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tv   News 4 at Ten  NBC  March 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CST

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clinton." :08 "we can come together and make this country work for everyone," says hillary clinton. a big night for donald trump and hillary clinton as the votes have been counted this super tuesday. good evening, i'm sheila brummer matt breen has the night off. we'll have results from super tuesday in a minute where earlier tonight several races were too close to call. first, tonight local results of a decison in northwest iowa. in orange city, a plan to expand the existing fire station has passed. and, it passed with big numbers. 976 people voted for it. 191 against it. the vote required 60% approval to pass. it received about 84% support. the fire chief said the building built in 1973 is too small. plus, there's a lack of ventilation. the expansion will cost taxpayers $3.5 million. tonight, hillary clinton and donald trump widening the gap between themselves and their rivals. (with the democrat clinton picking up at six states and the top republican trump at least 5 states.)
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from houston texas with superer tuesday covevege. here at the redneck country club the cruz crowd went crazy ....feeling for the first time that the gop race is down to the front runner and their guy.
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news conference at his florida home. s/ donald trump / (r) presidential candidate "but believe me i am a unifier once we get all of this finished im going too after one person and that is hillary clininn :13 for marco rubio again no primary wins but not giving up. s/ sen. marco rubio (r) presidential candidate "i will campaign as long as it takes and where ever it takes to ensure that i am the next president of the united states" democrat bernie sanders won at home in tiny vermont and in oklahoma. but front-runner hillary clinton won bigger states. s/ hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate "instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers, and build (cheers)... a dominant win but the democrats' front-runner gets overshadowe d by republican ted cruz...emerging at the top challenger to donald trump. steve handelelan nbc news at ted cruz headquarters ououide houston > he didn't win the most states, but texas senator ted cruz is a republican super tuesday winner...takin g not st his homestate but oklahoma. s/ sen. ted cruz / (r) presidential candidate "congrats donald trump we have beaten donald trump once twice three times!!!! "for the candidates who have not yet won state...prayerfully consider our coming together" donald trump... held a low-key news conference at his florida home. s/ donald trump / (r)
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believe me i am a unifier once weget all of tis finished im going to go after one person and that is hillary clinton :13 for marco rubio again no primary wins but not giving up. s/ sen. marco rubio (r) presidential candidate "i will campaign as long as it takes and where ever it takes to ensure that i am the next president of the united states" democrat bernie sanders won at home in tiny vermont and in oklahoma. but front-runner hillary clinton won bigger states. s/ hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate "instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers, and build (cheers)... a dominant win but the democrats' front-runne gets overshadowe d by republican ted cruz...emerging at the top challenger to donald trump. steve handelsman nbc news at ted cruz headquarters outside houston but cruz stopping trump impossible with rubio ...john kasich and ben carson staying in thepand the gop bliscruz as much asi'm stestafford texas. that's steve handlesman, live near houston, texas tonight. tch for contntnuing coverage of supetuesday tomorrow on news 4 today and the today show. south dakota governor dennis daugaard has vetoed the transgender bathroom bill. daugaard says the bill does not address any pressing issue concerning the school districts in the state. the bill would have restricted access to certain restrooms and locker rooms for transgender students. the sponsor of the legislation sayyhe's king lawmakers not to ooerride the veto "it's disappointing, i have 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren, i dont want themto be showeing or changing clothes in the presence /f people of the opposite biological sex."
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situation would arise, it should be up to the individual school districts to take action. tonight, former olympian caitlyn jenner weighed in on the issue. jenner sent out this tweet: it says "such great news!".. thankk, for keeping all kids safe today. the plan toboost the teacher pay in south dakota is now headed to the governor dugaard's desk. and, he's expected to easily sign the plan passed by senators today to increase the state's sale tax by one-half cent. south dakota currently has the lowest teacher pay in the nation. a siouxland school had a scare after they received a bomb threat. ktiv's tommie clark traveled to everly, iowa today for the story.
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state patrol, an algona bomb dog, and more @ornered off the area and did a search. "wdivided up into three teams and then we rendered the school safe basically, making a full search of the school not only the inside of the school, the outside of the school and any cars in the vicinity," said clay county sheriff's office's sheriff randy krukow. officers did not find anything suspicious and so students returned to class around 1 in the afternoon. the investigation is ongoing. in everly, iowa...tommie clark...ktiv news 4. >> authorities aren't saying exactly what the bomb threat said. they do suspt a student is responsible. snuggle up tonight! it's going to get cold overnight! chief meteorologis t ron demers joins us now with the first look at our forecast. many of our highs today were held in the 20s which is much cooler than what we have gotten used to as of late. for sioux city, the last time we had a high below 30 degrees was 17 days ago so you may have noticed today's chill. most of our lows will dip into the teens tonight before we warm a bit better for our wednesday. another chance of a mix comes
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shouldn't be anything too heavy. the place where woodbury county residents pay property taxes or take care of judicial business could be changing. ktiv's sam curtiss joins us from the newsroom. he's got the latest details, , m. it's a move county supervisoso say they've heard before. what differentiates it this time, it wouldn't cost the county much of anything they say. that move is a proposed plan to move the clerk of courts office from the law enforcement center across the street to the courthouse. that office would move into the treasuer's office current area.
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move a block away into the trosper hoyt building. the clerk of courts move should cost the county nothing as the state judicial system would cover up to $100,000 of costs. county supervisor's chairman jeremy taylor says the move would cost taxpayers practically nothing and would increase efficiency. "it gets them under one roof so that they (clerk of courts) can do their business better," said mike clayton, woodbury county treasurer. "it also gets the treasurer's office so we can do our business better." the clerk of courts move would also create more room for the jail or jail rvices. sheriff dave drew said he's exploring multiple options. county supervisors will vote to approve or deny the move next tuesday. if approved, all moves would have to happen before july 1st. but mike clayton added not until tax season is over. one of theheegion's leading ethanol producers held its annual meeting, tonight. employees and board members of siouxland ethanol gathered at the marina inn in south sioux
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year. siouxland ethanol is based in jackson, nebraska. the company introduced new interim prprident, nick bowdish, back in deceer. bowdish is proud of the progress that has been made in just the last 60 days. "we've found opportunities to lower our cost structure, to get more efficient, get more gallons out of a bushel of corn and so many other things," said nick bowdish, interim president, siouxland ethanol. "for me, it's all about being an efficient producer of a fuel and of an octane that the world needs." in 2015, ethanol bio- refineries in 29 states produced a record 14.7 billion gallons of high-octane renewable fuel. the vast majority of which is in iowa. (sheila) the hard rock hotel and casino receiveded big rating from tripe-a. the facility has earned a four diamond rating. a triple-a representativ e says the process to become a four diamond hotel isn't easy. they look at 27 different criteria. things like the overall amenities, service of staff, and facilities. the hard rock hotel is only one ofofeven four
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nebraska and south dakota. a big night for sketball.. for school teams and college. tonight, briar cliff and morningside trying to win gpac championships . the highlights later in sportsfource. held in the 20s which h much cooler
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last time we had a high below 30 degrees was 17 days ago so you may have noticed today's chill. most of our lows will dip into the teens tonight before we warm a bit better for our wednesday. another chance of a mix comes our way wednesday night but it shouldn't be anything too heavy. thursday will be a bit cool but there's nothing but warming to talk about after that. we'll have the chance of getting to around 50 degrees by friday and saturday then 60s are in the forecast for the beginning of next week with maybe even some
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american astronaut scott kelly is almost home after a year in space. kelly is expected to touch down around 10:25 tonight in the suyoz capsule. it's been 340 days since kelly left the earth a new record for american space travel. it's all part of a larger study by nasa to try to eventually travel to mars and beyond. when landing kelly would have traveled more than 144 million miles when his mission is complete. he has seen more than 10 thousand orbital sunrises and sunsets. for live coverage go to our website and click on the story about scott kelly. next, in healthbeat 4: how, not getting enough sleep can be hardardous to our
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learned about the basic form of life molecules. students from the university of nebraska medical center and milwaukee school of engineering taught students how water forms to the life of a cell. the "molecules and you" event allowed students to work hands on with the molecules. they were even able to construct a snow flake. "we're using science as a vehicle to get students excited about learning. if t ty leave here knowing a little e t more than when they came in we've succeeded," said maurice godfrey, ph.d. the event is funded by the
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partnership award grant also known as sepa . sepa strives to strengthen math and sciencnc education of american indian youth in nebraska and south dakota. researchers say they've discovered why a lack of sleep can lead to overeating and unhealthy food choices. the study shows sleep restriction boosts a chemical in the body that enhances the joy of eating. especially sweet, salty and high fat foods. four four nights of little sleep people have trouble resisting snacks and chose foods with 50-percent more calories than people who get a normal amount of sleep. a new study suggests medications used to treat a-d-h-d may affect the bone health of kids and teens. those taking a-d-h-d medications had significant decreases in bone density compared to their peers not taking any prescription drugs. experts say doctors and parents should be aware of the potential
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medications. helmets that don't fit ... increase the severity of concussions in high school football players. researchers looked at 4,000 athletes who suffered concussions. those with the illfitting helmets had more drowsiness and noise sensitivity and other issues. and players with helmets that usus inflated air rathth than foam or gel liners to protect the head ... had concussion symoms for a longer amount of time. brad's here -- with a full night of basketball. at the girls state tournament, and the east boys try to earn a state trtr. a two-part sports fource is
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the sioux city east boys went into the substate final with an 18-4 record. to get a ticket to state -- the black raiders would have to beat the team that handed them, two of those losses, council bluffs abe lincoln. the lynx, ranked third in class 4a at 20 and 1. this game at a "neutral" court at the tyson events center. east down 2 2 the half -- 3rd qtr -- senior connor murrell drives and sinks the floater. raiders down 4. murrell didn't want his hs career to end -- drops in 2 of his 16 pts - but east was down 7 after three. in the 4th -- jaylen rees gets the hoop and the hack -- east trying to cut into a 10-point lead. then, east gets the lead all the
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one -- van rees with another 3-point play. he led east with 20, it's 63-62. but al owned the last 2 minutes -- tre-vonte jones with the layin with a minute to go -- al ends east's season 72-65 to earn a trip to state. district finals in nebraska. norfolk wins in class a, 59- 53 at lincoln east. the panthers will be in lincoln, starting march 10th. in class d, walthill tops osmond 76-46 in a top ten battle. wynot earns a ticket to lincoln,69-44 over chambers, wheeler central. the cherokee girls got to the class 3a state tournament with a 22-2 record. neither of those losses wewe to a 3a team. cherokee had their first round game this afternoon and ktiv's mark freund was there. mark: cherokee is making its first appearanace at state since 2005, and enters the tournament unbeaten against teams not named western christian. the braves, second
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osage, who@allows fewer than 40 points per contest. the cherokee offense was up to their usual tricks. getting a ton of points in transition - kaely hummel, the state's second leading scorer in 3a, had 16 points by halftime as the braves led by 4 at the half. but this one was close the whole way - with under 4 to play, brenna jacobs gives osage the lead, 63-61. in the final minutes, payton slaughter took over - off the steal - the acrobatic layup tie the game. then slaughter steals another one - finding hummel - slaughter 19 points, 12 rebounds - hummel, 29 points, 11 boards. in a heck of a game, cherokee advances to the state semis, 72-67. "it's just all about staying calm," said payton slaughter. "that's what they kept telling us, you gotta stay calm, just be confident. having your teammates behind you, that's all said kaely hummel. "i think we've worked so hard for this opportunity to get here. we're not
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next gamam" in des moines, marar freund ktiv sports fource. late this afternoon -- 7th-ranked sioux center taking on the defending champs from nevada. the warriors get out to a fast start - katie tegrotenhuis from the wing - cans the three - not playing scared agaisnt the defending champs. sioux nter scored 10 straht after falling behind 2-nothing - shayla post on another three - warriors up 8. the game was tied at the half. - lexi toering for 2 of her 13 points. it's 22-all at the break. but nevada had a big second half, lexi koudelka finished with a game-high 29 points and nevada ends sioux center's season, 59-44. it was the warriors first trip to state in 12 years. undefeated pocahontas area, laurens-marathon -- ranked 1st in 3a -- taking on mount vernon. the indians got out to a 9-nothing lead - then ashlyn weidauer drops in a three - pokie rolling as their own channel 4 looks on. later - grace meyer - drives the lane and finishes - pocahontas was up
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second quarter - indians pull away - the other meyer sister - faith meyer - 3 of her 22 - pac doubles up mt. vernon at 30-15. no pokie hihglight is complete without ellie ruffridge - closes the half ruffridge. pocahontas advances, 83-43 one other score in 2a. manson, northwest webster fafas to undefeated iowa city regina, 59-47. the cougars finish 20-5. regina plays uni christian in the semfinals on thursday. still to come -- all the college action -- including senior night's at iowa and nebraska -- plus gpac tourney finals at briar cliff and morningside.
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buying a house is noasy task. coming up wednesday morning on news 4 today.... why millennials are finally taking the big step and becoming homeowners. and one man suffered a stroke at a young age due to stress. what he's doing to warn others before it happens to them. about two talented freshman at sioux city east and south sioux city. flash forward 8 years and adam woodbury and mike gesell were playing on senior night for the hawkeyes. the 16th-ranked hawks facing indiana. end of half -- clemmons no --
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2nd -- iowa down by as many as 12 -- nicholas baer back to back 3's to tie it. then, gesell to uthoff -- iowa took a 74-72 2 ad -- but no story book finish h night -- indy wins 81-78 to clinch the big ten title. nebraska's senior night. huskers playing #15 purdue. 1st half, nebraska down by 19 -- senior shavon shields with the finger roll -- cuts the lead to 17. shields doing what he can to keep the huskers in it -- that's a 3 -- he finished with a game-high 32 points in his last home game. but he didn't get any help -- dakota mathias was one of four boilermakers in double figures -- huskers fall 81-62 -- it's their worst loss at pinnacle bank areana. fans up to the rafters at briar cliff -- the 4th-ranked chagers taking on nebraska wesleyan in
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forbes to austin homan - he made 7 of his 9 shots for 15 points. clay harreld is known for his 3- point shooting -- but shows he can drive the ball too -- 2 of his 21 points. bc down 5 550 at the half. the chargers trailed by as many as 13 in the second half -- but shane graves drives for 2 -- bc shot 56 percent in the second half. forbes had 25 points -- he goes coast to coast and dishes to homan again n briar cliff wins 103-97, and will likely be a number-1 seed at the national tournament next week. the top-ranked morningside women, trying to win the tourney title against #10 dakota wesleyan. the mustangs get the offense started as they work it inside, jessica tietz gets the basket and the foul, morningside goes up two. later on, morningside shows its range when madison braun sinks a three from way downtown, and the mustangs take a three point lead.
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and banks in the shot to cut the deficit to one. morningside gets things back on track, lauren lehmkuhl pulls up and knocks down the three, the mustangs pull away and win, 80 to 59. finally, tonight. a california mom is dog tired, after delivering 17 babies. we're talking about pups. sheepdog puppies. herding dogs-and you heard right, mom stella delivered a litter of 17 in napa, california. 11 boys and six girls. 17 wet snuggly noses, 17 wagging tails.
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farmed out to o rms to go to work protecting livestock. stella's owner says 17 is indeed a record for her breed. the vet who delivered the litter says his record -was- 12.
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wind: n/se 5-10 mph tomorrow: mostly cloudy. high: 46 wind: se 10-15 mph [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- margot robbie -- michael mckean -- science expert kevin delaney --


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