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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  February 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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a shocking eyewitness account from a man who saw a deadly shooting yesterday near rainbow and westcliff. it happened in broad daylight in a strip mall parking lot. that's where.... 13 action news reporter... michael burton.... spent the afternoon with that witness.... re- living the moment. looklive intro: that's right, guys - back out here on where it happened - that witness tells us he's struggling to get
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"it doesn't feel good. i didn't sleep all night last night. i woke up at one a clock in the morning. couldn't get it out of my head. never saw anybody shot to death accept on tv. michael jackson witness 11 secs it happened at about 12:30pm - while michael jackson was on duty as a sign- holder for a nearby furniture store. he says it all started when a nissan pulled into the parking lot where he works. he says the car was going about 15 miles an hour when a man suddenly rolled out. but before he could stand up - another man got out of the car and stood over him. he says the victim shouted "please don't, please don't" - but the gunman shot him six times - before getting back in the car and taking off. jackson says the victim appeared to be breathing after he was shot - but died before law enforcement arrived. "he had enough time to roll a few times and he was saying
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that guys just executed him. boom boom boom. 9 secs looklive tag: he says one of the saddest things about the tragedy is that everyone involved looked like they were only in their twenties. i'm michael burton - 13 action news. here's a look.... at the other top local stories... we're following tonight!!! a neighborhood dispute has completely escalated-- now this sits between the two homes. the neighbor on this side of the tarp says they can barrly get out their front door. but this neighbor says he did it-- because he didnt want their surveillance cameras pointing inside his home. he says if the cameras come down-- the tarp can come down. (next) i'm stephanie zepelin.... our viewer susan rasmussen says she dropped off her four cats here at southwest animal hospital for boarding. when she went to pick them up, they only had three. she says the staff told her max escaped and ran up into the drop ceiling while they were trying to clean the cage. dr. pete perron stands by that story but says in 28 years they've never had this happen. he says they've looked and looked, but have not seen or
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(next) "i'm yasmeen hassan here at sunset station covering all the super bowl action. if you can't be in san francisco this is the place to be. hotels all over town are already booked and this is turning out to be one of the busiest weekend for the entire city." nevada governor.... brian sandoval has signed an emergency regulation.... shortage.... here in the silver state. the regulation will allow... provisional licenses to be issued to teachers.... who have not yet met the full requirements for a license.... given they complete those with-in a year. at the beginning of this school year... c-c-s-d was still looking to hire.... around a thousand teachers. live look outside at a beautiful friday evening across southern nevada.. and thanks to that football game on sunday.. it almost feels like we're going into a holiday weekend.
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chief meteorologist bryan scofield with more. bryan. .tonight...mostly clear. lows 35 to 39 on the west side of the valley...36 to 40 on the east side. north wind 10 to 15 mph shifting to the northwest after midnight. breaking news on a nfl quarterback.. dallas police have opened a criminal investigation into
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allegations made against cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel. tonight's announcement.. a reversal from yesterday when police in dallas and fort worth said manziel would not be charged for allegedly hitting his ex-girlfriend last weekend. collen crowley got a protective order against him on wednesday. that's the latest from the breaking news center. a massive security presence is now in place for super bowl sunday to guard against a terror attack. swat teams are on the ground.. the coast guard is patrolling san francisco bay.. and 8 aircraft will be overhead during the game. the intense operation involving the fbi and homeland security.. took 2- two years to plan. officials say they've received no direct threats.. but they're not taking chances. sot -- david johnson, fbi special agent in charge "i think the achilles heel for us is either an active shooter or a lone wolf terrorist event." machines are scanning every
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radiation sensors are posted at train stops... and bomb sniffing dogs and undercover police will be posted everywhere until the super bowl is over. one person is dead... and... two others seriously injured.... after a construction crane attempting to move the crane into a secure position..... because of increasing winds... from today's northeast storm... its boom..... crashed into an intersection leaving the street littered with chunks of concrete and wood. at least... one person was trapped... as the crane fell onto several cars. -3- city blocks were closed... and... nearby buildings were evacuated.... as new york's mayor.... rushed to the scene. mayor de blasio: this is a very, very sad incident. we've lost a life. but if you go out there on the street as i did, and see what happened here, thank god it was not worse. the force of the collapse..... also caused a water main break... officials were also investigating reports of gas leaks.... in the area.
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the city is stopping the operation of some other construction cranes.... as a precaution. -4- days.... before the new hampshire caucus... and... senator bernie sanders is extending his lead... over hillary clinton... last night's one-on-one debate..... produced some of the most heated exchanges yet..... between the two domocratic presidential contenders. clinton: "let's talk about the issues that divide us." sanders: "lets talk about the issues!" 13 action news anchor..... todd quinones is weeding through all the claims made in the past week..... to tell us who's telling the truth... and... who's pants are on fire. ((wipe to pkg)) democratic candidate bernie sanders is trying real hard to appeal to the working class with ads like this. alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages almost all new income goes to the top 1%)) three claims there.. longer hours and lower wages are the first two. politifact says it's hard to pinpoint without a timeframe.
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.com @ 2:58:42 ((it's one big package of bernie sanders and quite frankly he's leaving out some of the details. it's not as simple as he makes it sound)) looking at the labor statistics... and how about the claim... almost all new income goes to the top 1%? sot aaron @ 2:59:24 ((that was true up until 2009 but again the recession and the recovery has changed the picture alot. still a lot of wealth going to the very very wealthy but not nearly as much as it used to be)) politifact rating bernie sanders latest ad as... half true ((nats wipe democracy 2016)) on the republican side.. a new ad funded by a super pac supporting jeb bush.. is going after john kasich on ohio's budget. sot kasich ad @ :18 - 23 ((...even had the worst rating of any governor in the country, republican or democrat)) politifact concluding that ad accurately cites a report by the cato institute but the kasich campaign contends a complex accounting change to ohio's budget was inaccurately reflected. sot aaron @ 3:02:18 ((that
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whole calculation and how this report came together so if you're john kasich, you're saying this isn't really accurate and we can see his point. but then jeb bush's super pac cited the report accurately)) politifact rating this ad.. half true if it's effective in new hampshire and knocks kasich down in the election results... experts predict his bid for the whitehouse could be over. i'm todd quinones... we'll see you back here next week for . some people are now banned from the popular dating app 'tinder' after using it to stump for bernie sanders. two women say they sent as many as 60 messages a day to users to convince them to vote for the democratic presidential candidate by asking them if they.. quote.. feel the bern. one woman says she got a lot of interesting responses.. but nothing that resulted in an actual date. we're following a developing story out of taiwan.. which has been rattled by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake.
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some of the damage.. which includes several buildings that collapsed in the shaking. there are 3 confirmed deaths so far.. along with at least 154 hospitalized. search and rescue teams are now trying to reach anyone who could be trapped in the rubble. (steve adlib over chopper)
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week with another hit. dow down 212 nasdaq down 146 sp500 down 35 all of the big local gaming all of the big local gaming stocks were also off today. boyd gaming had the roughest session.. down almost 6%. mgm resorts down almost 5%. apple is looking to reclaim it's title as the most valuable brand with a new program to let you trade in your old iphone.. even if it's broken. apple blog nine-to-five-mac-dot-com reports apple will soon pay for broken i-phones. it's an upgrade to apple's current i- phone trade-in program..
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who trade older models for credit toward the purchase of a new model. says apple hopes the program will encourage people to upgrade their phones instead of just paying to replace a broken screen. volkswagen is still trying to figure out how damaging its diesel emissions scandal will be for investors. the german automaker said today it's pushing back its annual earnings report.. which was expected on march 10th. the company is also pushing back its annual shareholder meeting which was scheduled for april 21st. volkswagen has admitted to installing software in some of its diesel-powered cars that kicked-in the emissions system only when it was being tested. volkswagen is now facing fines in the u-s which could reach 18 billion dollars. that's tonight's 'financial focus.' let's go to bryan scofield and 'weather first.' . .tonight...mostly clear. lows 35 to 39 on the west side
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east side. north wind 10 to 15 mph shifting to the northwest after midnight. .saturday...sunny. highs around 60 on the west side of the valley...60 to 63 on the east side. north wind 5 to 10 mph increasing to 10 to 15 mph in the afternoon. .saturday night...clear. lows 34 to 39. north wind 10 to 15 mpm. .sunday...sunny. highs 62 to 65 on the west side of the valley... 64 to 67 on the east side. north wind 5 to 10 mph shifting to the northeast in the afternoon. .sunday night...mostly clear.
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north wind 10 to 15 mph. .monday through tuesday...clear. highs 67 to 71. lows 43 to 46. .tuesday night through thursday...mostly clear. lows 44 to 47. highs 69 to 72. .thursday night and friday...partly cloudy. lows around 50. highs 69 to 72. check out the eruption of this volcano.... wind 10 to 15 mph shifting to the northwest after midnight. .saturday...sunny. highs around 60 on the west side of the valley...60 to 63 on the east side. north wind 5 to 10 mph increasing to 10 to 15 mph in .sunday...sunny. highs 62 to 65 on the west side of the valley... 64 to 67 on the east side. north wind 5 to 10 mph shifting to the northeast in the afternoon. .sunday night...mostly clear. lows 37 to 42.
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check out the eruption of this volcano.... earlier today in japan.... that now has environmental groups concerned.... about the possible effects. the sakura-jima volcano spewed cinders.... that reached.... as far as.... -18- hundred meters away. now greenpeace says... the eruption could impact.... the two nuclear reactors.... around -30- miles away. the power company that operates.... the two nuclear reactors say.... they've seen no changes.... at the plants... since the eruption. coming up later.. in tonight's abc primetime lineup on channel 13: 8:00 - last man standing 8:30 -
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ken 9:00 - shark tank 10:00 - 20/20 will focus on the shooting death of tammy meyers here in las vegas.. that captured the attention of the entire nation. the mother of 4 was shot to death.. in what was first believed to be a case of road rage.. but the case took a very different turn. then after 20-20.. 13-action news digs even deeper, talking to the son who opened fire to defend his mom. also - a costume controversy gets a kid sent home. the main character from frozen is at the center of a heated debate. coming up on the other side of the break.. we'll take you out the las vegas strip.. where change is part of the norm. and the newest change is lot of green to the area. but we're not talking about money.
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it's now in the works.. and today we got a better idea of what it will look like. 13 action news anchor jessica janner has a preview. it's not exactly going to rival central park but hey, it does sit next to the new york new york... also next to the monte carlo... and will eventually be the
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but what's behind these construction walls right now? today we for a preview take a look at these new renderings we got into our newsroom today... the park will have more than 200 trees and 3,000 smaller plants that pay homage to our desert landscape. two water walls, inspired by some of our natural springs you'll be able to stroll through the space but also eat outdoors nearby the park... so it should offer a much different view and people watching space than the las vegas strip is used to... expect a a lot less neon out here guys! should be beautiful the park is set to open pretty soon- in april of this year on the las vegas strip, jessica forecast.... from bryan... you're watching 13 action
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investigate. stay with us.
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we hope to see you again later tonight.... for action news...
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at 11. thank you for joining us. "inside edition" is next. have a great evening.. breaking news on a homicide in the southwest. chopper 13 fast and first over
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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>> crane collapse nightmare. look at it fall. >> holy cow. >> in one of america's most star-studded neighborhoods. >> ask a bride in her wedding dress caught in the chaos. and exclusive. she dated donald trump. the billionaire? his former girlfriend speaks out. >> it was intense. it was extremely intense. wait until you hear what she thinks about trump running then -- this by her coworkers.
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