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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 7, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PDT

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ahh...still sick, huh? i'll take it from here. i'm good. i just took new mucinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away. wow, that sort of blind-sided me. and it clears my terrible cold symptoms. ahh! new mucinex fast-max clear & cool. feel the menthol burst. and clear your worst cold symptoms. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. looking at satellite images here of hurricane matthew churning off the coast of florida. and, of course, lots of preparations under way in anticipation of that storm
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evacuations all up and down the coast. officials urging residents in the storm's path to get out. >> and you just look at that image and realize how huge the storm is. it's a monster storm. it's a monster storm. the eye wall is very, very big. geo benitez just filed this from palm beach garden. geo, good morning. >> reporter: we're in a safe location, but no mistake about it, we're getting powerful wind and rain. we don't want to be anywhere near that dangerous eye wall, that's what officials are trying to keep people away from. talkg winds, 120-mile-per-hour winds. it's just too dangerous. right now in florida, we're looking at the potential of having 2.5 million people without any power at all, and that's an extremely huge amount of people without power, so no doubt, a serious, serious concern where that eye wall actually ends up, that is going to be the biggest question and where the most damage could possibly be. gio benitez, abc news, palm beach gardens, florida. >> we can see there in that
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power lines. i mean, there's so much damage a storm like this does. >> absolutely. i just spoke with gio. we were texting back and forth with each other. he said they had to hunker down overnight because they were so worried about the conditions. and to think they didn't get the category 3 hurricane conditions there in palm beach gardens, and it was still rough enough for them to be out there on the roads. and bart of the reason, the dangerous things you see there, that's one of the biggest concerns for many out there in the hurricane zones. >> losing power, and, of course, debris. >> downed lines. >> the storm surge, a very dangerous situation. people are mindful of that and are evacuating as they are told to. >> let's hope. coming up, more hurricane coverage including a news anchor's emotional plea. we'll be right back. "world news now" continues after this from our abc
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back with the latest on hurricane matthew, and for days back with the latest on hurricane matthew, and for days leading up to the moment, governor in the state's hurricane path urged residents to g >> unfortunately, this is going to kill people. >> they should already be evacuating. we want that to happen. >> time is running out. leave, there's no excuses. roads are open. you should get out. >> storm surges are going to go much further inland than people realize, and that's a lot of water all at once.
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and for the people of our state so that hopefully we'll come through this having learned lessons, but hopefully not having to repeat those lessons in the very near future. >> there are no excuses. you need to leave. evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. are you willing to take a chance to risk your life? are you willing to take a gamble? that's what you're doing. if you're reluctant to evacuate, think of all the people this storm already killed. you and your family could be among these numbers if you don't take this seriously. >> now, as florida's governor urges 1.5 million floridans to evacuate the hurricane zone, local news stations have been working overtime to try to get the word out. >> but the appeal from one veteran news anchor from jacksonville was so emotional and passionate, we wanted to share it with you. it's gone viral. >> i want to talk to you people for a minute, not as tom the
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years, you and i, it's time to take precautions. it's time to protect yourself. this is not going to be like anything we've seen before. think of clean katrina. think of what hugo did. think of baton rouge. we're in for a terrible, terrible experience. so please, do whatever's necessary to protect yourself and your family. err on the side of caution. if you're in one of those evacuation zones, go west, go north, get out of here. >> a lot of people saying those same words that tom did there to his viewers. >> such an impassioned plea. >> yes. next, how the storm sparked a
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a live picture here from jacksonville, florida, in these early morning hours, and you can see things are relatively calm. that area right now getting some of the outer bands of hurricane matthew. the storm is so huge it really spans the entire coast of florida at this hour. we'll keep an eye on it. see, look at that. 300 miles of coast and the outer bands, you see there, hitting jackso we're going to move on. in today's day and age, something like hurricane matthew just invades social media. >> that can be both good on bad, and here with some social media highlights is abc's kenneth moton. >> good morning. yes, other than us, social media is the place to go as we find out how matthew's impacting the east coast. nearly 4,000 flights cancelled, and this is the result. take a look that. airports look like ghost towns.
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these images from orlando international airport. that place is typically busy at all hours people going to the theme parks, but no one there this morning as you can see. also on twitter, celebrities, actress reese witherspoon tweeted my prayers go out to all those affected by hurricane matthew. praying for safety. rapper singer nicki minaj also sent out all of my love to everyone being affected by this storm. and josh groban saying hang in there, floridans. we're all saying that this morning. but this one here, i'm filing this under bizarre hurricane news. this week vanilla ice was booted off with "dancing with the stars" as you saw here on abc, and now he's not only hunkering down this south florida during the storm. he's having something of a rap battle with florida democrats on twitter. the ice man tweeted out he's riding out the storm from his
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updates for his followers. the florida democratic party responded warning people to stop, collaborate and listen. listen to local officials, not vanilla ice and get out of the evacuation zones. i might have taken a little creative liberty. now that vanilla ice is off the dance floor, he has some time on his hands. he's been live tweeting as matthew turns north. the 90s rap sensation wi likely have a lot of work after the storm. he's the host of "vanilla ice project" focused on renovating home in the palm beach area. >> it's kind of sad, the democrat party of florida needs to tell people not to listen to vanilla ice. you would think that's a given. you don't take a storm advice from vanilla ice. >> it's not vanilla rain. it's ice. >> how far he's fallen. a rap battle with a political party. >> we're making light of it, but it is a serious situation.
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florida...bringing torrential rain and incredibly powerful winds over 100 miles per hour! this is a live look in daytona beach florida before hitting florida the storm whipped through haiti...cuba and the bahamas...leaving destruction in it's path.... in haiti at least 269 people are dead and hundreds of thousands more are displaced. in cuba hundreds of people had homes! in the bahamas people are just beginning to assess the damage this morning. take a look right now at the radar behind me.... you can see just how massive this category three storm is right now. officials are warning the effects of matthew will be unlike any hurricane in decades and that some places may become "uninhabitable for weeks or months." despite all that some people are staying put...


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