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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the eyewitness tells 13 action news -- she heard evelyn's mom shoo the driver away.... eyewitness "he went over and talked to the lady but the lady wouldn't let him talk." so according to her -- after 10 minutes or so -- the hit and run suspect left the scene! eyewitness "he got in his vehicle and took off!" and now police said their top priority is to catch this guy. once they do that -- they will look more into whether or not charges should be filed against the parents. reporting live gina lazara 13 action news. breaking news out of arizona.. a house panel just passed a bill to give tax credits to people who get concealed weapons permits. the national conference of state legislatures says this is a first. if the bill becomes law.. permit holders could get up to 80 bucks. that's that latest from the breaking news center. entertainer flavor flav pleaded no contest today to a dui charge stemming from his arrest in las vegas last may.
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in his system when he was clocked doing 87 in a 65 mile-per-hour zone. two weeks ago.. he also pleaded no contest to marijuana charges from a separate arrest in august when he was found asleep in the front seat of his car. we're following a developing story right now. this is the scene near spring mountain and jones.. where a car crashed into a therapy center this morning.. injuring several people inside. 13 action news anchor lesley marin is there live with more on what witnesses are saying about how it happened. lesley. you can see the building now boarded up-- but this is where this car came barreling through this morning-- clearly taking out most of what use to be a window-- and into the waiting room here at this here at the lymphatic therapy service-- it was a very scary moment for scared" this is video-- moments after that car had smash through the building. we were told this was actually a patient here at the lymphatic
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a nurse says the elderly man was running late when she watched as he was pulling in then eventually crashes into the building. according to the nurse-- the mans foot got stuck and wasn't able to hit the brake. 4 03062 1403 12 "i was so scared and worried for everybody in the waiting room they were all screaming just for him we didn't know was happening to him if he was having a heart attack or what was going on" you can see the building inspector did come through shutting down business for the door-- luckily they'll be back open tomorrow morning. live from spring mountain and jones lesley marin 13 action news a 13 action news update now... on a deadly crash... metro police say... the driver that caused a crash.... that killed a woman has now also died.... from his injuries. the crash happened.... two weeks ago.... at the intersection of rainbow and spring mountain. officers say.... victor sandoval was likely driving drunk and speeding in a stolen car.....
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another car... killing the driver. a teenager hit inside a crosswalk on his way to school is raising concerns..... about what nearby neighbors say.... is a dangerous intersection!!! it happened this morning.... near rampart and lake mead. the teen was rushed to the hospital... but is expected to be okay. the driver stayed to talk with police... and... 13 action news spoke with his head down. when i seen him i swerved to the right to avoid him and i clipped one of his legs." neighbors in the area say.... the intersection is a problem..... because there isn't a flashing light or a signal for people to cross.... only a sign.... which many drivers don't see or ignore. a disturbing sight in a tucson neighborhood- terrorist graffiti.. scrawled on walls and cars. "isis is here" was one of many phrases that neighbors say were written everywhere. some even threaten political leaders.. saying to kill clinton.. trump and obama. tonight.. many people say they're living in fear. "its beyond horrible. you cant joke about people dying.
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that can make jokes like this jokes." the tuscon sheriff's department is now investigating. img2211 00:27-03:08 (nats of protesters chanting) a raucous crowd outside today's p-u- c meeting..... as regulators heard arguments on whether existing rooftop solar customers should be grandfathered.... into the lower rates. 13 action news reporter.... marissa kynaston was there.... and shows us... how solar employees tried to make a statement. nat letters thousands of commitment cards were piled into wheelbarrows this morning-- all of them-- signed by people pledging their support for rooftop solar energy in nevada. and all of them-- passed out by solar employees. nat 2 months ago i was running one of the largest solar companies in the entire country nat letters nat and this week i'm going through parking lots at smiths and albertsons asking for signatures to keep my job
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of a job on feb 21 their jobs rely on two factors-- if the puc can grandfather in existing solar customers to the old rates-- and if the puc decision is reversed at the end of the year. hundreds of employees showed up to todays hearing-- nat this is a bill comparison to at least get their voices heard-- nat bring back solar puc for the grandfathering in of solar customers. sot mike colian, solarcity employee we're hoping that the grandfathering goes through, but we're also hoping that the puc changes its decision to not charge solar people extra money and that we're allowed to come back and start selling solar and put them on houses again marissa tag the wheelbarrows werent allowed inside todays meeting-- but they will be back on friday-- when the puc is expected to vote. reporting at the 215 and russel-- mk-- 13an. breaking news for anyone driving an electric car. the first in a series of electric car charging stations in the rural stretch between las vegas and reno is ready for
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at the eddie world gas station in beatty. that's the latest from the breaking news center. a big congratulations tonight to brandon marshall.. a linebacker with the denver broncos and a product of cimarron high school. marshall tweeted this photo today of himself holding the lombardi trophy surrounded by his teammates.. and making las vegas proud. a local family is demanding answers after the puppy they got as a christmas gift for their son suddenly dies. the hardest part is hearing him run around yelling 'banjo' 08 looking fo rhis little buddy when you ask.. we investigate. plus... controversy surrounding.... a prominent student.... at an ivy league school... "at a young age i was taught to appreciate hard work and especially self- made worth." find out... what allegations landed this fraternity president... behind bars... bryan?
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n-f-l running back lesean mccoy is reportedly under investigation after a fight that left two police officers hurt. police say it happened at a night club between off-duty officers and a group that included mccoy. one of the officers is being treated for a possible skull fracture. the second officer suffered
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no charges have been filed at this time. and.. no comment from mccoy's agent. the last dash for votes is underway in new hampshire ahead of the nation's first presidential primary tomorrow. practically every candidate held rallies today to reach out to any voters who are still undecided. many candidates also took swipes at the competition.. including donald trump.. who's leading the other republicans by double-digits in the latest poll. natsot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidate "we have to get rid of the bushes of the tables on bernie sanders as she tries to overcome his 16-point lead.. by saying sanders accepted more than 200-thousand dollars from wall street firms. record turnout is expected in new hampshire with the first three precincts casting their ballots at midnight. controversy brewing.... at an ivy league school.... as a fraternity president is fighting charges..... that he sexually assaulted.... a female student.
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a student at cornell university.... and... the son of the owner of one of new york city's famous concert halls.... is behind bars. according to court documents... a young woman says... he locked her in a room at their frat house.... and forced himself onto her. ballinger has pleaded not guilty. the university's president has taken immediate action... placing the fraternity.... on interim suspension. new developments.... on the fight against "the zika virus"... the centers for disease control and prevention announced today.... they're increasing emergency operations.... to level 1. it's the first time.. they've operated at this level.... since the ebola outbreak.... back in -2- thousand -14-. president obama is also asking congress.... for -1- point -8- billion dollars.... to help fight the virus. so far... -50- americans have been infected.... by zika. a winter storm is causing chaos.... all over the northeast... we'll show you... some of the destruction it's leaving behind... and how the wind is forcing drivers off the roads... a puppy dies in its owners arms
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as a christmas gift for their two year old son... i'm getting to the bottom of what happened in a story you asked us to investigate. and later on 13-action news.. live at 6.. disturbing new details on the henderson father.. murdered in front of his young daughter. we're now hearing what the 4-year old girl told police. more than 100 people remain unaccounted for right now in the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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no word yet on what the search warrant was for... that's the latest from the breaking news center. . more than 100 people remain unaccounted for right now in taiwan from friday's 6.4 magnitude earthquake. rescue teams were able to pull an 8- year old boy from the rubble today.. miraculously alive after 3-days of being trapped. the death toll from the quake now stands at 38 but it's expected to rise. more than 500 people were injured. a valley dad had a special plan..... to surprise his wife and son for christmas... with a puppy! but... it ended.... in heartbreak. when "you ask, we investigate". contact 13 investigative reporter..... stephanie zepelin is looking into what went wrong.... with the puppy. stephanie... take a look at this little guy....banjo. he was so loved by the may family....until it was suddenly cut short. they call dogs 'man's best friend for a reason.' and you can see mccartney and banjo were buddies. jason may bought the 8-week-old border collie for his wife and
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10.27.41 we got him home on a tuesday 42 and he was just a little puppy 45 this guy had a new best friend, they were running around 48 and it was great 49 but by friday, jason says banjo stopped acting like a puppy. jason says the vet diagnosed banjo with parvo. parvo is a highly contagious disease that attacks young dogs' intestine or heart. jason chose to try and treat banjo on his own, staying up with him and force-feeding him fluids. 10.28.59 he kind of died in my arms 29.01 so it was a pretty bum deal 03 and the hardest part is hearing him run around yelling 'banjo' 08 looking fo rhis little buddy 29.10 so it was a sad situation 29.12 he got banjo at cedar animal rescue, so we called them. the owner says banjo was fine when he left, and all the other puppies from the litter are ok. she said she adopts pups out as early as four weeks, but usually more like six to eight....and often before they've had their first set of vaccines. and her adoption contract
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entitled to any money back. 10.33.06 its just nasty to see a little helpless puppy not make it 10 we wanted to see what shelters here thought about that. the nspca says they've never had anything like this happen, and wait until dogs are 12 to 14 weeks old so they can get their shots, including parvo, before they're adopted. email us stuff here sthaepniae 'r efoog so bi er depomtsen th e wwhinert stormis battreing lng isand with snds nad high tides. an coastal oads been turned intrvrs. iss nga lfod warning rfo the nnjeey se. in the wedst.. take a look at this scene in minnesota where high winds are blowing snow.. causing near whiteout conditoins.
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red to sta off the ads togh bcauee cndition are so treacherous. aninowa.. bizzarcd onditin olccin tha ftyeofls to nan dry conditions and above average temperatures will continue to be the theme of the forecast as strong high pressure remains settled over the western u.s. breezy winds will taper down later tonight and remain calmer through the start to next weekend. high temperatures will top out in the low to mid 70s for the rest of the workweek and the weekend. sunny to mainly sunny skies are expected through saturday with more cloud cover pushing in sunday, ahead of a storm system
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breezy winds sunday and chances for rain next monday. time now... from contact -13-... the western u.s. breezy winds will taper down later tonight and remain calmer through the start to next high pressure remains settled over the western u.s. breezy winds will taper down later tonight and remain calmer through the start to next weekend. high temperatures will top out in the low to mid 70s for the rest of the workweek and the weekend. sunny to mainly sunny skies are expected through saturday with more cloud cover pushing in sunday, ahead of a storm system
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breezy winds sunday and chances for rain next monday. time now... from contact -13-... controversy surrounding.... a super bowl commercial!!! an ad from online lender...
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promoted "rocket mortgage." the tool allows you... to get a mortgage... completely on-line. but... some say... it promotes a lending environment.. sima toth e years... ingo. thhusing crash quicen ansays... a of iortgaegs... arefully unerwritten. may have nticed... chipleos. all of its locations today... foa 4us. the purpose.. was to alll... a chanetho old. a food saetfy meting. thmoe ve comes... afte t con.y.. d ane- c oolrk... s ye.. adig aob customers. and.. .doorget... co ntact 13's ca fr act is reato hel u with a beee -11-a-m ad -n-pm... at 702-368-22. we'liketo take amoment to wiseh veryone a happy lunar new year. las vega mayo caroly ngoodman kic tofe celebratins earlierto dy at oark the 'year ofhemoney.'
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and 5th grade studts fro th meadows school as they performed their annual chinese new year parade at the forum shops at caesar's palace. the parade is one of many celebrations happening this week all over the valley. for a complete list.. just go to our website.. ktnv.ocm. we'll be right back.... witha final hceckn your forecast... from byarn. comi-ung all nw a 6. nlovanan e.... rom fallin vgctim tis tx on!
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best mayors rned as a agma , bern sieanders passed more roll-callmendment in a republican congress than any other member, imary care access for millions of americs, protected soal surecity, cr acd kethe gridck wiohmccain to sgtenhen verans' healthcare.rnie sanders -- a consistent, princied, and efctive leader. builngdi a feto elieven.
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the weterus.
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coming up later.... on abc in primetime... at 8:00... it's "the bachelor"... followed by castle at -10-... and then... make sure.... you stick with us... for action news... live at 11 that's our news for now.. but... stay with us.... for abc's world news tonight... up next. we'll see you back here in 30-minutes for action news... live at 6. until then.. thanks for watching and have a
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