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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 7, 2016 4:15am-4:30am PST

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puerto rico while trump visited 44 and also district of columbia, and don't forget about the trips to scotland and mexico. by the end of tonight, trump will have given 302 speeches, just a few dozen more than hillary clinton. now we see the candidates drill in on the same state, and in the final month, both candidates spent the most time in florida, clinton spending eight days there, and trump ten, including one today. there's the fund raising where we really see a big difference. trump attended between 50 to 60 fundraisers while clinton went to over 350, and that obviously affects how much money they raise. clinton raising nearly two times more than donald trump, and how are they spending that money? well, a good portion of it is on ads, an area where the clinton team beat trump. according to analysis, clinton and pacs support hillary clinton spent $253 million on tv ads and team trump spent just $93 million. in fact, clinton spent almost as much in the state of florida alone as trump has in the entire country. just some of the few nuggets we are learning about the final
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>> and if he happens to win, this will up end everything we know about how you run for president. all those field offices, all the ads. >> exactly. and one thing i noticed being out on the campaign trail is you really don't see yard signs any more. >> that's true. >> and that's one thing that's going away. >> media instead. thanks so much. coming up, the holiday shopping countdown is on. weav stay with us. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. the holiday shopping season begins in less than three weeks, can you believe it? stay with us. "world news now" continues after this from our abc
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the holiday shopping season begins in less than three weeks, can you believe it? if you have not saved up for the gifts, you need to. your relatives are not going away soon. but it is not too late. vera gibbons is here with us. she's a consumer analyst for and you have some really cool tips. i read all of them. >> they are easy too. >> which is key. you start with saving on taxes.
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>> refunds average $3,000 a year, so that's $250 a month in your pocket. better to get the money as you earn it than to give the government an interest-free loan. change it. taking more allowances boosts the take home pay and see the changes reflect the in the next check. just have it done. >> my problem with that is i'll boost it from one deduction to, like, nine. >> talk to someone to get the number right. because you want to come out sort of even on the -- you don't want to get a big massive tax refund every year. that's not a good idea. >> but it's a great idea for a couple weeks to get some gifts and get a little more in your paycheck. >> definitely. >> i'm a victim of this, doing it all the time, eating out less you mentioned. >> spend a couple thousand dollars a year just eating lunch. make your own food, grocery costs have been falling for ten consecutive months. it's cheaper now for eggs, milk, meat, so make your own food at home and save over a couple hundred dollars. >> including cutting back on
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that's the big money drainer. avoid retail ripoffs. there's a lot out there. movie theater popcorn marked up as much as 1,300%. wine you buy at the restaurants, 100% to 200% wine, coffee, another 300%. precut fruits and vegetables is 25% to 30% the. so if you avoid one or two of these retail ripoffs, you can save easily $100. >> cut your own fruit, make your own popcorn, and stomp your own grapes for wine. >> done, there you go. what do you mean by that? >> well, you should have a certain amount taken out of the paycheck and automatically deposited into a savings account. if you're not doing this, just do it now. just $25 a week, four paychecks, that's $100 back in your pocket. >> i started that recently. it's amazing how much -- >> it's smart: you don't miss money you don't actually see. >> no. i use it for whatever, a wild night on the town.
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habits. >> change them. gas buddy did a survey about field purchasing payments at the pump, we fill up with premium, even though we don't need it. we are waiting for the lights to go on and then we go anywhere, go to places we think are cheap, but don't necessarily have the cheapest. and the no-brainer here is the gas buddy app saving $400 a year or $40 a month. >> wow. >> so these are very simple strategies to put over $600 in your pocket just in time for the holidays, which is about what we'll spend. >> no truth in just trying to get a loan from your mom or some relative? no. that's not number six? >> that's not number six, kendis, no. we'll leave it at five. >> all right. vera, thank you very much. >> if you want to see more tips there on our website,
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? go disney. wow, fantasy movies dominating the weekend box office, and, by the way, our own fantasy movie we put on halloween -- movie is using the term very loosely, but the video we made, attempt at a skit, is packing quite a few views on social media. >> let's call it our special near broadway sort of, like, corner of 47th street production racked up views in the tens of -- in the tens. like, literally, we just got the tenth view. >> thanks, mom. >> uh-huh. >> no, tens of hundreds. >> tens of hundreds. >> we hear a lot of people --
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>> no. we have racked up quite a few views, but more importantly, we racked up quite a few comments, and we like reading them. a loyal viewer says, this, this is giving me so much life this morning. love these two, and diane can sing. awesome job. >> i'm good too, thanks, eric. so connie gave both diane and me a little love saying, diane, omg, your singing voice, amazing, wow. >> thanks, connie. >> i see the theme here, you two are hilarious. >> hilarious, you see, that's good. you're hilarious. >> thanks, connie. >> and holly writes, and the winner is -- the witch. wow, what a great voice. that's what you called me when it was over. >> it's not the first time you've been called that. >> we love the comments, love reading them, always entertained, even if we can't read them out loud on air.
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took a lot of us quite a while to get into costume for that, one of us more than the other. >> a little bit. i shared this video on instagram of the makeup process, and it took about an hour for ana to do my makeup and kelly get my hair in place. but taking off the makeup was more challenging because we had 20 minutes to go to just normal news anchor, and that was an adventure. it was worth it. >> absolutely. >> we had great comments on the makeup, miguel wrote, awesomeness, you are the best news team hands down. >> thank you. >> david said, you two need your own show. we're already on one. >> do you watch "world news now"? you might like it. larry says, you're an amazing talent with a voice that belongs on broadway. >> or off.
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starts with breaking news.... i-15 southbound is shut down at jean right now....for a deadly crash involving a semi we're told a woman was hit. the semi did not stop and this closure could last up to three more hours. our crews are at the scene right now trying to get more information... but first let's get over to yasmeen with a look at your traffic...this will definitely cause a problem for people for the next several days, las vegas and the rest of the southwest will be held up by


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