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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  November 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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we're following a developing story... metro told us this man... -63- year-old.... jose azucena.... was arrested.... after they say he lured several children into his apartment... and sexually assaulted them. according to police... he told the victims his name was david... and... lured them in.... by promising candy. police say... there may be more victims... so... if you think your child may have had any contact with this law enforcement officers around the valley will go after anyone posessing marijuana.. but will the district attorney pursue the case? 13-action news
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the d-a's office.. now that nevada voters have approved recreational marijuana. having up to an ounce of pot will become legal in nevada on january first. for the next six weeks before that law change -- district attorney steve wolfson said he'll look the other way on possession charges. 13:33:31 mace yampolsky, criminal defense lawyer "i applaud steve for taking this enlightened view." 13:41:17 philip kohn, clark county public defender "i was impressed that he realized this is the will of the voters." misdemeanors never turn into jail time for the offenders. so attorneys we spoke to don't see legalization affecting their caseload. but metro police is still out on the streets doing its job. in spite of what the d-a said -- you could still be cited for posession. (take fullscreen graphic) a department spokesperson told us officers will continue to enforce the law until it changes in the new year. if the d-a wants to throw out a officers still encourage people to respect the law . 13:39:16 yampolsky "i think there's going to be a flurry of
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law is, what is required, what's not required." david schuman "the important things to remember once the calendar flips to 2017 -- you have to be 21 or older to be legal with marijuana...and it can only be smoked inside private residences. david schuman..13 action news." breaking right now-- an explosion in canton, illinois-- that's in west central illinois about 30 miles southwest of peoria. station there. its in the downtown area at least one building reduced to rubble windows of other businesses blown out. they think it was a gas leak at restaurant that caused it. the local newspaper says at least one person has died. 9 victims being treated at hospital we're following a developing story out of nye county where deputies say a student is in custody for bringing a gun to school. it happened yesterday morning at rosemary clarke middle school.
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notified after a student told school staff about the student having a gun. the weapon was not loaded. new information tonight.... on the move..... to switch several c- c-s-d schools over.... to charter schools. some parents are breathing..... a sigh of relief.... today. others are still concerned..... after the list was narrowed down.... to -9- schools. 13 action news reporter..... marissa kynaston asked parents..... what they thought.... about the changes. take sot louise ndolo-hermann ccsd parent i'm feeling really relieved louise herman says for states decision-- on which schools would be considered to switch to charters. take sot herman we didn't give any input, we didn't hear anything about this til a month ago this is a list of those nine schools being considered-- it does not include monaco middle school-- where her son goes to school. but it does include cambeiro elementary-- take sot denise pitts, ccsd parent school is school what's the difference where this mother sends her their education it should be fine with the parents and the
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underperforming-- and switching to charter could give them a boost. this decision has both parents and district officials fighting back-- ccsd even releasing a statement-- saying the changes dont necessarily guarantee an increase in the schools educational achievement. and some parents-- like herman-- agree. take sot hermann give a chance for the turn around program to work out, instead of risking everything and not even giving ccsd a chance to find where they're going to put all these to that charter school marissa tag the state will narrow that list down one more time-- that will be in december-- and the changes will start next school year. mk-- 13an. new at -6-... a -9- year-old boy is missing.... his brand new eye-pad.... after it was taken by someone..... the family trusted!!! his dad says.... one of the movers he paid..... took more than.... he was owed. contact 13 investigative reporter..... stephanie zepelin found out.... what the company is willing to do..... to make it right.... in a story.... "you asked us...
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the costantinos. and on that day, they say their son's ipad went on a journey as well. 11.01.59 after unloading the totes and putting everything away in the house, 02.01 we discovered there were totes missing 02.03 ac antonio says the tote had odds and ends from his son's room, including the i-pad, and headphones. he calculated it was all worth 12 hundred dollars. metro helped him make a report and he filed a claim with the company that moved them, "move-4-less." 11.02.30 they came back with an offer of sixteen dollars 32 as compensation 33 ac that wantonio. feeling in my stomach 19 it felt we'd been violated, my family's been violated, he's been violated 23 ac so we went to move4less to see what they have to say. 11.45.10 we had his ipad stolen, and the mover that stole it, what we do here 16 what happened with him? 17 he's fired 18 that's right, they fired the employee who was caught on their surveillance video stealing. but they say, they technically don't have to offer antonio anything because of the paperwork their customers sign. 11.46.23 we tell them, hey jewelry, precious, cash, ipads,
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not like we're telling them we're sending thieves, but we dont want responsibility 35 move4less just made antonio another offer, 600 for what happened... and antonio says metro is closing in on an arrest. we'll let you know what happens. we looked into this story..... after the costantino's e- mailed us. if you have a story..... you'd like us to investigate... just send us an e-mail.... to and... be sur your phone number. it's now possible to feel good about paying off a parking ticket in las vegas. through the holiday season.. the city of las vegas is partnering with safe nest for a 'toys for tickets' program. some parking tickets can be paid off by giving new toys of equal or greater value than the ticket fine. we have more information on how it works at a grieving father ends up dealing with more heartache after
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find out what step the funeral home skipped that caused the whole problem. and.... a big traffic headache..... headed the valley's way this weekend. what construction crews are working on...... that's going to shut down.... one of our major highways.
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remains 8:20:30-8:20:37 "you picked up two urns? i said yeah. well they're not yours. they belong to somebody else. i says oh great." brian rightman's daughter died.... a few days ago. a day after he picked up her ashes... he got a call..... from "la paloma funeral services". they said.... he had the wrong ashes! 8:25:23-8:25:31 "oh we're sorry we gave you the wrong person. so besides me, there's somebody else out there that don't have
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la paloma did apologize to rightman.... for the mistake. he says.... the names of the deceased are written on the bottom of each urn..... so someone just needed to check it..... before handing it off. a construction project this weekend is going to have part of the 215 completely shut down in both directions. 13 action news anchor yasmeen hassan has a look at a place you'll want to avoid.. and how to get around the problem spots. the 215 will be closed in both directions at the airport connector from 9 p.m. friday, nov. 18, to 5 a.m. 21, while crews install parts of a flyover off-ramp over the highway. drivers headed to mccarran international airport will be able to use the 215 to get to the airport connector, however, they should expect significant delays as motorists who fail to get off the 215 earlier will also be forced onto the airport connector. (the ramp from the airport connector to sunset road will also be closed during the same hours.) drivers leaving mccarran will be able to access period. this means that drivers going from the airport towards
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alternate route. show you those tigers.. and see how they're doing since being discovered in a house. and.... one lawyer taking advantage of attorney-client privilege... what he did...... after hypnotizing his clients..... that is now landing him.... behind bars.
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his clients without their consent.. and molesting them. the case began in 2013 when one of the victims told police she
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meetings with michael fine. she then started wearing a tape- recorder and discovered he was using "code words" to put her in a trance-like state and take advantage of her. laura mills /attorney for two victims he would say that he had some relaxation techniques...that the best thing that they could do was try to relax in order to help themselves. fine pleaded guilty to five counts of kidnapping with sexual motivation. he was sentenced to 12 years in disbarred. only on.... 13 action news... we're getting our first look at the tigers..... seized from a home.... in pahrump... after police say... a woman had them..... in her home illegally! 13 action news reporter..... marti glaser is live in pahrump.... where the tigers now have.... a new home! we can't tell you exactly where the tigers are located but we can tell you they have found a safe forever home . nat tiger pouncing vo a little
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nat vo as quickly as these 3 tiger cubs got uprooted from their unfit home nat vothey quickly found a new one here after nye county called rexano sot healthy well fed but the thing is they didn't have proper enclosures for the tigers . voup to 3 months and 40 pounds shoemker says you can keep the exotic animals in a house standup..i'd like to introduce you guys to porsheshe is 7 months old and right now she is so adorable at 87pounds but when sheturns 3 she is gonna be about 300 pounds not so that age where they need their own enclosure they are gaining about a pound a day voand a secure environment is what rexano can provide. sot 15584oif we werent here and they didn't allow exotic owners to exist you are stuck with an animal that has no place to go vothat's because cubs were born in captivity and can't survive in the wild,so and if it weren't for places like this
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now sot it not like an iphone i ant wait till i get the newest model vo it's a life time commitment sotthese guys can live anywhere from ten to 20 years in captivity so you know where i will be for the next 10- 20 years rexano is licensed through nye county ..department of wildlife and the owner together have close to 4decades of experience working with exotic animals. th sad news from the clark county fire department. they say two dogs died in a house fire this afternoon near mt. hood and lake mead. the people living in the home all made it out okay.. the cause of the fire is under investigation. nasa says wildfires across the
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one satellite captured this image of several fires in north carolina.. south carolina.. georgia and tennessee. the chestnut knob fire in north carolina has burned over 46-hundred acres.. while another blaze in georgia has destroyed close to 24-thousand acres. investigators say several of the fires were human-caused. by thursday, the winds will weaken along with high temperatures plummeting about 20 from wednesday. morning lows on the mountain near 20 degrees and here in the valley, morning lows will drop in the 40s. the coolest we have been since april 30th. highs will be near 60 which is the coolest high we have seen since march 7th. because morning lows will be so chilly due to the wind,
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should be brought inside for warmth. in las vegas we are not going to freeze but elevations above 3,500 feet could and the outlying typical cold areas might by friday morning. by the weekend, high pressure will take over again and mainly sunny skies and light winds will be common. high temperatures look to rise but only to the upper 60s and not all on the same page just yet. but this system will help keep our temperatures in the mid 60s. (bryan back to desk) you may be shopping on your
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you may be shopping on your phone... this holiday season... you may be shopping on your phone... this holiday season... up next.. some good advice so you don't get hacked.. plus. we've been seeing protests all across the country since the election. but what's next? how does a protest become a social movement? i'm kumasi aaron. the three things experts say
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the all new -13- action news app.... featuring live streaming.. video on demand..... and incredible weather radar. it's free in "the app store"... and... in "google play".
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in a jeep fire case!!! the case involves.... the death of a -4-year-old boy... who died.... when his family's jeep grand cherokee... was rear-ended..... and burst into flames. the jeep was -1-... of about a million jeeps... unofficially recalled..... to better protect.... the gas tank. fi when shopping on-line. and... don't forget... contact 13's "call for action" is ready to help you... with a consumer problem. just contact one of our
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between 11 a-m and 1 p-m. our hotline number is.... 702- 368-2255. over the past week.. we've seen a number of protests against the election of donald trump.. some of them violent.. all over the country. but will it turn into something more? kumasi aaron looks into what it would take to become a social movement. --pkg full=-- --kumasi aaron / @kumasinews-- experts told me but for many protests across the country since the election the message isn't as clear. --take nat:-- "people walking of class... --take nat:-- "marches protests" to people marching in the street. protests across the country following donald trump's election win. but what will it take for those protests to create change? --take graphic:-- sociologists say there are three main things that make a social movement. one a political opportunity causing people to respond. two, access to critical resources, from financial to informational. and three a key message. in this case the political
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but experts say they are not sure if the protestors have access to critical resources or if their message is clearly developed. --take nat:-- "juan on capitol steps" juan gallegos is a long time organizer who helped lead this rally pushing for immigration reform. --take nat:-- "people on capitol steps" he says creating a social movement takes a comprehensive approach. --juan gallegos / manager of civil engagement colorado immigrant rights coalition-- --16:15:30-38-- we need to march so that we can show our numbers so that we can show voters are closely divided over the protests. --take graphic:-- 48% of likely u.s. voters believe the protests are mostly a reflection of voter unhappiness. but nearly as many, 46% disagree and say they are mostly motivated by political agitators. only 22% think the protests will lead to positive change. gallegos says he knows firsthand it's possible. --juan gallegos / manager of civil engagement colorado immigrant rights coalition-- --16:14:34-39-- we've mobilized our communities not only on the street to march but also to march to the voting polls.
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--take nat:-- "protesters" will take more than marching for the now, i'm kumasi aaron. --anchor cam tag=-- experts say organization to a social movement is key... and someone who can clearly explain the issue. they say that's one reason the exposes why your insurance company may say it's not their problem. and.. a major project that was supposed to bring in thousands of jobs to the valley is grinding to a halt. find out what some are saying about the future of faraday future.. next.
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and.. some big changes in the weather are blowing into southern nevada right now.. but along with the strong winds.. we're also looking at the temperatures to take a nosedive. 13 first alert..... chief meteorologist bryan scofield is joining us.... from the weather center. bryan.. how cold is it going to get? by thursday, the winds will weaken along with high temperatures plummeting about 20 from wednesday. morning lows on the mountain will be near 20 degrees and highs will be near 60 which is the coolest high we have seen since march 7th. weaken along with high temperatures plummeting about 20 from wednesday. faraday future was supposed to


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