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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  October 10, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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after a crash on blue diamond...and it's closing a part of the road. 13 action news reporter stephanie zepelin is live with the latest. happening right now -- the
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putting their support behind the proposed n-f-l stadium. 13 action news reporter bryan callahan is tracking all the action and joins us live with the latest. earlier senators raising questions about the 14,000 jobs supporters say would be created by the stadium and the convention center expansion projects. supporters saying the average salary of the jobs would be $39 thousand a year. supporters saying the average salary of the jobs would be $39
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is important to create jobs that will advance into the future and not more of the same. farley adding that she'd like to see more than food service jobs and we have good people that fill them, but i'd like to see us grow economically." butt to sen. ben kieckhefer (r) district 16 "i think a lot of the jobs that are included in people in that hospitality sector, so that is still an important part of our economy in las vegas." price unlv would have to pay to play in the stadium... being told that could hit up to $250,000 a game. reporting live, bryan callahan, 13 action news. only on 13 action news -- someone breaks into a disabled veteran's home... and steals not only what you would expect but some more personal belongings. and it's all caught on
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collins has the man's story you won't see anywhere else. 15:09:02-15:09:25 the man who lives here says the thief came in through this window that's why there are bars on it right now the guy came this way walking through the apartment went into the bedroom also went into the living room you can see it looks like there should be a tv there that was one of the things that was taken take vo at 15:09:17 the victim is a disabled veteran these people took several of his papers-- his important papers-- as well as a gun that was under his bed take sot james turpin, burglary victim4 kind of feel helpless you know and this guy just walked around my house like it was his." 15:11:07-15:11:19 the victim hasn't gotten any of his stolen stuff back but he has learned about several other break ins that have happened to his neighbors just feet from where he lives near nellis and vegas valley parker collins 13 action news. in your voice your vote -- house speaker paul ryan.says he will no longer defend donald trump--- instead he'll work to make sure republicans keep control of congress. but this afternoon everyone is still talking about the debate!
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louis. donald trump entered this debate, with his party in chaos, and his candidacy on the line -- after a video tape from 2005 surfaced friday -- in debate, trump held a press conference with women who had accused bill clinton of sexual misdeeds -- and invited them, to the debate hall. so this second faceoff, started with a nod -- not a handshake. trump repeatedly described his comments as "locker room banter," and continued attacks on bill clinton. an trump tape to underscore one of her core arguments. (r) presidential candidate) if you look at bill clinton - far worse. mine are words, his are actions. his what - what he did to women, there's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation thats been so abusive to women. so you can say anyway you want to say it, but bill clinton was abusive to women. hillary clinton attacked those same women (hillary clinton, (r) presidential candidate) if
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video, maybe what he's saying tonight would be understandable. but everyone can draw their own conclusions at this point about whether or not the man in the video or the man on the stage respects women. but he never apologies for anything to anyone. this was a town hall, and some questions came from undecided voters. one asked -- how can these candidates, be a devoted president to all americans--espeically given what they've said about each other, certain groups in america: (hillary clinton, (r) presidential candidate) my argument is not with his rallies and the very brutal comments about not just women, but all americans (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) when she said "deplorables," she meant it. when she said irredeemable, they are irredeemable. you didn't mention that, but that might have been worse. she has tremendous hatred. it was not all negativity.
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night asked each candidate to name something they respect about the another. clinton said trump's children. trump, said clinton is a fighter, who doesn't quit. at washington university in saint louis, i'm karin caifa. another one of donald trump's casinos is closing its doors. but the g-o-p nominee isn't too upt we'll explain why. and -- you've probably found your t-v remote stuck between your couch cushions before... you won't believe what may have happened to one family when their remote got stuck! when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!"
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of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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in just 10 minutes and now they are left without a place to live. neighbors first spotted the fire and called the family. they tried to kick down the door to get the family's dog out that was inside.
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they found a remote tucked down inside the family's couch...where the fire started. fire crews think that could have sparked the fire...but they're still working on determining the official cause. - v a casino bearing donald trump's name in atlantic city is closing its doors. the news comes amid a workers' strike that has dragged on for over a month. despite bearing the trump name-- the hotel is actually owned by billionaire carl icahn. trump has not been involved with it since 2009. icahn enterprises blames the closing... while the union calls the move "petty." even though it's only october -- some are already done with their holiday shoppping! you won't believe just how many people we're talking about! but first -- hurricane matthew is gone....but it's still a danger for thousands. the biggest concerns right now and the response.
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three months of rain in a matter of hours. now the rivers are rising... abc's marci gonzalez is in st. augustine, florida with more. the post-matthew skies clear?but in north carolina - water is still rising? sot - gov. pat mccrory / (r) north carolina "hurricane matthew is off the map well into the ocean but it is still right here//we still have very, very overflowing their banks? bursting- at least two dams- adding - to already overwhelming damage? natsot - "this is the worst we've seen." more than 14-hundred people rescued from the flood waters - in north carolina? and even more are being saved today? natsot - "back up, oh my god" 5 people - are still missing? and the death toll from matthew is rising? more than 20 people killed in the us- while in hardest hit haiti - nats - "...crying..." the estimate
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of the storm's impact- bringing fresh perspective sot - sean mcmullen "we feel really lucky and blessed." and a lesson - in loss? sot - sean mcmullen "what's the lesson all the stuff can be replaced we cant be replaced." marci gonzalez oncam close:' ...tbd... mg, abc news, st. augustine, florida cannonballs - v check this out! after up the coast.... officials in south carolina made an unusual discovery along the shore. civil war cannonballs were unearthed near charleston. the age-old ordnance was discovered by the city's former mayor...who was walking along the beach.. bomb squad and us air force officials responded and confirmed the ordnance. they removed and detonated most of of the find, with the rest
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let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. .tonight...partly cloudy. lows 65 to 68 on the west side of the valley...66 to 69 on the east side. south winds 10 to 15 mph. .tuesday...sunny. highs 84 to 87 on the west side of the valley... 87 to 91 on the south winds up to 10 mph shifting to the southwest in the afternoon. .tuesday night...mostly clear. lows 60 to 64 on the west side
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southwest winds 10 to 15 mph shifting to the west after midnight. .wednesday...mostly sunny. highs 82 to 85 on the west side side. west winds up to 10 mph in the morning becoming light. .wednesday night through sunday...partly cloudy and
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lows 63 to 66. highs 84 to 87. it's not even november yet.. but the holiday rush starts earlier and earlier. don't feel like a slacker.. but 34- million people say they've already started their holiday shopping. and 1-million have already finished it. more than half of us don't plan you're not alone if you can't stand those overachievers. more than 70-percent of people in a new survey say they're annoyed by the early holiday shopping season. most of us don't think those holiday displays and sales should show up until around thanksgiving. a few more people are o-k to start seeing them around halloween. stores say it's harder to keep shelves stocked and pay workers when the holiday shopping season is compressed into just
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federation says stores are also just reacting to people wanting to shop earlier. the f-c-c is about to make it clear just how much control you should have over your personal data when you're using broadband from providers like verizon and comcast. right now, there are no rules about how internet service providers can use and share customers' private information. so from now on... the f-c-c wants them to tell you what types of information it collects... how and why it collects that and who it gets shared with. that would all be spelled out when you sign up for service. the f-c-c also wants i-s-p's to have an "opt in" clause... to get permission from you to share what's considered senstive information. that's things like where you're located... information about your kids... health... and finances... even your web browsing history. the f-c-c would also make it so the i-s- p's can't refuse to give you service or charge you
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all of this when it meets on october 27-th. if you have drumstick ice cream treats in your freezer... you'll want to hear this. nestle is recalling the 16-count variety pack... and the 24-count vanilla pack.. because of possible listeria. only the equipment used to make the treat tested positive for listeria... not the ice cream itself... we have a link to the productio on our website... celine dion is celebrating a major las vegas milestone! we'll tell you what it is -- next. and a big announcement today from ryan lochte! who he's now engaged to! you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first.
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celine dion. she performed her 1-thousandth show at caesars palace over the weekend.
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if the show will continue, dion responded it "will go on" olympic swimmer-- dancer-- and now husband-to-be! ryan lochte has announced that he's engaged. the olympic swimmer and "dancing with the stars" contestant popped the question over the weekend to playboy model kayla rae reid. lochte posted this photo on instagram showing the couple kissing and reid sporting an engagement ring. the pair met in january at a hollywood nightclub :2-:12 gets the first down as he dives out of bounds at the 35 yard line... new england patriots quarterback tom brady is back on the field after his suspension. he had to sit out four games for his role in a scheme to deflate footballs last season. it's a great game. i think just being with my teammates...playing for them and celebrating with them after a great win.
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seven species of bees have been added to the endangered species list following a report saying their populations are decreasing worldwide. the u-s fish and wildlife service gave endangered status to these species on friday saying the need was dire to protect these important pollinators. but here's the mysery... no one knows why the bees are dissappearing. some theories have been proposed, but none have been national day - v happening today -- taiwan is celebrating its national day! taiwan's national day commemorates the 19-11 wuchang uprising, which led to the collapse of the qing dynasty and the establishment of the republic of china in 19-12. the celebration marked the first national day address by taiwanese president tsai ing-wen-- who reiterated a pledge to maintain the status quo in relations with mainland
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all-new stories for 13 action news live at 3-30... including violent protests break out in the capital of one european nation....what led to the uprising. and -- in politics this afternoon -- both candidates are back on the campaign trail..and donald trump is losing some of his biggest supporters.
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3:30 pm at 3 vice president joe biden is coming to town. we'll tell you why. and the vision to have a a public pre k program in the city of las vegas is closer t0 becoming a reality. let's now check in with 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan? tonight...partly cloudy. lows 65 to 68 on the west side east side. south winds 10 to 15 mph. .tuesday...sunny. highs 84 to 87 on the west side of the valley... 87 to 91 on the east side. south winds up to 10 mph shifting to the southwest in the afternoon. .tuesday night...mostly clear. lows 60 to 64 on the west side of the valley...61 to 65 on the .wednesday...mostly sunny. highs 82 to 85 on the west side of the valley...84 to 88 on the east side.


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