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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  October 24, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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?? hey, look, the sun is out! that's nice. >> it is clearing a bit. >> yeah. the sun will come out today. take a live look outside right now. luxor on the bottom left hand. home of fantasy. in a moment we'll have some of the girls in studio to show few moves. i will not be performing. i'm going to say it now because frankly no one wants to see that. >> you know what today is, right? today? >> it's my byrd day! one of my birthday wishes is that you are going to dance with me. so i dare you to try to say no to that. >> we'll see if there is a monetary value i can apply to
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priceless, shawn. >> yes, they are. it's because they can not be sold. no one would buy it. i'm shawn tempesta. happy birthday, j.j. >> thank you. i'm j.j. snyder. >> where injure horn? you've got this stuff. >> oh, thank you. >> there is a balloon. >> our producer, julie, totally pinked out my desk this morning. and the crown. i do love a crown. i mean, i may be turning ten today, i'm not because this is perfect for me. i love it. >> you look like a princess. >> thank you. here is the thing, a couple days ago i knew the birthday was coming and i'm like, oh, man. should i start feeling bad? i'm getting older. then i'm like, hold on a second. seriously, hold on a second. let's check myself here. >> before you wreck.
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myself. i am happier now in life than i've ever been before. i've got myself together. i know who i am. >> you're the host of the "morning blend." >> i am the host of the "morning blend" here with shawn. really, i have so much to be grateful for. i just decided i'm just gonna celebrate and just be thrilled. >> did you celebrate this past weekend or celebrating forward to next weekend? >> i believe in a phase of birthdays. a whole phase. i get a bit reflective and i think about theea have to be grateful for and what i want to change and improve upon. >> you're so positive. >> and then i eat some cake. >> speak of, hold on a second. i didn't know this was happening. out of the blue -- ? happy birthday to you ? ? happy birthday to you ? ? happy birthday dear j.j. with a cake we just got from smith's ??
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>> you are three [ laughter ] >> i am three. >> basically. he's giving away my secret. honestly, this is thrilling because i'm about to make my wish in front of all of las vegas. my new hometown. >> yes. >> so i'm not gonna tell what you i'm gonna wish for, but i will tell you it may involve elvis. >> oh, my goodness. here we go. congratulations. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> is this your favorite holiday, by the way? no. i do love my -- blue frosting all over. >> i'm not going to judge you. >> my favorite holiday is always christmas because the family. >> i like july 4. this is one of the questions we're asking. what your favorite holiday is. >> i love it. >> people can get back to us on, facebook and twitter pages. >> a perfect time to discuss that because the holidays are upon us. i'm kicking it off.
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>> thank you. >> speaking of holidays, halloween is right around the corner. >> it is. >> on average, three out of four people are handing out candy. we just bought a ton of it last night. >> did you get snickers? >> they didn't have snickers in fun size. i can't believe it. >> what? maybe they sold out. >> kids 16 and under are already making plans. >> they are. people spend nearly $100 on average planning their party and also getting the kids ready. you know how to get boom for your buck, though? well, family adventure expert and mom, raina seitel, is going to join us and tell us her tips. take it. >> hi. everybody. i'm raina seitel. today we're talking halloween. let's first discuss costumes, classic costumes are big every year and especially this year as well. so princesses, witches, pirates, you name it, very big. also pop culture inspired costume like harley quinn from suicide squad or the joker.
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potter. and pokemon go was a huge sensation. but you don't want to forget to dress your house as well because our homes can be a costume, too. and i love going to target because it has everything i need, from costumes to home decor, to candy. so i get everything done under one roof for the entire family this halloween season. we're showing you a few items that we're showcasing today. day of the dead is very big when it comes to home decor. this wreath is under $20. you see the candle sticks. there are over 20 different varieties. day of the dead. if pumpkins are your thing, we have fun pumpkins. this is my personal favorite. if you're more traditionalist, i love this little bird. he's so cute. so target has these bird figurines that can last all season long. isn't he cute? so candy might be my all-time favorite part about halloween and i'm lucky if i don't eat it
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so target has exclusive offering s like kit kat darkness and sweet tarts in the shape of skull and bones. they also have traditional candy. 50% of kids say they like chocolate. 25% say they like gummies and other types of candy. so you can't go wrong with target. and i should mention now through october 29, if you spend $30, you save $5, which is awesome. and also on the 29th, target is hosting spooktacular events where they're ging bags and other free stuff. you'll want to check that out. and for this and more information, you can go to thanks so much. >> thank you so much. and more to come on the other side of the break. >> you're watching the "morning blend." stay with us. stay with us. we're coming right putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. stay with us. we're coming right and congressman hardy said he supported trump 100%.
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medicare open enrollment ends december 7th. call unitedhealthcare now and see if an aarp medicarecomplete plan is right for you.
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look at that handsome thing. halloween a few days away. while you're digging through your closet to find that old costume, grab a shoe box full of old jewelry that you don't wear anymore and head down to nevada coin mart. neil sackmary will turn that junk into cash. >> that's right. he will. he's back in studio with more with us. neil, how are you? >> i am here in the channel 13 stud "morning blend." it's great being here on your birthday. 362 times. >> you've almost been here every day. >> we are approaching. >> my goodness. let's talk about when you walk into nevada coin mart, you walk into any of these other stores -- >> that's not like you. >> next time i come, i'm gonna drag her in.
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establishment. >> and you walk into all these other ones, they got the glass boxes. they take your jewelry, they go into your jewelry and scratch this jewelry. you have the technology available that makes everything super transparent and quick and easy. >> i always like to say the other places are the places that have the white walls on their thing because they could care less about you. the only thing they care about is taking your stuff, turning it into money so they can get rich and buy a car. neil sackmary, nevada coin mart, tremendous community supporter in a lot of ipof, operation fire, heat, the spring valley little league. we had the rabbi on here. many, many things. when you deal with nevada coin mart, you're dealing with somebody who cares about the community. that's number one. number two, you are going to deal with me, neil sackmary, in my safe and secure store with armed security at the front door. remember f somebody doesn't have armed security at the front door, they don't care about you. and when you come into my store,
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and a privacy room right then and there on premises. that gets you -- >> we don't talk about the privacy of the rooms very much. >> right. >> is it so that you give people privacy while they are revealing to you their stuff? >> some people want to be in an absolute private room where the door closes and that's it. some clients don't care. but the important thing is to have all the tools there so somebody can make up their own decision. most they take your stuff and go in the back room. nevada coin mart, nothing ever leaves your sight. you have a question, you need to stop what you're doing right now and call. 702-776-7061. i have people standing by right now for to you call. coins, collectibles, jewelry, costume utilitiry, gold jewelry, silver, collectibles.
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any silver dollars, gold coins, silver coins, any type of coin. u.s. coins, foreign coins. and of course, the jewelry. any type of jewelry, gold, silver, costume, stop what you're doing and bring this stuff into me right now! >> i love this stuff! you know what i just found in your pile of things? a veteran of >> wow. >> we did a big thing last year with the veterans. we partnered with vegas vegas "morning blend" and channel 13. you can see what we did with the veterans. we gave them all gift cards and everything, so they had a great christmas. when you come into nevada coin mart, i buy it all. the only things i don't buy are guns and cars. anything else you have, you need to stop what you're doing. for my men out there, tell your wives or the girlfriends, you
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>> or both. >> right. you and got to cake them up and say you need to come and see this guy right now and bring yourself. for my ladies out there, you need to understand, when you're down sizing, when you're declutterring, there is ohm one place to go and that's neil sackmary. the man with the hypnotic trance on the "morning blend." no matter what people say, there is only one neil sackmary, one nevada coin mart. when you call around, you will see that i pay the most. when you look at me, looking at you. that's what's important when you come in and see me. this is the hypnotic trance that i'm talking to you. >> you're mentioning women a moment ago. so i happen to be one. so i'm curious. >> this is very true. a birthday woman. >> i have a lot of costume jewelry and some of this frankly is plastic. okay?
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it's fun and trendy. but i feel like is this really worth anything? how do you value this? this is stuff. >> you come into my store, which hopefully you will. nevada coin mart buy it is all. i buy this stuff for a minimum of $2 a pound. >> minimum. >> so it has value. i buy costume jewelry based on the piece. miriam, judith ripka. david urman. anything that you have that's name brand, i want it all. >> 20 seconds, glazers. >> greatest supermarket ever. come and see me, get a $200 gift certificate. and don't forget to call or come by, see me. i'm there right now. as soon as i'm done here live, i'm going back and waiting for you so you need to come and see me so i can give you some of my money. >> beautiful. thank you so much. >> you get a big return on what you don't want anymore.
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visit their location on jones just north of flamingo. go in, give neil a hug. get a pen. you can also call them or visit their web site. nevadao
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember. narrator: and joe heck says i have "high hopes we'll see donald trump become president." trump: you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. trump. i love war in a certain way. narrator: and heck? reporter: do you trust him having his finger on the nuclear button? heck: i do. reporter: why do you say that? heck: why wouldn't i? narrator: donald trump and joe heck.
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an easy way to take years off your appearance and get this, it only takes five minutes. if your teeth are yellowing due to coffee, tea, red wine or smoking, you need to pay attention. our next guest says a whiter smile can actually make you look up to 13 years younger. what? consultant scott defalco is here. help us get a whiter smile and not in hours or days. five minutes. >> less than five minutes, shawn. >> that's ridiculous. >> right? it's incredible.
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over two years. it's been blowing up all over the country for two years. called powerswabs. this is a revolutionary product that's clinically proven on average to whiten your teeth two shades in less than five minutes, which is after the first use. i'll do a quick demow here. six shades over seven days. it is changing the way we whiten our teeth. >> the yellow teeth are like the rings inside a tree for humans. we could see oh, man. >> yep. >> i tell people this all the time, i will take an average looking person, put them on a split i'll put white teeth and i'll take jlo, yes, even jlo. on the other side f her teeth are yellow or stained, the attraction factor goes way down. and instinctually, your eye also go to the person with the whiter teeth because it doesn't matter what you look like here. if you smile and your teeth are yellow or stained t kills everything. >> no kidding. we have some video we want to show right here. >> we did a panel and took 100 people and showed them that digitally altered person.
9:19 am
right was up to 13 years young. >> reporter: wow. >> same person, digitally altered. but look at the girl on the right. she looks like she could take on the world. the girl on the left not only looks older, but unhealthy. that's not the perception you want to give off in this day and age. i have a younger wife who likes to remind me of that daily. so trust me, i want the 13 years. >> tell us how this works. >> it is a quick two-step process. the first step is the swab. this, like a q tip on the teeth. it's saturated with formula. rub it for two minutes. what we do is accomplish two things. number one, we actually lift the stains off of our teeth. the other products, the strips and trays will whiten the stains, but don't remove them. >> i notice you're able to still talking. it's not burning your mouth? >> no. that's the trays. people have complaints. they taste bad, time consuming.
9:20 am
ity. i guess that question all the time. that's because they dehydrate your enamel. they suck the moisture out. this not only removes the stains, but hydrates and moisturizes your enamel. that leads to what i feel is the biggest advantage of this product, minimal to no sensitivity. >> which is fantastic. >> huge. >> with the other ones getting rid of the enamel, breaking it down, you can't get it back. >> no, you can't. i liken it to doin laundry. do you do your own laundry? >> i do. >> if you did, if you put your whites in and say you didn't put your detergent in, just put bleach in, what would it do to your whites? >> it would not be a good load. >> it would be dried out, nasty. that's what you're doing to your teeth. that's why you get that pain in your teeth. that's when you do when you use the trays. they don't use the detergent base. this is your pseudo detergent
9:21 am
hydrating the enamel. then after the two minutes, we're going to whiten. >> this is the whitening? >> it's only two minutes. you'll do this. this is like your pseudo bleach and the great thing about this, shawn, this is a much less harsh peroxide, so that also adds to no sensitivity. >> we're taking a look at some results right now. >> that's the shade chart. that's after one use which i'm doing right now. that's over the seven days. six shades whiter. this is a party you are allowed to double dip at. so get in there. get all the solution. >> you don't have to share with other people. >> the great thing about this is that i was blessed with white teeth, but aid problem tooth that was a little offcolor. >> i have the one tooth. it's worse than having all bad. >> it really is. but because of the swab, you can focus on that one area to get it to the same shade of white as the other teeth. so that's it.
9:22 am
that's less than five minutes. results last up to six months. unheards of. >> fantastic. here is the thing. i think people are watching and are like, cool, i look at the color chart. that looks fap fastic. is that what's gonna happen for me? >> yes. >> it's like anything else, if someone is 300 pounds, they're going to see faster results than someone who has to lose five pounds. it works on everyone. another point to bring up, another reason why popular is that it lifts the stains off the caps, crowns and veneers. >> he knows i have six crowns. >> i did not know that. you can attest to this because when you get the procedure done, it looks great. but over time, it starts to get stained. you're told there is nothing they can do about it, unless you want to invest another 7 to $10,000. this will restore it to its original color. it's developed by a dentist.
9:23 am
have veneers, caps, crowns and they use this product because their teeth have gone uneven and they use it to get them back to the original color. >> from having you. >> thanks for having me. >> great smile. >> great smile. >> i owe it all to powerswabs. >> as should you. today there is a special going on for "morning blend" viewers. everyone who calls now will get free shipping, plus a free quick stick with their order. mention the "morning blend" and you'll take advantage of the great buy two, get one free powerswabs, will throw in an extra three quick sticks with that promotion. >> it's free. >> call right now. supplies are limited. the number is 800-941-3760. as well. >> and just a brief reminder. october is breast cancer awareness months. las vegas firefighters local 1285 are doing their part by selling breast cancer awareness shirts. sales benefit susan g. komen, breast cancer foundation.
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right there op your screen. stay with us.
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welcome back, everybody. >> hi. it's known as the strip's biggest tease. fantasy is the luxor is going into its 17th year. the hit show mann continues to grow and change and its latest evolution is this calendar featuring the natural beauties of las vegas. >> absolutely. this is going up in my cubicle whether they like it or not. what a treat. we have the ladies here with us from the cover this morning. welcome sonya and soolin. great having both of you. >> hi. >> go for it. it's my mike. >> i thought it was mine. we're good. 17 years on the strip. yeah. that's a long time.
9:27 am
>> incredible. >> how do you keep the show fresh? why do you think it stayed around for so long? >> i think the show lasted support 17 years and hopefully many more because we are constantly changing numbers. we're always adding new elements to the show. so people love coming back and seeing it every year when they're in town or just they have locals who come all the time. >> brilliant. what's it like for you? >> i love it. i mean, i feel really lucky to be in such a successful show and to be able to keep performing and keep living our dreams every we really feel really lucky to do what we do. >> absolutely. so speaking of growing and changing, and you girls are such a tight group, aren't you? >> we are. yeah. we're a family. >> yeah. like an ensemble. but you had a very famous choreographer, mandy moore, helped you with a couple of the numbers in your show. >> yes. >> tell me about that experience. >> yes. mandy is amazing. she have did a new opening number for us last year and a closing number this year. so we're excited to debut it tomorrow night and we're hopored to work with her.
9:28 am
>> yeah. she's amazing. "dancing with the stars." >> and "so you think you can dance." >> yeah. speaking of tomorrow night, tomorrow night we're celebrating the launch of the calendar over at your theater at the luxor. and also kind of an opening night go i la. tell us about tomorrow night. >> it's going to be an awesome event. we're going to launch our brand-new calendar and show our new number. >> we have a pink carpet we walk every year. it's like our favorite day of the year. >> big event. >> hi. i'm back. >> hi. welcome >> i don't know if my microphone is working. >> it's the new and improved shawn tempesta. >> yes, you can hear me. >> so listen, you got one of these calendars. we were noting aside from the very beautiful women, we're noting the locations. >> awesome. nevada has so many beautiful locations to shoot in. you guys took full advantage n yeah. a lot of people don't realize that nevada has so much beautiful nature. so we shot at the dry lake beds, mount charleston, valley of
9:29 am
>> iconic natural beauty. >> beautiful scenery. >> beautiful. was it hot when you were shooting? >> oh, my god, it was hot. >> when was it? >> it was june. it was 115 degrees. and you can't tell from the photos. but we were dying. >> saying these ladies are hot is an understatement. >> you also took the hard work home for best show girls in las vegas. this is phenomenal. >> thank you. >> how awesome is this? >> yeah. we're honored. >> it is an honorin >> of course, yeah. >> in vegas? >> awesome. >> i would like to get a little bit of an idea of what it feels like to be the pest show girl in las vegas. >> let's do it. >> shawn maybe, too? could we bring shawn into this? >> why not? >> this is her birthday wish. >> we're going to start your feet shoulder width apart. hands on your chest. you're going to rock your hips
9:30 am
and four. so your arms are going to come out on the second one each time. try one more time. you have one and arm. three and four. yeah. there you go. >> you're ready for your fish nets. >> my fish nets? oh, that's a bad scene. >> you ready, again. one more time. and to the right, one, and two. three and four. perfect! >> very good. this is like a peek of it. >> this is a little rock back and forth. >> there you go. it's a little what? >> yes. totally. >> you're far better at this than i am. >> come on. >> i seen new a a tutu. >> all right. one, two.
9:31 am
>> oh, yeah! >> give us another one. >> start with your feet together and do a little circle with your hips. you're going to have your hands right here. you're gonna circle and step, circle and step. >> i not this one. >> stomp, there you go. around, tap, around, tap. >> you know what this one is? >> yeah. >> this one is -- >> yes! >> i know. i always feel kind of cool doing that >> so cool, yeah. >> if you can, we're gonna give you the floor, show us how it's done. >> yeah. >> of course. >> take it away, ladies. >> sure. >> are you ready? >> yes. get the music. birthday treat. >> yeah, exactly. ??
9:32 am
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? >> awesome! watching a mirror. it's amazing. >> it was beautiful! >> thank you. >> congratulations on everything. congratulations on the calendar. phenomenal for having it. thank you so much. >> thank you for >> see them 7 days a week at 10:30 p.m while there, you can purchase
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more ads from joe heck's billionaires. they're complete garbage. crime dropped over 20% while catherine cortez masto was attorney general. that's why it's cortez masto who's been endorsed by law enforcement, not joe heck. and her crackdown on domestic violence and human trafficking earned the praise
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catherine cortez masto's kept nevada safe. i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. a new online tool calculates your individual risk when having surgery.
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hospitals for your particular procedure. here to explain how this tool helps you make an informed decision about where to get your care is dr. archelle georgiou. good morning, doctor. >> good morning. >> this is so interesting. tell us how this new online tool works. >> the health grade's risk i.q. tool let's you calculate when your level of risk is for six common surgical procedures. here is why that's so important. some level of risk. sometimes the risk is easy to address complication. other times that risk can be as serious as death. and it's important for an individual to know what their personal risk is. so by putting in some simple information, your sex, your age, some information about your past medical history, as well as where you live, the tool automatically calculates whether you're low, average or high risk
9:36 am
it also tells you where the closest five star hospitals are. five star meaning highest quality, lowest complication rate, lowest mortality rate that is closest to you. >> this is so interesting. so once you identify your individual risk, it helps inform you on where the best place might be for you to have surgery. >> that's right. and the reason that that's so important is there is multiple, multiple factors that go into whether or not you're low, average or high but most of those risk factors we can't control. can't control our age, unfortunately. sex. there is not a lot that we can do about our past medical history. but you can control where you have your surgery. and it makes a difference because the quality of all hospitals is not equal. feck, if somebody need to do have a hysterectomy, if they go to a five star hospital, their risk of a complication is 60% lower than if they didn't go to a five star hospital. so where you go matters.
9:37 am
you're really helping people be informed. could you give me an example of how it might help somebody here in las vegas choose the right place to have a procedure done? >> sure. let's go back to that hysterectomy example. in the las vegas area, hysterectomies are done at virtually every hospital. only very few people would have to drive greater than five miles to get to any hospital performing a hysterectomy. but 72% of people would have to drive more than five miles to get to a five star hospital for hysterectomy. hospitals like sunrise hospital or valley hospital. and so the statics are very -- statistics are similar for total hip replacement, coronary artery bypass surgery, bariatric surgery. the point being that the best hospital may not be the one that is closest to you. so if you know your individual risk, you can make an informed decision about whether or not you're gonna stay close and take
9:38 am
drive a little bit farther and go to a hospital that's gonna give you a better chance for a good outcome. >> i got you. i really appreciate this. i think you're empowering people to participate in their own care and have some control over the quality of their care. how can people take advantage of this new tool? >> all of this information is on and the healthgrades risk i.q. tool is on the home page. >> excellent. thank you. and tell me what examples you have seen w assisted people in connecting with top doctors and hospitals for their procedure. >> i'll give you a very personal example. my own mother-in-law was having open heart surgery and she had a great doctor, a great surgeon who recommended that we go to the closest hospital to our home. she was staying with us at the time. but we chose to have her go -- we use the same surgeon, but go to a slightly farther away hospital to get her surgery
9:39 am
statistics. so we were really happy we made that decision. >> this is great. this is such a great use of technology, isn't it? >> well, it is. and i think it's important that people really have a voice in their healthcare and know that they have choices. >> doctor, thank you so much. it's been very interesting to find out about this. >> thank you so much. >> yes. to find out more about healthgrades and what it can do for you, call the number or head to the web site on your screen. thank you so much. get the best care for your pets at prices and convenient to you. i do it. you should, too. here with more from saint rose animal urgent care is owner dr. johnathan snead. also with us, valle verde animal hospital is dr. joe owens iii of saint rose animal urgents care. how are you? >> good. there is a bunch of stuff there. >> yeah. you're affiliated situations. >> sort of. but like one is open during the day, one open at night. >> exactly. >> it's like nickelodeon and nick at night. here is the deal, when we're
9:40 am
doctors out there. we obviously don't want the one star dump. same goes for our pet. we don't want the one star and you two are excellent, well-regarded doctors in las vegas for our furry friends. >> yes, sir. >> and you're giving back as well. >> yes, sir. >> talk about how you're doing that. >> well, one, i just want to say thank you to everybody for the dental specials and the actual giving back for the school supplies. man, that was just great. we actually touched our hearts. we went up to lois and craig elementary and gave back to the classes there and i mean, just the look on everybody's faces were amazing. so it was really, really good. so now we're going to start a canned food drive. so nonperishable items for spayed and newters. help support us and bring out your nonperishable food items. >> this is what makes i think a great business in a community. you guys obviously do good work, but it's what you give back to the community that really leads
9:41 am
>> correct. >> let's talk about what each of your practices in southern nevada. you have valle verde animal hospital. your tip carr hours. >> yes, 7:00 a.m. to 5 p.m monday through friday. 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on saturday. >> okay. >> closed on sunday. but like i said, that's one of the basic boutique animal groups. that means you come in, you see one doctor each time. >> it's not like thee time, it's like i wonder who we'll get this time? >> no, we won't put you on a conveyor belt. you're getting quality with the doctor and the staff. we'll make you feel like you're at home. and then let's say it's a little later at night. sometimes you need urgent care for somebody that might go to valle verde needs urgent care or somebody who can't get to valle verde. saint rose animal urgents care is the perfect place to go.
9:42 am
4:00 p.m. to 2 in the morning is our traditional hours. become our natural hours. so usually we share cases very often between myself and dr. snead. we share records. it's not a big guessing game or what was done and what's the next step. everyone is confidentable. we transfer cases right back to the day practice. everyone is on the same page, i love it. they love it. >> a lot of people end up like i did, dragging their heels when it comes to stuff like dental cleanings 'cause that can take mayb day. not everybody can take a few hours off of work to pull that off. >> very busy man, shawn. >> you know, i am. i work 7 to 7. but then i'm able to go to saint rose, drop pesky off. get the teeth done, go get some dinner with my wife and come back, pesky is all drugged up. what happens if we wait too long to get these teeth done? >> those problems. i saw one of my colleagues post something on facebook about a tooth and the x-ray in the
9:43 am
aspirated the tooth. get that dental. all of a sudden they come in probably with coughing issues, take a picture. the tooth is just in the trachea. >> no! >> yes. i bet that dental is worth it now. >> exactly. >> but it's painful, too. get them done. i can only imagine from my teeth when i have an issue and they have a whole set of teeth that are just painful. >> absolutely. you got to get something done. you have no excuse when it comes to the schedule. no excuse when i price because you're killing it right now. >> yes, sir. we try. saint rose animal urgent care, download the app, my pets vet. you go to download that and please, it is october. it is halloween. we love to get those pictures. they're so cute. and then we'll give you a 125 dental special. can't get any lower than that. >> 125? >> 125. just in october. >> okay. >> it's like a third of what other places charge.
9:44 am
game because that's the hardest part is coming in and making the date and then we'll work on the teeth as we see fit. but that gets you in the ballpark. >> that's phenomenal. what about at valle verde? >> we're trying to use the actual spay and newter promotions they're doing now. we have dental specials. you can go on our web site and check those out. right now we're really trying to focus on spaying and newtering because we're starting to see a loft problems from dogs that aren't getting spayed or neutered. >> beyond just the obviously controlling the pet population. >> exactly. it's not even about that it's about the prostate cancer. it's about the ma'amary cancer. the infection thing in your uterus. other things going on. you want to catch these things before they become that problem. and so you don't want to wait until the bill goes up. you want to get it now. >> really quickly. you do accept care credit. >> that's correct. >> you can put it on care credit. >> interest is free, 3 to six months. you don't have to worry about it. take that burden off your back. get that medicine done.
9:45 am
you. >> -- great having you. >> happy birthday, j.j. >> they're located in henderson on valle verde drive. if you want to find out more about their special, call the numbered or visit the web site on your screen. also remember to visit saint rose animal urgents care on saint rose parkway on your screen as well. restrictions apply. so for full details, there is your information right there on your screen. put this in your iphone. the number, the web site, both there on your screen if your let's like hey, dude, i need help. they're only closed, if i math, five hours a day between the two of them. wow. do you know someone who truly makes a difference in the community? you can recognize it with our give back aware. head to one lucky person will receive $500 for the from work they do.
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you spend a lot of time opening doors for these little guys. but congressman heck opens them for these guys -- special interests and the billionaire koch brothers. and heck supports their agenda -- special tax breaks even for corporations shipping jobs overseas. worse, heck pays for them by cutting education and raising taxes on us. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible
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yes, welcome back to the "morning blend." halloween, a spooky time of year. our neighborhoods will soon be filled with all kinds of scary creatures. your children. but let's keep those creepy crawlers at our front door and not invite them onto our floor. brad mckee here to rid your floors of any ghosts, goblins or m and ms, what's going on? >> doing good. >> we'll explain the story behind the carpet in just a second. this is the time of year you're walking up to the door with a big bucket of candy. m and m's will fall, snuckers and butterfingers will crumble. >> crumble there. all the graham crackers. >> you'll be waking up at 1:00 a.m. eating your kids' candy and spilling it all over the carpet. >> we're here to fix that. i know there is dirty carpets out there. the i know there is stains on
9:49 am
>> absolutely. it's just not carpets that filthy. it can be really anything. >> honestly, it's every living surface in your home. as we go into houses, you can see like you'll have traffic coming out of the kitchen and you look at the tile, it's filthy. you're tracking off the residue onto the carpet, which leads to these ugly looking traffic ways. and as you can see there, like that's soap residue on a tile. not just dirt, but it's like soap scum. >> soap is supposed to h >> that's what we think. >> yeah. we put it on ourselves every day. >> we're like oh, more soap, the better. but we also rinse it off of ourselves. >> exactly. it's hard to rinse it out of the carpet. >> no! [ laughter ] >> we're tagging it a little bit. >> oh, no! wow! that's hilarious. is that real life? >> that's real life. [ laughter ] >> incredible. >> when you're ready to get clean and like feel good, we're
9:50 am
my goodness. this is great. so we have t carpet here. let's talk about this. it's dirty and filthy to begin with. >> we keep it in our shop. >> what did you do to this carpet before you brought it in? >> you have neil from nevada coin mart. >> he was here earlier. >> i was talking to him in the parking lot. so we had him run over it. he helped us out a little bit. >> if you look outside, it's miserable, there is a bunch of rain and stuff. you just decided hey, we'll mess it up more. these two are insane. >> i'm telling you, the hardest challenge and make it look good. >> of course. you can see that. >> that's true. >> justin will make it look good. >> let's pin this carpet down on either side. we're gonna have justin go out. you don't use soaps or any of that? >> we don't use soaps or harsh chemicals, detergents. we use empowered water. we take water, fast through analog electrolysis. it electro lieses it.
9:51 am
can we lift this so we can see it at home? look at that. right there. we'll keep it still. look at the difference on the white. that looks gray as can be. >> not only that, but you can, like when this is clean, you can feel the difference. it feels soft and fluffy. not sticky and crunchy. >> bet can back to work! >> we're not using all that soap and all that gunk we put in your carpet. >> and it comes right out. that is a dirty carpet. >> seriously. the water cuts through grease and grime better than soap does. >> it's unbelievable. so this is just one example. you do not just the carpets like the cheap stuff, the berber, but high end. >> high end, wool, oriental rugs. just the normal throw rugs. everything that gets dirty, there is a process to clean it. we're going to clean it without leaving any residue behind so it stays cleaner longer. >> i know how it would be in my
9:52 am
my wife would say let's just throw it out. i want to get a new one. why? >> it's cheaper to clean. >> and easy to clean when you have zerorez. >> it's like the spa treatment. it's relaxing. >> it is very relaxing. >> wow. it's great. he also does massages. full service spa situation. if we want the october special, what do we do? >> call now. go online. it's a great deal. eighty-nine dollars. you get up to three rooms clean. >> what? >> eighty-nine dollars. >> up to three rooms cleaned. >> wow. >> and that's pretreated, cleaned and sanitized. plus we have a special free gift for you as well. it's a little early christmas present. there is some minimums that apply. if there is pet stains, we have spot cleaners. it's a little extra. but great deal. you want to get on this right now. >> that was very impressive. proud of you. he doesn't say a word. >> do you have anything to say?
9:53 am
>> there it is. that's great. thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> look at that. my goodness. from filthy to clean. that could be your house. you don't want people coming thinking man, that person is a slob. no. clean your life off. call the number on your screen. take advantage of this exclusive offer for the "morning blend." three rooms of carpet for only $89, plus a special gift. call for more information about zerorez. go to their web site. call the number you can spell it forward or backward. zerorez. they even have a gonna love it guarantee. i know you will because my house looks awesome because of them. remember you can see past segments, facebook, recipes. stay with us.
9:56 am
now it's time for our tip of the day. avoiding certain liquids before bedtime will help limit uninterrupted sleep. it's important to pay attention to the liquids you consume before bedtime. not only to watch your drinking, but when you are drink. >> or else what you are drinking will end up on your bed. limit how much you drink and avoid the trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. try to avoid alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and sugars. the stimulants will take hours to wear off in your system. it will be tough to get to sleep. for more information on better sleep, visit they have locations all around las vegas and on facebook. sleep tip of the day sponsored by best mattress. i remember i wentz on lake mead
9:57 am
i had a lake mead dream and i woke up in lake mead. >> are you serious? >> oh, boy, yeah. stay away from water. last three hours -- just no water. >> you just revealed this. >> i don't care. >> yeah. >> wow. that's amazing. >> it is. >> during that i was think being how late i can have caffeine in the day and still go to sleep. >> really? >> yeah. i can have caffeine in the afternoon. some people can't. they have to cut it >> not really. it depends. some days i get affected more than others. today on the view, filled with hot topics. plus, view your deal with the hottest items at affordable prices. that's today at 10 right after us. and tuesday on the "morning blend," from the police department, to 24 hour fitness. see who is hiring. >> that's good. metro? >> i like it. we've got the 411 on a free
9:58 am
espresso, i think it's 'cause he's italian, even at 9:00 p.m. and go to sleep. >> wow. >> just saying. >> everyone is different. >> you see j.j. around town,
9:59 am
more ads from joe heck's billionaires. they're complete garbage. crime dropped over 20% while catherine cortez masto was attorney general. that's why it's cortez masto who's been endorsed by law enforcement, not joe heck. and her crackdown on domestic violence and human trafficking earned the praise of governor sandoval. don't believe joe heck's trash. catherine cortez masto's kept nevada safe. i'm catherine cortez masto
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