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tv   Action News 5pm  ABC  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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person taking off. keshaun brown lives at the home with his mom -- and says he didn't know the people at the party that well. sot i would never put myself in a stolen vehicle, that's just stupid.. brown says he was arrested along with several others... but was released when they realized he wasnt involved... but neighbors are still worried... they say there's been a spike in crime lately... and this recent issue has caused tension... sot they should be at home. they shouldnt be out in the streets partying, or at talk... that... brown just wants them to realize they have more in common than they think, he we're human. it's gonna happen. so i just want to let people know i'm not the guy you think i am. i'm better than that. now as for the students involved in this.... although this is metro's case... ccsd police say they've also been made aware of the situation... but so far, theyre not aware of any disciplinary action against the students at this point... tom george, 13 action news.
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construction..... could impact your commute.... in the coming weeks. all lanes of "frank sinatra drive"..... near "the mandalay bay parking garage".... will be closed from 9 p-m through 6 a-m..... -5- nights a week... starting monday. it's part of a project..... to enhance mandalay bay's.... pylon sign. those closures will be in effect.... until friday... december - 23-rd. the transition of power is underway in washington.. with a little more than 2- months before donald trump's inauguration. a major part of that will be selecting cabinet memb the transition team is now being led by vice-president elect mike pence.. who replaced new jersey governor chris christie earlier today. christie.. and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani.. are both being circulated as potential candidates for u-s attorney general. 40-45 "q: what's your role expected to be? giuliani> i have no idea. i have no expectation, all i do is give my advice." sources also say r-n-c chair reince preibus is now the leading contender for chief of staff. trump campaign manager kellyanne conway also says she
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breaking right now--las vegas police are preparing for dueling protests this weekend. chopper 13 fast and first over trump international hotel where more than 15-hundred anti-trump protesters are expected to march on the strip tomorrow night, police are monitoring social police are monitoring social media posts saying counter protests by trump supporters are also planned in the exact same spot. there hae every night since tuesday-- all peaceful. 'we reject the president-elect' a third day of protests.... across the country..... as students leave their classes.... to speak out against..... the president-elect. this is video from a rally..... in a new paltz, new york... which is about -80- miles.... north of new york city. an effort is underway online to urge members of the electoral college to change their votes
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clinton.. when the ballots are cast on december 19th. they argue there is nothing in the constitution that requires the electors to cast ballots in accordance with the popular vote in each state. but.. a switch isn't likely. this is the petition right now on '' it currently needs less than 100- thousand signatures to reach the 3- million supporter goal. meantime... billionaire.... warren buffett is weighing in.... on the presidential race... te he's optimistic about the economy.... under a "trump presidency". (warren buffett/ceo of berkshire hathaway) "stock market will be high in 10, 20, 30 years from now, it would have been with hillary and it will be with trump." (poppy harlow/cnn) "so all of these predictions that the market was going to tank under a president trump?" (warren buffett/ceo of berkshire hathaway) "they're silly." he went on to say.... that trump's proposed tariff.... on goods... from mexico and china.... is a bad idea. we're seeing an election night fallout in the ranks of the
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clean sweep on election night. donna brazille has been the acting dnc chair since wikileaks released emails that led to the resignation of debbie wasserman shultz. on msnbc.. former dnc chair howard dean expressed an interest in taking the job again.. and reaching out to young voters. "they already are the largest demographic group in the country and they're the group that voted most heavily for hillary clinton." things could get democrats before they get better. in two years.. they'll be defending 2-dozen senate seats.. including several in predominately republican states. president obama continuing a veterans day tradition.... laying a wreath..... on the tomb of the unknown soldier today.... at "arlington national cemetery". he used his last veterans day speech..... to try to bring unity.... after the election...
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search for ways to come together, to reconnect with one another and with the principles that are more enduring than transitory politics, some of our best examples are the men and women we salute on veterans day. the president said today... the u-s military is our country's.... most diverse institution.. but... they are all.... "forged into common servic this is a day to honor and thank our nation's veterans.. and las vegas knows how to do it. the annual veterans day parade wound through the streets of downtown las vegas this morning.. hosted by our very own beth fisher and dayna roselli. 13 action news reporter marissa kynaston was also on hand for the big salute. it gives you goosebumps for some-- its a celebration-- others-- a time to honor people they love-- for this group of women-- the annual las vegas veterans day parade-- is
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husband married just nine months before he was drafted. i didn't know if i was going to see him again this year-- years-- of watching their husbands march in this parade. parade they say-- this parade is somewhat therapeutic-- for both themselves-- and their husbands. it has really helped him to get over all that he has gone through the parade wasn't peaceful... for all... organizers said... one group that was marching.... should not have been there. 13 action news reporter.... david schuman explains.... what the problem was. veterans for peace -- it's a group against war and militarism. they marched in the back of the parade today but parade organizers quickly blocked them from the route. the marchers say golf carts circled around them and when they tried to continue on...police were called. one man was handcuffed and
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car for some time and eventually let go. organizers say they don't feel the group veterans for peace represented what the parade was about. they say the group was promoting a political message -- something they didn't want on this veterans day. 13:08:41 bill stojack, parade chair "they won't even listen to people. they did not pay an entry that we're aware of. they just decided to jump in at the tail end." butt with 13:06:28 michael kerr, veterans no trouble. we were just like any other group with our banners, just marching. we weren't getting engaged into any problems or nothing." no one was arrested but this stance taken by the organizers today has precedent. twice before they say they've had to kick out groups because they were marching with a political message. reporting live..david schuman..13 action news. in honor of veterans day.. madame tussaud's-las vegas unveiled its captain america wax figure at nellis air force base. that means 250-thousand people will have a chance to see it..
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during this weekend's aviation nation air show. the theme of this year's show at nellis air force base is celebrating 75 years of airpower. several 13 action news employees have veterans in their families.. so one way we're honoring our loved ones who've served in uniform.. you can find a slideshow on our facebook page. we would also love to see some of your pictures of family members and read their stories. you can leave those in the comment section below the video. the water crisis in fl michigan continues... and now... a federal judge has ordered michigan state officials..... to deliver bottled water to homes.... there. the motion was filed... as part of a case..... brought under "the safe drinking water act". the natural resources defense council and the a-c-l-u of michigan called it.... a victory for flint residents... who have been without clean drinking water.... for more than.... - 2- years. police have stopped the ground search..... for a california mom.... who disappeared while jogging.... last week. her husband has been ruled
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after passing a lie detector test and proving..... he was at work.... when she disappeared. police found.... her cell phone and strands of her hair.... along the road. they are going through her phone.... looking at surveillance and following up on tips.... trying to figure out.... what happened. one person is dead after this crash near sahara and valley view. we're told one of the drivers suffered a heart attack and hit another car. the person who had the heart attack died. no word on any other injuries. a water main break..... causing a big mess at a major near the strip. the line broke... early this morning.... sending water pouring down the road... near paradise and desert inn. it took crews several hours... to fix the break. they think.... it all started from an old pipe.... that burst. using public transportation is getting a little easier thanks to a new r-t-c app. it officially launches wednesday with a celebration at the bonneville transit center. each month.. anyone who downloads the ride-r-t-c app can be entered into a drawing to win a 150-dollar visa gift card. the free app lets you buy a
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a disturbing case of deja-vu is playing out again in one valley neighborhood. and it all has to do with a disturbing discovery in mailboxes. when you ask.. we investigate. and... a consumer alert for parents... see why a feature..... intended to keep your children safer.... could lead to health problems! plus.. parents with smartphones could be in line for a special refund. bryan.
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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condos as protesters marched along streets in an outraged father in texas says his daughter is recovering from a serious injury after her i-phone overheated in her pocket. (randy veazey/father) "here you can see where it burned." "smoke was billowing out. it smelled really bad." it's the latest in a string of smartphone mishaps over the
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the father says he took the iphone back to a houston apple store where employees took some pictures of it so they can try to figure out what happened. parents do a lot of you could still buy one.... that will put their health.... at risk. all car seats are made..... with at least..... one flame retardant..... to meet the federal flammability standard... for vehicles.... but... they can also expose kids.... to toxic chemicals. "over time these chemicals can migrate out of the product into the air." window of exposure when the brain is developing that can lead to later life effects in adulthood." fire specialists say... flame retardants.... won't keep kids safe.... in a fire... and... can only stop a small flame.... that starts in the car seat..... which is why some argue.... the federal standard for vehicles is irrelevant. some neighbors in one part of the valley say they're in disbelief after racist letters showed-up in their mailbox.. made to look like they're coming from their h-o-a.
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happened. contact 13 investigative reporter stephanie zepelin looked into the latest letter in a story you asked us to investigate. the streets of this spring valley neighborhood are quiet....and people who live here are also without words. 18.34.47 i was kind of shocked and in disbelief 50 that someone would actually take the time to put that in our mailbox 53 mr a viewer sent us this... a photo of a letter filled with racial slurs -- they got in the mail....with the name of the hoa managment company and their lawfirm's seal stamped o 18.35.34 it's really scary 35 in 2016 to think that i have to look over my back 41 and its not just about me 43 it's about my kids 44 mr we reached out to the hoa management company -- prime management -- which confirmed it had nothing to do with the letter. they are asking people who get the letters to handle them as little as possible, put them in a plastic bag, and deliver them to the management company. they're hoping to find fingerprints of the sender and have been working with the fbi.
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know, that's why i saved it 35 johnny oswald also saved the envelope...and noticed a return address. so we set out to track down the home -- and you'll never guess who lives there! the answer on action news live at six. soc. we looked into this after a viewer reached out to us. if you have a story you'd like us to investigate, just send us an email to 13investigates@ktnv.c om and please be sure to include your telephone number. from contact -13-... involving the sweetner... "dunkin donuts" is offering customers. the company that makes "splenda"... is suing.... the donut chain. "dunkin" used to offer splenda... but... cut ties with the sugar substitute... this year. the lawsuit claims... the chain now offers.... a chinese-made sweetener... in yellow packets... similar to splenda. the suit says... dunkin... is damaging splenda's reputation... and is seeking damages. nats of music and dancing. a california woman is getting a
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enthusiastic dancing at golden state warriors games. robin screiber is a retired teacher and season ticket holder for 28-years. her trademark sweaters and dance moves have been on the jumbo-tron 22 times. she says she went all out at the latest game because the election was getting everyone down... and she wanted to give people a reason to be smile. adlib let's go to chief meteorologist bryan sco these highs well above normal will subside and we will just fall into the above normal category for the weekend. highs will drop a few degrees on saturday compared to friday. we expect to top out at 76 to start the weekend and increase that number to 77 on sunday.
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likely through the day saturday, more sun on sunday. overnight lows will drop into the mid 50s each morning which is still warmer than where they should be. to start off the week highs will approach 80 for monday with nothing but sunshine across southern nevada. but sunshine across southern nevada. winds will pick up on wednesday to the windy category but those winds will bring in bigger
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we will drop those temperatures back to near 70 on wednesday with partly sunny skies. overnight into thursday expect some cold conditions in the morning with lows in the 40s. highs will even be cooler into thursday afternoon. rain as of now is slight, but there is a chance we pick up a light shower in spots. a lot of parents deal with a common problem- your child buys an app without now.. some legal action is being taken to reimburse your money if it happens to you. and... at -6- after more and more crime inside convenience stores...workers are taking action. and what they're doing is raising a lot of eyebrows.
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have shut down that lane...this started in downtown miami about an hour ago police say some protesters have been injured by people throwing glass bottles out of as protesters marched along streets in downtown. right now protests are going in miami, new york, philly and atlanta. it makes.... every parent cringe... the thought of our kids..... racking up hundreds of dollars in purchases.... on our cell phones...
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a judge has told "amazon".... it has to reimburse parents.... that's happened to. the f-t-c had accused amazon of making it too easy..... to use its app.... to make in-game purchases... adding up to -86- million dollars.... in unauthorized charges. amazon must now set up.... a process.... early next year... to alert parents... if they're eligible for refunds. to start off the week highs will approach 80 for monday with nothing but sunshine across southern nevada. winds will pick up on wednesday to the windy category but those winds will bring in we will drop those temperatures back to near 70 on wednesday with partly sunny skies. overnight into thursday expect some cold conditions in the longer - and smoke marijuana once in a while. she's back. we'll get her reaction to trump's presidential win and her excitement over the legalization of recreational marijuana.. tonight at six.
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in tonight's primetime line-up.... right here on abc... at -8-... it's "last man standing"... at 8:30... "doctor ken".... and... we will see you tonight... for action news... live at -11-... that's our news for now.. but.. stay with us.... for abc's world news... up next. we're always on at and on our free ktnv mobile app. we'll see you back here in
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tonight, we take you inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump, building his cabinet. members of the trump family in on the decisions. the shakeup already. one name moved aside. plus, donald trump's new comments about obama care. will he not repeal it after all? america divided. anger spilling into the streets. the protesters outraged after the election. but tonight, the question. the protesters, did they vote? messages of hate in schools across the country. new letters going home to parents after disturbing scenes. the new images here this evening. the takedown. the police officer dragged down the street, the confrontation that follows. and the state of emergency, the major city barely visible through the smoke. more than three dozen fires


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