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tv   Action News 630pm  ABC  November 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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rocked by fear.... from facebook live..... of students on gurneys.. and police.... swarming the school!!! it happened in orem, utah.. about an hour of south of salt lake city. abc's lauren lyster explains what the school is already doping to keep it from happening again. script: mountain view high school in orem, utah is trying to get back to normal today after one student - who officials say is new to the school this year - goes on the attack in a locker room as classmates are getting ready is trying to get back to normal today after one student - who for p- e class. responding to a terrifying stabbing spree breaking out just before 8 a-m nats:
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male student, a sophomore, stabs five other students in patient from the locker room - 2 stab wounds to the neck all taking the suspect into custody. in the parking lot -- our a-b-c station live-streaming. nats: "kind of a strange scene here where school would normally be getting underway on a tuesday morning now it's just lined with fire vehicles police vehicles distraught parents waiting outside... nats: "it's not safe i'm transferring her ... this student shaken by school shootings elsewhere and now a sot: "i find it scary because now i don't think schools are safe anymore// like at any second we could be walking down the hallways and then some kid could just pull out a knife on you the school - facing questions about how it will detectors at schools//and yet kid safety is our priority"//"we have a larger community issue here and i'm not sure there's an easy will be working to sort through their statements as they investigate... reorting. police say they have no idea what the motive for the attack
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be working to sort through their statements as they investigate. police in oklahoma city are investigating a deadly shooting.... at will rogers world airport. investigators say... it happened in a parking lot.. forcing authorities to temporarily suspend flights... and... ask everyone.... to shelter in place. the victim was reportedly..... an employee with southwest airlines. police say... they found the gunman dead.... in a truck. no information yet on how he died.. or... possible motive for the shooting. a murder mystery.... spanning two states!!! tonight... the search continues for a man...... accused of killing his wife.... and.... leaving his -5-year-old daughter..... at a bus station. police found..... the woman's body.... in connecticut... monday morning. her daugter was found abandoned...... at a new york bus station. " as i father i'm glad nothing happened to the little girl. it is unfortunate this happened and hopefully the little girl did not witness anything, where she would have trauma." local media reports....
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with family and friends sunday night..... to celebrate their move.... to stamford, connecticut. right now.... police don't know.... where the suspect went. a live look at mccarran airport where officials are expecting some huge crowds over the thanksgiving holiday. triple-a is predicting the biggest thanksgiving rush in years. more than 48.7 million americans are expected to travel over the holiday weekend.. thanks in part to growing consumer confidence. the nation's airlines are expected to handle their highest number of passengers time now for a look at some of the other stories we're following for you right now at 13 action news. i'm stephanie zepelin. a couple living in rhodes ranch are angry, after their windshield was destroyed when it was hit by a golf ball. michael poelmans was driving past the golf course on his way out of the neighborhood when it have to prove it was their fault. i'm david schuman in downtown
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getting ready to open a marijuana dispensary right behind the smoke shop that has helped prop up their economy for years. now they're hoping this new venture will alleviate falling tobacco revenues. tribe leaders say the dispensary will be open january 1. 14:45:12-14:45:30 i'm parker collins on the east side of the valley overnight police shot at a suspect take a look thi is where it happened this is a away he tried to run them over with his car eventually they chip credit cards are helping to prevent fraud.... but... it's come with an entirely.... different problem. there's long wait lines.... simply because they take longer... to use. customers don't like them. some businesses say... it's hurting their sales.... because they get through fewer customers... in a day. tech companies say... they're aware of the issue and are working on.... a solution.
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is caught on camera.... in forth worth, texas according to the mystery man's employee.. he had just been diagnosed.... with cancer. but... in this video.. he's handing 100-dollar bills.... to the employee's.... at mc-donald's. he left enough cash... for all -33- employees on staff.... even those.... who were not working that day. it's been a week since america voted donald trump...... as the next president of the united states.. and... the demonstrations continue. now one iowa lawmaker.. fed up with protesters.. is proposing.... and.. a bizarre conversation unfolds during an interview between an accused cop killer and two police officers. we'll explain why it left investigators scratching their heads. bryan. a large, strong storm system will push through the region and bring strong winds and a big cool-down to the area. and remember... chopper 13 brings you breaking
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in tonight's financial focus..
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most of the big local gaming stocks finished in positive territory. mgm resorts was up more than 1-and a half percent. las vegas sands and wynn resorts were both up more than 3-percent. red rock resorts also finished ahead. in a surprise move.. warren buffett's berkshire hathaway is buying stock in several major airlines. the billionaire has avoided the airlines in the past.. owns net-jets.. which sells partial ownership interests in business jets. in filings with the securities and exchange commission.. buffet disclosed he has purchased shares in american.. delta and united airlines. snapchat is about to join facebook as a publicly-traded tech company. according to cnn money.. snap inc. has filed the paperwork for an initial public offering. the ipo could happen as early as march.. with an estimated value of
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demonstrations protesting the election of donald trump continue nationwide.. and now... more and more people are also speaking out..... against the alleged hate crimes targeting minority groups.... since the election. more than.... -3- hundred hate incidents reported... so far.. most against minority and religious groups.. including.. an indiana church..... defaced with graffiti..... including a swastika.. and... in massachusetts.. police are investigating threatening letters. in iowa... a state lawmaker is fed up says.... are affecting his daily life!!!! he's drafted.... a controversial new bill. he calls it..... "the suck it up.... buttercup bill" (state rep. bobby kaufmann, (r) wilton, iowa) "you've got a right to be a brat. you've got a right to protest, that's constitutionally protected. but you do not have a right to throw a temper tantrum on interstate 80 and put my constituents lives in danger." he wants..... the house oversight committee to clarify state laws.... while fining iowa colleges.... for any tax dollars spent.... on so- called.... cry-rooms for students upset.... over the election. opponents say....
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police in new mexico have released new video of a bizzare interview with a man accused of killing a police officer. (davon lymon/accused officer killer) "i honestly don't know what the (bleep) happened. i don't remember it." from there.. the conversation gets very strange.. including a message for the victim's family. plus... kids and techonology. there are dozens of apps..... that can monitor your child's... cell phone use. but... should you use them?
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accused cop killer. davon lymon is accused in the shooting death of officer daniel webster last year during a traffic stop. during the interview.. police say lymon all but confesses.. then makes small talk like nothing's wrong. (davon lymon/accused officer
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them i'm so sorry, please." ///butted to/// (davon lymon/accused officer killer) "how long have you been doing this?" (nats: officer) "0 years, 10 years yeah" (davon lymon/accused officer killer) "(bleep) "damn. congratulations.." the u-s attorney's office also released officer webser's body cam video which shows him getting out of his car with gun drawn as the rider of a suspected stolen motorcycle puts his hands up. the rest of the video is too graphic to show on t-v.. but police say the suspect reached for webster's pistol now... to consumer news..... from contact 13. there are dozens of apps.... that can monitor.... your child's cell phone use. they track location.... texts.... other apps and social media accounts... and... some can even do so.... without your child knowing! last summer.... christine presti says... her daughter became more secretive. christine downloaded spy software..... on her daughter's phone. using the app.... christine discovers... her daughter is texting someone
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but... when christine calls the number.... she gets a surprise.. it's an adult!!! christine: 122706 she thought she was talking to a friend. and it turned out it wasn't. christine was able.... to block the number.. but experts say.... secretly montoring your child... may hurt your relationship with them.... in the long run. they say... it's improtant to keep the conversation open.. so... they feel comfortable coming to you.... about things... as they get older. there's still time.... to jump on jetblue's -48- hour flash sale. some fares are below..... 1- hundred-dollars round trip.... the tickets are good for..... monday through thursday and saturday travel..... between december first and march ninth. there are several blackout dates.... with-in the window.... it does not include.... free checked baggage. the two-day sale ends.... at 11- 59.... wednesday night. some the nations major airlines canceled less than..... half-a- percent of all flights.... in september. according to the u-s department of transportation.... it's one of the lowest
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it's not all good news. on time.. at k-t-n-v dot com we're following new developments out of washington.. as donald trump's white house is shaping up. but.. he's already drawing sharp criticism over some of the people being asked to join his administration. abc's maggie rullie explains the reasons being given for the intense scrutiny. [[pkg]]: president-elect donald trump's beefing up his white nats - rudy giuliani: all eyes are on rudy giuliani - the former new york city mayor and longtime trump loyalist - as possible secretary of state. another contender for the post - former u-n ambassador john bolton, giuliani telling the wall street journal... sot - rudy giuliani: "john would be a very good choice," "is there anybody better?" "maybe me, i don't know" but one of trump's first decisions is already coming under intense scrutiny... stephen bannon as chief strategist and white house
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conservative site breitbart into a platform for the alt right... a movement many have accused of being racist and anti-semitic. house minority speaker nancy pelosi saying: "there must be no sugarcoating the reality that a white nationalist has been named chief strategist for the trump administration." trump's advisors slam those descriptions as incomplete nats - kellyanne conway: "frankly people should look at the full resume. many republicans who expect to work closely with the new trump paul ryan... on bannon.) sot - paul ryan: trump's election overshadowing president obama's final trip overseas. when asked about the outcome of november 8th while in greece - obama was quick to calm the waters sot - president obama: "it's important to recognize though that those things have always been there and it's the job of leaders and german police are rolling out high security measuers in
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large sections of berlin's goverment center will be blocked off to locals. obama is due to arrive in germany tomorrow. gaining weight... and losing it again... a cycle many of us are familiar..... especially around.... the holiday season. but tonight... new evidence..... that having too many of these fluctuations in weight..... may increase a woman's risk of heart disease... even if she is not.... overweight. it can happen.... with yo- yo dieting... too. experts say.... the ups and downs.... can up the risk.... of dying from a heart by more than.... -3- percent. the same finding..... was found in obese or overweight women. the holiday spirit is alive and well at ethel m chocolate factory in henderson. 13 first alert meteorologist bryan scofield is out there now for the annual cacti lighting. bryan.. how is out there? a wind advisory has been issued for clark county. in effect from 10am tomorrow to 1am thursday.
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push through the region and bring strong winds and a big cool-down to the area. while temps will still run warm tomorrow in the mid 70s, we will see a push of cloud cover as the system moves in. also, expect windy conditions by the afternoon with peak gusts between 40-45 mph. between 40-45 mph. the cold front will push in overnight and drop high temps to the 60 degree mark on thursday. the start to the day on thursday will be quite blustery and diminish as the day progresses. while the system will be to our east by friday, temps will stay a bit below normal in the low to mid 60s. expect sunny skies in friday. high pressure will warm the area back up to the upper 60s and low 70s for the weekend and the start to next workweek. however, another system will
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we will see a push of clouds on sunday and monday, and at this point it looks like we could have a slight shot at rain on monday. the system moves east by tuesday . las vegas has seen some incredible feats like evel
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a hole in one on the green is hard enough as it is. now.. a couple of golfers are going to new heights with a trick shot for the ages. we'll break down the shot you have to see to believe.. from a high-rise.. to topgolf. and.... tinder's shaking up the world.... of on-line dating. the changes they made today.. to make sure.....
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shot artists.. known as "the bryan bros".. did something astonishing today. the first brother bounced a golf ball from the head of his
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signature' at mgm grand. the ball dropped 500 feet before landing in the designated target at 'top golf.' tinder is getting an upgrade. the next time users check-in.. they'll find more 'gender' options. tinder previously offered only man or woman. there are now almost 40.. along with a user option for a customized label. users will also be able to select who can search for them. in tonight's.... abc primetime line-up.. at 8:00... it's "the middle"... at 8:30... it's "american housewife".... followed by... "fresh off the boat"... at 9:30... it's "the real o'neals" at 10:00... david blaine: beyond magic then... on 13 action news.. live at 11.. 33:57 darcy stand-up: we've got five restaurants to report on this week and i can tell you that collectively, they truly put the "dirty" in dirty dining. from filthy kitchen conditions to rodents and roaches, plus, there's one picture that i promise will make you think twice about ever eating out
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at 11. that's 13 action news for now.. but remember.. we're always on.... at k-t-n-v dot com.. and... our k-t-n-v mobile app. "inside edition" is next so stay with us. thank you for watching.. and have a great evening..
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my wife is cheating on me. >> the drone video that he claims caught his wife cheating. there it goes, boom, 18 years. >> the heartbroken husband speaks out. is it real? >> who things of sending a drone up to follow his >> bill o'reilly versus megyn s the body check seen around the world. >> then, ivanka controversy. did she really try to sell the bracelet she wore on 60 minutes? plus, hot car murder furry. his ex-wife comes to his defense after he is found guilty. the prosecutors that took him


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