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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  October 14, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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carson city. the latest on their efforts. plus... a local family devastated after their home catches fire twice in one day. what investigators say caused it. but first...... state lawmakers passing a bill to build a 1-point-9 billion dollar n-f-l stadium here in the valley. we have some breaking news... c-c-sd police have arrested a 14-year- old girl at moa having a gun on campus. the incident occurred just before noon when another student reported that the girl had the gun. officers responded and took the girl into custody. we will build it... if they come. that's the message lawmakers sent to the raiders and the nfl. 13 action news reporter bryan callahan was there for the historic vote this morning and joins us live with what's next. the assembly passed the stadium bill without a vote to spare...
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no debate. listen to what stadium supports had to say about the historic moment.... when the 28th vote appeared on the board lejessup unlv president "a historic day for sure." the bill is now headed for governor sandoval's desk for his signature... which isn't expected to be a problem. the next big step will involve nfl owners. a vote on possible relocation is not expected until early next year... but raiders owner mark davis is expected to star case at the owners meeting next week. andy abboud las vegas sands corp. "we can not explain how critical that this measure passed today. that they are able to go to the nfl owners meeting next week with the support of 2/3 of the nevada legislature." ((update on governor's plan to sign the bill.)) reporting live in carson city, bryan callahan,
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a state of emergency has been declared in washoe county. this massive fire destroying at least 7 homes. a number of other structures have also been destroyed. the high-winds grounding firefighting aircraft as hundreds of firefighters battling the wind- whipped flames. nearly 2-thousand acres have burned so far....forcing evacuations and schools in the area to close. and...several hundred people forced from their homes after this fire broke out near lake tahoe. the so-called the emerald fire started early this morning -- and has burned nearly 200 crews facing strong winds of up to 70 miles per hour as they try and get the fire under control. right now a live look outside across the valley. the winds really starting to pick up out there. let's check in with 13 first chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan tonight...partly cloudy and gusty. lows 64 to 68 on the west side of the valley...66 to 70 on the east side. windy.
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of the valley...85 to 89 on the east side. southwest winds 10 to 15 mph increasing to 20 to 30 mph in the afternoon with higher gusts. .saturday night...mostly clear and windy. lows 62 to 66 on the west side sunday...mostly sunny and gusty at times. highs 81 to 84 on the west side of the valley...84 to 88 on the east side. southwest winds 15 to 25 mph with higher gusts. single mom... loses everything. only 13 action news reporter parker collins was there to see how she's coping. 15:25:03-15:25:30 this behind the home is just some of the stuff they pulled out you can see how black and charred it is a lot of the stuff inside the home lo the fire got take vo at
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twice right now a mother her five children and her mom all cannot go home at this point they are staying in a hotel. take sot quarnetta grubbs, fire victim 14:59:29-14:59:42 "when you're a single mom you don't really get that minute to process anything you kind just keep going and keep a smile on your face for your kids and just try to keep moving and that's me. i'm pretty sure i'll probably break down in about a week." 15:25:44-15:26:01 firefighters think the reason the fire started back have been an ember that was left behind that was left to says is incredibly kind near 95 and durango parker collins 13 action news. it's your voice, your vote in the race for the white house. ohio remains one of the few states that polls suggest are still up for grabs. with less than 100 days left in the white house, president obama is using his time to help the clinton campaign. he spoke in cleveland today
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donald trump gets elected. sot - president obama "i'm here to tell you that all that progress goes out the window if we don't make the right choice right now." meanwhile, trump and his wife melania are threatening legal action against the new york times and people magazine for their reports about women claiming that trump touched them inappropriately. trump promising to release evidence to prove his accusers are lying. ahead joe cortez masto will debate tonight at canyon springs high school. the senate debate starts at 7 p-m. our crews will be look for updates online at k-t-n-v dot com. an update to a story we've been following for months. people in a southern highlands neighborhood say construction blasts are not only damaging their homes... but now they say those blasts have doubled. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston took another look at
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take nat they've been setting them off twice a week nicholas chirillos home backs up to the construction site-- where developers hope to turn this hillside into a new residential community. back in august-- a lawsuit was filed-- with dozens of homeowners saying the construction blasts were damaging their homes. now-- with just days until both parties appear in court-- some people say those blasts have doubled. but for nicholas chirillo-- the blasts are a terrifying reminder of the vietnam war. take so home damaged by blasts 12:36:48:11 i hit the floor one night, because i thought it was a 175-shell, the whole house shook, when you see a house do now-- people living nearby say they have been told the blasts should only last another few weeks. you can see all the construction going on right
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they have been told the blasts should only last another few weeks. mk-- 13an. a courtroom showdown caught on camera officers struggling to restrain an unruly defendant get some help from an unlikely source. plus... a major warning this afternoon. hundreds of thousands of cars being recalled for a hidden danger that could put your safety at risk. remember chopper 13 is bringing you breaking news fast and first. and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow was up 39 points,
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen, and as a computer programmer, i created apps... before they were called "apps"
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of my synagogue, we found a smart solution to rising energy costs... creating one of the largest solar projects in the state. in congress, i'll work with democrats and republicans to make all of nevada a leader in solar, to improve our schools, and create good jobs. i approved this message because i know we can
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defendant a-b-c's marci gonzalez has the latest. a courtroom scuffle? cameras capturing the drama as an officer trying to subdue an unruly defendant?gets some unexpected help from - of all people- the judge? nats - surveillance video: ((keyable verbate gfx)) officer: "put courtroom, accused of violating a personal protection order putting up the fight - after arguing with judge john mcbain nats - surveillance video: ((keyable verbate gfx)) judge mcbain: "you know what? i told you to leave her alone, and apparently that didn't get through loud and clear, so today, you're going to jail for three days." defendant: "you and her are buddy-buddy. you all get along. you all..." judge mcbain: "45 days county jail!" defendant: "bulls" [expletive] judge mcbain: "93 days in the county jail. do you want to go for a year?
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county." // judge mcbain: "you're going to jail for a year in a county. 365 days in county jail." that's when the defendant gets up?and judge mcbain - takes off his robe and runs to help the court officer get the man under control? mcbain - known for his tough words in the courtroom - including during sentencing in this 2014 murder case- "you stabbed, you stabbed, you stabbed."//"i hope you die in jail" says - once again? nat courtroom scuffle- he has no regrets.. sot - judge john mcbain / "i would hope any other judge would say, if my court officer is in trouble, i am going to go down there and do what i can." tag- and the county's chief circuit judge says mcbain acted within reason? saying quote: "a judge has the power to take whatever action is necessary to maintain order in the courtroom." marci gonzalez, abc news, new york a terrifying shark ecounter caught on camera. the shark smashing open a diver's cage....while he's
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terrifying encounter ends. plus... a tornado tears through a small oregon town...leaving plenty of destruction in it's wake. why this may only be the beginning...with more powerful storms on the way. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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watch as the shark bites a large chunk of tuna -- before bursting inside the metal cage. the shark thrashing around before shooting out of the top of that cage. incredibly -- a diver was inside the whole time. after the shark swims away -- he calmly swam back up and climbed out completely uninjured. cleanup continues in north carolina following the devastation of hurricane
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one community as they struggle to recover. for the second time in just a week, the town of kinston is wading through floodwater. ((nat pop hurricane matthew in nc)) the first time there wasn't much time to prepare -- hurricane matthew dumped a lot of rain on an already saturated city causing flash flooding. it was a similar picture in communities all across the eastern part of the state as flooding swamped homes, wiped out roads and bridges and left hundreds of thousands in the dark. rivers -- some have still yet one of the latest... a driver who went around a barricade and was swept away by crest overnight, but it could have been much worse. mayor b.j. murphy/ kinston, north carolina: well what has been actually be the thing that saved a lot of lives this time around because so many homes were bought out and demolished." ((nat pop truck going past)) in lumberton, one of the hardest hit communities, luck has been hard to come by... but when firefighters took joseph fredrick to check on his
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the ground -- was dry. joseph frederick/ lumberton resident- i feel bad for the rest of the people though because some of their stuff is under water... i'm a little bit heartbroken, okay for my house but heartbroken for them because they pretty much lost their homes this man didn't wait for a ride to go to his house. he went to put ice in his freezer and feed his ducks -- confident he will rebuild. ertle/ lumberton resident- "to me it's sad that it happened, but whatever the good lord and kind of take it...and anyway try to deal with it because it happened." from kinston, north carolina, i'm scott mclean oregon is getting pounded with the first of a series of storms that will continue through the weekend. heavy rains an wind gusts over 100 miles per hour hit the coast. people in the area have begun sandbagging their homes and business as they prepare for heavy flooding. two more storms are on their way...bringing destructive
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a tornado touched down in the small coastal community of manzanita this morning. leaving behind torn roofs and damaged homes and businesses. several thousand people are now without power. one woman was trapped inside her home and had to be rescued when trees came crashing down no injuries have been reported. let's go to 13 first alert chief meteorologist bryan scofield. bryan. tonight...partly cloudy and gusty. lows 64 to 68 on the west side of the valley...66 to 70 on the southwest winds 15 to 25 mph with higher gusts...decreasing to 10 to 15 mph after midnight. east side. southwest winds 10 to 15 mph increasing to 20 to 30 mph in the afternoon with higher gusts. .saturday night...mostly clear and windy. lows 62 to 66 on the west side sunday...mostly sunny and gusty at times. highs 81 to 84 on the west side of the valley...84 to 88 on the east side. southwest winds 15 to 25 mph
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a contact 13 consumer alert
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vehicles because their parking brakes may not work correctly. the company says a software glitch in the honda civic could prevent the electronic parking brakes from engaging, which could cause a car to roll away. honda says so far no accidents or injuries have been reported. honda will start notifying their owners next month and dealers will fix the glitch for
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starting tomorrow...the samsung galaxy note 7 will no longer be allowed on flights in the united states. anyone trying to travel with one -- even in checked baggage -- will have the phone confiscated and may face fines. samsung recalled more than 2-and-a- half million of the smartphones and discontinued the product earlier this week. numerous fires have been reported. it's the speech everyone's talking about. fi blasting donald trump. could it be a turning point? we'll look at how it's impacting the presidential race. you're watching 13 action news, where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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the race for the white house. donald trump get's an earful from first lady michelle obama -- attacking the republican nominee - over that lewd video tape. could it be a defining moment in this vicious campaign? todd walker is looking at the reaction.
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have predicted :47 it's a speech that people still can't michelle obama's blistering rebuke of republican nominee donald trump didn't use his name once.. po-136th :44 (michelle obama) "we all know that if we let hillary's opponent win this election, then we are sending a clear message to our kids that everything they're seeing and hearing is perfectly okay. we are validating it." on twitter.. many are calling it a defining moment of this over-the-top campaign.. and it's one th have struggled to respond to.. and throughout the entire campaign.. and still today... donald trump has steered clear of attacking michelle obama.. he stayed away again following her speech yesterday.. and stuck to denying the sexual assault allegations that continue to grow. py-13th :00 donald trump/ -r- presidential candidate: these vicious claims about me, of inappropriate conduct with women, are totally and absolutely false. :11 po-33fr (desiree rogers/former white house social secretary) "i think that her voice is really a voice that people are hearing, people are listening to because this
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this is emotion. this is true." as trump's poll numbers continue to sink.. many say the current first lady's speech has provided the emotion for hillary clinton's campaign in a way clinton has so far been unable to do.. po-175th :24 because remember this when they go low.. we go high yes we do :31 , i'm todd walker. new pictures and video this afternoon of some local veterans leaving on their honor flight early this morning. 28 world war two veterans are making the trip to washington d-c right now - for the weekend. the service members will get to visit memorials dedicated to their service and sacrifices. right now we are working on all-new stories for 13 action news live at 3-30... including some parents caught doing the unthinkable. what they had their little girl do to help them make off with
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a nightmare for any parent after their daughter comes under attack inside their own home. how they managed to save her from a sex offender. as a marine combat veteran, i understand the sacrifices our military makes. our benefits are earned, and we rely on them.
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narrator: joe heck voted to shut down the federal government, risking critical services for nevada veterans. and during that shutdown, heck continued cashing his congressional paycheck. his military record deserves respect. but back in dc, joe heck is putting politics before nevada. and that doesn't work for me. narrator: vote vets is responsible for the content
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plus... the latest on the 9-1-1 operator accused of hanging up on people in need of help. wait until you hear what she said before hanging up. but first... donald trump continues to lash out at the women accusing him of inappropriate behavior and sexual assault. it's your voice, your vote in the race for the white house. hillary clinton was off the campaign trail today. but she had a powerful presidential stand a-b-c's kenneth moton has the latest from washington. donald trump...on the ground in north carolina expanding his attacks against the clintons, the media and the women who accused him of unwanted sexual advances. sot donald trump 14:45:09 the stories are total fiction, they are 100 percent fiction, they're made up, they never happened, they never would happen trump hit his accusers on their looks. sot trump she would not be my


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