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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  November 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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14-19 they're blocking the streets, they're burning flags, they're standing on buses, they're writing swear words all over buses, it's not helping! and... happening right now... a live picture.... out of los angeles.. thousands of people have blocked a major freeway.... some holding flags.... others surrounding.... police cars. just minutes ago we did see police in riot gear move in. demonstrators also gathering.... right here... in las vegas... dallas.... new york... chicago... seattle we have team coverage 13 action news anchor christopher king is standing by near trump international.. but let's start with carla wade at the breaking news desk. carla. most of the protests have remained peaceful--but as crowds grew into the thousands in some cities police began taking steps to keep order in oakland--an explosion of fireworks and fires set in the streets causing police to move in and stop the crowd of 6-thousand from blocking traffic. and a live look in downtown los
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both directions. police in riot gear have moved in earlier tonight--they burned a large pinata designed to look like trump's head. protesters have also been seen spray- painting buildingsas well as news vans 13 action news anchor christopher king is live outside trump international where protesters are gathering right now. the votes are in. the p but that isn't stopping protesters..from telling the world..they're angry. dozens of demonstrators..marche d down the strip this evening. they kknow the election is over. but many say..they were forced to choose between two candidates they did not like. and they say..they are especially disgusted by..the divisive language president-elect donaldtrump win the white house.
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embarrassment and he should be ashamed of himself. "i wonder how much of his rhetoric is genuine and how much is tappi g into something he knows will foster peoples' anger." they marched for trump international hotel..down the strip..and then back. and..many of them say..they'll be out the faces of president- elect.. and congressional leaders..on live..outside the trump hotel. ck, 13 action news. time magazine is releasing its cover photo of president-elect donald trump.. taken only minutes after hillary clinton called him early this morning to conceed. time editors say it captures the energy of trump's supporters. donald trump's surprise win..... came as a the media.... pollsters.... and people in las vegas.....
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had it in the bag. i totally thought hillary was going to win sot we didn't see this coming... at all. sot yeah man - we're surprised the world didnt end... there was disappointment... but... also a lot of celebrations.... all across town. the owner of (fa) pho -87- says... she closed her restaurant.... so she could celebrate.... the big win. chopper 13.. fast and first over monaco middle school as more than a hundred parents.. students and teachers held a protest against becoming a charter school under a new state program. this is a list of the 21 clark county schools under intended to turn- around under performing schools. 13 action news reporter bryan callahan is live with more on the ongoing fight... .. as the department of education narrows the list to as many as 6 schools. bryan. statewide there are 34 schools under consideration for the program... that list is set to be narrowed even further next week... but parents here at monaco say they think the current ccsd program is working...
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have improved. his attendance has improved." "it is nice to see teachers are working together to bring their grades up." parents say it isn't broke and doesn't need fixing... but monaco middle school is facing the potential of a transition to the state's new charter school system. they are taking their fight to the street ahead of meetings aimed at deciding which underperforming schools statewide will be the first members of the achievement schoo "we you measure our school by aggregate test scores, it doesn't give you a whole lot of information about the hard work we have accomplished." the superintendent of the district says the schools are on the list for a reason. "we want to pick the schools that have demonstrated they have been under performing for the longest period of time." wilcox lavin says as they get closer to picking the final schools... they will hold community outreach meetings saying there has been misinformation out there about the work the charter schools will do. some parents fearing programs
11:05 pm "they are going to take music away because that is extra money out of their pocket, because they don't have to pay for the mariachi teacher to be here." "operators want to be here to partner with the continue building on the things that are working and to address the things that aren't working." parents are planning to be at tomorrow morning's department of education meeting as well to voice their concerns about the charter school plan. reporting live, bryan callahan, 13 action news. clark county school district locations under consideration for the charter transition on along with the story. police say... a thief trying to get hit by a vehicle.... near cheyenne and tenaya. the suspect was u-m-c... and.... is expected to survive. we're following.... a developing story tonight... a father is in custody..... after police say..... he shot his own child!!!
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night.... when he was doing something with his gun..... while his -8- year- old daughter.... was in the room..... investigators say... he "mishandled" the gun.... causing it to fire. the little girl was shot... a valley man got a rude awakening when he woke up to an attacker in his bedroom near washington and valley view. police say two people in masks broke into the home and dragged the man out of bed.. hitting him several times before taking off with some cash. only on 13 action news.. we're hearing from the victim. eric boehm, attace home 7:58:48-7:58:56 "it was like a big flash in my head that's how hard they hit me. i still can't see out of this eye very well." the two attackers are still on the run tonight. we could all use a little good news right now--and for one henderson woman... we're giving her just that and delivering results after she was slapped with an enormous bill! you first met.... mae pickens..... on monday ... and tonight ... she has a happy ending.... to the absolute nightmare....
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"these checks are for the plumbers." she's retired ... on a fixed income ... and drowning ... in bills! "another company was 320, and another company is 75." mae pickens ... suddenly on the hook for up 20 "the thought on your mind always constantly." the problem --- this broken water and sewer line! the resulting flood ... totally caught mae off guard! "i was like, what the heck, my foot got wet!" contractors told her the lines .... on her property ... were never attached properly. she says the city ... was giving her the run around. "i was constantly calling, and trying to get some resulotion, and of course nobody's hearing you." until she called us. we did the story... two days later.
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"this is what he handed me." a form to fill out... and get fully re-imbursed for all the repairs. now that pep in her step! i'm making a guacoomole! is back -- i am elated i tell you, thank you tricia! hahahahah you're welcome mae. we looked into this.... after mae reached out to us. so.. if you have a story.... you'd like us to check out.. send us an e-mail.... to and... please be sure to include.... your phone number. we are continu breaking news out of los angeles...where police are starting to take protesters into custody. protests spilled onto the 101, blocking traffic in downtown los angeles at one point completely shutting down the highway. no word yet on number of arrests there just yet but police say protesters have been tagging buildings, throwing rocks and spray painting news vehcles.
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but... you can't light up... quite yet. there will still be..... a little bit of a wait. january first is the day..... it becomes legal for people.... -21- and older..... to possess and smoke up.... to an ounce of weed. smoking will only be allowed..... indoors at private homes.... so... you can't do it.... in casinos or hotel rooms. another set back... it could take time..... before there's a plac 12:52:11 matthew gardiner, shango las vegas vice president "can i walk in here and just buy weed today?" "unfortunately not yet. you'll have to wait until the of regulating.... this industry. a family hit with some unexpected..... baby daddy drama. so right then, we all kind of questioned what was wrong how they say... a doctor scammed them and other parents....
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new tonight... two local restaurants are in a competition no one wants to be in. 18:08 darcy stand up tease: the race for the top dirty dining spot was simply too close to call. the candidates were separated by such a slim margin--just one demerit--that we decided we'll give you a dirty dining two-fer. that, plus a cockroach infestation closure coming up. bryan we're continuing to follow
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in los angeles...police have started to take demonstrators into custody
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gathered outside trump international hotel san francisco 49'ers quarterback colin kaepernick
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quarterback colin kaepernick says he has no regrets about sitting out the presidential election. kaepernick has been criticized after admitting he didn't vote. and today.. the former u-n-r standout was ripped by espn's stephen a. smith. 05-20 "as far as i'm concerned... flaming hypocrite." 42- to turn around and not even take your shameful " during a conference call today.. kaepernick told reporters it didn't matter who ends up in the white house because the system would still oppress people of color seceding
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became the president-elect.. some of the most influential minds in silicon valley becan calling for california to secede from the union. that includes the co-founder of the hyperloop.. which is being developed in north las vegas. last night.. shervin pishevar posted a series of tweets announcing his plans to fund a legitimate campaign for california to become its own nation. within hours.. several other tech founders offered their support. like many races on election day... the race for the top dirty dining was too close.... to call. the candidates were separated..... by such a slim margin...... that darcy spears decided to give us..... a dirty dining two-fer. we begin on flamingo and swenson at mint indian bistro--topping the dirty dining list with a 33-demerit c grade. 2:38 vel murugan/chef: just temperature on the food. nothing else for the other things. darcy: well, this is a five-page-long health report so it does talk about more than just food temperatures.
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containers of utensils stored in dirty water. a dirty towel in direct contact with food. and yellow slime in the ice machine and on fridge racks. and check out the splashes and food debris all over the outlets and wall behind these potatoes. 4:05 darcy: what should your customers think? chef: uh, we are really unhappy for this one. so, we say to them we gonna do that properly and handling for the food and the temperatures. /nat transition/ pinoy-pinay filipino restaurant on sahara one demerit behind with 32 and a c grade. 16:31 darcy: 32 is a lot of demerits and a c grade is no good. ismael: yeah, i know it's not good but what you can do? owner ismael trinidad says his restaurant is old and some things need to be fixed. but that doesn't explain the dirty cutting boards, equipment and pipes soiled with black grease, oil and food debris. or the floors that were just
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took them by surprise. 12:45 d: you know you have to be prepared at any given time for them to show up, right? ismael: i know that. (laughs) fried fish was left out too long and spinach was expired. 12:56 darcy there was 10-day-old spinach that they found. ismael: actually, because, you know--that's a vegetable--i never expect that there is a expiration. we were particularly curious about this knife that lost its tip. 15:41 darcy: hopefully that knif anybody's food. ismael: no. i don't think so. d: you don't think so? i: no. (laughs) d: you hope not. i: yeah. (laughs) as we get ready to leave, we let him know when our report will air. 17:09 ismael: i don't want to watch it. d: you don't want to watch? i: (laughing) you think i'm gonna watch it? d: maybe not. i: (more laughter) both of the imminent health hazard closures came at swish in chinatown on
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the restaurant and sushi bar were shut down because of a cockroach infestation. in the sushi bar, this glue h life-cycle displaying bugs of every size. darcy tag: swish and mint indian bistro both got their a grades back. pinoy-pinay still has a c. darcy spears, 13 action news. outrage in indiana tonight where an fertility doctor is accused of using his own sperm to impregnate his patients without telling them. former patiento idea until one of their children took a dna test. (jacoba ballard, daughter) "i decided that i wanted to take a dna test, i had been told that i was from donor sperm." (jacoba ballard, daughter) "when i took that test, i found seven right then, we all kind of questioned what was wrong." that sperm was supposed to come from a medical resident.. and was
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more than 3 successful pregnancies. instead.. cline is accused of using his own sperm to impregnate patients at least 50 times. he's now facing up to 5-years in prison if convicted. some stunning video out of san diego of a suspected drunk driver.. passed out behind the wheel on a freeway. a highway patrol officer is seen tapping on her window.. trying to wake her up.. when she starts driving away slowly. the officer chased her.. and even tried to bash the window open. she eventually pulle where she was put in handcuffs. as we head toward the end of the week we will keep the sunshine around with highs running about ten degrees above the normal. overnight lows will be near 60 in las vegas which is also ten degrees above where we should be. expect winds to be light! by the weekend, a weak disturbance passes north of the valley and
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along with bringing in slightly cooler air. mostly sunny skies will be common with highs just above 75 degrees in the valley. winds will be light and overnight lows will stay mild, into the mid 50s. early next week highs will try to hit 80 degrees again but as we move later into the week a big cool down could be heading our way. it looks dry through the extended forecast, but with any weather system things can change so stay tuned for the latest. we're learning more tonight about the married couple..
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yard of a suspected serial killer. .. a major development tonight.... in the child abuse investigation... and we're following breaking news right now on anti-trump protests outside trump international hotel.. dozens are holding signs and chanting. out to los angeles now where protesters have shut down interstate 101.. police in riot gear have moved in to try and restore order.
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couple went missing last december after they were
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today.. investigators also removed a storage container from todd kohlhepp's property where a woman was found chained inside. cleared brad pitt has been cleared.... of child abuse charges. child and family services closed the case..... after investigating.... a verbal and physical abuse incident! according to t-m-z... it happened on a private jet..... back in september.... while pitt was intoxicated. days later... angelina jolie filed for divorce... from pitt. for now... she has custody of their -6- children. we'll be right back with a
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we'll be right back with a final look at your wake-up we'll be right back with a final look at your wake-up weather forecast. but first...
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with a preview of tonight's show... right after.... 13 action news. ((verbatim)) that's our news for tonight..
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up next. and remember.. we're always on at and on the ktnv mobile app. and we leave you with pictures of the protests happening in los angeles our next reports begin.... at 4:30- am... on "good morning las vegas". thank you for watching... and... from all of us at channel 13... good night. and this just in--a crash on the 215 is backing up traffic
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