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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  October 11, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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plus... businesses forced to evacuate after a bank robbery suspect claims to have an explosive device. what police found. investigation but first...... a man is dead ... and police are still on the hunt for his shooter. the victim...gunned down... right in front of people's homes. 13 action news reporter parker collins has been on this story 12:17:13-12:17:40 you can see the coroner behind me that's fremont a few feet in this direction but all the action all the investigation has been over here for hours this morning 15th has been blocked off in both directions take vo at 12:17:25 as police try to piece this together it broke just around seven this morning that a man had been shot and killed and just left out in the street right now police don't have a lot to go on they don't think this was gang related. people i'm talking to heard
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33-45 "when i got there i thought what the heck because you had so many cars... police cars." 12:17:55-12:18:04 police have not released an id for the victim and they're telling us no shooter has been arrested near downtown parker collins 13 action news. this just in... we're getting our first look at the man suspected of robbing a bank near desert inn and authorities say the masked burst in carrying a gun -- and demanding cash. no shots were fired -- but he left a backpack inside the bank and told employees it was an explosive device. police quickley shut down hualapai fro desert inn to spring mountain -- evacuating nearby businesses. jill leiva business owner. about a minute into first interview clip "we instantly locked the doors and had to get away just in case there was an explosion." technicians determined there was no explosive device.
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one- point-9 billion dollar n-f-l stadium proposal... as they work to get it to a vote before sundown. 13 action news reporter bryan callahan is live in carson city with what's happening this afternoon. senators are working on making minor changes to the deal as they work to get support they need to pass the stadium and convention center financing bill over to the assembly. (ad lib about where it is now) the senate got a late start on those changes.. when a planned hour of public the grant sawyer building in las vegas to testify via video conference. others decided to make their presence known here in carson city. bob fulkerson progressive leadership alliance of nevada (plan) "it is not like we have money to burn in of our kids are not proficient
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net, like our education system are among the worst in the nation." the work right now is being done in hopes the bill can be put to a vote here in the senate before sundown. the legislature needs to break before then to observe "yom kippur" reporting live in carson city, bryan callahan, 13 action news. right now a live look outside across the valley. another beautiful day. but just how long will this let's check in with 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan. our tranquil weather pattern will continue for a couple of days, before a three system punch will kick up our winds for a prolonged period. in the short term, expect highs in the mid 80s tomorrow and thursday, with light winds and sunny to mainly sunny skies. on friday the winds will start
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overnight hours. saturday will be windy early and will drop to breezy by the afternoon. afternoon highs will top out in the upper 80s on friday, then drop to the mid 80s on saturday as the system sweeps cooler air into the area. the race for the white house. donald trump's presidential campaign has created a civil war in the republican party. dozens of republicans now pulling their endorsements. house speaker paul ryan telling lawmakers he will not defend trump or his campaign. today trump fired off a series of tweets criticizing the speaker. meanwhile, as new polls show his numbers dropping -- trump appears to be trying to set a new narrative for his supporters.
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from us and is not taken away from us. butt with sot donald trump: "on november 8th the arrogance of washington dc will come face to face with the righteous verdict of the american voter. it's about time." on the democratic side -- hilliary clinton is campaigning with al gore in florida -- while president obama stumps for her in north cardolina. you'll get a chance to see hillary clinton here in the valley tomorrow. she'll speak center" at 5- 30 to urge nevadans to vote early. senate candidate catherine cortez masto and congresswoman dina (deen ah) titus will also be at the event. we have information on how to get tickets on our website k-t-n-v dot com. vice president joe biden will be here thursday. he'll campaign for hillary clinton and catherine cortez masto. biden will be holding a rally at the culinary union near las vegas boulevard and saint louis.
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if you're looking to register to vote by mail, today is the last the day you can do it. the nevada secretary of state extended the deadline amid concerns the previous deadline violated federal law. county election department offices will be open extra hours today. you still have until next tuesday if you'd like to register online or in-person. a bizarre scene playing out on valley roads today... officers chasing this dump truck for several miles as the traffic. why police say the driver refused to pull over. plus... terrifying moments caught on camera. a truck plowing into a group of protesters up in reno. what we're now learning about the incident. remember chopper 13 is bringing you breaking news fast and first. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow was down 200 points, closing at 18,129
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police say protesters were standing in the crosswalk blocking traffic when the pick-up truck started edging toward them. this turned in to a heated confrontation...with the driver then plowing through the group of protesters. we'll have the latest on the investigation and hear from witnesses -- coming up on 13 action news at 3:30. our cameras were there -- during a short highway pull over a possible reckless driver. chopper 13 fast and first over the scene near lake mead and the 15. troopers say the man did not appear to be intoxicated -- he was just tired. now -- they are requiring him to stay off the road for ten hours. n-h-p says its rare they're actually able to get drivers like this off the road. . jason buratczuk trooper nhp 13:31:54:03 it's hard to catch those people, because if we're
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by the time we catch up they're in a completely different location 13:32:02:09 if you see a reckless driver on the road -- dial star n-h-p or 9-1-1. you are exempt from the cell phone law at that point since it is considered an emergency -- so you wont get a ticket for making that call. hurricane matthew may no longer be a threat -- but the suffering is far from over. millions dealing with massive devastation and widespread flooding. why the situation may only get worse. and... a major warning this a popular brand of ice cream is being recalled. the hidden danger that could make you extremely sick. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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the desert is where bad guys go when they want to make evidence disappear. but hiding the evidence won't help danny tarkanian. sure, he can bury all those property taxes he skipped out on for years... ...or all those fake charities he helped set up... ...or the scams against seniors he formed... or the $17 million judgment he never paid. he can try, but he can't make his record disappear.
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are without power.... the city sent an emergency notification warning for people to shut all doors and windows, and to turn off air conditioners. there's been no word on what caused this, and it's unclear if anyone has been injured. a man is recovering this afternoon after being attacked by shark on the oregon coast while surfing. police say he suffered some bad injuries to his right leg. witnesses say the 29-year-old came on shore and was not only conscious, but told others what ( jeff rose, surfer) "he asked us questions, knew blood type, he gave us his number a lot of information that we needed. we kept him active." the victim was flown to a portland hopsital and is expected to be okay. others have put up a makeshift sign warning others not to go into the waters. flooding-vm a man in austin, texas used twitter to rescue his brother and dog--- trapped by floodwaters in north carolina. craig williams brother was
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williams say he received a disturbing text from his brother saying he might drown. so, he got on twitter, and was able to contact a man with a drone in the area who was able to get emegency personnel to save his brother and his dog. (chris williams /rescued from flooded house) "he told me he was getting a guy with a drone to bring a boat, and i'm kind of like... is he messing with me right now? i was kind of in disbelief, but it worked and there was a drone hovering right in front of me." the floodwaters are still rising in north carolina. this is all in the aftermath of hurricane matthew. several dams have broken -- and officials say rivers could continue to rise. a-b-c's marci gonzalez has the latest from lumberton, north carolina. nats from gma rescue---after rescue? in north carolina ? nats more than 2-thousand people pulled to safety so far? wn feed - nat
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in lumberton, an already damaging flood from hurricane matthew..? turning so much worse?with dams and levies breaking sending rivers to record levels- spilling over their banks? sot - woman with glasses (no super): "it terrified me to death. // i have never in my life seen so much water, so quick." from the carolinas to virgina- water, destroying homes? washing away roads? mos "this is the worst we've ever had." and claiming more lives? more than 30 people killed in the us by matthew aftermath sot gov. pat mccrory, (r) north carolina "too many people have died, and we don't want any more to die." but with some rivers expected to stay at major flood stage?at least through the end of the weekend. the governors of north and south carolina- warn- the dangers aren't over? gov. nikki haley sot: "like what's happening in marion county where we're seeing them four feet under water, and expect those things to continue over the next one to two weeks." marci gonzalez standup close:
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seen people able to get into town here- is by boat?even a big stretch of i-95 which you can see right there-- is closed in both directions - because of the flooding. mg abc news lumberton, nc (ad-lib toss) let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan. our tranquil weather pattern will continue for a couple of days, before a three system punch will kick up our winds for a prolonged period. in the short term, expect highs thursday, with light winds and sunny to mainly sunny skies. on friday the winds will start to pick up ahead of the first system. gusts will pick up to 35 mph in the afternoon and then up 40 mph in the evening and overnight hours. saturday will be windy early and will drop to breezy by the afternoon. afternoon highs will top out in the upper 80s on friday, then
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on saturday as the system sweeps cooler air into the area. sunday will be another windy day as the next system approaches. gusts will pick up to about 35 mph in the afternoon and remain windy through highs will remain in the mid 80s sunday, then drop to around 80 on monday. yet another system moves in tuesday, keeping upper end breezy/low
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and reinforcing the cool air which will drop highs to the upper 70s that afternoon. the f-c-c- is cracking down on pay a fine of 2-point-3 million dollars this is to settle an investigation into claims it charged customers for services and equipment they never ordered. comcast must also do other things... like develop a plan to get consent before you're charged and offer free ways for you to block new services.... they can no longer refer an account to collections or
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more trouble for samsung -- the company no longer making the galaxy note 7... after numerous incidents involving exploding batteries and fires. what you need to do immediately if you own one of these phones. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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recalling all of its products that contain cookie dough. listeria concers. listeria can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, the elderly people, and people with weakened immune systems. so far -- no illness have been reported samsung is pulling the plug on the galaxy note 7 halting production of the smartphone after reports of several of the replacement phones catching abc's elizabeth hur has the
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if you own a samsung galaxy note 7.. ((gfx)) a warning.. from the company and u.s. regulators.. power down and stop using your phone immediately.. even if you have the new replacement phone.. ((sot)) girl: "i saw smoke and threw it on the floor" ((sot)) man: "it started to smoke, sizzle and burn." samsung making the decision after reports of at least five fires involving the replacement device.. ((sot)) man: "looked over, and ((sot)) man: "it popped, it sizzled you could say even.. i was scared." while the f-a-a is still not banning note 7s from flights, they are extending their warning to passengers that they keep the phones - both the old ones and the replacements - turned off and not stowed in checked luggage. .. samsung is now asking all carrier and retail partners all 4 major cellphone carriers after the original note 7 was recalled last month following nearly 100 reported fires. ((sot)) woman: "this is a black eye for the recall system and
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says it is ((gfx)) "working with relevant regulatory bodies to investigate the recently reported cases".. to fully investigate what is causing these problems. elizabeth tag: so if you have when flying.. the faa will allow you to carry it on but you must keep it carrier.. and exchange it for a different device. elizabeth hur, abc news, new right now we are working on all-new stories for 13 action news live at 3-30... including caught on camera. a truck rams a group of people protesting columbus day in reno...and it didn't end there wait until you see what happens next and... the presidential race took yet another dramatic turn today... thanks to donald trump's rocky relationship with the republican party. but is it affecting him in the polls?
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but it didn't end there. plus... a couple in arizona under arrest after leaving their child in the car while they went gambling. why the father is defending his actions.
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less than a month a way and the fighting within the republican party reaches new levels. it's your voice, your vote in the race for the white house. donald trump is not only battling with hillary clinton, he's taking on leaders from his own party. a-b-c's kenneth moton has the latest from washington. trump's twitter tirade...but not against hillary clinton. donald trump in pa "we're in a rigged system folks." donald trump set his sights on the washington, house speaker paul ryan who said he wouldn't campaign for the gop nominee after his 2005 lewd comments about women came to light. our very weak and ineffective leader, paul ryan, had a bad conference call where his dc will come face to face with the righteous verdict of the american voter///we are going to smash the washington establishment." trump also said...the shackles have been taken off me. nats ad music and apparently so have the gloves.


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