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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 30, 2016 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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it's september 30th, time for now viral videos "right this minute." >> after a school girl is attacked on the street, it appears a woman runs to help. >> instead she's helping the man kidnap her. >> the story behind one brazen abduction. >> ready? >> a worker at a barbershop spots something on the wall. >> surprise. >> what it was leads to >> man hugs, big smiles. >> drivers in a sports car wedding convoy decide to toast the bride and groom with rubber donuts. why other drivers on the road weren't really celebrating. plus the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle bring the best of the web, including a little girl
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daddy does that's a game changer. >> no! chilling is the only way i can describe this video from russia. you see this 16-year-old school girl just walking across the way. as she walks past that black car, someone comes up behind her and takes her. >> oh, my goodness. >> she drops her bag. that man is pulling on her. she struggles to and break free, but watch this, there's a woman. she's helping that man kidnap her. >> scream, scream, scream loudly. kick, struggle, punch. come on, somebody nearby's got to see this. >> you can see she's desperately trying to break free. you know at this moment there are three people involved in this kidnapping. before you know it, this girl is in the car and they take off. >> was she targeted for a reason? >> the city she was kidnapped in
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kazakhstan where kidnappings are very common and authorities do say this was a bridal kidnapping, which is when a man that has a crush on a younger girl or on a girl kidnaps her to then force her to marry him. this video did help locate the three people involved. 40-year-old man, 24-year-old man, 31-year-old woman. all three of them have been arrested and wer the kidnapping of a minor. the girl was reunited with her family. fortunately, there was somewhat of a happy ending to the story. >> this episode he's calling "beyond the tide." he's in a tide pool in los angeles, california, and look what he's trying to catch. >> look at that! >> oh. >> breakfast.
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looking for creatures in the tide pool. >> oh, look at that slug. that thing is cool. >> it is cool. >> so alien looking. >> but the thing he was really looking for was the octopus. watch how it eases away. i'm just going to back out and kind of camouflage myself. you could see how it slowly begins to blend in with the surroundings. >> amazing. >> that's epic. >> as soon as it stops moving, it's gone. >> cloaking device. >> ble >> if you close your eyes for a second and open them again you'll be like, okay, where is the octopus. a coyote shows us how they are great at camouflaging, so let's see if we can find hank. this video is called "finding hank." see if you can spot the octopus before it shows up. and now it's slowly starting to appear. >> oh! >> nice. >> that's mental. >> so cool. >> we couldn't see it.
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>> he says they ink when they feel a predator is coming to get them. these people didn't touch it, but they got close enough. >> as soon as it gets too close. back off, back off. >> the reason why they are calling this finding hank is because of this character in the finding dory movie, as you can see here. hank the octopus, which is clefr at hiding, but not at avoiding the garbage disposal. >> this is my kind of wedding. look at this. >> a herd of beautiful sports cars. this is the bride and groom's chariot of the day, but they've got a whole wedding party full of folks who love cars. all coming to join in the celebration. >> i'll take the ferrari. >> as you can imagine, they are going to caravan to the next stage of the wedding. that caravan winds up on one of
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istanbul, turkey. >> uh-oh. >> must feel so cool to have your whole crew with you. that crew slowly and gently brings the entire caravan to a complete and total stop right in the middle of this very busy freeway. >> that's a terrible idea. no. >> here's a worse idea. >> side show. >> let's celebrate the bride and groom with some rubber donuts. >> yeah, but you're also creating a nightmare drivers that have nothing to do with your wedding. cool, awesome, you're getting married. >> not in the middle of the busiest freeway in istanbul, tur key. >> two arrested blamed it on their youthful spirit. >> any idea what they'll be facing, though? >> according to the reports i read, small fines, nothing serious. the groom is apparently a popular and professional
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photographer. here's a picture of the lovely couple, so congratulations. >> didn't go to jail. our latest winner in the ipad mini giveaway. >> you could win, too. all you need is friday's buzz word and be 21 years of age or older and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in just a bit. "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. a little recognition and appreciation go a long way. >> hey, you ready? >> we're at a barbershop in florida. >> what is it? >> i don't know. >> go see it. go see it. >> you see the fellas in the shop encouraging devin to go to the wall. >> what's it say?
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>> employee of the month. >> you see as he realizes what the award is, he just lights up. >> congratulations, bro. >> oh, man hugs, big smiles. >> there it is, high-fives all around. >> employee of the month, everyone. >> good job. >> he's a family friend but also a paid employee. he comes in on weekends and helps clean around the shop, but he's also a really kindhearted, outgoing individual, and they thought it would be a nice gesture to let him appreciated he is. >> employee of the month, huh? my man. you're awesome, you know that, bro? >> you could tell he works at a barbershop. >> congratulations, bro. >> thanks. >> good job. >> employee of the month, everyone. >> this viral video was first posted to the barbershop's facebook page and it's gotten a ton of shares and views because it's just simply heart warming.
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our day, as well. with so much going on, it's just nice to click on and see something nice. >> what's it say? >> employee of the month. >> employee of the month! you got employee of the month, man, you did a good job. an exhausted dog is trapped in a deep well. >> i do believe that fate helped. >> how rescuers got her spirits back up. and put a blank canvas on a train and catch him paint. >> this is creative. >> see the incredible passenger masterpiece next. "right this minute" is brought to you by -- colgate
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this minute" and never miss another video. many animals live off the kindness of humans, some find themselves in situations they get themselves into, like this poor dog at the bottom of a well. she's been swimming around for hours, she's exhausted, she's cold, and there's no place for her to get any rest. but she found she's been able to get her and take a break. thankfully, the folks at animal aid unlimited strap up, get the ropes going, and lower themselves into dirty, filthy, trash infested pit. >> it is kind of gross, but when you think about the positive aspect of doing it, it is totally worth it. >> the dog very happy to be getting assistance here, doesn't put up any struggle at all. they get her up and a few hours later she's much happier. thank you, thank you. i needed some help. some other animals need help, but in this case, sadly,
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a human being. the streets are packed with onlookers here in pakistan. the cow basically getting to rappel down this large, tall residential building. >> how, why, how? >> someone -- did they take it up there as a little calf and grew into a big enormous monster? >> you are exactly right. in fact, you might even be more shocked to learn that that cow lived upstairs for four a man brought it up there and raised it for four years. they do call in somebody to help with a crane and lower it down to the delight of everybody. >> let's head on over to the train system in toronto, canada. but instead of a boring train commute, this is when you get creative.
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on the train this day going to be artists. >> even this one, just let me ride in peace with my earphones on. >> thank you for saying it for me. >> even a cur mujen like nick. this artist, who has a youtube channel, said he could take a blank canvas inside one of the cars of the train and invited people to create the toronto skyline on that. >> so anybody could grab a paint brush, and just paint what they remember as the skyline looking. >> yeah. but if you notice, there is a picture of the skyline right behind the canvas, so they are using some kind of a dye. >> okay, people from every different walk of life. every race, every age, every sex, everything. what they are showing is we're all part of the same thing. >> i'm onboard just like the train. i'm onboard. you know why, he's not coming around shoving it in my face.
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participate, i love it, i'm onboard. >> bottom line, everybody seemed to have a really good time putting this together, whether you're a good artist or not. >> i like there are different types of art there. traditional artists and then stuff that's a little more abstract, more basic. i like how it mixes media. >> get on the different sort of systems, that's the kind of thing you could put up in a huge showroom. >> look at the final product, it actually looks kind of cool. >> you can credit the artist as were you crying? >> always so, so sincere. >> see the prank next "right this minute". and still to come, the family is sharing their brangelina moment. >> they are going to tell us the deepest, darkest secrets about when they were young. >> he cheated on me all the time. >> hear the stories most of us can relate to. >> wow. >> wow. >> yeah, this is going to be
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us his deepest, darkest secrets about when they were young. >> today we're going all out. >> personal brangelina moments, those moments when you thought everything was going okay and the floor got fallen out, pulled from underneath you. >> is that how it goes? >> what is it, a rug? >> it's a rug. >> the rug got pulled out underneath you. >> i had a boyfriend who i dated r he cheated on me all the time. if i had never found out, i never would have moved to orlando, which is where i met you. >> i know, breakups suck themselves, but sometimes it's awesome, it's the best thing that can happen to you because it opens other doors for you to meet other people, much better people, you grow, things get better. yeah. >> my brangelina moment was when i was 13 and i was at camp thunder bird and i asked
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the next day she sends one of her friends over, girlfriends over, she goes, [ bleep ] doesn't really want to go to the dance with you. okay. >> that's like getting dumped by text now. >> this is all part of growing up, though. this is how you learn to love, learn what you don't like, and learn how to deal. >> i'm thankful for all the times we were dumped. >> up top. people of america, people of the world, this is why you attention in school, because your life could be this cool. >> yep, once again it's time to open the doors on the greatest story on the internet. the guys have built a gigantic fighting robot. they are going to go head to head with japan. >> this is one of the most exciting stories ever. >> that time when the megabots incorporated will go head to
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there needs to be some testing. >> we're going to strap into america's first fully functional robot and try to not die. >> somebody's really going to get in and drive? they are not doing this remotely? >> wait, they are going to get killed. >> proper preparation prevents poor performance. >> this canopy could get blasted to pieces or a giant robot fist could pummel straight through it. >> or we could just suffer traumatic brain injur w hit the ground. >> three pretty serious problems right there. time to test it. >> are they going to use a dummy? >> they are not dummies, they'll use a dummy. they'll test just how dangerous or prepared they are. now, the first test they are going to see if you can survive a hot from a cannon. >> we've made custom cannon balls designed to hit hard and blind our opponent. >> they take the cannon, line it up in front of it -- >> three, two, one, go!
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>> exactly what i thought. that's just screen, you need more than that. >> they try again. >> it was like paper. like shredding paper. >> according to our data, both impacts would have killed the pilot. >> step one, may have to work on that little sort of thing right there. >> is this a prototype of what the actual robots will be? >> i think the mock suit is now the test vehicle. >> okay. >> make sure you can take a punch. >> a wrecking ball. >> go! >> oh, yeah. >> bam, bam, bam. yeah, it is pretty sturdy. >> surprisingly stable. >> they try to go for the full clunk. >> timber! >> we're just going to have to continue to subscribe to the youtube channel because there will be more videos soon. team megabot, we're with you. it's time to give away
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>> to enter you need friday's buzz word, be at least 21 years or older and legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. you can use each every day. >> let's reveal friday's buzz word, it's yearbook. >> get over to, click win ipad and enter the buzz word, yearbook. >> next week we'll have another bonus give away. that's right, you can enter win a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. this adorable baby is enjoying a game of peek-a-boo. >> then dad ruined it. >> no! >> what he does that baby just doesn't like. a gunman on the rus afternoon...after another roberto's taco shop is robbed. why police are so concerned and why this one is different from all the others. plus -- police desperately
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the crime he's accused of committing and the good samaritan who prevented a woman from becoming a victim. stay with us for this and so much more on action news live at 3 in just minutes! carla double anchor tricia
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classic. it's a great game. babies love it.
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she's 7 months old, adorable. where does he go? he's back. hi, dad. wait, you vanished again. there you are. best game ever. then dad ruins it. >> no! >> goes in the bathroom quickly, shaves off the beard, the missus has expressed she likes it shorter, so with that, dad pulled a magic trick. where's my dad? >> look, she looks down, where's the rest of you? >> maybe she's looking at the floor for his beard. >> keeps looking around. she's fine, holding it together. at least the bubble hasn't burst. wait. >> oh, honey.
2:58 pm
stranger danger! >> who are you and why are you holding me? >> get away from this guy. i think she's probably reaching for mom. she's, obviously, going to be dealing with this one for quite a while. i'm sure she'll be fine. >> never been over the beard. that's a look at some of the best viral videos of the day. if you want more, has them.
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robbed at gunpoint is speaking out. why he fears for his family's safety. why he fears for his family's safety. plus... a good samaritan is being credited with saving a woman from becoming a victim. what this guy is accused of doing. and...... the man accused of gunning down a customer in a valley starbucks is back in court. what the d-a is now considering. but we begin with breaking news.... right now chopper 13 fast and first over mandala person has fallen and is in unknown condition. we're still working to gather more details and have a crew headed to the scene. we'll bring you more information as it comes into our newsroom. pedro garcia, the man accused of killing a starbucks customer this past weekend was back in court today. a judge set his preliminary court date for november third. garcia is accused of killing 41-year-old aleksandr


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