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tv   Morning Blend  ABC  November 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>>. >> it is friday. we are taking a live look at the marage. the holiday show starts on the 28th. it has and bing crosby. >> really? >> i want to play bing crosby all of time. >> some radio stations go to all christmas now. >> there's a line. >> slowly. >> we are recovering from halloween. >> give me the turkey and then
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and then the bing crosby. >> it is okay for one month a year. >> i agree with you. i can't wait to talk holiday music. >> hello, welcome in, it is friday. >> good morning, everybody. >> all right. >> we made it through a great week. and big weekend ahead. big week next week. >> that little thing? [laughter.] >> >> i know. i know. it is hard. we have almost made it through. >> it is almost over. >> wednesday is going to be a great day. >> the cubs, the cubs. >> can we get a live shot of that. >> daylight saving time ends the weekend. don't forget. >> there's the cubs! showing up!
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their winter coats. >> well, it is cold in chicago. >> you think? >> there's a sea of people out there. >> look at the happy things. look, there's theo. oh, with his son. >> and hit by a train. i don't know what you call it. >> no matter how much you try or prepare ahead, it seems that some people hit time. if you have something you have to do, people show up right when it is over. it is hard to adjust. >> it is the -- because, this is -- okay, i have been on the planet for 32 years, i have had the time change on me 64 times. i still don't get what the heck we are doing. >> let's talk about the history little bit. >> we looked it up, folks.
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rex won the world series. >> it was called fast time. wilson signed it into for war effort during world war i. >> because you had more daylight hours using less power to conserve the energy for the war. >> canada was starting the, and germany was starting the. it goes into >> 1942. and it has been proven illustrate doesn't it -- it doesn't save a lot of energy. >> that's interesting. >> when you lose the hour, there's more heart attacks and more at-work injuries. their rhythm is all screwed up. and they are grumpy or stressed.
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the sun should be out at 6 a.m., and the sun should set at 7. can we make that happen? >> we are about to get one more hour of sleep. which i will take. but it is going to get dark earlier. here we go. >> it is about to get dark later. and then you go forward one hour and then the sun is going to be out. >> it is confusing. >> i get hun everyday no matter of daylight saving time. we want to hear from you. should we throw it on a bonfire. >> i'm jealous -- they have made a stand about that. >> go on vegas morning >> and a beautiful landscape. we are in the middle of the, you can have the.
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dollar fall clearance sale. >> and how to rake in the saving, horticulture advisory. >> it is a big one. it is a big fall sale with lots and lots of materials with great prices. and the planting is appropriate for our fall season. >> what plant is the best to plant in the fall. >> the best ones for fall planting is any that lose their leaves in the winter. like apple and peach. these are about the lose their leaves. >> you can grow apples in vegas? >> absolutely. >> really?
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fall and winter, because they have no leaves and the cold doesn't hurt them in the winter. and they will grow their roots all fall and winter long to get established before next summer's heat. >> you are going to see the leaves fall and wondering if it is alive. it is growing. >> it is growing below ground. because our ground doesn't freeze. the the plant will survive very, very well. >> do you always water it a lot when you plant it? >> you want to water more often because it has a confined root space that needs to be kept moist until the roots start spreading out. you want to water it deeper with more water, and less frequently. you want to keep the water
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ground longer, and spread out. there's one in front. these suckers grow out. >> oh. >> at the end of the season we get brown and wilted. you cut them off? >> yes, you do. cut them as far as you can into the bush. those are a great plant. they are red yucka. >> i'm new and the succulents, they will do okay in the winter here? >> some of them. some of them don't. you have to be very specific on succulents. if they are native to other deserts and warmer climates, they can suffer some cold damage.
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>> some of the agaves can freeze. you need to protect them. be careful which ones you pick. most of our signs will tell you whether or not they need protection in the winter. >> most of the cactuses can suffer damage. >> and they will suffer damage on the new growth. >> there's such an art to keeping. >> care of your garden. >> there is. and we have harsh environment. >> our soil is lacking in organic matter. you need organic matter,
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prushth that need product that needs to be in soil. the moisture and the nutrients sick to those particles and that's how the roots draw the moisture and nutrients from. if you have desert sand or clay, the plants can't get much nutrient value or moisture from you have to mix it with the plant. >> that's why it is important to buy from star nursery, you focus on growing them right. >> we don't want to sell them to our consumers and not have them be successful. >> i love these. if you are type-a.
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>> you can really trim them and create stuff. >> it is great. it is great to do these with, small miniature, or shapes. >> i want to get the special offer. >> we have a flyer that got mailed out. and on that, there's a coupon. if you bring into our stores from new through the 16th, you can get a free bag of our dr. q's purchase. >> that's awesome. >> that will give you a good start. house plants. hanging house plants, 3.99. >> pansys. >> and you can never have enough potting soil around. >> create your own dream garden
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dollar fall clearance sale. and look for with all of the shenanigans danny tarkanian's pulled in nevada -- helping set up fake charities used to scam nevada seniors, failing to pay thousands in property taxes, losing $17 million in a failed development scheme, then sticking taxpayers with the bill -- imagine the shenanigans tarkanian would pull in washington.
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. >> many of us has seen the before and afters on social media of people getting rid of eye bags in minutes. we have a ges it. if you have ponder injections or surgery, you may want to think again. the remarkable product called plexaderm reduces the signs of aging. if you have crows feet or under eye bag. >> lifestyle consultant scott is here to tell us about the amazing technology, it will change how you see yourself.
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this is incredible. it is taking the country by storm. tell me all about it. >> i want to introduce you to richie. this is richie bags. you can see why. he has issues under the eyes. he is rubbing the plexaderm under his eye. the is a product that for under eye bags and works on your crows feet, and wrinkles. >> i was in the this. >> gravity sucks. that's what we are dealing with. i want to talk about call --
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that's why we get the bags and the wrinkles and everything else on our face and people will get the injections for that. now they don't have to do that. we talked before, we hate needles and it can be expensive. it is topical, it works in less than five minutes and it completely takes it away. it is incredible. >> this is amazing. >> let's go back to richie. we are doing real this is not changed. i was in the room for this. after 2 minutes, it is starting to go away. it is about half reduced. >> you are kidding me. >> some people it takes 3 minutes, 4 minutes, no longer than 10 minutes for it to work. it is really incredible. >> oh my gosh. >> you can see it on the right eye already. >> for people who want to know about it.
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the country. this is where it is derived from this. that goes into the formula. what happens when you rub it on your skin, forehead lines and laugh lines too, what is going on is the molecules in the formula, once they are on your skin, we weave together, and make it tight. and smooth it happens within minutes. >> whatever it is, it is working. >> we have before and after clips. tell us about this. >> this is before they use the product and after. each person is different. that one is after 10 minutes. it is going to take no locker than 10 minutes. you -- no longer than 10
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makeup. it is hard to cover these things up. as a woman, women wear it all of the time. covering it up with makeup makes it worse. >> it does. it adds more layers and makes the creases look bigger. >> it works on -- you want to put this on a clean dry face. put this on, wait 10 minutes and then you use a moisturizer and put on your makeup. >> we had a photo up of a guy. he had a great transition. >> it is amazing. >> it is incredible. and people have this issue. there it is. >> wow. >> it is completely gone. another thing i want to mention, this is something you can purchase when you call for plexaderm. the reason why we want you to
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that counteracts the plexaderm. clean, dry, face, wait 10 minutes after you apply the plexaderm. it lasts all day. >> that was my next question. >> some say 2-3 hours. by the time you get to work it is gone. >> 6-8 hours, it is going to change your life. >> it is amazing results. >> let'so >> let's go back to relinquish e. >> it is completely gone. 80 percent gone. it is funny when we asked him to do this. he was excited. really? >> we have this new product and you would be a good candidate for it. he wasn't happy and then he
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for him. >> he was so happy with the results. he looked in the miles an hour. >> we have an acting background. it is all about the eyes. what a way to take years off of your face. not to look tired and fresh. you can gain from this, from the 5-10 minutes, you can gain 10-15 years. because the elastic in your skin, this is the way to counteract it. there are no needles involved. it does well for ordinary people. >> yes, i mean -- >> everyone can use this. >> when you see richie. >> bring richie back. >> it is gone. >> it is gone. wow. yeah. here we go. you talk about looking good,
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there's a groopie and a rock star. >> it is incredible. he did smile. i swear. and he was amazed at the results. >> the small details make such a difference. >> you have a special. >> 40 percent off, buy two get one free, call the 1-800 number. 949-9793. tell show with this rock star in las vegas. tell them you saw me on the morning blend and buy two get one free. you can't beat it. >> thank you very much. you saw great results this morning, oh my gosh. for more information about plexaderm, go to
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the coats for kids drive. and our smoothie cafe and our sponsors. >> just in time for cold weather. >> ann is the tropical smoothie cafe owner, and rory spence is the district manager. and the homeless coordinator from the salvation army.
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collected. >> just over 800 coats. >> it is a huge need, year in and year out. the need never stops. >> it is year around. this is so helpful to us. the tropical smoothie cafe, channel 13 working with us to help those into need. >> shawn, you were doing a live satellite from tropical smoothie cafe. >> it was tough. i got a lot of free food. >> i'm so sorry, buddy. >> the drive, though, it brought in a lot of people and coats. how do we determine who gets them? >> families come to us and say they are in need. families have signed up for tomorrow. >> speaking of that distribution tomorrow, what it is going to be like? how do you distribute them? >> well, the people come in, they actually start up at 6 in
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and we start at 8 o'clock. they will start at 6 o'clock to make sure the kids get something, ps with the weather changes. >> you actually get to shop. not like here's your style, goodbye. >> it is ages, it is by ages and the parents get to go shopping. >> it is very important for tropical smoothie cafe to link up to the community. >> w >> tell us how many locations do you have? how many boxes were set up? >> every location. >> we have over 30 locations over the valley, and one in -- and we did a lot of collections. >> did someone pick up the -- [laughter.] that's a long trip. >> i heard the salvation army picks them up. >> we stage is environment. when i first moved here,
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astonish and hit a tropical smoothie cafe in this town. you are present. we have never are rory on the show. >> hello. >> hello. he is our favorite rory. >> tell us about how long you have been working for tropical smoothie cafe and what you brought in today. >> i started out 8 years ago. i have been with them for a very long time. it is a great job. it is a great company to work for. i love it. and what we have the chicken apple club flat bread. >> what now? chicken apple club flat bread, and it has the kale and all kinds of stuff. >> you can eat that. >> you eat it. >> i am. >> i was. >> i eat like a pig. >> [laughter.]
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she is my official taster. you know how kings have tasters. you know. >> there are people that are after me. [laughter.] >> joker. whatever it may be. >> yes. does it have celery i? >> no, but kale. >> what is crunchy? >> apple. >> it is the apple. i love the combination. >> it is a good bite of chicken. i >> we have the blue smoothy. and we are the blue truffle. and dark chocolate is in there. >> i never knew you pronounce acai like that. kwl it is a better. it is rich in antioxidants. it is very, very good.
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stop in to a tropical smoothie cafe. >> how can they help you out? >> salvation or call us. >> thanks. >> good luck for tomorrow. >> thank you. >> good stuff. >> head to tropical smoothie for more information on the location close to you. and visit their facebook page. and say hi to anne, or find them on social media.
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the holiday shopping season is kicking into the high gear, and tech is at the top of the lists and it is mine. mario is here to tell us about
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>> what is up, buddy. >> good to see you. it is the first look at the holiday, already, people. i'm trying to get you in advance of stress free zone. i have partnered with great brands and things that i love. >> let's go down the list. >> a lot of unique gift ideas there. >> mono price, and a retailer, can get, this is the lowest, 3d mini printer. it is mpselect. it ships and it is put together. it is ready to go. kids can open it up, and within 20 minutes or so kids can print their design.
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they are learning stem fundamentals as well. that's a great, great gift idea. >> a great stocker stuffer is an amazon tv stick, with voice remote. you can access more than 7000 channels, and apps and more. use your voice, say hey, play this song, order a pizza, if you want to i want to see my favorite tv show. you can search and control all of t revote. you plug it in and connect to your wifi and you are all set and good to go. >> man. mono price, whenever you people are spending 60 dollars on a 60 foot hd mi, and nerds are getting it for 7 bucks.
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here's another good thing. i see this when i'm traveling on planes and trains, people getting keyboards for their ipads. this is the ipad accessory for the holidays. it is called the bridge, 9.7. it is spelled with a y. it has a patented hinged system. it is secure. you feel like it is a laptop. like the keyboard is amazing. three month rechargeable battery, back-lit keys, multiple viewing angles and aluminum, this is the best ipad i have seen. it is at best buy. go to best buy and pick that one up. >> if you want a wifi camera, and you want to check in on the
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parents. you can see up to 50 percent with the 180 degree lens. big for big spaces, and quality. you can check in from any mobile device. you can record stuff, and alerts when motion or sounds. it is a great wyoming camera for your household. >> this is a great way to do shopping, and secure way when you are doing shopping. >> brand you can use your voice to shop. you can ask for deals. say i need more of this item. and to protect the home, you want to protect it from malware and other threats with this router. it is software. it is always updated against the latest threats.
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killer apps dot tv. >> i covered something for everybody on this. >> i love it. i thought that was a laptop. >> you get it. >> i do. >> with the one hundred percent aluminum. that's why it looks that way. >> you are so good. >> thank you very much. >> see you soon. >> if you want to catch everything, go back to killer apps dot tv. they have all of the products there. and you can find stories and why it makes the valley a positively it makes the valley a positively great place to ask yourself: if joe heck was on your side, why did he threaten to shut down the government on his crusade to defund planned parenthood? side with the wall street banks when he called nevada's foreclosure crisis a "blip"? and why did joe heck put payday lenders and their shameful interest rates first when he took their money?
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fore the corporate special interests. it's time to vote no on joe heck. senate majority pac is responsible
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>> that's awesome. >> the composers are coming together for one night only. >> and special guest voil is here. donato cabrera, and tobias feldmann is here. >> let's talk about the las vegas philharmonic. >> it is going to be really special. >> we are in the 1h here in las vegas. it is the only orchestra in southern nevada. we are having a concert that celebrates with germany, that -- and tobias feldmann is our guest artists and the first for the exchange artist. >> did we send someone to them?
9:39 am
soloist there. >> that's great. >> is this your first time in vegas? >> yes, indeed. i was in salt lake city. and it was my first time in the u.s. and it is a dream come true. >> we don't have a german-themed casino. >> not yet. >> were you staying in paris. the lights are on. that's good. >> tell us about your experience, first of all, playing. how long have you been doing this? >> i started and before i started to play piano, and i switched over to strings and violin. >> it is easier to travel with. >> i have to put this massive 84 keys. it doesn't check well on a plane. >> when you had the opportunity to play with the las vegas philharmonic, how do you do
9:40 am
play here. and it is a dream come true, and all of the artists have performed in this city. and i was surprised, i didn't know that there was classic music and so much quality here and in arts. it is all about the casinos. and yesterday, i was in the school and academy of music, and it was great to see how great the people and kids are doing here playing the violin. this is very exciting for me, apart it. >> this is wonderful. a lot of people outside of las vegas, we assume that. and people as close as la. let's call it what it is. to show people this amazing place. this center, and philharmonic. it is quite a treat, isn't it? >> it is. you bring that together with the
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composers. and mozarts symphony that he wrote at 8. >> did you have a symphony at 8? >> no, i didn't. [laughter.] >> we'll find that with hydens symphony. and then we'll go with tobias feldmann and his violin. tackling masters. >> how do we get tickets? >> call the smith center box office or go to our website. >> can you play something for us? >> sure, yes. >> what are you playing? >> just a little piece of spanish piece. it is actually played with a guitar. but a famous violinis played.
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>> wonderful. that was great. welcome to our town. >> thank you very much. >> i want to make sure that people know as well, military, they get in, great discount. >> military and student discounts available for every concert. and certainly this weekend we welcome everyone out. >> this is why i love the philharmonic. it is a great thing. you get the kids involved. >> welcome to town. >> join the las vegas philharmonic, tomorrow night at the smith with the classics. tobias feldmann is the guest. you can purchase at the box office or online. >> summer may be a distance memory, that doesn't mean your fresh produce needs to be. >> we have tips how to navigate the fall farmer's market and pick out the best seasonal vegetables for your fall
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>> thank you very much. >> i love a good farmers market. there's nothing like fresh produce. tell us about the vegetables you are using now. >> i agree. there's so much great produce at the market and i have partnered with purely -- and how to navigate the market. some of the things i love is apples and and swaush that are coming in. squash. >> i will give you a few quick tips how to preserve them all season long. i love real ingredients. >> that's why i love this. it is made from real tea leaves, never powder or concentrate.
9:45 am
it is a great way to preserve your vegetables all season long. i have a cup of pure leaf sweet tea, and apple cider vinegar. pepper corn, salt. i'm using radishes. cover it and put it in your refrigerator for 2 hours or overnight. and whisk it and perfected pickled perfect for salads. it is a great base for a vinegar dressing. >> i will try that with my carrots. >> you want to go to pure you can get this recipe, and a bunch of inspiration. thank you very much. >> it is a great tip. if you would like gail's tips,
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again on vegas morning >> do you know someone who truly makes a difference in your community go to our website, click on the give back, and fill out the form. one lucky person will receive 500 dollars from america first credit union. credit union. they are a proud sponsor over 20,000 nevadans rely on planned parenthood for access to basic health services but congressman heck voted to defund planned parenthood and was willing to shut down the government over it. heck opposed roe v. wade and voted to criminalize abortion. congressman heck is what's wrong with washington.
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and some women are facing overactive bladder. >> the doctors are here, they are empowering women to not
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good morning. >> good morning. >> oa b. overactive bladder. what is this? >> overactive bladder where the bladder is coming spastic. and all of the trips to the restroom. when urine leaks out your desire. women then say i have to seek medical attention and i don't know what is going on with my body. >> let's talk about family circle and the initiative. >> yeah. so, it goes back to what the doctor was talking about. this is a condition that can be embarrassing, holding you back from doing things in life that you want to do. we want to educate people out
9:50 am
who have overactive bladder. maybe they have work-arounds and think that's the best they can do. we want to educate people, and empower them, so that they know they can make an appointment, maybe a specialist, and get an accurate diagnose. and talk about the treatments that are available to them. >> absolutely. people get a diabetes, they are prescribed stuff that doesn't what do people do then? >> i think that's the case, getting to a specialist, and a specialist that can make the accurate diagnose, and don't settle. just because a medication doesn't work, there are other options that are available. some offer botox for the
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>> botox is going to more than just a facial region. >> botox was approved in 2013 for the bladder area. specialists have been getting good with it, and decreasing in urgency, and up to 31 percent of patients have stopped leaking urine. >> for women are not on an island. they are not the only ones. this is a fairly common problem. >> absolutely. it is extremely common. 33 million americans have overactive bladder. there's something you can do about it. >> sometimes it is to hard for us to put ourselves first, family, work, and community, and
9:52 am
we deprioritize yourself. we want women to prioritize them, and make the appointment, and get the diagnose, and pursue treatment. for more information, where do we go? >> botox for oa you can find a specialist by plugging in your zip code. and you can download a journal to keep track of your and you can go over the journal with your doctors. and talking points, and ways to get the conversation going. it can be awkward, and embarrassing. we are trying to ease that. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> to find out more, go to botox for oa if you want to get a link to
9:53 am >> and 14th annual wine experience returns saturday, november 12, 4-8. the precedes go to lee's helping hands, a nonprofit group. go to website on your screen for tickets. >> right now, caller 13 will win a pair. this is so exciting, 702-876-1301. >> say high to our intern. >> you win the tickets, caller 13. >> remember to check out vegas morning morning >> you will find past segments, i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada.
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joe heck's voted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients, joe heck makes no sense.
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fake charities that preyed on vulnerable seniors... fronts for telemarketing schemes. seniors lost millions from the scams danny tarkanian helped set up. jacky rosen has always led with integrity. in congress, jacky rosen will protect seniors and strengthen social security. and jacky rosen will always be responsible with your tax dollars. jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen
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if you are a johnny cash fan, you have probably heard of shawn barker. he grew up listening to him. he performed at south point. >> the scarlett -- is a story of an aris performance is based on the funny musical. check our lists for show dates and times. >> maybe you recognize this guy. he is screech on saved by the bell. he will be kicking off comedy on november 10. if you want to see the full list
9:57 am >> brought to you by south point. for more information, go to south point and today on the view, fox news sunday chris wallace is going to break down the hot topics at the poll. he did a good job at the presidential debate. he had to smack them a few times. >> he did good. >> we have the lee's discount liquor this is yesterday's winner. this is phillip. he is a watcher of the blend. >> hi, phil. >> i went out in the lobby. he is a retired airlines pilot. >> it is cool. >> if you win and ask for shawn and i in the lobby. we would love to meet you. >> you can have a lot of fun. you are not a pilot anymore. have fun! . [laughter.] >> i'm sorry.
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>> zach is talking to me. >> coming up monday on the morning blend, enter the world of pandora. cirque de soleil, first flight. they sent me headphones.
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? let's go ? >> announcer: our week of "hot topics" is firing up your friday. melania takes the mike. did calling out cyberbullies in her speech expose her husband's weak spot? and did she plagiarize some of it? plus, megyn kelly speaks out. new bombshell sexual harassment allegations against former boss roger ailes. why she waited to come forward. then it's down to the wire with just days until the election. and fox news anchor chris wallace breaks down the hottest topics that will matter at the polls. let's get this party started with joy, candace cameron bure, paula faris, sara haines, and jedediah bila. now, let's get things started.


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