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tv   Action News 11am  ABC  November 9, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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sorry that we did not win this election. i had the chance to talk to trump last night and had the chance to invite him to come to the white house tomorrow it's the day after the election.... and the american people have elected donald trump as president-elect of the u-s.. hello everyone... yasmeen hassan, in for dayna roselli... president-elect donald trump is starting his transition the day after his unexpected and historic victory over hillary clinton. abc's kenneth moton has the complete wrap-up, from new york clinton's concession. sot - hillary clinton: "last night, i congratulated donald trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country. hillary clinton?finally making her concession speech hours after her shocking loss to
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sot - hillary clinton: "this is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for and i'm sorry that we did not win this election for the values we share and the vision we hold trump?triumphant and he'll do it with a g-o-p controlled house and senate. sot - donald trump "i will be president for all americans and i promise you that i will not let you down? we will do a great job the republican was outspent and down in the polls most of the race against her service to our country. his stances on hot button of major criticism as he beat out 16 g-o-p primary rivals. in the end, excited white working class men and women and lower democratic turnout than 2012, propelled trump to victory. sot - kellyanne conway, donald trump campaign manager: "this was a campaign for the people and they have spoken and want to go in a new and different direction and want different leadership now to that peaceful transfer of power... president obama congratulated the man he and so many high profile democratic surrogates called a racist and unfit to be
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sot - president obama: "we are now all rooting for a success and uniting and leading the country. a peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. standup close: it was a tough campaign for trump but now the hard work begins to unite the country. tomorrow he's heading to washington where president obama will welcome him to his future home, the white house. kenneth moton, abc news, new york and.. house speaker paul ryan congratulated president-elect donald trump today on his trump will now lead a republican- held house and senate. (rep. paul ryan/ (r) house speaker) "donald trump heard a voice out in this country that no one else heard. he connected in ways with people no one else did. he turned politics on its head and now donald trump will lead a unified republican government." ryan was one of trump's most high- profile critics in the republican party and now finds himself on tenuous footing as
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the house. this morning, a lot of people are still shocked that donald trump pulled off this major political upset. marissia kynaston is near trump international hotel.. on the strip... with what people are saying. we've been talking to people out all morning--- and some are still surprised... well into the night... republicans packed the south point casino. and they were happy as they many of them saying... this was a perfect storm-- and time for change. we talked with one man this morning... who says he voted for trump-- and says he knew this was coming. jerry gallagher from florida 17:38:49 as time went on... we wanted him to win we've also been tracking reaction from both sides on
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after is trending on twitter-- and so is what do we tell the children. mk-- 13an. as the night grew older..and trump's win became imminent, the mood changed at the democratic watch party at the our crews caught some tears being shed.. needless to say, clinton supporters were in shock. there is some good news for democrats here...they have taken control of the state assembly. ..our governor-- brian sandoval released a statement after trump's victory overnight. he says quote-- "following a long and spirited election, we must now unite, celebrate the strength of our democracy, and support our new president-elect, donald j. trump."
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nevada for democrats. catherine cortez masto beat republican joe heck in the race for the u-s senate... the final numbers put cortez- masto ahead of heck by just three points... that makes her the first latina woman to become a u-s senator...and the first woman elected to the senate in nevada. she addressed supporters after last night's victory...and also thanked senator harry reid... 23:51:56 "having the opportunity to serve as your next senator is an honor of a lifetime... (speaks spanish) 23:52:09 butted with 23:46:16 "he this is his night too." 23:46:27 during her victory speech, cortez masto said she would make immigration reform a priority in washington. new numbers of some close congressional races in our city!
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republican danny tarkanian by just over a point... in district four... democrats were also victorius...ruben kihuen beat republican cresent hardy by about 10 points. in district dina titus had no competition from republican mary perry.... beating her by a wide margin 61 to 28. both titus and kihuen gave victory speeches... and they expressed how excited they are about what's to come for nevada. dina titus 23:19:49" look what else we did, w got jacky, we got ruben, we got me. what about nevada. " 23:20:03 (butted with) ruben kihuen 23:35:12 "regardless if you are a republican or independent... look forward to being your voice in congress for the next 2 years." 22:35:30 we told you earlier that catherine cortez-masto is the first hispanic woman to serve in u-s senate...
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state's first latino congressman. there was a lot more on the ballot this election.....we'll bring you more results all morning long on good morning las vegas... everything is always available on our webiste k-t-n-v dot com... and at the bottom of your screen. the bottom of your screen. we're just getting started on 13 action news.... a deadly shooting lead authorities to the discovery of a couple as their house g in flames... what officials are saying about the case.... also... a disabled man finds himself stuck inside a home as his house catches fire...but it's what some deputies did that kept that man alive... (mike pence/vice president-elect) so let me say, it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you the president-elect of the united states of america, donald trump [butted with]
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she congratulated us - it's about us - on our victory." we have a 13 action news
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officers were called out to the home near pecos and las vegas boulevard around 8. arrested and charged with felony child endangerment. we're told he was manipulating a small 22-caliber gun.. when it went off and his daughter was hit. abuse and neglect detectives are investigating. the girl has been listed in stable condition.... also this midday.. two groups of demonstrators turn on each other in chicago-- take a look at the massive protests. police say black lives matter and blue lives matter activists started confronting each other during dueling protests last
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a black man was fatally shot by a police officer over the weekend. chicago p-d says the man pulled a gun on an off-duty officer, after he tried to get the man to move his car-- which was parked in front of a fire station. black lives matter demonstrators are accusing the police department of distorting the facts. the time is x:xx a husband and wife found shot to death as their homes go up in flames... we hear from authorities about what happened after the
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above normal will be common along with winds light and switching directions throughout the day. temperatures will range between 78 and 84 degrees
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the work week. by the weekend, a weak disturbance passes north of the valley and will allow for a few clouds to pop in and out of the city along with bringing in slightly cooler air. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies will be common with highs between 74 and 79 degrees but winds will still be mild; ranging as we exit the weekend into next week, temperatures rise back to the upper 70s and lower 80s with mainly sunny skies and mild winds. in other news this midday..
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south of buffalo, new york this morning.... black smoke could be seen for miles -- and explosions could be heard before the roof collapsed. hundreds of firefighters worked to get this thing under control.. there are no reports of injuries.
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we are learning new details about a house fire in louisana. three bodies were found inside - the victims include a husdabd and wife who were shot. when the fire department responded to the home.... they found the victims and called the sheriff's office. the swat team was also called out. deputies say it's unclear who shot the victims and how the house caught fire. (newell normand:jefferson parish, la) "deceased individual on the front lawn of the structure, front left corner. just inside of the side door in the kitchen area that we can see from the outside." deputies are not ruling out the possibility that the fire may have been intentionally set. they also say..they have been to the home before for "domestic situations". also two tennessee deputies put their own lives at risk to save four people....including a paralyzed man, from a dangerous house fire. jessica holley reports. what started as a small grease
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inside, four people -- three of them disabled. a caretaker called 911. first to arrive were shelby county deputies daniel wilson and crystal davis. without hesitation they ran in to the burning home. (deputy daniel wilson/shelby co. sheriff's office) "we weren't going to just stand outside and let him stay inside that house while it was burning." the caretaker and two others escaped with help from deputies wilson and davis, but trapped in a back bedroom was a man paralyzed -- a man deputies ofc and trying, we weren't able to lift him so we stayed with him inside the house until the fire department came." despite pleas from the man for the two deputies to leave him behind, putting their lives on the line to save a man who couldn't save himself. (deputy crystal davis/shelby co. sheriff's office) "i am not a hero, ok. i am just doing my job, and i am glad that everybody was safe."
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inside the house, including the officers, were treated for smoke inhalation. donald trump is elected president in a stunning ending last night... how he went from business man to the newest leader of the free world.... that's still ahead... also... the shockwaves of a victory for the one-time longshot trump thrust financial markets around the globe.... the historic slide and the quick rebound of the stock market... donald trump's shocking upset
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but analysts say the markets will remain volatile, as world and financial leaders try to assess what impact a trump presidency will have. abc's elizabeth hur is in washington with more. ((nat)) "opening bell" wall street opening.. with the numbers see-sawing throughout the morning.. that much.. global market watchers expected. ((sot)) michael hewson, chief market analyst at cmc markets: "he's unpredictable and markets don't like unpredictability."
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so donald trump's election stunner.. sent stocks around the world plunging overnight.. and the news making international headlines this morning. ((sot)) mos: "you've got a good businessman in the white house but he's got some crazy ideas." ((sot)) mos: "i don't think anyone really knows what is going to happen." while trump's unpredictability and anti-trade stance.. has some nervous.. overseas.. there's mixed reaction to a trump america.. sot - martin schulz, european parliament president: "this is for sure a difficult moment in the relationship between the united nato states and the european union russian president vladimier putin.. among the first to congratulate trump sot - angela merkel, german chancellor: and other world leaders quickly followed suit.. sot - theresa may/uk prime minister: "i look forward to working with president-elect donald trump, elizabeth tag: markets will remain volatile? in news back home... right now police are looking
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in north las vegas... police tell us the 47-year-old woman was killed near lamb and centennial late last night. two relatives were home at the time and both were detained for questioning...but neither have been arrested. neighbors say when police arrived they were yelling at the suspect to put down the gun... suspended after being arrested for sexual assault. 35-year-old ati poni also worked as a coach at "del sol high school". police say they started investigating after receiving tips - claiming he was acting inappropriately with a teenager. now, he is facing kidnapping and numerous sex charges nv 33-37 drop the gun, drop the gun, drop the gun, drop the gun, new information about this deadly officer involved
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investigators are ruling the september shooting--- justified. police say they were searching for stolen property when jeffrey cave shot at an officer. when he didn't put his weapon down, officers shot and killed him. the officer who was shot is still in serious, but stable condition. we're working on news stories for our 2nd half of midday! a train accident turns deadly in the u-k..... plus.. the newest first lady...melania trump.... her s communist country and how another president inspired her.... download the all new 13 action news app! it's simple to use and features live streaming, video on demand with photos that are just a tap away from the home screen, plus blazing fast radar.
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president-elect donald trump will be the leader of the free world in january... he went from business man to reality star to and now
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trump making history overnight? trump 11/9 - i just recieved a call from secretary clinton... the 70 year old's presidential run beginning just blocks away in june 2015? nat pop (after elevator speech) - i am officially running for president of the united states and we are going to make our country great again! his road to the white house the most untraditional? in history? nats - "the the billionaire businessman best known as a reality tv star as the host of "the apprentice?" nats - you're fired montage! hinting at a potential run many times? potential run - i'm really considering whether or not i could win... finally making it a reality? defeating 16 republican nominees in a longshot primary... accepting the republican nomination in july.
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the 1970s when the real estate mogul first started his business career marrying his first wife, ivana? mother to his three children: donald jr., eric, and ivanka - nats later, trump expanding his brand, building luxurious condos, hotels, and resorts around the world in the 1980s ? the multi-millionaire even becoming a best-selling author with his book "the art of the deal." nats??? but the 1990s beginning with a he wed actress marla maples in 1993, the couple later welcoming daughter tiffany. even with a number of bankruptcies, the new milleniumsaw a rebound for trump - bolstered by his growing reality tv stardom? and then, in 2005, marrying for a third time. his star-studded wedding to slovenian model melania trump even attended by the clintons? the couple becoming parents to baron in 2006 - trump's fifth child. the billionaire mogul always keeping his eyes on politics - starting the birther movement -
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correspondents dinner?. nats president obama joke: tonight for the first time i am releasing my official birth video (laughs) those jokes - thought to have inspired trump to self fund his run for the presidency... ending sot from tonight - now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division you have to get together overnih cities across the country, were protesting the election results.. these are videos from the university of oregon, washington. d.c., and san francisco. in oregon, hundreds of students were marching and chanting in the streets.. hundreds gathered outside the white house... but things were the most tense in san francisco. protesters were marching - and lighting fires in the street. we are also hearing about
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here in nevada... the measure to mandate universal background checks for gun sales passed. overnight the race was called with 50-percent voting yes...49-percent voted no. nevadans also voted yes on question two, which means recreational marijuana will be legalized. 54-percent were in favor..while 45- percent opposed. in the two other ballot questions... voters approved a measure that aims to break up n-v energy's monolopy and open the electricity market, by an overwhelming margin.. this initiative still needs to pass a vote in 20-18 before it can become a constitutional amendment. and clark county voters approved a fuel tax to pay for local road construction. you can see... the measure passed 56 to 43. other races...we kept an eye on... catherine cortez masto keeping harry reid's senate seat blue... however...democrats failed to retake control of the senate. many of the big name republicans were able to win
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in florida. pat toomey survived a strong challenger in pennsylvania. john mccain won again in arizona-- despite having a strained relationship with donald trump. also re-elected was house speaker paul ryan. a pretty surprising loss here on the west coast-- the reign of the world's so called toughest sheriff is over after two decades. in arizona, joe arpaio lost his race against democratic challenger paul penzone. ((toss to greg)) high over the southwest today. mainly sunny skies and high 7 to 12 degrees above normal will be common along with winds light and switching directions throughout the day. temperatures will range between 78 and 84 degrees valley wide with upper 70s and lower 80s common clear through the work week. by the weekend, a weak
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will allow for a few clouds to pop in and out of the city along with bringing in slightly cooler air. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies will be common with highs between 74 and 79 degrees but winds will still be mild; ranging from 5 to 15 mph. as we exit the weekend into next week, temperatures rise back to the upper 70s and lower 80s with mainly sunny skies and other news this midday.... bedroom near valley view and washington.... only 13 action news reporter parker collins spoke with the man who was beaten by intruders. the main road is behind me so whoever did this had to make their way into the neighborhood to get to this home take vo police say two men with masks went inside they beat up this guy and tied him up then they ransacked the home they took his cash take sot eric boehm,
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big flash in my head that's how hard they hit me. i still can't see out of this eye very well." police are looking for the people who did this no arrests have been made near valley view and washington parker collins 13 action news. we have a 13 action news update... we're now getting a look at the father accused of shooting his young daughter.... officers were called out to the ho boulevard around 8. 31-yr-old zachary cory has been arrested and charged with felony child endangerment. we're told he was manipulating a small 22-caliber gun.. when it went off and his daughter was hit. abuse and neglect detectives are investigating. the girl has been listed in stable condition.... at least one person is dead in london after a tram derails.... but officials say right now... it's still too early to determine the number of deaths... authorities on the scene say
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at least two people were trapped inside..... liam lehane/assistant director of operations london ambulance service: most of those patients were walking wounded. there are however a number of patients with some serious injuries. we will continue to work on the scene with the other emergency workers during the recovery operation." officials say this is the first crash of a tram in the u-k since 19- 59.... a formal investigation into the crash has been launched.... police in california are now saying the man behind a shooting spree that put a was "binging on cocaine" before he started randomly shooting at people. a 77 year old man was killed and two women were injured. they are in critical condition. police say the suspect has a military background, and is a self- proclaimed "gun fanatic." yesterday afternoon he came out of his home near los angeles, and started shooting at people on the street and cars driving by. two nearby schools and two polling locations were put on lockdown while officers
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lisa herrera: "i just picked up my daughter from lockdown from [unintelligible] while she was voting - she got in lockdown because of the shooting, and then i dropped her home, and i came to vote like a citizen's supposed to, but - it's been a crazy day." the suspect opened fire on officers with an assault rifle while they were attending to victims near his home. the cops shot back... killing the man. melania trump grew up in a formerly communist country and said as a girl she was inspired by the election of ronald reagan. her own husband will become president....and the nation is getting to know their next first lady. melania trump?decked in white? taking a late night victory lap with her husband donald? the 46 year old slovenian the first foreign born first lady since john adams' wife louisa. melania's road to the white house, anything but conventional. she met trump in 1998 when she was modeling in new york...the couple married in 2005 and welcomed son barron a year
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the reason she was largely absent from the campaign trail. melania trump (gs intv) 10:13:54;18 my priority is my son, barron, our son, barron. and-- i support him 100% in july, she was warmly greeted as she took the stage at the republican national convention... (nats applause) but her words...widely criticized for bearing striking resemeblance to michelle obama's 2008 dnc speech-- sots overlap sot michelle: "you work hard for what you want in life" sot melania: "youwo what you want in life" sots back-to-back sot michelle: "that your word is your bond and you do what you say" sot melania: "that your word is your bond and you do what you say" after that, melania kept a lower profile...but just last week, hit the battleground state of pennyslvania to campaign for her husband...showing voters her more personal side sot melania trump pa speech i'm an immigrant, and let me tell you, no one values the freedom and opportunity of america more than me melania revealing one of her biggest platforms will be combating cyberbullying as
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better way to talk to each other. ((butt to gs intv)) melania trump: 10:19:41;21 in this-- 21st century, what's going on, it's very hurtful to children. to some adults as well, but we need to take care of children-- george stephanopoulos: 10:19:55;29 hard to keep it away from your kids. melania trump: 10:19:58;00 it is, but we need to teach them how to use it, what is right to say, what is not right ((the time is)) a consumer alert...this we'll tell how general motors expect to lay off the months ahead.... also ahead.. prince harry is an unhappy harry after the media goes after his girlfriend... the similar situation that he's comparing to his mother's death.... and here's a live look at the new york stock exchange... ((ad-lib)) ((ad-lib))
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being layed off. the auto maker says americans are buying more s-u-vs and trucks....and fewer cars. g-m is suspending the 3-rd shift at 2 car factories, starting next year. the employees being affected are in ohio and michigan. vm britain's prince harry is blasting the media for the way his new girlfriend is being treated. cnn's jeanne moos reports. the red haired british prince with the brunette american's a story that has women who've been pining after the bachelor prince saying... (nats) oh my god. that's harry's 35-year old girlfriend...meghan markle... married once and divorced. i get called meg. nutmeg. nutmeg?! (laughter) meghan is one of the stars of the legal drama "suits." i am the love interest. (nats) but now that she's harry's love interest, the
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a statement from kensington palace says the past week has seen "a line crossed." his girlfriend has been subject to a wave of abuse and harassment." (nats) come on. the palace statement cites "the smear on the front page of a national newspaper; the racial undertones of comment pieces." meghan's mom is african american, her dad is white. meghan herself is a un advocate for gender equality, advocating even when it comes to her own character, rachel, on "suits." (meghan markl script seems to begin rachel enters wearing a towel. nope. not doing it anymore. not doing it. the prince's statement cites "attempts of reporters to gain illegal entry to her home." "prince harry is worried about ms. markle's safety." after all his mother, princess diana, seen here holding harry, died in a car
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up until the palace statement saying "this is not a game - it is her life and his" the press was still playing the game of decoding their romance. (nats) check this out, they're both wearing the same beaded bracelet. her instagram account was analyzed for clues... right down to the image she posted of two bananas cuddling. but that couldn't be harry... there he is. no beard. jeanne moos cnn ny high pressure continues to hold over the southwest today. mainly sunny skies and high 7 to 12 degrees above normal will be common along with winds light and switching directions throughout the day. temperatures will range between 78 and 84 degrees valley wide with upper 70s and lower 80s common clear through the work week. by the weekend, a weak
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passes north of the valley and will allow for a few clouds to pop in and out of the city along with bringing in slightly cooler air. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies will be common with highs between 74 and 79 degrees but winds will still be mild; ranging from 5 to 15 mph. as we exit the weekend into next week, temperatures rise back to the upper 70s and lower 80s with mainly sunny skies and mild winds. friday is veterans day... and what better way to honor a
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ccsd's executive director recruitment & development the school district is hosting a career fair... ccsd to host veterans and spouses career fair nationwide effort aims to attract veterans and their spouses to serve in educational capacity what: the clark county school district (ccsd), in partnership with troops to education, will host a veterans and spouses career fair for positions such as teachers, classroom aides, custodians, bus
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collaborating to find new sources of teachers and education-related support staff, while providing opportunities for veterans and their spouses to continue serving in their communities. for more information, contact dr. george ann rice at 702-556-2149. who: ccsd human resources unit date: saturday, nov. 19, 2016 time: 9 a.m. location: eldorado high school 1139 n.
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