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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  November 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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for veterans day 01.06.09 do you think there's anything you could have done to mitigate this problem or solve this problem? 14 to solve it immediately last night? no. 16 but we did meet today to discuss what options we may have in the future 19 they said they are looking at better communication, other routes, and things they could change for the marathon next year live at mccarran soc we were with emails last night about all of that traffic.. thank everyone who reached out to us. as always.. if you have a story you want us to check out.. send an email to 13investigates@ktnv.c om and be sure to include your phone number. a -13- action news update.... tonight.. a murder suspect has been taken into custody... after metro caught him.... during a call.... related to a theft!!! police say... -18- year-old.... cody sullivan is one of the men.... in this surveillance video....
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the two broke into a home... earlier this month.. and... once inside... they shot and killed a man. the second suspect has not been identified. claimed.... one man's life on the west side of town. police have arrested this man.... peter caris.... in the case. officers say... it was around 9-30.... yesterday morning..... when they found a man shot.... in the street.... near harmon and decatur. they believe... the victim and the suspect were fighting.... right before... the shooting. a woman.. wakes up to a strange noise.. and because of what happened next.. her entire neighborhood near 10th and bonanza is on edge. 13 action news reporter tom george has more. people who live here were shocked not only by what happened to their neighbor but by the fact that the man police say is the suspect is no stranger to their streets. a neighbor over here told me what happened and my heart stopped. neighbors who live near 10th and wilson are on edge after their friendly neighbor was attacked in her own home!
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window. the woman told police when she confronted him- he tried to sexually assault her and then robbed her, stealing cash. the suspect was chased down a few days later - and turns out he's well known on this block... that's our can man - he does white is also a registered sex offender. neighbors just wish they could they would have they could've stop this attack i'm jus that's ignorant - just get a job. everyone else is doing it. now they're just focusing on being there for their neighbor... we have a victim sitting somewhere her life is destroyed over what? they say moving forward, they'll stick together as a community... others say enough is enough... forget a better eye i'm moving. right now phillip white is facing several charges including burglary ,
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assault reporting near 10th and wilson tom george 13 action news breaking right now... a huge back- up causing delays for lots of people on their evening commute... chopper 13 fast and first near the spaghetti bowl where you can see all the traffic there moving pretty slowly. we're not sure what's causing the backup but if you need to head through that area, you'll want to look for alternate routes. a pleasant evening.... here in the valley.... as we take a look.... at current temperatures... it's about to get a whole lot... cooler. let's head over.... to 13 first alert..... chief meteorologist with the details.... on a cold front... headed our way. high pressure will stay in control in the short-term, before a large storm system moves into the area and brings gusty winds and a big coo-down to the area. expect highs in the upper 70s tomorrow, with high clouds and light winds. metro needs your help tonight....
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accused of hitting up.... a local casino. police say... he walked in.... passed a note... and... robbed the casino cage.... with a handgn. near flamingo and koval. no one was hurt..... during the robbery. if you recognize this guy.... call metro. we're learning more tonight about the man arrested after police say he shot his young daughter in the chest. according to the police report.. zachary cory told officers he and his daughter were in his bedroom at the time.. and she began saying she could cock the weapon. he says he handed her the gun after removing the pin. then.. after getting it back.. cory says the gun exploded as
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we're also learning more about a del sol high school employee accused of having sex with a minor. according to the arrest report.. a girl's father called police after she confessed she had sex with ati poni.. who was one of her coaches and a family friend. the arrest report also says poni pulled the girl out of class dozens of times. the silver state is not immune.... from earthquakes.... but... are we prepared..... for a major one? today.... emergency crews got a dose of action news anchor. lesley marin shows us....... how emergency crews brought in.... the national guard... and first responders... to make sure... we're ready! 1:3945 014000 piles of rubble everywhere this entire building completely tumbled to the ground and you can see fake earthquake hit right here at home. 012920 012924 inside the collapsed building there may be some people still al live there may not be people alive.. 12812 12814
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casualties. about 50 people killed..dozens more hurt. this just a drill. but one day it may not be. together the city of north las vegas and the national guard..brought in droves of soldiers, fire crews and police from across the country.. act real life scenarios after a devestating earthquake. while drills are common -- what happened today -- was not. crews as far away as southern california were working with teams here, nd operating out of city hall. north las vegas is the first city to have a drill this size! city leaders say it's all for your family..making sure they will be safe... in case of chaos. 013811 013814 we hope it never happens but if it does we want people to be ready butte 013759 013804 talk to your family your coworkers.. whoever you interact with what emergency plan. so today's drill was to see if it was ready for a big natural diaster..lesley marin 13 an a vacant apartment building
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and... we may have found..... the culprit. what one person had to say..... when we caught him sneaking back..... into the building. plus.. people in one valley neighborhood are crying "fowl." "they poop all over everything and it's just a mess." find out why they're blaming a las vegas celebrity for the problem. and... count on.... chopper 13 to bring you..... and... only on 13 action news. we'll be.... right back.
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it all happened..... this morning.... near north -5-th and alexander.... in north las vegas...
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buildings... after a few hours... fire crews were able to get it..... contained. theres a potential for us to be able to go in and save the option for us to go in and actively fight the fire. luckily... no one was injured... all employees..... who were inside escaped.... safely. still no word.... on the exact cause of the fire. firefighters say squatters could be responsible for an apartment building going up in flames oveni was empty and boarded up when they arrived. but today.. our crews were there as this man walked toward the building with a suitcase.. only hours after the fire. its important to note we don't know if this man is squatting.. but he refused to answer our questions. take sot (nat sound) are you moving the board to get inside? do you know that this area caught on fire this morning? firefighters are still trying to determine the exact cause of the fire. nobody was hurt.
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yards..... in one valley neighborhood... neighbors are pointing the finger.... at a legendary las vegas entertainer... and... they want.... something done!!! and a woman is behind bars in nye county. we'll tell you what police found inside her home in texas.. along with her 14-year-old daughter.. that had the place looking more like a zoo.
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arrested after she tried to sell an exotic kitten for 3-thousand dollars.. but didn't turn the animal over to him after receiving the money. however..
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home in texas.. they reportedly discovered several tigers.. cougars.. a skunk and fox.. along with her 14 year old daughter.... (ashtyn rivet, spokesperson, barc animal shelter and adoptions) "having wildlife inside your home or even in your dangerous." [butted with] (ashtyn rivet, especially if it isn't restrained." no word yet on why the suspect was in nye county. she's being held on two-thousand dollars bail. peacocks from wayne newton's estate..... in the neighborhood... and... creating a mess!!! 13 action news reporter..... parker collins spoke to some people.... who are sick of it. feathers... poop... eggs-- all of it in chris juelke's backyard. chris juelke, bothered by peacocks 22:00:58-22:01:05 "it's just another chore i don't need to do. that's all. i just feel like i'm cleaning up his mess." clark county says there are several feral pea fowl that roam the grounds of casa de shenandoah. terri kelley 20:34:46-20:34:50 "peacocks? really?! i've never
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out here are pretty high i can barely reach the top of them and neighbors say the birds can roof. they poop all over everything and it's just a mess." it's getting to be an expensive problem. the poop is making chris's dog sick and now his backyard is all brown. it took too much water to clean. 21:59:33-21:59:41 "it's just a mess and they've got plenty of people to help clean it up over there, but we don't. i don't hire people just to keep up with the poop." butt to vivian kelley 20:34:15-20:34:23 "if they're bothering people's property i think the city should do so and if it's harming their pets yes yes indeed round them up." county commissioners have been animal control can take the birds to a shelter if someone catches them. near pecos and sunset parker collins thirteen action news. high pressure will stay in
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moves into the area and brings gusty winds and a big coo-down to the area. expect highs in the upper 70s tomorrow, with high clouds and light winds. high temps will remain in the low to mid 70s on wednesday. however, we will get a push of cloud cover and gusty winds by that afternoon. expect gusts to about 45 mph wednesday afternoon and evening. air will push in and drop high temps to about 60 degrees on thursday. also, thursday will still be quite windy with gusts to about 45mph, which means it will feel even colder. the system moves on by friday, which means lighter winds that day. however, it will still be chilly with highs in the low to mid 60s around the valley.
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which means a warm-up approaching the 70 degree mark on saturday and sunday. yet another system will move to start the next workweek. gusty winds and a big coo-down to the area. expect highs in the upper 70s tomorrow, with high clouds and light winds. high temps will remain in the however, we will get a push of cloud cover and gusty winds by that afternoon. expect gusts to about 45 mph wednesday afternoon and evening. the cold air will push in and drop high temps to about 60 degrees on thursday. also, thursday will still be quite windy with gusts to about 45mph, which means it will feel even colder. the system moves on by friday,
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day. however, it will still be chilly with highs in the low to mid 60s around the valley. by saturday, high pressure will build over there's an effort underway to make certain cars louder. it's sounds strange... but... contact -13- has more.... on why the government says... new engines are too quiet... and.... can be dangerous! if it wasn't for a doctor's visit this father says he wouldn't have beat cancer to be here for his wife and kids. all new 13 action news app..
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streaming.. video on demand and incredible weather radar. it's free in the app store and in google play.
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even hear them.... coming. that's especially dangerous.... for people who are blind. so now... those cars will be required..... to make a noise..... to warn you.... when they start moving. government transportation leaders announced today... that alert will go off..... when a car..... is going forward or reverse.... up to -19- miles an hour. the change is expec protect..... around -24- hundred people from getting hurt.... every year. as we approach the holiday shopping season... you may be looking to apply..... for a credit card. but... what if you can't get credit... because of your credit report? remember... if a lender turns you down... or offers less..... than favorable terms... you're entitled to know... which credit bureau..... provided your information. if you ask with-in -60- days... you can get a free copy of that report... from the credit agency. then.... you're entitled to dispute any old... or wrong information... and request.....
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a class action settlement... could cost "toyota"... up to -3- point -4- billion dollars. the suit alleges... the auto maker's pick-up truck and s-u-v frames... were prone to rust... because they received inadequate rust protection... at the factory. the settlement covers.... some tacoma trucks... sequoias... and tundras. toyota has agreed..... to inspect affected vehicles. if rust is found... the company will replace the frame. and.... don't forget... contact 13's call for action is ready to help you.... just contact one of our volunteers.... any weekday.... between 11 a-m and 1 p-m. our hotline number is.... 702- 368-2255. a cancer survivor is now sharing his incredible story of survival. kumasi aaron explains why he's now encouraging other men to pay attention to the warning signs.. because it could save your life. --pkg full=-- --take nat:-- "andrew with family" this is the life andrew mrkvicka couldn't imagine 7 years ago. --take nat:-- "andrew with
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blocked by the words, you have testicular cancer. --andrew mrkvicka / cancer survivor-- --21:18-23-- ka: what was your biggest fear when you got that diagnosis? am: i think it was that i was going to die. mrvicka had gone to the doctor with pain in his chest and was planning to ask the doctor about the tumor he'd seen growing but had been ignoring guy and just thought oh i got a remember to call the doctor later and have it checked out. he never did. instead doctors dianosed him with late stage testicular cancer, whicha stomach and lungs. he wondered if amanda, who he'd only been dating for a year, would stay around. --take nat:-- --28:53-55-- it was a lot of emotion amanda said she didn't think twice. --amanda mrkvicka / wife-- video/pic 06 because you're right we were only dating for a year which isn't terribly long but 13)) --it was at that moment that i knew that i was stuck with him through whatever. andrew made it through rough rounds of almost daily chemotherapy and is cancer free.
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had twins. now, he's encouraging men to do self examinations and go to the doctor, not wait like he did. --andrew mrkvicka / cancer survivor-- --18:48-53-- there is no question that i would not saved his life and gave him a when i am not with them that's who i am thinking about. his inspiration to help give other men the chance to live theirs. i'm kumasi aaron. a group called 'movember' is raising awarness this month about importa including prostate and testicular cancer.. along with mental health and suicide prevention. the american cancer society's estimates nearly 9-thousand new cases of testicular cancer will be diagnosed this year and about 400 men will die of the disease. trump protester tackled inside student union ohio state university protests and riots continue
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protests and riots continue nationwide..... nearly a week..... after the presidential election... next on 13 action news.... live at 6:30.. the message..... president-elect donald trump is sending to those.... behind the violence!! and.. we're seein following a powerful earthquake over the weekend in new zealand.. and they're still not out of
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the president-elect was even asked about the attacks.... targeting minority groups... and tonight... he is responding. abc's.... elizabeth hur...
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nats - from maryland to california.. nats - another day of demonstrations.. nat - protesters.. out once again.. marching against donald trump's election and raising concerns over the hate crimes and violence reported across the country since election day. including a california teenager.. attacked in school.. after posting on instagram that including a california teenager.. attacked in school.. after posting on instagram that she hoped trump would win. sot - jade armenio "this girl 'do you hate mexicans?' and i was like, 'no.' and she said, 'you support trump... say almost all involve immigrant, black and gay victims.. about 20 against trump supporters. so far.. school officials in jacksonville, florida say they are investigating these two signs posted over water fountains at a high school.. at the university of pennsylvania.. the fbi is looking into a text


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