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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 6, 2016 1:05am-1:36am PDT

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>> oh! >> dude. >> he's back on his feet, but he's out of the ring. [ bleep ]. >> in the end, that bull stomped down on his head, busted his jaw in two places, gave him a concussion, and fractured his arm. >> i'm good. >> vitale. >> this is for a good cause. i get it. but it's dangerous. >> he's a man of his word. he does like challenges. even though he failed this one, he says -- >> i'm still donating $2,000 to breast cancer awareness. >> cool. we wish him a speedy recovery. >> hopefully he doesn't need that money for his hospital bills. what do you think couples argue most about in the car? >> directions, yeah. >> directions, it is. you see this car?
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the emergency lane? a police officer sees it, walks up on the car, taps the window, tells the people inside, let the window down. they don't do it. so he opens the door and finds this. >> are you kidding? >> the couple is sitting back-to-back, not engaging. they're giving each other the silent treatment. >> on the side of the road on a freeway. >> apparently the wife wanted to go visit her family. they couldn't get on the same page as to which way they should go. so they just called it off completely. the husband pulled over, and they just sat there. now, here's where it gets good. the police officer is questioning them, and they won't even talk to him. the officer finally had enough and put the husband in the back seat and drove the pair to the police station. >> i am mystimystified. >> yes. you have officially seen it all. >> i think it's time for a split. i think after this point, you
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>> they're going to need it for the fine the husband received, and he was also docked points on his driver's license. after a while, they decided to talk to each other and were allowed to go home. >> six points on his license? she's going to be doing a lot more driving. >> i got an easy way. let siri do the navigating. >> google maps. >> no, siri. >> no, google is way better. >> i might suggest -- >> stop! when you're an elephant and you're endangered, you don't have to worry if you're the smallest one in the herd because somebody is going to come help you. that's the smallest one right there at the elephant nature park in thailand. they are crossing this swiftly flowing river. uh-oh, lost my footing. >> it's like dominoes, they bump into each other and the baby gets pushed around. >> but mama and everybody else comes to the rescue.
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right? >> they all come in and surround the baby like a huddle. >> they work together as a team, really understand danger for the baby. >> look how cute it is. i'm okay. i'm okay. i can keep up now. >> i'm fine. also getting attention, this sweet little cat. this video comes to us from the david sheld rick wildlife trust. they operate in kenya. this video was actually captured in october of last year, but they've just released it online. but when they were called in, you could see all the people in the village overcome with love. they wanted to see her off as she was loaded into this plane. >> that's got to be the most random feeling for a wild animal, to get into a plane. >> it may have been odd, but they said she was completely relaxed. she was sucking on the hands of her handlers, and she would head butt them. >> although this video was
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later, they say she is still small for her age because as soon as they thought she was ready to be fostered, something would happen with her health and they had to keep her. they do believe eventually she'll be able to be returned to the wild and become a mama herself. the cost of a wedding in >> cheap. >> we've seen some hollywood weddings go into the millions. >> except i was speaking of only the dress. >> oh, no, but it's okay because she's going to wear it on numerous -- no, she's not. she's going to wear it once. >> is she a princess of some sort? >> no. she is the daughter of an oil tycoon, though. >> the new royalty. >> mm-hmm.
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>> it's just so over the top. >> i do want a bite out of this cake, though. it does look delicious. >> it's going to taste like cake. >> give me some more numbers. do we know how much the cake cost or how much this entire ridiculous affair cost? >> a lot. >> that's what i thought. >> we don't know the entire cost of the whole wedding, but apparently her bachelorette party was flying all of her spain and spend some quality time. in fact, there is another video of a performance here, very well choreographed. >> and is this part of the wedding? >> i do believe this is a performer, one of the performers at her wedding. ?? >> what do you get these people
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>> you don't need anything. ?? this little puppy does haven't a name yet. >> no name and no home for a pup at a shelter. >> with a nasty break on its leg. >> how the miracle workers at the vet ranch got this little bear back up and running. >> what a little champ. >> and a makeup tutorial. >> he's going to have you looking and tasting delicious. >> tasting? >> when food comes into play. >> o
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if you're searching closed captioning provided by -- strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine. this is the of videos i'm about to show you are what oli
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the first one takes place on a highway in virginia. you see a black car come into frame and moves right into the semi's lane. >> idiot move. what are you doing? oh, no. >> there's nothing he can do. the black car slides over, and it heads toward the exit. meanwhile you hear the semi truck hit the brakes and the brakes are screeching, and he veers off the road. this is the scariest thing that ever happened. >> oh! >> that tru the road. >> the black car. >> don't worry. it looks like they made their exit ramp. moving over to russia, pay attention to this crossover here. the driver changes lanes. it flips over. you see the car sliding on its roof. >> by the looks of it, that one car wanted to bust a u-turn.
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huge pull off to the right-hand side where they could have just turned themselves around slowly. >> all of this could have been avoided. >> when the car comes to a stop, you see the gentleman gets out. he's like really? you see other drivers on the road pulling over. they're running to his aid. no word on the identity of that driver, but i'm happy to report that all of these people came together like the thoughtful people that they are in a loving community, rallied around this guy, and they get him to sit upright again. let's head over to one of our favorite places, the vet ranch. >> a little bear came in with a nasty break on his leg. >> yikes. >> what a little champ. >> what they're going to do is use external hardware. they're going to drill holes through the bone and then secure them outside of his leg. so he's going to have a funky little frankenstein-ish thing
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he's cute. >> he's going to wear that darn cone of shame and wear his leg like that for a few weeks while they allow the bone to repair. but look at him walking around already. now, this is the moment he comes back after having worn this brace for such a long time. and you can see them removing it. >> wow, look at the pin. >> this is the moment that they're cutting it off. he's also grown quite a bit, and now look at him running. >> wow. >> isn't that adorable? his leg's a little it's all right. he needs to grow muscle and take control. but it's not slowing him down one single bit. ?? ladies, you can take your makeup pretty seriously, but this is a makeup tutorial, right, that is going to have you looking and tasting delicious? >> tasting? >> yeah. nick, even you're going to like this makeup tutorial.
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literally are going to take food and use it as makeup. >> oh, like the ladies in prison do. >> first up they're going to start with a bit of moisturizing. what would you usually use for moisturizer, do you think? >> coconut oil. >> no. mayonnaise. >> i'm out. >> to help blend it in, you usually need a beauty in this case, marshmallows. >> see? makes sense. >> yeah. oh, i'm all in for that, especially the flaming hot ones. >> come on. >> exactly. >> when it comes to the lips, this actually works well. pink frosting.
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seconds, though. i'd be like -- >> if you're interested in using food on your face, go to or use our mobile app. they've been in a long distance relationship for quite a while. >> so what i'm going to be doing is i'm going to surprise her by flying out to new york. >> it's time to make this thing happen. >> but see what other surprise he has in store. plus halloween videos keep rolling bottle. >> he even created his own magic carpet. >> why the only thing missing is the magic part. >> oh! and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both
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r looking hair. new selsun blue full & thick. romance is not dead. it's alive and well in this video. >> today i'm going to be doing something i'm so excited about and something that i've been planning to do for a very, very long time. and that is propose to my amazing girlfriend. >> he's been dating his girlfriend for they've been doing a long-distance relationship the whole time. it's time to make this thing happen. now, he's sticking to tradition. he wants to ask her dad, who only speaks russian, for her hand in marriage. so he learns russian, just the words he needed. [ speaking russian ] >> the russian translation is can i have your daughter's hand
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[ laughter ] >> eventually dad says all right, so now it's time to get the proposal started. so he heads to the airport, flies all the way to new york where his girlfriend is with her friends and family celebrating her birthday. so now he's at the restaurant. he walks in and right behind the server. >> surprise! >> she looks back, touches her boyfriend off to the side. everybody is super happy. she's thrilled to have him there. she does not know this isn't over yet. it's not just about the surprise for her birthday. [ screaming ] >> he gets down on one knee. >> oh, yeah. that's a yes. >> yeah, yeah.
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man, you guys have the greatest ideas. >> yeah! darn right we do. >> they never turn out right. >> sometimes they do. >> oh, no, nick! >> do it. >> revving up their engines. >> wait, wait. honestly, i think the ramp is just going to give way and he's going to drive straight into that pool. >> i'll let you watch. >> oh! >> that worked out so much better than i thought. >> he goes right over the ramp and clears the pool, knocks over half the wall, though. here's the problem. now the yard is flooding. >> no. it's green water. they needed to drain it anyway.
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out so well. this was his halloween custom. he's a genie in a bottle. here he is rolling around the office. but there comes a point where you just get too big for your britches. >> oh! >> that just happened. time to dive and go gopro hunting. water, diving, diving, when suddenly --
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this little creation here promises to make the lives of people with mobility issues so much better. this is a split screen that compares a person with mobility issues going up a flight of stairs while on the other side,
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walker. >> oh, that's pretty handy if you can't get up the stairs and you don't have room to put in one of those lifts on the side of the rail. >> as you see here, by the time the person on the left is barely halfway up the stairs, the other person is already way up on the floor. he then gets back on the lift and starts going down again before the person on the left is even to the top of those stairs. >> nice concept. i don't see it really getting t >> what's good is if you don't have leg movement, you can still use your arms to use this. that's important for some people. >> this is still in development. they really do believe this could make a huge difference in people's lives. loves music. ??
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the rivers in columbus, georgia, are about to get muddy. so going out and looking for river treasure is going to be more difficult. jake, our buddy who likes to go out and find gopros and all kinds of other stuff under the water has a few friends with him. tristan and brandon are out there today. brandon has always wanted to find that gopro underwater. kind of like the grand prize of they're down underneath the water, diving, when suddenly -- >> no way. he found it? >> he found it. they've been searching for a while. brandon loses his mind, comes up to the surface. >> yeah! >> just one the olympic gold. >> he is so, so excited. >> yeah! >> all these guys have their own individual youtube channels, and
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going to be able to post a video for his youtube channel saying he found the gopro. >> dude. >> the question is what was on it? did he post the video? is he looking for the owner? >> they've got the computer right back up in the car, so they head for the parking garage. they load up the footage. >> oh, my god. it was i thought i found a gopro, and it was a joke? >> that's a good gag. >> we did it. >> yeah! >> let me show you some video from earlier where jake and tristan actually go and plant that gopro because they know how stoked brandon would be. the best part about this is brandon really does have a really good sense of humor. he laughed about the whole thing. he knows that they landed one of
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>> i thought i was going to be like the awesome guy, but it turns out just jake and trace continue are awesome because they played a bad joke. >> that's it for today. check out for lots more content or check
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>> she completely destroyed my car and didn't do anything about it. >> announcer: a friendship is totaled... >> i believe she should be responsible for something and pay for it. >> i already felt bad, and i had given her some money for the
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>> judge judy: how much money did she send you? >> over what? what money? >> announcer: in for a rough ride. >> judge judy: and what about an $80 check? >> i don't know what. >> announcer: "judge judy." >> i think i should get what i deserve. >> judge judy: i'm gonna give you exactly what you deserve. >> announcer: you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution her mother, carla delgado, are suing valeria's former friend, 19-year-old lucia valle, for totaling her car. lucia claims she was doing valeria a favor when the accident occurred. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number 87 on the calendar in the matter of otoya/delgado vs. valle. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. ma'am, have a seat, please. >> judge judy: your last name
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>> judge judy: ms. delgado, you weren't present. you are an owner of the car. is that why you're here? >> yes. >> judge judy: why don't you have a seat? >> thank you. >> judge judy: what's your first name? >> valeria. >> judge judy: valeria, this is a friend of yours? >> ex. >> judge judy: and do you have a car? >> yes. >> judge judy: you had a car. >> yes. >> judge judy: what kind of car did you have? >> a 2005 volkswagen jetta. >> judge judy: and you had insurance on the car. >> yes. >> judge judy: and the car was totaled on what date? >> december 27, 2011. >> judge judy: tell me about it. >> i was on my way to work, and i was on the phone with my boyfri and he wanted to take me out. so, i didn't want to leave my car at work overnight. lucy overheard my conversation. >> judge judy: she was in the car with you. >> oh, no, this was when we were at home. i was on the phone with him, and he was telling me he wanted to take me out that day. >> judge judy: did you work together? well, how did she find out that you wanted a ride? >> because we lived together at the time. >> judge judy: okay. listen. valeria. valeria? >> yes. >> judge judy: valeria, we're not understanding each other. you said you were on your way to
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>> oh, sorry. well, i was -- >> judge judy: so, i want you to listen to me. let's come down together. take a breath. >> [ exhales ] >> judge judy: and tell me a story. once upon a time... and we're gonna go to the end. but we're gonna do it in order. >> okay. >> judge judy: december 27th, you were? >> at home. it was probably 20 minutes before i was gonna head over to work. >> judge judy: what time? >> maybe like 4:30. >> judge judy: and your boyfriend wanted to take you out. so, you didn't want to be burdened with your car. >> yeah, i didn't want to lee it at work overnight. she overheard my conversation 'cause i was on the phone with him, and then, she was like, "well, if you want, i can do it so you don't have to leave it there." and i was like, "okay." she's like, "i'll just drive there and right back." >> judge judy: [ scoffs ] so, she took you to work. she was doing you a favor. she was taking you to work so you didn't have the burden of having your car. correct? >> yes. >> judge judy: so, she was doing you a favor! >> yes. >> judge judy: took you to work. dropped you off. an accident. >> correct. >> judge judy: tell me about the accident.


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