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tv   Christian World News  TLN  January 17, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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>> today on "christian world news" the massacre, why christians in egypt fear recent elections could lead to more attacks like this brutal one they witnessed several months ago. >> plus rebuilding haiti, two years have passed since a devastating earthquake was left in ruins, where do things stand now? >> how tourist in the holy land can literally walk the path that jesus did over 2,000 years ago.
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>> christians in egypt are worried about their future after recent parliamentary elections. hello everyone i am george thomas. >> and i am wendy griffith. many christians fear they'll face more attacks. they want militants who have committed atrocities to be prosecuted. especially for the massacre last october. gary lane has the story from cairo. >> reporter: it was an event that has discouraged egyptian christians, the maspiro massacre. sunday evening last october 9th. egyptian christians gathered in cairo. this man describes why his father joined those marching to the national television station at maspiro square.
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>> no one was charged or arrested and there was not because he thought it was not fair, some people had to pay for what they have done to the churches and christians in egypt. >> magdi was fired. his father was a man of practical faith. >> he was teaching it to us everyday and see what god is telling us and to hear the voice. god doesn't want us to praise him by telling him -- god is my life and some vision so what i feel. every single day, more than 40 years. >> fearless, magdi proceeded
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passed hostile crowds. >> he was hit with a army sticks. >> later magdi died with a blow to his head. 20 christians were killed, 14 were crushed by military armored vehicles. they told cbn news they learned about the death as they watched the events unfold. mary says i cry every night. this man's dad was also killed. his dad felt compelled to attend. >> he said we should rally in front of our lord and savior.
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do that each day and see what happens. i lost a spiritual father, a friend that led me through life. the only comfort would be to see god's glory and change come to egypt. >> change in attitudes may not come soon. samuel says the egyptian army is not a professional one. it is made up of conscripts. he tells of how one soldier made a shocking announcement. troops boarded the bus to return to their barracks. >> one of the soldiers proclaims to the muslim onlookers, he shot shouts, i have shot him in the chest. the muslim onlookers clap. >> three soldiers were arrested by the egyptian army and scheduled to be put on trial in
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charges of involuntary manslaughter. an independent investigation is needed. meanwhile christians like these men gather in prayer at cairo's cave church praying for their families and asking god to bring peace to their nation. >> unjustice of the massacre and ongoing attacks weigh heavy on the hearts of egyptian christians and the future doesn't look bright. they don't think a new government will protect them from the army or persecution from islamists. >> we haven't seen constructive from brotherhood. the focus was about the elect n election. >> this man says most egyptians doubt the muslim brotherhood will honor the pledge to protect minority rights. members of egypt's coptic church
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have no ill lugsz of what will come. >> we gave plenty. we are expecting more markers during the rule of the brotherhood. >> he sees god at work despite the tragedy at maspiro. we have to pay the price. >> gary lane, cbn news, cairo, egypt. >> a christian businessman is on trial for insulting islam. a bearded mickey mouse. he is a billionaire who started a secular party. he tweeted the picture as a joke. cartoon characters would have to
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dress conservatively. a muslim lawyer filed a complaint and the country's blasphemy laws will punish him. christians in the north nigeria will definite themselves. the group known as boko haram has killed more than 54 people, shot 8 to death during a church service and killed 2 christians in their homes. christians there can no longer sit back and allow the killings to continue. >> we therefore, as christians have decided to take our faith in our hands and have resolved as follows: no. 1, that we have
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decided to work out means to defend ourselves against these killings. >> boko haram has promised to kill christians living in the north. a state of emergency in the parts of the country effected by the attacks. for years we have been bringing you stories about how christians suffer. the military that rules the country, koran are tribal people. miramar's armed forces have waged a battle for decades, mostly in an effort to control the land. they target the land because of the christian land.
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miramar is a buddhist nation. chinese government has revealed the where abouts of missing human rights gao zhiseng. he aggressively defending christians in disputes with the government and served more than a year for his work. in 2010, he disclosed he had been tortured in prison. for 20 months his family didn't know where he was. now china is confirming gao zhiseng is in prison. >> you can show your support at our "christian world news" facebook page and post prayers and words of encouragement for those that suffering for their faith. coming up, two years after the devastating earthquake in
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haiti, how cbn is offering coort to those that need it most.
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>> welcome back, it has been two years since a devastating earthquake struck haiti, government, buildings, churches and homes across the country are still in ruins. u.s. contributed billions of aid, money meant to rebuild the nation. today tens of thousands are living in camps. only half the money has been spent. unstable government is hindering the rebuilding. >> cbn's operation blessing is at work in haiti. i spoke with the director, david darg. he lives with his family in haiti. you and i were there, hours after this horrible earthquake happened two years ago.
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so much money has been invested. we saw the devastation firsthand, people who lost lives, lost homes, lively hood. can you give us an update, where does haiti stand two years after this earthquake? >> despite all the difficulties, here two years later, i am happy to report, significant progress. haiti has endured hardships for decades and certainly not been a place for a long time. earthquake mag fi magnified it. despite that, in general, port-au-prince and the rest of the country is back to where it was before the earthquake. >> it wasn't rosie. it wasn't the best place in the western hemisphere, horrible
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number statistics. hundreds of thousands of people living in tents covering their homes. how is that possible? >> progress has been slow in some respects. government in haiti is weak, of course. all the money pledged as not been given to haiti. >> why is that? >> international government bureaucracy is holding it up. the smaller organizations has had a huge impact. now we are working on real development to give haiti a future. working on creating jobs, especially in the agricultural section with fish farming, things like that. >> those thing that is you talk
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about, incredible things happen. within weeks after the earthquake, this revival that is taking place within the tent cities, despite all the shardships, yet they have the moment to look up to god and see that is where their comfort and supplies are provided from. >> absolutely. our faith is strengthened when taken out of comfort zones. they have a deep reverence and deep strong faith. i was at a church instead of there being a count down, there was a fervent prayer meaning that started at 11:00 p.m. and went to the early hours of the morning. strong determined hardworking people and they will get through these times and thrive one day. >> one man that is hardworking
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is david darg from operation blessing. thank you for all that you have done for the people of haiti. great to have you back on the broadcast. >> thanks, george. >> to find out more about operation blessing's work, go to our website, up next, more on how the lord is touching the hearts of people in haiti. find out why one earthquake victim says god used the disaster to help save his life.
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>> welcome back to the broadcast. before the massive earthquake devastated haiti, many just the basics of food and shelter were hard to come by. not to mention health care. >> while the quake made life
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much worse, for one young man it made it better. injuries helped save his life. efrem graham has this incredible story. >> reporter: here on the streets of haiti, most people divide their lives into two parts, life before and life after. two years before the quake, a severe heart condition prevented 16-year-old david sentitch prevented him from playing games with his brother. >> i prayed and asked got if he could do something for me. >> debbie vanederbeak prayed. >> david has really beautiful eyes and an incredible smile. that draws you to him. >> during a clinic hosted by her organization, doctors determined david needed open heart surgery.
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>> before the earthquake, we were working on getting him a medical visa. had to get passports and all of that. we had first to find a hospital and doctors that would donate his services. >> finally they found a doctor at arkansas hospital. then disaster struck. >> when the earthquake happened, i was sleeping and dreaming. when i woke up there was a vibration in the house. the walls hit me in my head. >> after the earthquake, david was injured. that is when we got in close contact with his parents. they were concerned. he lost a lot of blood. >> on top of adding to david's physical injuries, it also left their home in ruins, for ten months, this tent was their
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home. >> we were getting to the point of dispair. it was obvious he needed treatment quickly. >> debbie received an unexpected phone call. on the other end of the line was a volunteer. the group flying energy supplies into the country. >> we found these medical supplies that belong to you and need you to send a letter that we can sign for you. then we can deliver it tomorrow. she goes i don't know what you are talking about. we don't have any medical supplies, we are not waiting for any. did you say you are flying airplanes? can you do medical evacuations? >> they said i can get him out tonight. >> eight hours and a few calls later, david departed for the united states and life saving surgery. he took the controls for a few moments.
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>> in the beginning, i thought i was going to die, this was my first time flying. i felt the vibration in the plane. one of the pilots let me drive. they gave me food. >> the surgical scar on his chest leads to a bright smile. his family gives thanks to god, even for the earthquake. >> i feel joy in my heart. we are so happy to see david now, moving, doing everything, my family and my wife. she is very happy to see how david is healthy. this is a blessing. >> if there hadn't been a earthquake, i don't think we could have gotten humanitarian parol. i don't think anything would have happened. we would have been still pushing along getting the paper work done. >> as for that unexpected phone
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call. >> the material belonged to a different ministry called helping haiti's children instead of hope for haiti's children. >> it is a mistake that answered this child's prayer for a miracle. >> i would like to fly back to the usa again just to say people thank you, all the doctors and all the people that helped me. that is what i would like to do. >> efrem graham, cbn news, port-au-prince, haiti. >> wow! >> that is awesome. the immediate reaction is the devastation and challenges, truly, haiti has changed the last two years. it is incredible to see stories. >> when you see that young man smile and how happy he is, all things work together for i was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you. i wake up in the morning with no back pain. do you toss and turn? wake up with back pain? if so, call us now.
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>> finally on the broadcast, pilgrims and tourists can literally take the path jesus'
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walked. >> the new gospel trail. >> reporter: the trek begins on the outskirts of nazareth, here on mount precipice. >> the trail offers the nature of jesus' time. the emphasis is one will see what somebody in jesus' time would have seen when he walked. >> much more than just a foot path. >> trail is accessible with bicycle and horses. >> no one knows exactly the way jesus took. the 40-mile trail connected access points allowing tourist to spend a little or long time on the trail. it is marked with this
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distinctive sign. this group of citizens inaugurated the trail. >> great mountains, great vegetation. we are able to see the hill where jesus gave the sermon on the mount. >> oscar merlot says it is a great opportunity for his group. >> we are excited to take this journey and villages that exited here. richness of history and culture and faith and jesus maybe shooed where you are standing. >> israel's tourism minister expects it to be a finish shl boost to the area. >> we expect the added value exist here will be 200,000 in the near future. >> trail ends at capernaum where the bible says jesus made his
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home by the sea of galilee. >> people will appreciate it and come and enjoy it by motivation of faith. >> you might not be able to walk on the water, but you can take a boat ride and sail off on the sea of galilee. julie stall, cab can be news z , capernaum, israel. >> the show is over, already? amazing. all right. we'll be back next week. from all of us here at "christian world news" we appreciate you and god bless you.
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