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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 12, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. new overnight -- the post-election protests, demonstrations now turning ugly. police launching tear gas as president-elect donald trump shakes up his transition team. who's in charge now and is he changing his tune on obamacare? wildfires. the states of emergency. dozens of fires now burning across the southeast. the reward to catch the arsonists and the health concerns for millions of people this morning. the police shooting caught on camera. an officer dragged down the street, struggling with the driver, the officer's gun going off. >> you shot me -- >> did that officer intend to shoot? and the global go-getter.
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become the youngest woman to visit every country in the world. why she's doing it and what she's calling the most beautiful part of her epic journey. hey, good morning. we have a shot here of trump tower in midtown manhattan. where, this morning, decisions are being made about who's going to run this country for the next four years. >> and we now know that vice president-elect mike pence will be taking over the transition team. we're also hearing a flurry of reports about the various republicans, including rudy giuliani and newt gingrich, who could move into some of the top positions. meanwhile, it was another night of anti-trump protests. in portland, oregon, one person got shot. >> we'll have much more on the simmering divisions in this
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house, reporting on the transition from an obama administration to a trump administration. mary, good morning. >> good morning. the president-elect is walking back from a central promise of his campaign after meeting with president obama, hearing his direct appeal, trump now says he may keep some of the obamacare after all. throughout his campaign, candidate donald trump said obamacare had to go. >> obamacare has to be replaced. we will stop the obamacare madness. we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: but now, president-elect trump says he's open to keeping parts of the obama health care law. in a "60 minutes" interview, he suggests two of the most popular provisions may be safe from the chopping block. >> when you replace it, are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. and also children living with their parents for an extended period. we'll very much try and keep that.
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care plans will look like one of the many questions facing his transition team. which saw a major staff shake-up on friday. that team is now being led by vice president-elect mike pence. he's replaced embattled new jersey governor chris christie who's taking on a lesser role and what about trump's cabinet? >> there a number of people being talked about for different jobs. ultimately, that's donald trump's decision. >> reporter: playing a big role in that decision, trump's children. donald junior, ivanka and eric, all named to the transit team. they'll help build their father's administration as they also help to build the family business. the potential conflict of interest is drawing criticism after the trump promised a strict separation. >> we're not going to be involved in government? >> there will be a wall between you and your siblings and your father? >> 100%. we won't talk about it. >> reporter: cabinet contenders
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giuliani, who's now being considered for attorney general or secretary of state. >> so many positions to fill. now, mary, donald trump has over 4,000 positions to fill. presumably the most urgent right now is chief of staff. what do we know about the direction he's leaning? >> in addition to reince priebus trump's son-in-law jared kushner is being eyed for the job. in fact, he visited here with trump. he even got a tour here from the man who currently holds the job. paula. >> all of this to be determined. mary, thank you. and tensions remain high as the nation is still deeply divided over trump's election. for the third straight night, anti-trump protesters have taken to the streets while supporters are speaking out in support, and abc's gloria riviera is in washington for us this morning. >> reporter: that's right, overnight, heated anti-trump protests in more than a dozen cities across the country. initially in a tweet, president will have elect donald trump dismissed them.
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saying they hope this is just the beginning of the nation's strongest protests since occupy wall street. overnight, protesters across the country denouncing donald trump's victory. violent demonstrators, seen here in portland, threatened with tear gas, after allegedly throwing burning objects at officers. investigators saying one protester was hurt in a shooting that broke out during the protest. the injuries not life-threatening. in other cities -- philadelphia, dallas and miami -- thousands marching mainly peacefully against the president-elect. despite trump's losing of the popular vote to hillary clinton his supporters who propelled him to win 29 states, say they staged their protest in the ballot box. >> give us somebody who's not a politician, give us somebody who's successful but one of the people. >> i think he's going to surround himself with the right people. >> we know that there's going to
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>> reporter: electing trump in part to voice frustration in a sense of marginalization for the last several years. >> so many things rushed through my head. my children's future, feeling safe and secure. >> reporter: it's the silent majority trump and his campaign repeatedly predicted. >> and we're going to washington, d.c., to drain the swamp! >> reporter: tensions also spilling into schools across the country. the fbi now investigating an incident targeting black students at the univsi pennsylvania. according to school officials, students were anonymously added to a group chat featuring racist slurs, threats and photos depicting lynchings. >> people started to get more confidence. now that they see someone in charge that shares the same morals they feel confident with like projecting that. >> reporter: in the protests in portland police say more than $1 million in damage has been done. there are more protests planned
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angeles, and reports of plans for a significant protest here in washington, d.c., on january 20th, when president-elect donald trump takes the oath of office. dan, paula. >> it's a tense time in america. gloria, thank you. let's get more on all of this now with cokie roberts who's also in washington this morning. cokie, good morning. i want to start with this obamacare news, i guess the question is, if trump is willing resistance on obamacare, what does this say about his intention to follow through on his other big campaign promises like building wall? >> i think that he's fairly frank about the fact that some of that was for campaign purposes and he says he's concentrating on taxes and jobs. and of course, that makes a lot of sense because that's what people really care about. but what he says about obamacare
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really popular, being able to get insurance even if you have a pre-existing condition. keeping young people on parents' coverage until they're 26. those are very popular measures. now, how he's going to pay for that without having the rest of the structure of the bill is an interesting question. same thing about the wall, you know, we already have a good bit of wall along our southern border, does he really need tope of it? and is mexico going to do it? of course not. i think he's going to pick and choose and do the things that he thinks the voters really care about in their day-to-day lives as opposed to these big campaign statements. >> cokie, we talked about these positions, 4,000 positions that trump needs to fill. 1100 need senate approval. including defense secretary. now, the washington post reporting this morning he's eyeing new hampshire senator -- former senator now, kelly ayotte
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didn't vote for him, is this a sign he's willing to surround himself with people that he doesn't always agree with? >> we'll see. kelly ayotte's a real loss to the senate, in fact, she's able to go across party lines and get things done, and the fact that he is thinking about her does show you there might be an outreach beyond his inner circle. that circle was awfully small. as you saw in mary's piece, his children have been such a part of that. he has to get beyond that immediate group. but, so, whether that includes people who have disagreed with him, look, he sat down with the president the other day, the two of them could not have been harsher about each other, and came out saying glowing things and so maybe we're seeing a more subdued presidential donald trump.
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>> not much time has elapsed, though. we'll see how things progressed. we're really at this contentious point in american history. i'm just curious, given your experience covering politics, what would you say to the americans who are pinning so much hope on this president and those fearing anger and fear and dread about this new president. >> well, starting there, you wonder how much of these protesters voted. but the fact is that he should do something to speak to the people who are angry and frightened, particularly to the immigrant communities, the muslim community and these horrific stories we're hearing about kids being harassed in schools. he needs to actually stand up publicly and say something, make some kind of gesture that makes clear he disapproves of this and he's reaching out to the people who are frightened in the country.
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excited i think they'll stay excited for a while. just the notion they did it. they won. they beat the odds. they told all the smart washington types that we were all wrong and so i think that they'll stay with a sense of excitement. and if he can do something quick, like an infrastructure bill, where people really go to work right away building highways and airports and such, that will -- that will make people happy. >> roughly 68 days until the inauguration. cokie, thanks for the insight. and across the southeast, battles are going on right now to get a handle on dozens of wildfires that are burning. blanketing cities in thick smoke. arson is suspected in several of them with a reward being offered to find those responsible and rob is here with the latest and how long people will be waiting for relief. hi, rob. >> reporter: hi, paula. it's been a horribly dry fall and summer for parts of the southeast. a drought emergency in many areas.
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and this morning we're coming to figure that some of these may have been intentionally set. this morning, wildfires raging across the southeast. several areas under a state of emergency, the situation intensifying with 37 large fires burning across 7 states. investigators suspect arsonists are to blame for some of the fires. with arrests already made in tennessee and kentucky. now, the state of alabama offering a $5,000 reward to catch those responsible. in some of the hardest-hit areas, over 60,000 acres scorched over the last few weeks. >> it's devastating and it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: alabama in a drought emergency, urging residents to refrain from building outside fires. >> this one little ember from a fire even though it could be innocent can cause a lot of damage. >> reporter: the rash of wildfires is driving some families from their homes. >> this smoke stretches out for
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much of the southeast seeing one of the driest years on record. >> the smoke almost blocks out the sun that it's so bad. >> reporter: the smoke so intense blanketing the city of atlanta. air quality concerns are high for residents especially those with asthma and other health concerns. sadly, the smokey mountains have become just that the past couple of weeks and some of that dense smoke getting into some highly populated areas. there are two large fires burning in north carolina. if they combine it would be the largest wildfire there in history. we have very dry conditions for the next 6 to 14 days across the fire zone. dan. >> rob, thank you. we'll be coming back to you soon for the national forecast. now to the dual investigations that have been launched into this newly released video. showing a routine traffic stop escalating into a dangerous confrontation. here's abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: this morning, authorities in new jersey
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shooting, all captured on this dash cam video. the newly released recording shows the driver as he was pulled over in october for driving with a handicap placard visible in his truck. as the officer asked him to turn off his engine, brown hits the gas taking the policeman along with him, slamming into a parked car. within moments -- >> get the [ bleep ] on the ground. >> reporter: brown takes off running. the officer grabs him and that's when -- you hear the officer's gun go off, shooting brown once in the leg though he seems unaware. >> the investigation of the shooting will also focus on whether the officer intended to shoot brown during the scuffle as they were coming across the street or was it an accidental discharge. >> reporter: the scuffle continuing until the officer manages to get brown to the
7:15 am
this morning, attorneys for brown telling abc news they're conducting their own investigation. writing, i ask that no one rush to judgment based on a short video clip only. and brown faces several charges including aggravated assault and possession of a weapon. because investigators say a loaded gun was found in the truck he was driving. the officer is on administrative leave while the prosecutor's office investigates, which is standard procedure. >> marci, thank you very much. lots other news overnight. we kick it over to ron claiborne. good morning, sir. good morning, everyone. and we begin with breaking news from afghanistan overnight, where a suicide bomber killed at least four people in the country's main american military base and afghan official said as the attacker snuck on bagram air force base detonated the device. the taliban claimed responsibility for that bombing. no word yet on whether any americans are among the dead.
7:16 am
former mental patient stabbed and wounded six people at mental health facility outside pittsburgh. police say the man went into that building armed with a knife attacking people and taking hostages. his complaint -- he had been a patient and he said it ruined his life. and six west point cadets are facing drug charges this morning. officials at the u.s. military academy in upstate new york, say the cadets planned to distribute controlled suta charges is the first step in the court-martial procedure. and more than 3.5 million combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are being recalled this morning, because owners may not know when they stopped working. the devices are supposed to make a chirping sound at the end of their seven-year life span. you can find details on the recall at
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its hands. the company releasin throwback version of its original 1980's gaming system yesterday. retailers reporting selling all of their available units in a matter of minutes. they plan to have more of the systems available in time for the holiday season. and finally, a tale of a fisherman in florida who kind of had the tables turned on him. the man the fisherman has a giant grpe of his line, trying to reel it in. >> oh, my gosh. >> overboard. his friends managed to get him back in the boat. and he even managed to pull the fish the grouper, into the boat. >> a little catch and release. >> a little catch and release. yeah. >> more like tug of war. >> oh, my gosh. >> better off playing nintendo. thank you, ron. >> yeah, the fish has a human story. all right, so, rob, dan
7:18 am
is that what you have for us? >> fishing forecast will be chilly across parts of the east. look at these windchills. 34 is what it feels in new york city. charlotte, north carolina, this cold air gets down into the southeast as well. all part of that big high that's created the drought conditions. meanwhile, across the pacific northwest, a system that's coming in today, 30 to 45 mile an hour gusts. the next system coming in tomorrow, some heavy rain with it and another one coming on tuesday and wednesday, some snow getting no snow across the midsection of the country. warming up into the 60s and 70sn
7:19 am
and now that the election is over, we can look forward to who will be the grand marshal at the thanksgiving parade. that will spark controversy, i'm sure. i have no idea who it will be. >> can we write in dan harris? >> i would write in rob marciano. well, a connecticut woman is on a record-breaking mission trying to become the first woman to visit every country. >> and diane macedo is reporting on this epic journey. good morning. >> reporter: she calls this expedition 196. because 196 countries is how many she intends to visit. that will set a new record for the timing, if she can do it in less than three years and three months. she was aiming for two years. and even with that ambitious
7:20 am
schedule. from afghanistan and zimbabwe and everywhere in between, a millennial is a few flights away from becoming the first woman to visit every country in the world. >> it's becoming really surreal now. >> reporter: the 27-year-old hit the road last july, painstakingly plotting a two-year trip on this old map. she took off from portland, oregon. she headed to new zealand, fiji, instagramming her journey along the way. but the connecticut native said the most beautiful part of her trip has been the kindness of strangers. >> the humanity and the kindness of people around the world i think sometimes we underestimate that. >> reporter: she's already checked 181 countries off her list, just 15 shy of the 196 she's aiming for, but travel doesn't come cheap. she's already spent nearly
7:21 am
but she says she's all worth it. not only to set a world record but hopefully make a difference. >> my goal is to educate while promoting positive peace through sustainable tourism. >> and she said sustainability is really important for her. she does have an organization that agrees to plant trees to offset the carbon footprint of this whole trip. she's also been doing volunteer work herself on that front end. she's planting in every country she's visiting. >> i think she's doing it for the frequent flyer miles. >> that could be true. she said this has gotten dicey at times. but she said the hardest part is health. because you're on the road, you're traveling, you're eating badly so she's focusing on fitness. she doesn't want to get sick, that would be a huge setback. >> and when is she finished?
7:22 am
she only has 15 countries left. she's well ahead of schedule. she's been spending, over time, a little more than three days in each country. >> incredible. >> all right, coming up here on "good morning america" -- a moving and disturbing interview with the veteran cops who found a woman chained inside a shipping container. by an alleged serial killer. you want to see this. "good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. drive what's possible. t to you . drive what's possible. container. "good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. drive what's possible. a giant wooden tiger well, the answer is that a real one would maul me. i've crafted dr. whiskers here as a visual aid to show you that should you visit the lot, carmax associates will not pounce like tigers because people don't like that. come here to buy a car. dr. whiskers won't pounce. nobody will.
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all right, welcome back to "good morning america" on a saturday morning. happening right now, the trump transition, a shake-up on the team. president-elect donald trump putting his running mate in charge as rumors swirl about who he will call for duty for his administration. this as shots ring out as anti-trump protesters take to the streets for a third straight night. also right now, the bataclan reopens one year after the deadly attacks in paris. the bataclan musical is reopening with a special concert by sting. the musician is familiar with that particular venue, he played there decades ago as lead singer of the police. and a computer glitch on facebook has some users reassuring family and friends that yes, they're not dead. despite accidentally turning some accounts into memorial pages, including that of
7:31 am
facebook apologizing for the mistake. saying, the problem has been fixed. i guess you could say there was a so-called media resurrection. everyone coming back for the dead. >> can't believe it happened to him. >> of all people. coming up, michelle obama gracing the cover of "vogue" magazine and she's also the subject of a lengthy and revealing article inside, her thoughts on saying good-bye to life at the white house. that's coming up. but first, we're hearing from the law enforcement officials this morning who rescued a woman from an alleged serial killer. >> they found kala brown chained up in a shipping container, just the start of their horrifying discoveries. eva pilgrim says the hunt is on for more victims. good morning. >> reporter: a seemi ingly successful real estate agent,
7:32 am
figure out just how many victims he had. >> i think we saw a lot of things that day that will stay with us. >> reporter: this morning, for the first time, the detectives who found the lone survivor of the alleged south carolina serial killer, are speaking to abc news. >> she just looked at me and she said thank you so much for finding me. >> reporter: detectives left stunned when finding kala brown, the south carolina woman missing for two months. brown responding to the officers by knocking back from inside a shipping container. once inside, they discovered she was chained up like a dog inside a metal cage. >> we were shocked when we heard the knocks back. the conditions were horrible. >> reporter: a cell phone ping led investigators looking for brown and her missing boyfriend. charles david carver, to this body. carver's body found in this shallow cave. but the investigators finding
7:33 am
carver's family crediting his disappearance for leading investigators to the owner of this property. he allegedly dropping a bomb shell secret once in custody. confessing to four murders in 2003 and showing investigators where two more bodies were buried on his property. their graves not far from where kala was found. investigators now searching other properties kohlhepp owned. >> there are details that the public does not know and if all the details are made available it will be shocking to the public. >> reporter: investigators telling us they have started looking outside the state of south carolina for evidence and possible other victims, kohlhepp's not entered a plea in any of these cases. >> she said there's information
7:34 am
already shocking. >> it's hard to process, a person who was so active in the community and so involved with so many people could be involved in something like this. >> all right, thanks so much, eva. >> thank you. well, we've been talking about the drought in the southeast and it looks like rob has more on that. >> remember last year, the pacific northwest, northern california they had a big-time drought last year. that has shifted to the southeast. big chunk of it a exceptional drought. some of the worst drought they have seen ever. in northern parts of georgia. this is part of what's going to be a la nina. more dry weather across the south. across the northeast, through parts of eastern mass, some extreme drought as well. so, we could use some rain here. meanwhile, looks to be pretty mild across much of the western part of the u.s. as well. we'll get that storm in the pacific northwest. but generally speaking, very warm and not a lot of snow in the inner mountain west and temperatures are going to be really exceptional here over the next day or two. 63 degrees in minneapolis. big game tonight in iowa city,
7:35 am
on the hawkeyes. looks to be about 40 degrees at kickoff and mostly clear. >> this weather report is brought to you by state farm. another big game today happening, columbia takes on cornell for the battle of the ivy league basement. we'll be there. in upper manhattan. >> where are you guys ranked collectively? >> like i said, maybe 2,000. >> never give up. never give up. >> two of my favorite basement dwellers. just for the record. coming up here on "good morning america" -- michelle obama opening up, her revealing interview with vogue. and is it a cookie or a
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? ?
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magazine for the third and final time as first lady. >> looking lovely as ever. she's looking back at her life in the public eye and looking ahead at her plans for the future. in the twilight in her time as being first lady, michelle obama is opening up about bein life in the white house, in an exclusive interview featured in this month's "vogue" magazine, obama revealing how she felt called to the role devoted to causes. i could have spent eight years doing anything, and at some level it would be fine. >> michelle obama set out to make a difference. >> you should come up and give me a hug. >> reporter: michelle obama has become one of the nation's most popular figures, praised for her let's move campaign. her eclectic sense of fashion and her powerful speaking style.
7:41 am
>> i have seen the very best of the american spirit. >> reporter: gracing the magazine's cover for her third and final time as first lady, obama says when it comes to her legendary taste in designers she tries to be conscience of the power of the position, are they good people? do they treat their staff well? do they treat my staff well? are they young, can i give them a boost? adding that ultimately, fashion when all of that is equal, is it cute? but when it comes to life after 1600 pennsylvania avenue mrs. obama said she's not yet prepared for that role. i won't know until i'm there, she says, i've never been the former first lady of the united states before. adding, but i will always be engaged in some way in public service and public life. now, michelle says that she's worked really hard to maintain some kind of normalcy for the kids. they'll stay in washington until
7:42 am
high school in a couple of years. but the president was quoted in this article they gravitate towards her, they see them in her and she's also not afraid to be a little self-deprecating. coming up here on "good morning america" -- how to talk to your kids about the election and its aftermath. no matter which candidate you supported. and later, "pop news" with the one and only diane macedo. and later, "pop news" with the one and only diane macedo. one and only diane macedo. just press "clean" and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes.
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? after an incredibly contentious election we're now living through a time of real division in this country and this doesn't go unnoticed by our children. let's bring in parenting expert, ericka souter.
7:46 am
do we say to our kids now. >> there are kids who are excited about the outcome but are confused by the anger that's still there and there are kids that are devastated by the outcome. it's really important for parents to acknowledge their feelings but, it's also very important that they make sure their kids feel safe. little kids need to know that the world is not going to end and we're ultimately there to protect them from what's happening outside the house. >> what do you do if you're in a marriage where you and your spouse disagree about who's going to win. >> families don't always agree. i'd like to a tone from president obama's recent activity at the white house. he was very graceful when he invited donald trump there. we can teach our kids that despite their differences you can have tolerance. that's a very important value. to be tolerant of other people and views. >> okay, speaking of tolerance,
7:47 am
have a president-elect who's on the record saying pretty harsh things about his political opponents how do you talk to your chin children about that? >> what parents can do make sure their kids they are the adults they should be modeling. that they don't believe in bullying or treating people unfairly or talking harshly or criticizing people unfairly. so, parents should be the role model that kids look to not necessarily the president. >> interesting times. >> thank you very much. ericka souter, really appreciate it. we'll be right back with diane macedo and "pop news." keep it here. it's time to snap out of it. hello moto. snap on a jbl speaker. a projector. a camera that actually zooms. it's a phone you can change again and again and again. hello moto.
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? "good morning america" is brought to you by avis and the brilliant avis app. this way forward. it's been bit of a heavy morning. let's lighten things up with diane macedo with "pop news."
7:52 am
"hamilton" creator lin-manuel miranda has proven that he can rap about just about anything. ellen put the tony award winner to the test. by asking him to come up with raps for some frustrating situations on the fly. ? sriracha can't find it in the supermarket ? ? i gotcha ? ? oh man then i fall on the floor ? ? cleanup on aisle four ? >> she gave him a list of frustrating situations t about and he just went with it. he also came up with raps for cold showers and mandatory phone updates. >> proof that he's a legit genius. >> yeah, he is. >> he's very, very talented. i don't know he did that. but every single one was perfect. and lady gaga and bradley cooper's upcoming featured film "a star is born" officially has
7:53 am
theaters september 28th of 2018, cooper will double as director and actor stepping behind the camera for the very first time. to remake the story of a hollywood starlet's rise and fall. for lady gaga it will be her first big-screen movie. she has some big shoes to fill. the lead role has already been made famous by both barbra streisand and judy garland. and "hollywood reporter" is now saying that ray liotta may be in talks to join the movie as well. >> 2018. still have a way to go. building suspense early. and speaking of suspense, you know those baby reveal parties, tell you which gender the baby is. one couple decided to go with balloons for their gender reveal party, but it wasn't what they expected. take a look. >> do you have the answer here?
7:54 am
>> they say they opened up the box expecting to see the blue or pink balloons. and instead they were greeted by this parade of multicolored balloons. needless to say, they were a little confused. but they said the balloon company got around to fixing the mishap. it turns out they're having a boy. the question is, is this staged? there's a conspiracy theory going on. >> you cynic you. >> imagine you have all of your family and friends gathered around for this big moment -- oh, it's a -- i mean -- and you might be wondering why all these pringles cans are on the table. pringles is breaking holiday tradition this year, they're switching from savoring to sweet. the cookie chip joined salted caramel and pecan pie. the cans have gotten a merry makeover.
7:55 am
ugly holiday sweater. >> will dan eat one? that's the question. >> the answer is -- >> the sugar cookie option is available in a number of stores. pecan pie and salted caramel as well. let me know what you think. i'm a big pringles fan. i find them confusing. >> ron, you look -- >> the pecan pie is pretty good. >> it's pretty good. >> i got to be honest -- pringles just needs to stick to the original. i'll eat them. >> i don't like them but i will eat them. >> let's just be clear, i don't turn down anything but my collar. >> anyway, that's for after the show. we'll see you tomorrow morning right back here on "good morning america." great job, diane. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. take it easy, everybody.
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action news fast and first to the scene. metro tell us it happened near jones and flamingo just an hour ago. a pedestrian was hit...and is fighting for their life this morning. according to rtc jones is stil closed between flamingo and harmon, breaking news -- overnight four people have been killed after an explosive device detonated at a us military base in afghanistan. officials say at least 14 peole have also been hurt. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. the taliban is saying it was a suicide bomber but officials have yet to confirm. these highs well above normal will subside and we will just fall into the above normal


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