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tv   Action News 3PM  ABC  November 9, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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hospital after this three-car crash in north las vegas. we have new details. plus...police are looking for the crooks who attacked a man while he was sleeping.. he's talking only to 13 action news and shows us how far these criminals were willing to go. and we have some breaking news -- take a live look in downton people are taking to the stree protesting donald trump. hillary clinton / -d- former presidential candidate: this is not the outcome we wanted or we
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worked so hard for and i'm sorry that we did not win this election . this afternoon hillary clinton is opening up about a defeat no one saw coming. this -- while donald trump is starting his transition from the trump tower to the white house. a-b-c's kenneth moton reports - president obama is ready to hand over the oval office. vote2016wedpkg
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it just a few minutes after hillary clinton's concession call to trump. the magazine says it captures the energy of trump's supporters. here at home-- a lot of different reactions from people. some say trump's win was a much needed change and others are not happy at all. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston and downtown getting feedback on this historic election. i actually just walked inside the trump international hotel-- the store is packed-- i talked with the employee-- she says they sold out of the iconic hats-- that say make american great again. take vo actually a lot of excitement on this side of town-- most trump supporters here saying it was time for change-- but clinton supporters i talked with earlier-- just asking how this could happen. of course-- all eyes were on florida last night-- with so many electoral votes-- we
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visiting las vegas from florida-- who also voted for trump-- he says he knew this was coming. ake sot jerry gallagher from flotsam 17:38:20 once he started taking those states he needed, states they said he must win, i saw the path clear right up and said he's gonna do it 17:38:30 we've also been tracking reaction from both sides on social media. right now-- hashtag morning after is still trending on twitter-- its been trending all morning. mk-- 13an. metro police need your help identifying these men they believe are responsible for a series of cell phone store robberies. police say each time they'd walk in posing as customers, wait to distract the workers and take phones and run out. officers believe the men are a faded black chevrolet malibu with california license plate. if you see them call police. new information on that car
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taken to u-m-c trauma after this three car crash near lake mead and simmons. one of them is still in the hospital with serious injuries. it happened just after 7 this morning and it shut down the intersection for hours but it's back open now. - v this man you see here is zachary cory and he's now charged with a shooting his daughter last night..... he's facing a charge of felony child endangerment officers were called out to the home near pecos and las vegas bouleva we're told he was manipulating a small 22-caliber gun.. when it went off and his daughter was hit. abuse and neglect detectives are investigating. the girl is stable at the hospital. right now metro is looking for two crooks who they believe attacked a man in his own bedroom! only 13 action news reporter parker collins found out firsthand how far these criminals were willing to go. 21:56:09-21:56:27 in this neighborhood all the homes are
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happening in side this home take vo at 21:56:16 police say ng masks when they broke inside they tied the man who was sleeping 7:58:48-7:58:56 "it was like a big flash in my head that's how hard they hit me. he'll be okay but he can't wait to leave las vegas near washington and valley view parker collins 13 action news this afternoon two police it's for what they did inside of a burning home.... they say it was just their job...but many say it was way more than that. and an incredible new video of a dramatic rescue at sea caught on camera! what happened just moments before that... and a look at today's closing numbers.. the dow up 265 points, closing at 18-hundred 598. home-v
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where hundreds are gathering to protest donald trump's win.
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country. home-v (deputy daniel wilson/shelby co. sheriff's office) "we weren't going to just stand outside and let him stay inside that house while it was burning." two tennessee deputies put their own lives at risk to save four people, including a paralyzed man from a dangerous house fire. the officers say they refused to leave the home until they could get out safely. (deputy crystal davis/shelby co. sheriff's office) "i am not a hero, ok. i am just doing my job, and i am glad that everybody was safe." the officers say they tried lifting the man but couldn't. firefighters eventually arrived with tools to save him. there were no serious injuries. all of the people who were inside the house, including the officers, were treated for smoke inhalation. new dramatic video this afternoon of a rescue in florida.
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rescued from their capsized vessel one witness says he saw two men out on the boat when the rough water flipped it over. he says one man hung on to the front for a bit before going into the water. multiple agencies worked together to get the men out of the water. the crash is now under investigation. an overnight scare ended up being just a scare.. donald trump's win sent global stocks plunging the dow futures at one point were down 850 points.. what analysts predict now. plus -- we are tak through the most untraditional road to the white house in history. where donald trump started and how he ended up winning.
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protest donald trump's win. this is one of several protests happening right now across the
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33-37 drop the gun, drop the gun, drop the gun, drop the gun, we have an update on this deadly shooting involving drop the gun, drop the gun, we have an update on this deadly shooting involving police in kingman-arizona... authorities investigating the case have ruled the officers were justified in using deadly force. back in september detectives were searching for a stolen gun, when jeffrey cave shot an officer. when he didn't put his weapon
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the officer who was shot is still in serious, but stable condition. police in california are now saying the man behind a shooting spree that had a polling place on lockdown... was "binging on cocaine" before he started randomly opening fire on people. a 77 year old man was killed and two women were injured. they are in critical condition. police say the suspect has a military background, and is a self- proclaim yesterday afternoon he came out of his home, and started shooting at people on the street and cars driving by. two nearby schools and two polling locations were put on lockdown while officers searched for the gunman. na-274tu lisa herrera voter lisa herrera: "i just picked up my daughter from lockdown from [unintelligible] while she was voting - she got in lockdown because of the shooting, and then i dropped her home, and i came to vote like a citizen's supposed to, but - it's been a crazy day." the suspect opened fire on
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killing the man. now to the financial scare overnight -- donald trump's shocking upset sent global stocks plunging here at home, the dow futures at one point were down 850 points.. before rebounding. but as elizabeth hur reports -- analysts say the markets will remain volatile as world and financial leaders try to assess what impact a trump presidency will have. ((nat)) "opening bell" wall street opening.. with the numbers see-sawing ((sot)) michael hewson, chief market analyst at cmc market don't like unpredictability." traders were banking on a clinton victory.. so donald trump's election stunner.. sent stocks around the world plunging overnight.. and the news making international headlines this morning. ((sot)) mos: "you've got a good businessman in the white house but he's got some crazy ideas." ((sot)) mos: "i don't think anyone really knows what is going to happen." while trump's unpredictability and anti-trade stance.. has some nervous..
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the relationship between the united nations, no the united states and the european union russian president vladimier putin.. among the first to congratulate trump sot - angela merkel, german chancellor: and other world leaders quickly followed suit.. sot - theresa may/uk prime minister: "i look forward to working with president-elect donald trump, elizabeth tag: markets will remain volatile? chief meteorologist bryan scofield. as we head toward the end of the week we will keep the sunshine around with highs
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the normal. overnight lows will be near 60 in las vegas which is also ten degrees above where we should be. expect winds to be light! by the weekend, a weak disturbance passes north of the valley and will allow for a few clouds to pop in and out of the city along with bringing in slightly cooler air. mostly sunny skies will be common with highs just above 75 degrees in the valley. winds will be light and overnight lows will stay mild, early next week highs will try to hit 80 degrees again but as we move later into the week a weather system things can change so stay tuned for the latest. we are continuing to stay on
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and chicago where hundreds are gathering to protest donald trump's win. this is one of several protests happening right now acro we'll stay on top of this and bring you the latest as this story develops. a consumer alert this afternoon. general motors just announcing we now have a new president- elect...but how much do we really know about donald trump? ahead on action news -- we have a lesson in donald trump's history...and his untraditional road to 16 hundred pennsylvania
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where you get breaking news fast and first. stay with us.
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and now elected president of the united states of america., it's been arguably the most untraditional presidential campaign in history...and it has come to an end last night. but who is donald trump? amy robach takes us back in time for a lesson in history, nats - trump wins donald trump making history overnight? trump 11/9 - i just recieved a call from secretary clinton... the 70 year old'sp run beginning just blocks away in june 2015? nat pop (after elevator speech) - i am officially running for president of the united states and we are going to make our country great again! his road to the white house the most untraditional? in history? nats - "the apprentice" intro the billionaire businessman best known as a reality tv star as the host of "the apprentice?"
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hinting at a potential run many times? potential run - i'm really considering whether or not i could win... finally making it a reality? defeating 16 republican nominees in a longshot primary... accepting the republican nomination in july. i accept your nomination as the gop candidate (at rnc) it was the 1970s when the real estate mogul first started his business career marrying his first wife, ivana? mother to his three children: donald jr., later, trump expanding his brand, building luxurious condos, hotels, and resorts around the world in the 1980s ? the multi-millionaire even becoming a best-selling author with his book "the art of the deal." nats??? but the 1990s beginning with a contentious divorce from ivana? he wed actress marla maples in 1993, the couple later welcoming daughter tiffany. even with a number of
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milleniumsaw a rebound for trump - bolstered by his growing reality tv stardom? and then, in 2005, marrying for a third time. his star-studded wedding to slovenian model melania trump even attended by the clintons? the couple becoming parents to baron in 2006 - trump's fifth child. the billionaire mogul always keeping his eyes on politics - starting the birther movement - president obama taking aim at trump during the 2011 correspondents dinner?. nats president obama joke: tonight for the first time i video (laughs) those jokes - thought to have inspired trump to self fund his run for the presidency... ending sot from tonight - now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division you have to get together and -- how did everyone got it so wrong? that's the question
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why they now say the polls were wrong. crime scene - hl
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3:30 pm rules making sure patients can sue nursing homes over their care are now on hold indefinitely. but first -- (donald trump/president elect) while the campaign is over...the work and this movement is really now just beginning." everybody was wrong. when election day dawned, almost all the pollsters, analytics nerds and political insiders in the country had hillary clinton so how does this happen when most polls showed trump behind? a-b-c's marci gonzalez is searching for that answer. - this is not - the kind of history - the pundits and polls predicted would be made in this presidential race: from the primaries- nat from expert talking during primaries about trump's unlikelihood of winning nomination: up until election day...


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