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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  September 24, 2016 8:30pm-9:00pm PDT

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if he gets one-on-one he's got a ridiculous vertical, he's a great basketball player, a heck of a receiver. if he got a chance to get one-on-one, we're going to let him get it. >> samantha: how much pressure was there by ryan on that last drive after a rough start. >> samantha: pressure is imagined. it's not a real thing. we run the plays that we know. he went out there, executed. i have a list of plays that i know he's comfortable with and we we ran the ball a couple times. irwin came through big in this game. we knew we had a chance to win it. >> samantha: obviously you got the win that's most important but how would you describe what you were up against tonight? >> this is what we expected. as i said at halftime, we have a young team, not necessarily young but inexperienced. this is a new environment for these guys. we tried to warn them you're
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football team. i'll say on national tv, jim mora doesn't get the respect he deserves. you look at the program. these guys are physical, play hard, they got a phenomenal quarterback. they're probably going to beat him up for this game but his kids played extremely hard. we tip our caps to ucla. >> samantha: a classy response. coach, we appreciate your time. >> chris: a tradition harbaugh brought back as they hail stanford in the corner. >> kirk: this last drive set up by this. they were about their own 15 yard line. instead at their own 30 yard line. then you see burns make some plays, finding open receivers, showing great poise. he said david shaw, everybody talks about practicing this. it's one thing to practice it. it's another to hit the rose bowl and have to execute it and make that throw right there to a receiver that for the most part has never made a play like that in his career.
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cardinal a victory. >> chris: he said pressure is imagined but burns who had 8 completions before that drive had five on the drive. here's the hit of rosen. picking the ball up and scoring a touchdown is solomon thomas. it's two touchdowns in the last 24 seconds. that defensive score will be taken note of in the desert. they have a short week to recover from a physical game and face a series challenge in seattle friday. they're not worried about that at the moment. sam has christian mccaffrey. >> samantha: you're uniform shows it. this was a rough night in terms of physicality. how would you describe what you were up against? >> we knew they were going to be extremely physical. it comes down to just penalties and inefficiency on third down.
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marcus la trel said you're never out of the fight and we never gave up. we came in down, a tough place to play. knew that we had to do a lot. you got a young receiver that comes out at the end and makes a hell of a play and that's the kind of stuff that great teams have. we have to bounce back and be a lot better. >> samantha: what is it about this team that stays even keeld when at the end it didn't look like it was going to finish this way? >> that's how we were trained throughout the off se times like these, times of adversity. we stick to our training and our gut and what we know. >> samantha: congratulations on a great win. the streak remains. >> chris: it does. 138 yards rushing. you say ho hum when you see that, mccaffrey and how productive he typically is. his streak of games with 200 yards all purpose or more, 8 in
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it was that kind of a night. >> kirk: this is a huge win for stanford but i think it's also big for them for the big picture. it's only their third game of the year. think about what they've done here in the early going. they've played a kansas state team, usc and now ucla. they've been challenged. i think as you look at this team as a threat to maybe win a pac 12 championship and maybe a playoff team, you actually need these moments. there are a lot of players that are playi final drive that have never been out here. when you make these plays, it gives you such confidence when you can face adversity and come through. not only did they beat ucla on the road, it gives them incredible confidence and momentum going into next friday in seattle which will be another tough conference game against the huskies. >> chris: another big challenge for that guy right there who's all smiles.
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touchdown pass to that guy as mccaffrey and the cardinal win it 22-13 with a triple zero defensive score at the end. for our entire crew here, we hope you enjoyed this throwback saturday football game as the cardinal extend the win streak against ucla. next saturday night, lamar jackson and louisville taking on clemson in death valley. hope you'll join us then. stay tuned for the full wrap-up >> stanford keeping their winning streak alive. welcome into the ford wrap-up. i'm cassidy hubbarth. it's officially the first saturday of fall and just like the changing of the leaves, tennessee losing to florida has become routine. the vols riding an 11-game losing streak to the gators heading into the day. it looked like it was going to be a 12th straight loss after trailing 21-0 not first half.
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the second half. tennessee scoring 38 straight points to get their first win versus florida since 2004. wild finish at jordan hare, clock running with less than 15 seconds. lsu ball. short of the goal line with one second left. a penalty is called for illegal shift. one last chance from the 11. one second left. etling rolls right, throws to the end zone, caught for the t.d.. however, replay shows that the clock wound down to zero before the play is snapped. the call is reversed, no td. auburn leads lsu 18-13. elsewhere in the sec, alabama cruised to a 48-0 win over nick saban's alma mater, kent state. ole miss had a 31-point win in ox fortd.
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a&m, trevor night up the middle 48 yards, his second rushing touchdown. tied up at 17 in the third on espn. in the big ten, michigan dominated penn state at the big house. outgaining the lions by more than 300 yards in a 49-10 win. nebraska got a huge game from tommy armstrong jr. at northwestern, 246 yards through the air and 132 on the huskers win. surprising game in east lansing between wisconsin and michigan state. l.j. scott, fumble. musso returning it 66 yards. busting out the spin move. wisconsin beats michigan state 30-6. wisconsin 4-0 for the first time since 2011. they have a brutal stretch coming up. they play at michigan next week.
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ohio state. following that with a trip to iowa and another ranked opponent in nebraska. and another team in the middle of a rough stretch, number three louisville coming off their win over florida state last week and then a game against clemson looming next week. they had to take on marshall in a potential trap game. lamar jackson laughs at that notion as he continues to prove he's super human. finding james quick for the 71 yard uc jackson with seven total touchdowns through three-quarters. right now they're up 58-21. dalvin cook with a career high 267 rushing yards in florida state's win over usf. houston with a 61-point win at texas state. currently in progress, number 16 baylor hosting oklahoma state.
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it is 28-21 in the third. also in progress, arizona looking to hand washington its first loss of the season. it's tied up at 14 in the second quarter. cal is off to a strong start against arizona state after a big win over texas last week. they're on top 17-10 in the first half. that's it for the ford wrap-up. i'm cassidy hubbarth. see you next week. ? ? ? ? the new ford escape. life is a sport.
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in the washington mall shooting. a person of interest -- is now in custody. police -- arresting him -- in oak harbor -- about 60 miles north of seattle. a massive manhunt -- since last night -- when five people were gunned down -- inside a macy's.
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police say -- he killed four females -- ranging in age -- from a teenager to seniors -- and one man. then he vanished -- along the freeway. the f-b-i says -- there is no evidence -- at this time -- connecting the attack -- to terrorism. breaking now. you're looking -- at live pictures --of a black-lives-matter protest -- going on in oakland, california. this -- is just one of several protests-- around the country -- right now. it coincides -- with a fifth day -- of people demonstrating -- in north carolina -- after of an african- american man. now -- to the latest developments -- in the deadly police shooting in north carolina -- today -- police releasing dash-cam video -- of the shooting. the footage -- shows one officer arrive -- and join another one -- next to that light-colored pick-up truck. you can hear them screaming -- drop the gun. keith scott's wife -- saying he doesn't have a gun. it shows scott -- exiting an s-u-v -- walking backward -- as charlotte police -- shoot him four times.
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"there is no definitive evidence in this video as to whether or not there an object in his hands and what it is..." the scott-family attorney -- also says --the video doesn't appear -- to show scott acting aggressively -- toward the officers. we're also getting a look -- at the gun charlotte police say -- keith scott had -- at the time of the shooting. breaking into our newsroom. we're getting our first look -- -- accused of brutally killing a henderson mom -- this morning. this is 48-year-old -- michael kaplan. he's currently being held -- at henderson detention center. 13-action news reporter -- david schuman -- is live in henderson -- near sunset and boulder highway -- with what's next -- for three small children -- who lost their mom. david. henderson police say the woman who lived here died of a stab wound. inside at the time were a 7 year old, 3 year old and 3
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services while police deal with their suspect -- a man who was immediately taken into custody. for neighbors we spoke to, their hearts go out to the children, who they see playing outside all the time. one neighbor has children of her own -- similar ages -- and this was a tough day for her, thinking of what the future looks like for the kids. "to grow up not having them at kindergarten graduation or christmas anymore. you have christmas in two, three months. they don't have that." neighbors say they weren't the couple. police tell us they've never been called to the home before fighting between the couple. police tell us they've never been called to the home before for a domestic violence issue. reporting live, david schuman..13 action news. right now a live look outside across the valley. another beautiful day out there. clear skies -- a little breezy. what can we expect for the rest of the night? let's go to 13-first-alert meteorologist --
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high pressure and dry air are taking over the southwest tonight through tuesday afternoon. clear skies will be common along with sunny skies for tomorrow and monday but it comes at a bit of a price. winds will be a bit of a nuisance for the valley. tonight, overnight lows will drop to the mid and upper 60s but with winds between 15 and 20 mph with an occasional gust between 25 and 35 mph, a wind-chill factor of the upper 50s will be common.
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help them catch a killer. officers -- going door to door in neighborhoods -- near lake mead and hollywood -- trying to find out -- who killed javier ortiz -- a little more than a his brother -- and another man -- were also injured in the drive-by- shooting. police say -- they're looking for several suspects -- possibly as young as 18. right now -- a live look -- at mccar that's where an american-airlines flight -- is forced to make an emergency landing -- early this morning. the plane -- heading from dallas to reno -- was diverted here -- after the crew reported -- a "hot smell" on the plane. no word on what that was. 1-hundred 56 people were onboard. the plane landed safely -- and took off earlier today. we're just days away -- from one of the biggest moments of this year's presidential campaign. what you can expect -- from both candidates -- when they
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and here's a challenge for you. no texting -- for a week. do you think you could you do it? we'll tell you why -- it could be beneficial -- to talk on the phone instead. and -- count on chopper 13 -- to bring you breaking news -- fast and first.
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we are just two days away -- from what promises to be -- an epic night in american politics. clinton versus trump -- in their first debate. viewers -- expected. both candidates -- are preparing -- in very different ways. abc's -- mary bruce -- is in washington -- with the story. two very different candidates preparing to face off in two very different ways? in one corner, hillary clinton, the veteran debater readying for her most unpredictable opponent yet? taking the traditional route, she's hunkering down with briefing books? holding mock debates? and looking to get under trump's skin? starting with the front row.
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giving a coveted ticket to trump's nemesis - fellow brash billionaire mark cuban mark cuban: "let's put it this way, if he came on shark tank, i wouldn't make, i wouldn't make the investment." this will be trump's 12th debate, but his first one-on-one? when it comes to prep, he's wary of over-doing it? trump: "i have seen people prepare so much that they get up there, they get lockjaw, they can't speak." trump is bringing in "let's have the american see a person actually be themselves." so no mock debates ? just rapid-fire questioning and careful review of clinton's past performances and now trump is getting a surprise boost? from a former rival lyin' ted cruz nats just two months ago, ted cruz refused to endorse trump at the convention ted cruz: "vote your conscience. vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom" (booing)
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trump...speaking with our houston station ktrk... it's not unusual -- for teenage girls to take selfies -- in bathroom mirrors but one teen -- took a picture -- of this nasty -- discolored water -- coming out of the sink instead. you'll never guess what happened -- when she shared it. and -- a self-driving car -- involved in an accident. and the owners say -- it wasn't the car's fault. why -- some people say -- they still won't trust -- the autonomous cars.
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she posts a picture -- of discolored sink water -- online. the school tells her -- don't back -- for three days. she gets suspended -- for inappropriate -- use of electronics -- in the restroom. she argues -- girls take selfies in the bathroom every day -- and never get in trouble. the superintendent got involved -- and sends a plumber to the school --to fix the coroded pipe. and she takes the suspension -- off the teen's record. a pennsylvania man is behind bars -- after a routine traffic state troopers -- pulling over a driver -- for tailgating. they get his permission -- to search the car. but -- ah --troopers -- find a secret compartment -- containing 15- hundred bags of heroin -- and nearly 4-hundred thousand dollars in cash. state police say -- they'll seize the cash and vehicle -- and use them to fund more drug busts. self-driving cars -- could soon to become a reality.
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this google car -- was involved in a nasty-looking accident -- in mountain view, california. but get this -- they say -- the other driver was it fault. officials say -- another car --ran a red light-- and slammed into the self-driving car. no one was injured. the google cars -- have a high safety record. but -- some people are not "when you put your trust in something mechanical that can malfunction and you have no... you don't have the ability to stop it, because it's in the p drive, so if anything they're driving too carefully." google says -- in seven years -- only one crash -- involving a google car -- was the car's fault. it happened back in february -- at two-miles an hour -- when the car sideswiped a bus -- while trying to merge into a lane. severe flooding in iowa is forcing hundreds of people from their homes -- as the cedar river continues to swell. check out this drone footage of
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the governor of iowa -- issuing a state-of-disaster proclamation -- for 13-counties. the national guard -- now there -- to help people deal -- with this torrential flooding. people -- placing sand bags in front of buildings -- to try to prevent water from going inside. officials -- are even asking people -- in some parts of the state -- to restrict their water usage . adlibs let's go to 13 first alert meteorologist greg bennett. high pressure and dry air are taking over the southwest tonight through tuesday afternoon. clear skies will be common tomorrow and monday but it comes at a bit of a price. winds will be a bit of a nuisance for the valley. tonight, overnight lows will drop to the mid and upper 60s but with winds between 15 and 20 mph with an occasional gust between 25 and 35 mph, a wind-chill factor of the upper 50s will be common. by tomorrow, sunny skies take over but the breeze will
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between 87 and 92 degrees. temperatures don't change much moving into the next work week. upper 80s and lower 90s will be common but clouds look to build in by tuesday and by tuesday night into wednesday, rain chances increase to between 20% and 30%. 13 smoothie cafe have once again common along with sunny skies for tomorrow and monday but it comes at a bit of a price. winds will be a bit of a nuisance for the valley. tonight, overnight lows will drop to the mid and upper 60s


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