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tv   Christian World News  TLN  January 20, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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>> today on "christian world news" aistian culture in decline. believers in the united kingdom hold fast to their faith while attacks against them increase. >> plus messenger angels in mexico. how a tiny evangelical church is transforming the dangerous streets of juarez into a place of peace. >> and why this video had millions of hits in less than a
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a christian country. hello i am wendy griffith. >> and i am george thomas. top levels o government to local city councils and secular organizations. >> mark martin reports these attacks are waking up a sleeping church. >> reporter: more than 400 years ago, esh explorers brought christianity to the "christian world news" new world. today in the united kingdom, sharing that christian freedom could land you behind bars. it is a criminal offense. police have arrested a number of christians including street preachers because listeners consider it insulting.
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>> there is knowledge of god, 16 year olds that have never grown up going to church and radically turned away from god and following different things. >> campaign groups that regard religion and christianity as a private affair. >> mike judge works to defend a group. the group is similar to aclu claims praying at council meetings discriminates against people of no religion. nss posted this photo of smiling staff members. the matter is nothing to smile about. >> this is a very syrians hearing, it is the fir time
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events have been challenged in a high court. saying of prayers is voluntary. it was taken to court. >> if the judge rules against prayer, it could effect across england and whales. other councils are considering their policies. >> on the other hand homosexual activists are growing favor. the city of liverpools the first to have rainbow emblems on street signs. pink news quoted nick small as saying the news signs reck nice lgbt.
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liverpool council has spoken out against frontline church, a local evangelical no, ma'am denominational church. they labeled homosexuality a sin. while it removed the material because it didn't adequately address the complexity of the issue. >> we believe the bible teaches heterosexual marriage is the only context for sexual relationship, all people, we are all sinners, all saved by grace. we don't see it as different to any other issue. we are clear that we don't judge people. we don't condemn people. >> a new government-sponsored survey show it dropped 10 percent in five years. those that say they have no religion increased from 15-21
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percent. >> christian in the uk are in the middle of an intense spiritual battle. the prayer rally behind me is one example. >> it is cold and wet, 500-600 people turning out to pray for jesu jesus. >> 2 chronicles 7:14 prayer rally followed a not ashamed day rally. both held adjacent to occupy tent city. >> these are not the root cause, actually jesus has answers for these issues, for individuals, for nations for our wealth because he transforms lives.
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>> the thing that sym stopped me taking crack cocaine is jesus christ. >> many have not lost hope that revival will not return. mark martin, cbn news, england. british prime minister cameron says a return to values, it is not an optionn the face of the hard economic times. mr. cameron made it clear he is not against people of other faith or people that hold no faith at all. he said quote, we are a christian country and not be afraid to say so. the bible has helped to give britain a set of values and morals that make britain what it is today. >> christian intolerance is here
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on the rise. all instances of persecution overseas has come from one thing in common, connected to islam. joining us is john idner. he joins us from our d.c. bureau. you say there is a campaign of religious cleansing taking place in the islamic world. victims are mainly christians. why is this happening today? >> because islam has historically been intolerant of christianity. it has put christians in the position of second class citizens and if they are not subservient to islamic regimes then they are subjected to violence.
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the arab spring are creating a situation of confusion throughout the region which places the small historic christian communities at risk. we are in a situation where the middle east, a place where jesus was born, where christianity first took root is in danger of extinction. i have spent much time in iraq since 2007. one can call what is happening there a genocide. half of the country's christian population has been forced to leave the country since the fall of sadam hussan. there is no question, the so-call ee eed up riseings are creating more problems. within a generation we don't find christian communities in
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what used to be the heartland of the christian world. >> what is it about christians? why are they targeted in such a ferocious way. >> christians are perceived as a threat. their numbs are negligible. christians have been viewed as potential allies of the west called religionists. throughout the region, the christians are viewed with great suspicion as perhaps they are not loyal to the islamic authority and that there are conflicts with the western world. they will be the asians who are fifth column or spread subversive ideas from the wes in some cases the perceived threat has to do with ethnic differences. such as the christians in iraq
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regard themselves as ethnically syrian. they speak air mayic. >> john, christian solidarity international, great to have you on the broadcast. >> thank you very much. >> christian solidarity international, we have compiled a list of others with links to their websites, you can find all of that at our page turning now to asia, a recent election in taiwan could mean greater onities to share the faith in mainland china. gary lane has the story. >> reporter: two issues dominanted the taiwan
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downturn. the president is promising to improve ties between the two nations. christian leaders see god's hand. >> every decision is from the lord. whether or not the party or candidates are elected. i am glad to see the democracy has matured. this is god's word. this is the process of democracy we are willingly accept the outcome. as christians we should continue to pray for taiwan. >> the pastor predicts it will be more active. >> from now on, ministers and churches from china will be visiting taiwan. churches will have closer relationships than before. the door to the gospel will be
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wide open. >> taiwan's president remains the same with the nation's christians praying for their country's leadership and new opportunities to advance the gospel. gary lane, cbn news. just ahead, children once abandoned outside a hospital now live in one of the brightest compounds in haiti. see how operation bleing made it happen.
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>> a half dozen murders everyday make siadaz, juarez the most dangerous place in the world. >> there are organized marchs, but with much less -- there is peace to these dangerous cities.
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>> half a dozen mexican youth are turned into messenger angels, in one of the poor neighborhoods and contribute a ray of hope in the midst of daily tragedies. >> something nice and risky, we need to be strong and courageous. i believe we need to be courageous. >> they have drawn the attention of international media. these unusual angels are thinking of the job that lays ahead. soon they'll be out on the dangerous streets calling for repenitence and peace. the risks are many. >> there might be an accident or we could fall off. >> when they are ready, they quickly take their positions standing on chairs to look taller, put on their wings, this says corrupt police seek god.
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>> these wings are heavy, it is for god. >> angels freeze like statutes hoping their message will impact hundreds of people crossing this intersection. >> work is nice, also tiring. i am happy because god who is up in heaven is watching the work we are doing. that is what he demands to take the gospel to every nation. >> the group rushes to crime scenes where someone is shot. the angels get as close as they can. reporter friend, this new solar system for you, christ loves you. after holding their violent vigil, angels offer to pray for neighbors for salvation for sin and pray for converts like daniel diaz who used to be part of the problem. i was out in the world and now i want to tell you in that life,
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you won't find anything good, but you'll sink down more and more. ne participant sums up their efforts. >> i am participating because i think we need hope. the violence we are living in can be involved. i believe we can find that hope in god. >> stan jeter, cbn news. terrific story. the earthquake in haiti left more than a million people homeless. many were children. >> now thanks to cbn's operation blessing, some of the children have a permanent place to call home. efrem graham has that story. >> singing fills the air at this children's home. it is hard to imagine this happy place sits eight miles from a port-au-prince hospital where parents abandon young children like three-year-old markus.
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>> the had a room where kids stayed, hospital staff came by. they didn't have a program for them. when the earthquake hit, the hospital needed to face back. these kids have to go. >> operation blessing joined forces with partners in help to build the children a home. >> these kids came from the worst imaginable experience of the hospital to live in this beautiful place. really it is a remarkable transformation. >> children are surrounded by banana trees, pets and a therapeutic pool. also physical therapists working with children living with disabilities. >> it is creole for blessed friends. this is a blessing for little guys like this one and 49 other children. this facility started with one building. >> about the first year we had
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all the kids living in one big building until we were able to finish building the dormitory for the kids. >> our cameras captured the early construction as operation blessing began building the new dormitory months ago. today it is complete. little markus loves it. he now shares a room with one other child. >> dormitory is huge. beforehand, as a hospital, they were living in a small, maybe 20 by 30 room, all 46 kids. >> the dorm isn't the only growing addition to the campus. operation blessing harvest tilapia. each is filled with fish. when it is time, staff catch, clean, batter and fry the fish for the happy, hungry children. >> this program is expanding by
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leaps and bounds. what you see behind you is a way to get our foot in the door for agricultural here in haiti. >> each will hold 120,000 gallons of water and produce 10-15,000 pounds of tilapia. >> a number of jobs are created in the construction and management. >> more jobs and resources for the home's children like markus. he doesn't remember the horror of being abandoned, he knows the joy of being surrounded of blessed friends. new >> beautiful. it is almost like a tropical pair dice. the online world by storm, this video.
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>> welcome back to the broadcast. an onleea video on jesus christ has gone viral. why i hat religion but love jesus. tyler james reports. >> what if i told you jesus came to abolish religion. voting republican wasn't his mission? republican doesn't mean christian. >> the four-minute professional professionally produced video is getting millions of hits in less than a day. >> if religion is great, why does it fail to feed the poor? >> highlighting the difference between jesus and what the author calls false religion. christians are weighing in. >> problem with religion is it never gets to the core. >> tens of thousands of comments
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are spilling into youtube. >> we need the fellowship of the church. the real church is not the place we go to worship. >> this person agrees with the video. religion is about routine and habit. >> religion puts you in bondage, jesus sets you free. religion makes you blind, jesus makes you see. people are talking about jesus. in just a few days, this youtube video has 6 million hits. >> i am saying quit putting on a fake look, cbn news viewers are joining the conversation on our facebook page, darsy says i got goose bumps because i was so excited the first time i saw it. larry says religion is not a bad
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thing. >> religion? i hate it. because when jesus said it is finished. i believe he meant it. jefferson besky receives constructive criticism from michigan pastor deyoung. the mood of our countrywvwvwvwv god. we love the jesus that hates religion, the only problem is he didn't. jesus was a jew. synagogue.o services at the he observed holy days and didn't come to abolish the law or prophets but fulfill them. besky wrote deyoung a letter thanking him he greed for the
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comments and thankful for the critique. for a link to deyoung's blog go to our website
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>> finally on the broadcast, christian are mourning the loss of r.w. shumbeck. he and his wife led international tent meetings. he was 85 years old. >> what a legacy. >> that is it for this week's
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