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tv   Good Morning Las Vegas 430AM  ABC  January 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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hollywood. action news reporter yasmeen new this morning... a husband and wife are lucky to be alive this morning after an overnight new this morning...
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new this morning... a husband and wife are lucky to be alive this morning after an overnight let's get right to breaking news... police are looking for a shooter on the run this morning. this all happened around 1:30 this morning near lake mead and hollywood. police say one man was shot in the leg and taken to u-m-c with what appears to be non-life threatening injuries. action news reporter yasmeen hassan in on her way to the scene right now to gather the latest information. a husband and wife are lucky to be alive this morning after an overnight rollover crash. police say this all happened just after midnight near decatur and blue diamond. fortunately, no one was hurt in that crash. a motorcycle rider was taken to the hospital around the same time after a crash near centennial center and tropical parkway. police say that motorcyclist had non-life threatening injuries. the woman accused of driving
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on the strip was in court. lakeisha holloway is facing 71 charges in that crash. one person was killed and dozens others injured. the charges include attempted murder for each of the surviving 34 victims.. along with murder charges in the death of 32-year old jessica valenzuela.. plus child abuse and neglect. 3 of the injured remain in the hospital.. and one man is on a ventilator to help him breathe. holloway will be back in court in two weeks. right now...police are searching for a robber on the run. police say the suspect entered a business near rainbow and charleston with a weapon and stole several items before taking off. if you recognize this man please contact police. after years of neighbors pushing, and action news investigating...a traffic signal is finally up near lake mead and sloan. neighbors say the intersection
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darting across the street...and running in between cars. the most recent deadly crash happened about two months ago. county commissioners will turn on the signal at 6:30 this morning. in mountain's edge...we're hearing from a number of viewers who want the streetlights in their neighborhood repaired. when you ask.. we investigate. we found out the streetlights at buffalo and gomer and buffalo and blue diamond were knocked down early last year by car crashes. almost a year later...they still haven't been fixed. 13.34.31 i know for sure that they hoa would never allow a resident to have something in disrepair 37 in their front yard that's visible to the community 39 so why should the master developer be allowed to have this sit there for so long in disrepair? 46 melanie hobson the master developer says its first priority was to fix downed lights along buffalo.. south of mountain's edge parkway this summer. they ran into a road block getting insurance money for the repairs...but they do promise they'll be ixed. a problem area for squatters is
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it's a problem you asked us to investigate. the county boarded up the vacant business near sahara and maryland parkway yesterday. neighbors say it had turned into a "homeless condo." we checked it out on friday...and they were right...the building was full of squatters. we're told they moved in about a month ago. county commissioner chris giunchigliani says it's because of all the homeless in the area. "we have a ton of people that are over here unfortunately, and they are going to find an empty place." "it is just shameful because it impacts the entire center." even though the county sent workers in to secure the property, the county says the property owner will be billed. valley homeowners are fired-up this morning over the new solar power guidelines set down by the p-u-c. today...the p-u-c is holding a meeting to try and help answer questions. this is all over the solar rate hike that has forced some solar companies to pack up and leave the state. if you'd want to go to the meeting ... it's at 6:30 tonight at the
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ahead today...former president bill clinton will be in vegas campaigning for his wife. he'scheduled to hold a rally for hillary at advanced technologies academy tonight. doors open at 6:30 and the even starts at 7:15. just head to k-t-n-v dot com for a link to r-s-v-p. republican front runner donald trump will be here too...his rally is several hours earlier at the south point at 1 p-m. then...he'll be at the outdoor sportsman award at 7 p-m at the ventian theatre.. up next... 44-47 i think it's the wrong decision and it was made too fast construction controversy as a community tries to preserve a small piece of land. and depending ont where you live, it could afffect your commute. we're not coming...not going more stars are joining in...speaking out about the lack of diversity in oscar nominees... will smith has something to say
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hear on channel 13. ((ad-lib)) this section of homstretch
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the road to expand their school. homestretch drive separates... faith lutheran's current campus and the land.... they just bought.... for expansion. the school wants their campus connected. neighbors didn't want to lose their shortcut to hualapai. they tossed around ideas like building a bridge across the road...but in the end, decided it was safer for students to get rid of the road altogether. the school will allow pedestrians... cyclists... and emergency vehicles to use part of the new property. the uproar over the lack of diversity at the oscars is picking up steam... in an a-b-c exclusive will smith is speaking out too. there's a regressive slide towards separatism, towards racial and religious disharmony, and that's the hollywood that i want to leave behind. he joins a long list of stars protesting that all 20 oscar
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actors are white for the second year in a row. his wife...jada pinkett-smith is boycotting the oscars along with director spike lee. members of the academy are defending the controversial oscar votes. actress penelope miller saying... "to imply that this is because..... all of us are racists is extremely offensive." you can watch more of will smith's exclusive interview with robin roberts right after good morning las vegas. time now is x:xx --- d-c got a preview of a storm that's predicted to bring record snowfall to the east! cars were sliding...and so were people..we'll have more of this incredible video up next. millions of americans are
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the east coast. meanwhile people in the mid-atlantic states are also trying to clear snow that made for a traffic nightmare overnight. it only took two inches of snow to cripple the nation's captiol...causing crashes and multiple injuries. cars in maryland were stuck on the roads for hours. in west virginia...they're bracing for power outages from the snow. the storm even delayed the president's return to the white house...when they were foced to change their plans due to weather. this isn't even the worst of it...experts predict the worst of the storm is less than 48
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we have a brief pause in between fronts within southern nevada. partly cloudy skies will still be common today with high temperatures in the upper 50s and lower 60s. winds will be mild but rain chances will be lacking. we will hold this patter through friday but by saturday night, a new front begins to pass overhead. heavy clouds are expected all day saturday and sunday morning with possible rain saturday night into sunday morning. slight drop in temperatures to the mid and upper 50s on sunday is expected along with breezy conditions sunday late afternoon into monday morning. high pressure looks to build in for a few days next week; holing off any new days next and mainly sunny skies return to the valley along with low
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a close call there on the set of the newest bourne movie right here on a close call there on the set
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right here on the las vegas strip! as we speak they're shooting more of that movie and as jessica mentioned parts of the strip are closed off right now. we're expecting them to be done filming around 5 a-m this morning. we'll let you know as soon as we find out those roads are block some of hollywoods biggest stars are sleeping in las vegas right now after a late night hitting the red carpet at planet hollywood that's where jennifer lopez kicked off her brand new show.... "all of me".... for her strip residency! we got the inside scoop from some of the a-listers who were there... "how is she doing? is she nervous, is she excited? shes excited shes definitely excited, its been months of rehearsal, planning and pre production before that so shes ready" "im really excited, ive heard this show is the best show in vegas so im really excited to see it" you can buy tickets for her
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there aren't many left on ticketmaster. j-lo has concert dates through june 12th. overnight i've been tracking everything on twitter from j lo's strip premier. justin bieber...rebel strip premier. justin bieber...rebel wilson and kelly osbourne looked like they were having a good time...on twitter it looked like they were passing notes to each other throughout the night. bieber tweeted thank you j-lo for having me at opening night. here we come! and rebel
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good morning las vegas... time now is x:xx --- take a look at this incredible video.... we're now learning it was a toy that started this whole fire...we'll show you more of that, next. the n-f-l is making history this morning...we'll tell you the big move that one team is
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we're getting a look at some incredible video of a house fire that officials say was all started by a hoverboard! that family is lucky to alive right now after their house was engulfed in flames. a neighbor caught the whole thing on camera when he saw the windows of this house in northern california explode! the family wasn't home at the time...but their two dogs were and they didn't survive firefighters traced the origin of the fire to a little girls room...where she had been charging a hoverboard. according to the consumer
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marks the 40th reporter hoverboard fire in 19 different states. they're looking into the lithium ion batteries that come with the products. the 5th largest school district in the nation just isn't getting the job done--that's the opinion of a lot of state leaders. that's why they passed assembly bill 394--a law that will break up the school district into smaller precincts. a special committee tasked with figuring out how to do that is meeting tonight and they want to hear from you. meeting runs from 4:30-6:30 at the henderson convention center. bad news for uber and lyft
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bad news for uber and lyft drivers this morning... las vegas city council is tacking on more fees for the
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councilmembers have approved a new ordinance requiring a 50-dollar semi- annual fee for each active driver with companies like uber and lyft. that works out to 10-thousand dollars a year for each 100 drivers they employ. we're learning more about our city's first bike sharing system. it's set to arrive in downtown las vegas this summer. the first 10 bike stations should go up in august. the program will have 180 bikes ride wherever you need to go.. then return the bike at the nearest station. it's expected to cost about 80- dollars a year to for unlimited rides for up to 30 minutes. one woman is making history this morning in the n-f-l. it's topping today's stories now trending... the buffalo bills just hired kathryn smith as a full-time spcial teams coach. that makes her the first full-time female assistant coach in the history of the n-f-l. smith has worked for the team part- time for the past seven years. there's a new flavor of oreo
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nabisco's cinnamon-bun flavored cookies officially hit the market. fans rejoiced on social media in stores. the company also says it will be re- releasing red velvet oreos in time for valentine's day. you can check out all of the stories that are trending today.. just head to our website, coming up at -5-...we might complain about our tap water here in las vegas... but people in flint michigan have to deal with water that looks like this... we'll tell you the latest move lawmakers are making to try and help the people there. update on strip headliner celine dion. she was hit with tragedy and now she's bouncing back.
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action news reporter yasmeen hassan is live near lake mead and hollywood with the latest on the investigation. alright, thanks yasmeen...
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