before the project, the top floor of the building was only
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the top floor has been transformed to include the city council chambers, an employe lounge, and a small room for storage. "it's just nice to be able to have an office again, when we were at our temporary location, which was almost a year, we're all kind of, there were six of us in two office spaces," said lisa koch, denison city clerk. a new elevator also takes people from the basement to the top of the building, offering easier access. there is also a new hvac system that will handle summer heat, and winter's chill. "we feel that as far as the taxpayers' dollars are really going to help pay back the cost of this building in a shorter time because of the high efficiency utilities," said crawford. crawford says the improvements will cost just under a million dollars. in denison, iowa, tiffany lane, ktiv news 4.>> to pay for the renovations, 600-thousand dollars came from a general obligation loan. 400-thousand was provided through a general fund loan from the city. the entire project will be
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brad's here - the hawkeyes had a good valentine's day. iowa beat minnesota to stay in first place. we'll hear from coach fran mccaffery and look at the new ap poll. and, we'll see the new iowa boys rankings as the postseason starts for 1a and 2a teams.
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the hawkeyes went 1-1 last week but since the top three teams in the big ten all lost -- iowa is still in first place. the hawks are 11-2 in the conference, good for a one game lead over maryland and indiana. iowa only has one game this week, visiting penn state on wednesday. the hawks kept minnesota winless in the big ten with a 75-71 win last night. jarrod uthoff missed his first seven shots, but finished strong -- with 24 points, 15 rebounds and six blocks. peter jok led all scorers with 27 and mike gesell tied a career-high with 12 assists.
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expected, but iowa still improves to 13-0 at home. "we did a lot of good things. it was not a perfect game. wasn't a perfect game for them," said coach fran mccaffery. "but, you know, if you study this team, you're going to have to fight till the end, you're going to have to execute, you're going to have to do things. you're going to have to overcome some adversity throughout the course of the game because they're going to create that. they're going to keep coming." - iowa stays at number-4 in the new a-p rankings. iowa received 11 first place votes last week, but didn't get any this week. iowa state moved up a spot to 13th after losing at texas tech and beating texas. the cyclones visit number-25 baylor on tuesday and host tcu on saturday. villanova is number-1 for the second straight week and kansas moved up four places to second. the postseason starts tonight for some iowa boys and nebraska girls teams. in iowa, class 1a and 2a districts start in iowa. in nebraska, it's class c and d subdistrict action. we'll have highlights and scores at ten. the new iowa boys ap rankings are out. sioux city east is still receiving votes in class 4a, at 15-4.
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cbal is up to number-3. des moines hoover is the new number-1. in 3a, spirit lake and moc-floyd valley both move up to third and fourth. the indians are getting a first place vote. bishop heelan and sgt. bluff-luton are receiving votes. western christian is still the top team in class 2a, despite a last-second loss to number-1 sioux falls christian. pocahontas area, laurens-marathon is tenth. ridge view and sioux center are getting votes. boyden hull falls to fourth in class 1a. ikm-manning is 7th. south o'brien, maple valley, anthon-oto, and gt/ra all get votes. see the entire poll at ktiv-dot-com. the hawkeye baseball team went to the ncaa tournament last season for the first time in 25 years. iowa has been picked to finish fourth in the big ten in the preseason coaches poll, behind michigan, marlyland and indiana. the hawks have to replace five players from their starting lineup -- but do have two of their top three starting pitchers back. head coach rick heller says freshman robert neustrom from sioux city north will be one
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"sustaining is not easy because you play in a great league where everybody is trying to win," said heller. "everybody has good resources. maybe three or four teams are going to be the older team this year. you've got to win with younger players and new players. hopefully your development happens sooner than later." the hawkeyes open the season
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followed by telenovela at 7:30 p.m. and the biggest loser at 8. a zoo in south carolina showed off its new resident on friday... and revealed his name. meet tatu - a baby boy giraffe
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addition to the greenville zoo. tatu was born on february second to proud parents autumn and walter. tatu means "third child" in swahili since he is their third calf. tatu weighed nearly 158 pounds when he was born and stands at just over six- feet tall. tonight: light mix possible. low: 32 wind: s 5-10/nw 15-30 mph tomorrow: mostly cloudy and breezy.
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thanks for joining us tonight... et is up next... don't forget to go to ktiv-dot- com for all of your news, tonight the grammy countdown is on. the awards just away, we're inside the rehearsal. >> it's more real and it's obviously the real thing. >> and what we uns from this weekend's pre-party. >> and the big things to watch out for during tonshow. >> make sure you watch every moment. >> we're breaking down the performers, revealing the winners and breaking down what you see on the stage from adele. >> plus we are dishing o all


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