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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 9, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PDT

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the kumari is not allowed to leave her residence except for holy festivals. furthermore, her feet are never supposed to touch the ground. she is carried everywhere. >> reporter: t worshipped by hindus and buddhists alike. to be chosen as a kumari, a young girl, typically 2 to 4 year old, must meet amazingly pick is standards. first, their astrological chart must be considered favorable. then, the girls are tested for 32 very specific physical attributes, including eyelashes like a cow. thighs like a deer, and voice as clear as a duck.
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hindu goddess. kumaris aren't kumaris for life. once they hit puberty, they're forced to return to life as a mere mortal. this girl is 32 years old. she served as a kumari from 4 to 12. >> i was not allowed outside. so i was a little bit uncomfortable after the time in the house. in the world. >> reporter: she says the greatest honor is continuing the ancient tradition. >> the best thing is i preserve my culture. and to do that in -- nepal ease do it as a living goddess. >> reporter: for the 7-year-old, a great responsibility and a sacred duty.
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kathmandu, nepal. >> and some activists have criticized this saying this tradition is child labor. in 2008, the supreme court there overruled another case that was saying that. saying it's a cultural value. >> look, it looks strange and alien to us, but i'm sure a lot of things we do are strange and alien to them. >> and it's largely considered a privilege to live as one of these goddesses. >> lifelong pension. that's what they get. >> not bad. >> not at bad. coming up, rebooting most interesting man in the world. i really thought it was you. >> no. it's a bad joke. >> 77-year-old jonathan gold smith is moving over. you're staring at me like i did something awful. he's moving over to let a younger generation in. who is his replacement? now." "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. "world news now" continues
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? >> i like this. we s we should have this with all the stories. >> nice. >> he's been branded the most interesting man in the world,
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are passing the mantel on to a new actor. >> there's been an image of what legends are made of, but apparently legends even have an ending. >> he is the most interesting man in the world. >> reporter: get ready. the world's most interesting man is looking a little different. that's him back to the camera in a teaser just dropped by dos equis. he's french. million makes him interesting. in his early 40s, goes by the name augustine legrande. >> smooth. >> he's promising fewer tlofl philosophical musings than his predecessor. ten years on tv, he amassed an $8 million fortune and dragged dos equis from obscurity to ubiquity. a great pitchman can do that.
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million youtube hits. >> look down. back up. where are you? you're on a boat with the man -- >> reporter: aflac duck. recognition from 11% to 94%. the big challenge here, can he fill the calf-skinned moccasins? >> in his orange shoes. >> reporter: of the most interesting man in the world? [ speaking french ] i find it hard to believe that you don't think it's inte days ago that you could be the new dos equis man because you're the most interesting man in the world, and then you're interviewing him and doing a story on him. it's a little bit ironic. and by the way -- >> just because i'm foreign. it's just because i'm foreign. i mean, i'm boring. i just have a funny accent. >> reporter: he doesn't always drink beer, but when he does, he only drinks wnn brand. >> you have been interesting this week, nick. and we appreciate that.
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time now for our insomniac theater. previewing two movies opening this weekend. this morning we start with a movie we've been awaiting all week "sully" starring tom hanks as the pilot. we all know how the miracle on the hudson ends, what most of us don't know is the aftermath. th captain sullenberger was harshly scrutinized by the ntsb. >> the best chance the passengers had was on that river. and i bet my life on it. in fact, i did. and i would do it again. >> engineers are theorizing you had enough energy to make it back to the runway. >> well, engineers are not pilots. they're wrong. and they weren't there. >> you stated that it was a dual
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bird strikes. that would be unprecedented. >> well, everything is unprecedented until it happens for the first time. >> the critics are loving "sully." earning 81% certified fresh on rotten tomatoes. one says if ever there was a film that called for wind beneath my wings as an end credit song, this is it. and another, here's a movie that deserves three words sully prizes most, job well done. next, a movie for the kids. there have been several attempts to retell the "1719 novel "robinson crusoe." until now, no one has tried to tell this story from the perspective of the animal side kicks. a parrot, a dog, and a get to. >> we need to find out the intentions. >> look, it stripped off his skin. >> an idiot. >> i'm going to be sick. >> uh-oh. >> unfortunately, uh-oh is right.
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tomatoes. katie walsh writes that "without enough characterization in the writing, there's a lack of emotional connection in the story that makes the film just another cartoon flick, not a special favorite or animated classic." and jordan mincer calls it an impressively made if highly juvenile version of a literary classic. so "sully" this weekend. >> it's good. >> what did you think? >> i loved it. tom hanks, i would watch him sit and stare at me. >> just don't travel with me. castaway, apollo. now this. captain phillips. bad luck.
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the school and demanding answers this morning. "i want to make it crystal clear they are covering the price tag, not the taxpayer." some big issues still stand in the way of getting an n-f-l stadium in las vegas. county leaders are putting their foot down on using public money. we may get to say goodbye to temperatures in the hundreds in just a couple days! alert meteorologist greg bennett with a look at your friday and weekend forecast!


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