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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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lazara is live on the scene -- gina what led to this shooting?! all we know is that something happened between the security guard and the victim at the apartment complex over there ...and the altercation ended up in a shooting all the way around the corner in the middle of the street here! we know at least two gun shots were fired. and there were plenty of witnesses because of all the shops and the hospital on durago right here. i talked to a few people who live at the apartment complex where the fight started .... they told me something very interesting. the complex just got a new security team in november. i saw the notice that was sent out to residents and it said all the officers are either ex police or ex military.... and that they're armed. im told - before november - the security guards were never armed. we asked if the victim had a weapon but police couldnt tell us. they only said - the security guard felt his life was in danger -- so he shot. reporting live gina lazara 13 action news more breaking news.. this is a look at a crash at valley view and twain.
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involved.. including one vehicle that t- boned a cab. we're told there are injuries.. but nothing considered 'life threatening. northbound valley view near twain is down to 1-lane.. and twain closed between valley view and polaris. if we get any more information.. we'll pass it along right away. this just in. a viewer sent us this photo of crews... cleaning up a crash.... the man behind the camera says... it looks like multiple cars are involved. police say... there are injuries involved... in this crash. new details on a valley house fire you're getting first on 13 action news. investigators are looking into the cause of the blaze.. which claimed the life of a woman. sadly.. she escaped the flames only to go back inside to save her dogs.. but wasn't able to get back out to safety. tonight.. the love of her life sharing his heartbreak. 13-action news reporter mahsa siedi is live outside the home near nellis and harmon.
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her name was sara. neighbors say at least three men had rushed into the back of her home already rescued her dogs! but sara who was standing right there ... by the door didn't know! hysterical they say she ran back inside. (sot) sara was my life, i loved sara, she shouldn't be gone now (track) tonight bob levit clinging to friends for support. he wasnt there when it happened! the home of the couple going up in flames! (nat pop) 1-2 seconds (track) screams as neighbors watched horrified! this cell video taken seconds after sara ...went back in to get her birds and dogs! then a loud explosiion! (sot) boom! (track) firefighters immediately went into rescue mode without back up going in our animals (track) tonight neighbors sharing the grief. this man who tried to stop across the street feeling so 13 action news is staying on top on developing weather....
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east. a severe thunderstorm watch is now in effect.... for parts of new england. experts say... the region could be hit.... with -50- mile-per-hour wind gusts. and... mayor bill de blasio has issued a travel advisory.... for new york city. take a look..... at this! the winds in philadelphia, pennsylvania knocked a tree over.... onto a moving car! thankfully... no one in that car is hurt. new tonight... metro's expected..... to release new information tomorrow.... on the murder of a valley saturday morning.... just feet from his home. police say... it likely started as a robbery.. and right now... there's no word... on any suspects. the latest now on a story you saw first on 13 action news. police were at a storage facility today on the east side of the valley..
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living in some of the units. a few weeks ago.. the manager issued warnings to and today.. they were forced off of the property. "huuhhh...we would use it for...we would use to rest during the day sometimes." stephen standley accused of living in storage unit police also say the owner license.. and is now being investigated by clark county code enforcement office. code enforcement tells 13-action news the owner's application for a license is and.. as of today.. he can't accept any more tenants.. and can only allow current tenants to retrieve their property. caucus night was filled.... with alot of craziness.... from donald trump's surprise appearance..... at one of the caucus sites..... to voters saying.... they were turned away! 13 action news reporter.... gina lazara spoke with.... a "dis- enfranchized caucus go-er". dennis bower "it's just a complete snafu and there's a whole bunch of people that have been locked out." dennis bower couldn't believe it when he
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cimarron high at 8:35 to cast his caucus vote.... and he was turned away! dennis bower "they said it closed at 8:30 even though on their website it says 9 oclock and on our verification form it says 9 oclock.- so we've been disenfranchized." you can see here....on dennis's confirmation says doors close at 9. but former political director of the clark county republican party says it must have been a mistake. nick phillips "the agenda posted at the caucus locations said that it would end at 8:30" phillips says -- the state republican party says caucuses ahd to be conducted between 5pm and 9pm.... but that each county within the state can administer their own rules. clark county's being....door close at 8:30. "so some people came thinking they were able to vote up until 9pm but it seems there was just some confusion. some other organizations may have been sending out some emails and maybe they didn't fully understand." organizations like....presidential campaigns.... or separate organizations trying to drive turn-out rates. phillips coughing it up to....miscommunications and misprints on websites and emails. "it's really very unfortunate
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still the general election!" "it's very frustrating. we don't usually go to a caucus. this was an important election." gina lazara....13 action news. if you headed out to caucus..... at "cimarron high school" last night... you may have seen this. this is a story.... that's been blowing up... all over social media... two men.... dressed as k-k-k- members.... outside the caucus site. it's not clear... if the men.... were serious supporters... or.... doing a prank... either way... it's offended alot of people.... police were quickly called... they stayed at the high school.... until the pair left. "the anti defamation league" issued a statement today..... that reads in part: "regardless of one's political views.... trying to send a message..... by dressing up as a member of the k-k-k is irresponsible and deeply offensive... the klan evokes.... a particularly dark time.... in american history.... and.... the use of klan imagery.... to criticize a candidate....
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13-action news is hearing from a woman who saw pictures recently of a skinny puppy at a henderson pet store. when you ask.. we investigate. she says her puppy went through the same thing at the same romeo.. was underweight but ok. she says when they took romeo to their vet.. they found out he was underweight.. weak.. had kennel cough and an ear infection. now.. she's questioning the quality of care at petland. 12.48.08 i think to them it's just all about money and prices 10 they treat those dogs like just a dollar sign 12 not an actual living being 16 petland sent us a statement saying in part: "petland henderson is a locally owned and operated franchise business where the first priority has always been.. and will continue to be.. the health and safety of our animals." the man accused of opening fire on people.... near the las vegas strip..... is staying behind bars!!! a judge denied.... omar talley bail this morning.
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security video shows.... he fought with the -3- victims in "the miracle mile shops parking garage"... minutes before..... the shooting.... on harmon. two women were killed... and.... a man critically hurt. talley admitted... to being in the parking garage... but denied.... ever opening fire. the white house reportedly vetting governor brian sandoval..... as a possible replacement.... on the u-s supreme court.... for the late justice... antonin scalia. earlier today.. senator harry reid said.... he'd support sandoval if he's nominated.. but... a local republican strategist says... it's not likely. (take sot nick phillips, former political director clark county republican party) i mean there's always a chance the senate could change it's posiiton on where it's at but you've got so many senators who aren't going to like the concept of having anybody that obama's picked. a spokesperson for sandoval's office tells 13 action... they've had no discussions.... with the administration. some firefighters from new york city and orlando are in las vegas right now..... for some training.... they can't get anywhere else!!! they're practicing rescues....
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observation wheel.. and... plans are in the works for an observation wheel.... in new york. those firefighters will be all over the high roller again tomorrow morning.... when their training resumes. time to announce tonight's winner of lift tickets.. equipment and coaching at lee canyon. tonight's lucky winner is christian fortner if you'd like a shot at winning.... enter at k-t-n-v dot com. lee canyon just moments away.... and.... is a proud sponsor of action news... and... providing the prizes... for this promotion. severe weather in the east.. producing flood warnings... dangerous thunderstorms.... and incredible pictures. plus.. food not stored correctly.. and no paper towels. now.. a valley restaurant owner wants to clear his restaurant's name after darcy spears shows up for some dirty dining. per metro watch commander around 8:45 pm a group of males
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police are reporting a stabbing on the strip.. near the miracle mile shops. this is a live look at that intersection. they say two men were stabbed multiple time around 8:45 tonight. both men are at the hospital. and officers say they're looking for three suspects. in this week's dirty dining.. a restaurant owner is eager to talk.. in hopes of clearing his pizzeria's name after health inspectors found a number of violations. contact-13 chief investigator darcy spears takes us inside. eastern avenue is home to a decidedly east coast character at joey's new york pizza. :46 joey: i'm glad you came actually. i want to talk to you. darcy: good. i'm glad. i want to talk to you too.
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that his little pizzeria racked up so many demerits. 2:34 darcy: you ended up with 39 demerits. two shy of shutdown! joey: i mean, you look at the store, we never got that in our life. been here six years. never ever. this is my pride and joy. and that's why i'm interviewing with you guys. i got nothing to hide. their 39-demerit c grade came from a lot of little things. 1:39 joey: it had nothing to do with cleanliness or anything at all. nothing expired. nothing. i want to make that clear. the cheese pizza in the display case was held slightly below the safe temperature. scoops were touching spices and container lids were stored behind the faucet. and food in the walk-in wasn't labeled or dated. 1:19 darcy: they did say that the person in charge wasn't knowledgeable about all the basic food safety stuff--food temperatures, heating, cooling, all that--even sanitizer. joey: he knew it. he just got nervous i guess it was. they were also written up for the handsink not being fully stocked with paper towels. joey says that's because the health inspector--who was a trainee--kept washing her hands.
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inspector trainee used up all your paper towels and then docked you for not having paper towels? joey: absolutely. and made my employee shut the store, run to the gas station to get paper towels and turn down customers when we have napkins on every single table here. the inspector said a food handler made bare-hand contact with ready to eat food and didn't wash his hands for the right amount of time. joey believes the whole thing was unjust. 9:59 darcy: so were you shocked by this? joey: absolutely! 110% shocked. 39 demerits, i mean, i still can't see it. /nat transition/ we've got two closures to talk about. sage sushi on rancho and craig was shut down after failing its change of owner inspection. the place had roaches crawling around on dirty floors and walls. ranges, deep fryers and floors under equipment were encrusted withe walk-in cooler walls had corroded, and so had the ceiling, which was rusty and in danger of collapse.
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tropicana showroom portable bar at the tropicana hotel casino. it was shut down for the imminent health hazard of no hot water. there was also wastewater actively running onto the snack bar floor. and microbial build-up on the soda gun nozzle. it re-opened same day with a zero-demerit a. darcy tag: joey's new york pizza is also back to an a with zero demerits. sage sushi has an a now too, but it was closed for 10 days before being approved to re-open. darcy spears, 13 action news. organizers of the oscars have -3- days and 20 hours.... to get the dolby theatre.... in hollywood... "oscar ready". the crew members have installed the red carpet. it will be vacuumed again... and again... between now and "oscar sunday". for the next few days... things will be buzzing... in hollywood. 13 action news is getting new pictures
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over the east coast. check out these pictures shared.... on twitter. they were all taken today.... in northern virginia. the clouds look so dark and ominous. that's our news for tonight.. but i'll be back after a short break with a 'you ask we investigate' special report..
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our next reports begin.... at 4:30- am.... on "good morning las vegas". thank you for watching.. and... from all of us at channel 13... good night. thank you for joining us for this "you ask we investigate"
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"you ask we investigate" special report.. i'm steve wolford. water is a precious resource in the valley.. and one woman is upset after being accused of wasting it. so.. she turned to 13 action news with questions about quality control. when you ask. we investigate. contact 13 investigative reporter stephanie zepelin has more.
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lately...all the more reason jennifer says she works to be a consciencious water user. but she says the las vegas valley water district isn't being so careful."""" jennifer found this door hanger on her driveway saying she was overspraying her lawn. it says she's in watering group a...when in fact she's in watering group b. so she called the water district's hotline. 13.12.54 i was told that i would be speaking to a supervisor, nobody's bothered to call me to address this issue 59 and then on top of that, i got the formal notice in the mail and it said that i was caught being a water waster at 11:05 am 13.09 as opposed to what the originally notice that was left supposedly on my doorknob said was 10:57 13.15 these inconsistencies are troubling to jennifer, who says she does her best not to be wasteful. 13.17.24 im consicous of the water issues we have, and i would like to think that im a consciencous consumer 29 and i take pride in the area that i live in, but this is just bothersome 33 we talked to the las vegas valley water district
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reasonable explanation. they day they issued the violation, a senior inspector was out helping train new inspectors on water waste violations. the difference in times for the violation reflect the time it takes to enter it into their system. they said the inspector should have put the correct watering group on the door hanger, but they said it reflects a consumer who is being vigilant about water restrictions. in las vegas, stephanie zepelin, channel 13 action news. we get complaints about water waste at 13 action news all the time. in another recent case.. the tables were turned.. when valley residents pointed to water being wasted by the county. when it's totally going to waste, just running out on the road, that's a problem. anybody that lives in the desert needs to appreciate the water. this is part of a pump system for an artesian spring that naturally forces water up at sunset park. the county usually pipes it back into the lake.. or uses it on the grass. but a recent mechanical issue left water spilling into the parking lot for weeks. stephanie zepelin: what would
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feel like you're wasting water while telling them not to do system in any way. we obviously have to follow the same restrictions with watering that anyone else does. the water that you're seeing here is a natural occurence. after 13 action news looked into this.. clark county sent someone out to make a temporary repair. a permanent fix was made about a week later. up next on this you ask we investigate special report.. a valley man wants to break his lease after moving into his home and making a nasty discovery. and.. talk about a sinking feeling. a homeowner learns his house is literally falling.. inch by inch.. and he's not alone. so.. we started asking questions and got some action. 124 cats were taken from a
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i kept smelling this urine, and i kept saying, 'wow what's this smell?' timothy culberson moved into the house on harp.. once occupied by repeat animal hoarder nathalie beck. but culberson says he had no idea until a neighbor showed him our stories. the rental company told him they cleaned it up and had the insurance company check it out. but culberson says he and his dog have started dealing with health issues that he believes are tied to the urine smell. now.. he's ready to move out. before you took my money you about it. so now to me, you're more concerned about the money than my health. culberson decided to withhold his rent so the rental company hit him with a notice.. pay the rent or be out in five days. they told 13 action news.. when he moves out they will let him out of the rest of the contract. there are reasons a tenant can
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you need to give written notice.. preferably through certified mail. if you think you might be in a similar situation.. contact the legal aid center of southern nevada. a home will probably be the biggest purchase you make in your life.. but one man's house is literally sinking. when you ask. we investigate. contact 13 investigative reporter stephanie zepelin is looking into who's responsible. """""""""""a year after moving in kyle and his wife noticed big problems with their home....tens of thousands of dollars big."""""""" 15.39.57 it was perfect for what we needed then 59 buying a home and starting a family were huge milestones for kyle...until his dream started to crumble. 15.40.01 it's falling apart a little bit 03 you can see cracks, scarring the walls around the home...lining the living room and dining room. kyle traced it back to an issue with his sewer box... the hoa found a leak under the driveway from the main water line. 15.40.34 took two or three weeks for them to fix it, 37 a few days to find it 38 and then that got fixed and now our
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house is literally sinking? 48 yea 49 about three inches so far 51 three inches and counting. the walls and window frames cracked after they moved in about two years ago. 16.08.19 cracks like this one weren't even here when kyle bought the home and got his home inspection. he said everything worked fine. but now it's hard to open this door and it doesn't even shut all the way 31 kyle turned to state farm -- his homeowner's insurance company. but it's pretty clear -- they do not cover land or repairs to the home because of an issue with the land. 15.41.32 because the hoa fixed the leak, they obviously know it's their pipe, it's their leak, it's their responsibility 38 kyle found out seven other neighbors have the same issue with their homes 15.42. 12 so everybody's kind of trapped in their house 15 so he took it to the hoa. their community is run by nicklin management. so we went to nicklin management, where steve nicklin himself refused to comment. so we called their insurance company - who refused to comment, too. 15.43.07 we can't sell if we wanted to anyway without losing
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answer or calls or talk to us... but the hoa is now taking action. their insurance company is sending someone out again to see if they are liable. engineers will take another look, to see if the leaks caused the houses to sink. """""""we sent kyle to the nevada real estate division paperwork to force them into mediation.""""" we hear from a lot of you.. dealing with issues of mail theft. one valley man decided to take steps to make sure his packages are delivered safely.. but he says drivers aren't playing along. jeff silhacek has odd work hours so he made an agreement with his neighbors.. and put up a note that says they'll sign for his packages. but silhacek says packages are still being left outside his gate or tossed over the fence.. and several have been damaged and broken. just kind of frustrating, ya know? and kind of on edge, you know you dont want your neighborhood to become easy pickings.
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know: the postal service.. u-p-s.. and fed-ex all say they do not respond to notes.. for safety reasons. u-p-s and fed-ex both have programs you can sign up for to change the delivery location of your package. the postal service asks that you to put something on file at the nearest office. our 'you ask we investigate' team works hard every day to help you resolve problems.
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if you and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live."
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, chef gordon ramsay from "underground" jurnee smollett-bell and music from wolfmother with cleto and the cletones. and now, no one objects -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. welcome to hollywood. home of the oscars, which are right across the street. home of the walk of fame which is right in front of our building.


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